Visit New Orleans - The Don'ts of Visiting New Orleans

hey that failed travellers market with

Walters rule today we're in New Orleans

Louisiana for the don'ts of visiting New

Orleans and no it's not just Mardi Gras

here you can enjoy it New Orleans almost

all year round and so we're gonna do is

talk about those don'ts today and the

first don't I have for you for when you

come to New Orleans is know that you

don't call it knowledge you don't call

it New Orleans it's New Orleans New

Orleans think of this so it's like new

like new then or like what you row a

boat with and then lens like a camera

lens that's how you said New Orleans and

you put the emphasis on that or okay so

that's what you need to know that's the

first step okay know how to say the name

right New Orleans all right now my

second over you this don't worry too

much about the liquor laws here look you

can walk around New Orleans with your

alcohol drinking your beer or your

hurricane or your hand grenade or

whatever you're drinking you can walk

around with that okay so don't worry

about that but what you need to know is

don't walk around with glass bottles you

have to have it in a plastic cup

otherwise the coppers will tell you

they're throw it away or if you don't

you could get a ticket so you do want to

be careful with that but in general

don't worry too much about about the

open liquor laws here because you can

walk around and enjoy your drink and go

and check out the music in all the

different places okay my next don't for

you is if you are gonna be imbibing

quite a bit what you do when you're here

is don't pee in public look when you're

walking on Bourbon Street

you might smell like well not everyone

follows your directions mark no not

everyone does but the thing is if you

pee in public you can get a ticket as

well and I don't think you want to have

an arrest record part of your you know

what well your souvenirs you want to get

when you come here so don't do that

the bars of stuff they all have

restrooms sometimes there might been

attendant I know in the guys room at

night on the weekends there have been

you know you might sit them a buck or

something like that but just now don't

pee in public another don't I have for

you is don't bare your breasts for beads

look but the thing is is realized that

there's two things you want to know one

if you do that be ready to have them

spread all over the Internet because I

saw a few people doing that last night

wherever they were doing it there's like

seven other people taking pictures of

them doing it okay so that's one thing a

second thing is if you bare your breasts

outside the French Quarter and in the

French Quarter things are pretty

laid-back and they let things slide but

you get out of the French Quarter

that's called an act of lewdness that's

public nudity you can be arrested for

that okay

so just know that just don't bare your

breasts for beads you go by but law

grains and the thing is is this all

leads into my next stone is don't think

New Orleans is just the French Quarter I

know when you watch the Mardi Gras stuff

they just show the French Quarter hey

there's there's no parades here the

French Quarter during Mardi Gras by the

way that's on st. Charles Avenue that's

over that way look New Orleans has so

much to see you like history the

national World War two museum is here

blocks of history see the letters that

moms and kids wrote back to their

parents from the war the the battlements

their their accoutrement Ted it's a very

moving very huge I mean huge Museum well

we're checking out go out to know more

the New Orleans Museum of Art at City

Park it's got a fantastic collection oh

you're like well I'm coming with my kids

don't worry about that the Aquarium of

the Americas the Audubon zoo there's a

ton of stuff here to see besides hitting

the French Quarter don't get me wrong

walking around the French Quarter is so

cool because you have this beautiful

architecture you can see it yes too good

for a party lots of great restaurants

but don't think New Orleans is just the

French Quarter it's a very tiny part of

a very big city and leaning off that one

is don't stay in the French Quarter I

mean don't get a hotel in the French

Quarter because I'll be honest this gets

loud and rowdy pretty much every night

of the year we're here and it's actually

they're setting records for the coldest

coldest nights okay it's freezing like I

have my winter coat down there but the

bars are still packed people still out

pardon having a good time going crazy

and that loudness really makes it so

it's not really enjoyable sometimes to

stay in the French Quarter so you might

want to see just a little bit outside on

the other side of Canal Street go stay

in the central business district or down

to owner or some place that can really

one cut down the price a lot but also

cut down the noise and cut down some of

the some of this stuff like that so just

just a heads up for that one and the

thing is is when you come here you might

be driving in here and I'm gonna tell

you right now don't drive in New Orleans

don't just don't it is such a pain and

the biggest pain is finding parking not

just you know paying for parking other

things but just finding parking it is

really really tough so what I recommend

if you're driving in do the valet have

them park your car and leave it and yes

the valet thirty bucks a day forty bucks

today something like that just pay it

leave it don't worry about it because

what's coolest you can get around town

relatively easily you know if you like

your bird lives and taxis and stuff like

that that's no problem here also they

got the streetcars to take that's one

thing I've been doing I get come on

I'll walk down Canal Street grab the

grab the streetcar they're a dollar 25

I'm down here the Jackson Square no


so do that use that around because

taking the streetcar through the garden

district yes you'll see beautiful homes

there as well I mean definitely go

through the garden district to see the

homes there but you take the streetcar

to do that and leave the car out of it

because man driving in New Orleans will

drive you crazy

my next stone actually goes from that is

when you do park your car don't leave

anything visible okay New Orleans is not

exactly the safest cuts it E in the

world okay but I mean it's not horrible

but you've got to be careful and even if

you're gonna be valet parking or leaving

your car somewhere that doesn't mean

it's gonna be safe make sure one it's

locked but nothing is visible so take

everything with you that you need take

it to your hotel put it in there or hide

it or put it away so people can't see it

because you don't want to give somebody

a reason just to break the window and

take your stuff don't leave anything out

that way okay and I guess that kind of

leads into my don't be complacent when

you do go out in New Orleans look

there's a lot of people that come here a

lot of tourists a lot of drinking and so

you will see I mean we saw a bunch of

fights last night people running around

there I mean you don't have a lot of

pickpocketing in the u.s. but you do see

some of that here so you got to pay

attention wallet in your front pocket

make sure you're paying attention if you

think I think those two guys are gonna

fight believe me they're going to and

the bass are gonna throw their butts out

and if you're between the door and those

that fight you might get to you know

caught up in it so don't be complacent

when you're here another tone I have for

you is when someone comes up to you and

says hey I bet you I know where you got

those shoes do not fall for that guy

okay because what he's gonna tell you is

oh I bet you ten bucks I can tell you

where you got those shoes you're like oh

they'll never know I got these in Lisbon

so they'll never know hahaha then a

goggle you got those shoes on Bourbon

Street in New Orleans Louisiana give me

ten bucks like what and then they'll

harass you just say hey I'm a local man

I got I got him here in New Orleans just

say that and walk away alright because

I've seen a number of tourists getting

harassed by those guys my buddy that's

here with me he got three people to ask

him within like three blocks it was a

hilarious sort of just laughing walking

in front of them like like what do think

I'm like - just tell me your local tell

me you got your shoes in New Orleans

just do that okay don't let them get to

you if you remember the beginning of the

video I said New Orleans is a great

place to visit most of the year when our

next don't is specifically dealing with

those months you

come here and that is don't come in July

and August

look New Orleans isn't a swamp guys okay

so what is it like in a swamp it's hot

it's muggy and gross but guess what New

Orleans is in July and August it's hot

and muggy and gross I mean your sweat is

sweating when you are here so I do not

recommend coming in july/august

it's just too hot and too miserable to

be here otherwise

you'll be fine I mean it's a great place

to come to the rest of the year that's

where there's tons of conferences and

parties and festivals here I mean it's

not just Mardi Gras Jazz Fest French

Quarter Festival I've been to all of

them and it's an awesome time and the

thing is it's just just just don't come

in july/august

okay I Love New Orleans but for you me

don't and if you do come don't complain

about the heat and the humidity in July

and August because you came to the city

in a swamp in July and August okay so

I'm just gonna get that one out there

for you and the thing is what's cool

about New Orleans you don't have to be

concerned with being a tourist this city

is really geared for tourism

there's tons of Tours if you're gonna go

to the cemetery or go on a swamp tour

those are some of the plantations a city

walking tour a Garden District tour

there's so much tours and things here

set up for you that it's really great

hotels restaurants bars tours all those

things and it's a fantastic thing so

it's okay to be a tourist and they get

millions of tourists a year coming here

so you can kick back and be that tourist

you don't feel like oh how do I fit in

when I'm here look there's so many

tourists here everybody fits in so you

can really relax when you come here

that's why people enjoy it

it's the laissez-faire attitude of the

people in New Orleans of hey you be you

I'll be me let's have a good time all


and leaving off of that is don't screw

over your tour guide when you do come

here what you need to know is there are

some rules for the tour guides you know

they can't let their two groups block

the sidewalk because they could go to

find the tour guide they can walk in the

street but the tour group can't so stay

on the sidewalk otherwise they can get a

fine so do have a heads up for that one

and there's so much service industry

here a lot of people actually work on

tips so don't forget to tip we actually

had a number of bartenders tell us that

a lot of the tours that come here to

party and stuff like that they don't tip

it off so make sure you are tipping

because the waiter and the waitress and

the bartenders and stuff like that and

the band's they're making their money

off of tips so do be generous with your

tipping because it makes a difference

for them okay and I know a lot of people

come down I'm drinking know they're

never gonna remember me remember if

you're at that bar they will remember

you if you tip which means they'll come

to you first before the other people

okay so just just a heads up on that one

now my next don't for you is don't screw

with the cops and don't screw with their

horses look the police in New Orleans

are super helpful and they're also super

professional so if you have a question

you don't know where to go or you're

worried just go talk to them w walk

around the French Court or the other

around town you will see them and don't

be afraid to talk to them and ask them

for help but don't mess with them if

your buddies getting into a fight or

somebody picked on they're fighting

don't be like hey Cobb that was my buddy

didn't started cops don't care they'll

take your butt down to alright so don't

mess with the cops and don't mess with

their horses because you'll you'll

regret it okay so just don't but a lot

of the things you might see the cops do

it is these healthy people that may have

had too much to drink and one thing I've

always seen every time I've come here

don't be surprised if you don't see

somebody crying or puking or crying and

puke aid where you are here so don't get

puked on look I've got one more day here

in New Orleans and I have not got puked

on yet I'm okay last time I was here

Liam got me okay but it was it's what

the few times I've come here and no

one's puked on me yet so do watch out

because people do get really drunk at

night here and the French Quarter so do

have a heads up with that alright so do

be careful with that now my next don't

for you is don't get in a hurry

look in Louisiana in the South in

general things go a little slower New

Orleans is no different than that you

may think all big city hustle-bustle no

no it's New Orleans take it easy it's

called the Big Easy remember just take

it easy relax so service getting your

beer things getting done all these kind

of things just know it takes a little

bit more time that's why the streetcar

is perfect it slowly goes through town

because that's how things work here so

don't get in a hurry and getting upset

and telling me what a hurry up actually

I think makes them actually go slower so

just just just be ready for it just take

it easy here the Big Easy ok and one of

the things you're going to want to take

slow is the eating it's somebody next to

view is don't come to New Orleans when

you're on a diet

look the food here is fantastic crawfish

etouffee yes its crawfish not crayfish

not crawdads its

okay crawfish etouffee fantastic

jambalaya gumbo oysters Oh char grilled

oysters here oh my god is so good having

beignets at Cafe Du Monde something you

don't forget to do yes you have beignets

are these little donut things man with

powdered sugar all over them

yes oh the drinking yes it adds calories

to the gulf fish there's so much

fantastic food and drink to happier yes

go to paddle Brides and have your

hurricane which is like this much rum

and then whatever the color it is but

you will pack on some pounds when you're

here so don't come on a diet don't

pretend you're on a diet just say you

don't want I'm go to New Orleans the

diet can start again on Monday all right

and another tell and a half you guys

don't be scared to bring the kids look

the French Quarter at night you don't

bring your kids but until about 4 or 5

o'clock in the afternoon you can bring

your kids to the French Quarter no

problem and the rest of the city is very

kid-friendly with the aquarium and the

Audubon zoo and the city park and all

kinds of stuff in the cool architecture

and there's tours and stuff like that

going to the Garden District there's a

Children's Museum here all kinds of

stuff and a lot of people think oh no

New Orleans is only for adults no it's

not just for adults they actually have a

lot of a really great kid stuff and what

shocks me when they come here at Mardi

Gras when you go to the parades

you see families there yes New Orleans

can't be family-friendly now Bourbon

Street after four o'clock in the

afternoon I'm gonna say no it's not but

otherwise don't forget to bring the kids

when you come here we had a great time

with our kids and we came here last time

and I mean I say why not bring him now

another tone I have for you is if you're

gonna be here for a weekend and there's

restaurants you want to go to don't

forget to make reservations for dinner

because there's so many tourists that

come here you might wait in line for an

hour or so to get into a restaurant so

there's ones you really want to get into

make that reservation before you come so

it's set up and if you're going to be

coming at Mardi Gras time and stuff like

that or any of the festivals definitely

reserved away in advance otherwise you

might be you know don't get me wrong

eating a po-boy on the streets not bad

but you probably go and have some

chargrilled oysters or something like

that so we're almost done don't worry I

know this is kind of a long don't list

but I want you guys to have a great time

my necks don't for you is don't overdo

it on your first night look when you

come here you're going to want to party

up and eat it up and you're gonna get so

full and it's so full that the next day

it might be miserable so the first day

take it a bit easier or at least plan

to do anything the next day your second

day here because I see a lot of people

not enjoying the city because they're so

hungover from the first night okay so do

be careful on that and I guess my last

tone I'm gonna say is don't forget to

bring cash and don't forget to have an

ID with you look if you look under 30

they might they probably will card you

when you're going in the bars especially

on Bourbon Street so have your ID have

it ready also you want to have cash

around here not just for tipping people

but for buying a beer here and there

getting your stuff it's just easier to

have cash and again remember keep your

wallet your front pocket if you do have

your cash just for safety sake all right

so I hope this helps you know what not

to do or don't do when you do come to

New Orleans it's a fantastic city I've

been here a number of times I got

friends that are from here they're

fantastic people I mean the locals are

so cool oh and don't take their ribbons

that they're making fun of you too

seriously they're really good natured

people here and they will have some fun

with you you know the bless your heart

stuff and all those things that southern

hospitality is alive and well here with

a little New Orleans twist it's just a

fantastic place anyway if you want to

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