Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle - White Castle Scene (10/10) | Movieclips


Oh looks like you guys had some money

huh I want 30 sliders five french fries

and four large cherry cokes I want the

same except make mine diet cokes Chuck

Wow well that comes to 4675

where's my money

hey you're our money dude you kidding me

no I gave money to that

Princeton no dude this

isn't happening all right we didn't make

it here and now we're broke no no no

guys let me pay for its least I can do

hell are you doing here you guys kept

talking about White Castle last night so

much it made me start to crave it too

dude was my car where's his car dude

yeah sorry about that I told you last

night I was tripping balls I don't know

what came over me your cars in the

parking lot here your keys do you

realize what the hell we had to go

through after you took the car yeah it

was a dick move on my part that's why

I'm paying for your meal okay thanks I

guess there's 50 bucks for the burgers

and 200 for the car what happened in my


I made some love stains in the backseat

you'll see anyway nice meeting you guys

I'll catch you

what are you going wherever God takes me

oh let's do this together





and that it despot that was the best

meal of my life