The Sims Freeplay- Nightclub

hi everyone today I'm going to take you

on a tour of the night club in the Sims

FreePlay please note that there are

flashing lights when you go to the night

club you can find the night club next to

the mall and the recording studio now as

of the ground guruji is update you may

have noticed the night club has been

built in your sound

if you hadn't built it already this is

because there is a new feature quest

available which has to be started from

the night club so when we go there now

you'll see a mechanic sim standing there

with a bubble above her head if you

click on this you'll be able to start

the feature quest using a lot of

samolians it is very expensive I do have

a post and a video available of the cars

in lots future quest if you need more

information you can find the links in

the description of this video so the

night club is fairly small it's not that

much going on I'm just gonna show you

around and show you all the things that

you can do there got a nice red carpet

at the front and then over here you have

the two toilets and the bar and then

you've got the dance floor here and

you've also got some booths over this

and sit down I'm gonna bring a couple of

Sims here now so we can take a look in

more detail so I'm gonna bring Oh in

here and I think Matthew most of my

seems busy on a live event at the moment

so let's take a look at the toilets

first it takes 30 seconds to use the

toilet and the same with the other one

and then the bar area so one sim needs

to turn the bar let's just wait for him

to get there

once that seam is tending the bar and

never sim can click on the bar and

select order cocktail this costs 2500 mo


but it will inspire your sim if they're

not already inspired I mean is already

inspired you can see the sparkles that

appear on him but if he wasn't inspired

it would fulfill all his needs and he

would start sparkling


let's try out the booth areas now you

can click on it and select seats and so

can another sim so let's stop him

tending the bar and he can also sit down

there's only space for two sims per


now the last thing to check out is the

dance floor so one sim can use the Dido

decks they can become a DJ and then the

dance floor will come alive so there's a

bit more flashing going on than there

was before so now Owen is the DJ Matthew

can now click on the dance floor and

select dance a great tip with the dance

floor if you have two or more Sims on

the dance floor at the same time then

you can increase their relationship so

let's bring Alli here and she's gonna

select the option on the dance floor she

doesn't have any relationship with

Matthew at the moment but when they

start dancing together their

relationship will start to increase so

if we look at the relationships tab

again you can see that she now has a

relationship with Matthew and it is

increasing as they dance

now if we skip ahead a bit so this is

like a minute later you can now see that

they are acquaintances and we're just

coming to the end of that and now

they're friends so it's still increasing

it's just increasing a bit slower now so

if you need to make two sims friends

really quickly then this is a great way

to do it it's so much quicker than doing

the one minute option over and over

again although for some reason hasn't

popped up to say that their relationship

is increased and we have earned a

milestone reward or XP so if you want to

earn a lot of XP when you increase a

relationship you might be better off

just doing the one minute option but

that is everything that takes place at

the nightclub if you found this video

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