Itinerary: Negev Desert, Israel

three perfect days three local hosts

take us around the place they call home

to show us their perfect day from the

luxurious to the adventurous fine dining

to fire dancing from seeing the wildlife

to enjoying the wild nights see the

world in three ways as United Airlines

presents three perfect days


ssam I'm Emmanuel kadosh 24 years old

and I host a travel TV show called

cruising Israel where I tour all over

the country showing tourists the best

sights to see there's actually no trip

to Israel without coming to visit the

Dead Sea the Negev desert the Negev

desert actually dominates about 60% of

the Israeli landscape so you can't

really miss it and then the Dead Sea is

the lowest place on earth so there's no

visit here without stopping there

shut up it's pretty chilly cuz it's

early in the morning here in the desert

we're about an hour drive from the Dead

Sea and we're about to go in a hot air

balloon to see the gorgeous sunrise here

in the desert sunrise is just something

special it's something that you'll never

you'll never experience something like

it other than right here in the desert

you can see it at the Israeli beaches

you can see it in Jerusalem but seeing

it in the Negev desert is just a

once-in-a-lifetime experience I am

currently on a hot-air balloon in the

middle of the Negev desert at sunrise

who would have thought you know waking

up early in the morning it's I think

it's like practicing and you know yoga

or religion or any thoughts on this

special thing that has to do with your

spirits no we're coming to Israel

without coming to the Negev desert it's

part of the experience you come to the

Dead Sea you should obviously come and

check out

and this is probably the most creative

and fun way to do it it's so peaceful

it's so quiet and you couldn't really

get to see the concept of how large the

Negev desert is comparison to the


would you open small white wine just to

celebrate the landing coming back to

ground Thank You the Dead Sea is coming

you put the mud on you float a little

bit and especially after that air

balloon landing this is exactly what we

need to hop in and have a very black I'm

sure you guys have all seen that

advertisement for the Dead Sea where

you're reading a newspaper it's legit

and here I am

there's no visiting Israel without

visiting the Dead Sea it's known it's

the lowest place on earth the only place

that you can float on water the only

place that you can naturally get this

type of mud so yeah so it's a once in a

lifetime experience unless you live here

and it's an all the time in a life

experience but it's definitely worth it

and I must do on your trip to Israel

we're heading into the Bereshit hotel a

five-star oasis in the middle of the

Negev desert with unbeatable views of

the meets Pelham one crater can't wait

to get into a bathing suit and cool off

in the water


if it weren't obvious already by this

insanely perfect view

there's no visiting the Negev desert

without the bellusci toto

this is it this is the oasis in the

middle of the desert so I just wrapped

up at the luxurious presidential suite

at the Bereshit hotel and now I'm going

to a more authentic desert experience

I'm meeting up with Steve from fiend

John he's here to pick me up we're gonna

go a little off-roading then we're gonna

go camel riding he's gonna show me some

views I'm beyond excited he's right over

there so let's go say hi


leave thank you so much for picking me

up I want to know what you have in store

for me today I'm really interested to

see where we're going so we're gonna

head down to idols tent okay Idol is a

local Bedouin gentleman who still leads

kind of the typical Bedouin lifestyle

which is something that's very rare

what'd you find today in Israel and he's

gonna give us a wonderful experience go

for a ride on the rim of this beautiful

mustache or crater as you guys call it

and then maybe have a tea ceremony and

have a traditional Bedouin meal to

finish things off before we go to the

village I just want to stop on the way

so you can get a really good perspective

of where we are and see this really cool

geological phenomenon it only exists in


all right so this is Susie just named


the best part is when they stand up you

don't see things like this anywhere in

the world you just don't where can you

tell me that you could drive less than a

two hour drive from a crazy metropolitan

city to the middle of the desert at

sunset on a camel you can't you just

can't now we're going to have an

authentic Bedouin experience

pretty late at night here in the desert

but we are still excited to eat and I'm

joining this lovely man tonight I mean

you can't not look at his outfit and my

outfit and I think that you guys

transported back come on we both look

like nomads no all the food that the

better ones make here in the desert is

actually cooked underground he doesn't

trust money so we're switching

you don't trust mine you okay


this is definitely the place to come to

for an authentic veteran experience they

show you how to pita bread they cook a

delicious homemade desert meal for you

they give you their you know traditional

teeth and they can tell you all about

their history after that delicious

Bedouin meal the best thing that you

guys could do is now here stargaze a

little bit because let me tell you you

cannot find stars like this anywhere

else in Israel