Next Democratic debate to be a Biden-Sanders face-off

well the next u.s. democratic debate has

all but been confirmed to be a showdown

between senator Bernie Sanders and

former Vice President Joe Biden the pair

make up the final three candidates after

senator Elizabeth Warren dropped out of

the race Hawaii representative Tulsi

Gabbard is still running her campaign

but doesn't make debate qualifications

after dismal national polling numbers

the two frontrunners will face off in

Phoenix on March 15 the former vice

president is leading the delegate count

after a shock comeback on Super Tuesday

652 delegates pledged to support him

compared with 573 for Bernie Sanders and

joining me now live to discuss this is

Professor Joe siracusa from RMIT

professor good afternoon and thank you

for joining me well my pleasure good

afternoon firstly was it a surprise at

all that Elizabeth Warren dropped out of

the race this week because it's not only

a surprise I mean it's it's an

incredible week in politics I mean that

the whole thing turned around and about

72 hours I mean Warren was up there to

the end to me she was supposed to do

well Bernie was supposed to do well and

then everything changed after the Super

Tuesday after african-americans came out

and and and and backed

Vice President Biden everything changed

it was like everything changed on a dime

it just spun around and the idea that

Warren came in third in their own state

is really eating humble pie and that

she's dropped out of the race is

extraordinarily big news and so we

started with 24 really bring in two

candidates and now we're down to two old

white guys who are going to test with

each other to see who faces off another

old white guy I mean it's extraordinary

we've gone back to the you know

coca-cola and Pepsi the brand names no

one wants to try anything else and of

course the problem here what's driving

the whole thing is this coronavirus it's

got Wall Street spooked

it's got Americans spooked and America

now is looking for somebody with proven

safe hands and I suspect that so that's

why Biden is doing so well because they

trust him

rather than Talent

trusting Donald Trump's judgment that

it's hope news or hoax news or something

like that so I think the corona virus

scanner and what's going on in politics

they're intimately connected and Wall

Street you know it doesn't usually give

a damn about the soap opera in

Washington it could care less but the

corona virus the way it brings Commerce

and finance and education to a halt with

billions of dollars of losses in revenue

and all the rest of it this this gives

to Wall Street

great Paulus and of course if we don't

handle this correctly we could be

looking at something worse so some guy

from Harvard just use the figures from

the Spanish Flu of 1919-1920

and at 2% he reckons at 50 to 60 60 to

100 million people could die in the next

18 months that's very possible but that

many would die from a short nuclear

exchange to I mean we're talking about

extraordinary numbers no matter what

happens and I think Americans just get a

little tired of the soap opera in

Washington and they want somebody who

looks normal

a real professional politician who's

famous for being a legislature

legislature and somebody who's famous

for compromise and putting consensus

together so there's there's a lot of

deep currents going on but yes it's in a

shocking week in American politics and

just on that you know you mentioned that

Americans are looking for a safe pair of


what kind of a position does this put

Donald Trump in now given we've seen the

dropouts over the last couple of days

Americans are spooked but the global

economy is spooked what position is

Donald Trump in now well Donald Trump

kept saying he wanted to face off

against Bernie Sanders which is not

exactly right I mean Sanders might have

lost him at the end I think Donald Trump

is is terrified of going up against Joe

Biden for a whole number of reasons

number one he's not going to be able to

smile like his way around Joe Biden on

stage I mean he insults Biden or his

family Biden's gonna go over there and

punch him in the face

I mean he's picking the wrong fight here

you know he doesn't want to face this

guy I think Donald Trump's a little bit

on the ropes I think while he won his

primaries of course on

Super Tuesday on the rest of it I don't

think he's looking forward to Biden so

he's gonna have to rethink this a little

bit and he's gonna have to think about

what to do with the crisis ahead and of

course he's got all the normal problems

North Korea Iran vitomir potent all the

recipes got all the usual problems plus

this one so on I think the president is

going to be particularly hard pressed no

keep in mind and I had this debate with

myself all the time and I hate to baby

myself it's self torture you know as

Donald Trump the symptom or is he the

cause and what's what's going on

I think if Trump weren't in the White

House there'd be someone like Trump in

the White House well you know at first

it's fun to have a guy who who hosted a

reality show for 14 years but when

people around you start dropping dead

it's not so funny anymore you want to

find someone in the White House who

takes everything very seriously and and

takes to his control center in Atlanta

very seriously so I think Americans are

having no sort of a second thought about

who should be in control in the

immediate period ahead we're gonna have

the same debate in this country too

believe me

absolutely let's talk about Michael

Bloomberg where did it all go wrong

for him do you think and do you think

that it did play on voters Minds that he

spent so much money millions of dollars

out of his own pocket for his own

campaign well you know we're all old

enough to know the old saying that money

can't buy you love trying to buy it's

trying to buy political other cost him a

half a billion dollars he did a couple

couple votes look it was a good idea

when he went in he jumped in because he

thought Biden was on the ropes fine and

was very high in the polls in the

beginning in the middle he wasn't high

on the polls so Bloomberg just jumped in

and the trouble with Bloomberg is his

ads were better than he was when he got

on stage he was fairly awkward and

clumsy though he's a he's a pretty good

operator senator Warren takes credit for

knocking him out of the race but he

would have attracted those moderate

voters like butta Jegs people and

painting Columba sure and all the rest

of them but when when Joe Barden

regrouped that is when he got backward

where he was there was no room for

Bloomberg so he steps off the stage

look maybe it's a good thing that kind

of money can't get you into the into the

final three or four on the other hand he

gave it a go and I think Bloomberg would

have been a refreshing debater down the

road again Steven you know the other

people I think he picked up the lessons

but look Bloomberg has more money than

anybody in the room he can do what he

wants he gave it a go and look Tanika if

you and I want to go to the Mars we have

to put down you know two million dollars

for a ticket that may never come good

that's what he did he wanted to go to

Mars he wanted to go to the White House

and he put down as a half a billion

dollars and what did he get he didn't

get to go to Disney one that's I think

that that was put very well you're right

absolutely yeah well it's been it's been

interesting watching his campaign for

sure now a professor of course we're

waiting for this showdown in Phoenix

between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden how

do you think both of them will fare now

well I I think Biden has to well tell

the American people exactly what he

stands for right now he looks electable

but his beating Donald Trump enough he

gotta have a program now Bernie's got a

nice program it's about universal health

care and universal child care and it's

about relieving student debts sending

people the public universities for free

it's got a great story the only trouble

is as well as affordable health care he

can't pay for he's know how how to pay

for this exactly I mean he doesn't tell

anybody what it cost he just hopes

everyone's coming along for the ride I

think if if Biden could raise those

questions about the cost and and

substitute his own narrative right now

Biden doesn't have a great story

what Biden is saying is I'm here if you

want to beat Donald Trump but is it

enough to beat Trump you know the people

in America were making $10 an hour it

cares it you know then it matters to

them who's in the White House and who's

gonna pay for everything now Bernie is

selling pie-in-the-sky to some Americans

you know it's gonna cost a lot of money

and if you can't pay for something

whether it's America or Australia what

do you do you take it from people who've

got money

to someone else and doesn't appealed for

very long so Biden's gonna have to

suggest what he's going to put in place

of this I think it's about affordable

health care keep that going I think he's

talking about logic and common sense and

he did tell the Munich Security

Conference last year we'll be back that

is American can be counted out in the

future as a trusted ally well it can be

if he comes back like this but look I

think the most important thing for the

two of them in the next debate debates

after is to make some really good

suggestions about who their vice

president should be Biden is 78 going on

79 I'm sorry 77 going on 78 Bernie

Sanders will be 79 by the time the

election comes around you know we've

lost eight presidents an office for been

murdered form died 30 been shot at I

mean you know you need a good vice

president someone who's a heartbeat away

and I think if if Vice President Biden

kids say chooses a a brilliant woman

maybe a senator or someone like club

would shower even come on come along


I think he'd blow up Sanders out of the

water senator it'd be hard for him to

get a a running mate I mean you know as

Hillary Clinton said no one likes the

guy you know I want to spend all day

with a sudden you don't like and so I

think I think Biden is gonna do very

well but he's gonna have to shore up his

story in other words why vote for me and

Bernie's gonna go along the same thing

but Bernie's up against everything he's

up against a Democratic establishment

which is afraid of the down ticket

because on that day you know when they

vote for Bernie if Bernie gets the vote

and and it doesn't play well down the

ticket then he got a senator who might

not get in Congress woman who might not

get in it goes right down to the dog


if that's why the establishments

terrified of a Bernie while he gets the

highly motivated people at the top the

moderates down the ticket it might be

wiped out on the day so that's why they

don't trust him so I think he's gonna

have to reassure them well look it's

gonna be very interesting to watch of

course all eyes now on Phoenix

professorjoyce Erick OSA thank you so

much for your analysis this afternoon

thank you very much pleasure