Previewing the Warriors vs. Cavs NBA Finals...For the Next 30 Years

welcome to the 2018 NBA Finals it's once

again the Golden State Warriors vs. the

Cleveland Cavaliers

for the sixth time in a row it's the

Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland

Cavaliers and after having no real help

in years LeBron is finally said [ __ ] it

I'll play them all by myself

well we've got a rematch once again but

this time the OE Stock Warriors will

face LeBron and his new teammates

genetically engineered clones of himself

even president Dwayne the rock Johnson

is excited to be here

and for the 14th year in a row its

Cleveland versus Golden State LeBron

James of course underwent a

controversial exoskeleton graft over the

offseason to become a terminator

whose teammates say quote he's more

machine now than man

in still Cavs warriors again literally

no one is happy about it

it's brawny James and his father versus

Riley curry in the still unfair least at

Golden State Warriors

and due to the impending apocalypse the

Golden State Warriors were what is left

of them has made the dangerous journey

across the badlands

in order to do battle once again and

look uncle drew is back oh wait sorry no

fishes tell old Kyrie Irving is now and

now we settle in for the national anthem

to be sung by the cryogenically frozen

head of Fergie