How to Cut a New York Strip Steak : All About Steak

hello my name is Matt Christensen from

urban farmer restaurant in Portland

Oregon and today we're going to be

teaching you how to cut a New York strip

steak and this is being done from a

whole prime short loin the short loin

has both the New York Strip on one side

and the Tenderloin on the other so the

first step is to free it from the bone

down here we have our feather bones

we're just going to pop through each of

those following it all the way down to

the spine on the other side we're going

to free it from the backbone as well and

where these two things meet the New York

comes straight off of the end so later

on we can take the Tenderloin off or we

have a bandsaw and we can cut a bone-in

tenderloin out of this piece now we have

our New York Strip if there's been any

sinew or connective tissue on the bone

we'll trim that up

and all these parts that have lots of

fat and neat in them are great for your

grind for your burgers on the back of

here there's a back strap it's on this

side it's again a connective tissue

that's really tough when you grill it so

we'll take that off

another name for is the silver skin so

this color again it's basically a tendon

that holds the meat to the bone we're

going to take it about halfway back you

can feel how thick it is as you're

butchering it and once it gets thinned

out a little bit that's where you can

stop this side of the New York is where

it's connected to the ribeye the side of

New York is where it's connected to the

shoulder and so this is gonna have a

little bit more connective tissue and

there's gonna be a little bit um more

tender I like to cut nice big 14-ounce

steaks out of this making it nice and

juicy in the middle

and you can see on here there's a nice

tail which has a nice pad on it which

will keep the meat moist as you grill it

this has been how to butcher a New York

strip steak I'm a Christensen thank you