UPS SCAM EXPOSED! - Don't get tricked by this!

everybody's video Bob I got to take

about this scam that UPS and FedEx and a

lot of other delivery drivers do all

right these vehicles and a lot of times

they're their scanning devices have GPS

units on them

so they know where the vehicle is or

where something has been scanned like

for instance you'll see a lot of Amazon

independent drivers they'll drive their

own cars I'll notice that don't put the

package down and they'll take a picture

of the package with their iPhone this

geotags the photo and time prints it so

that it can prove that they were where

they were it shows you know a GPS

location a timestamp and there's photo

evidence proof all of that in one little

photo well with Jeep with UPS FEDEX you

know they have these GPS and their

trucks that are tracking their locations

and when they scan an item to say that

it was delivered or an attempted

delivery was made they know when and

where that happened so I'm gonna show

you the little video but before I show

you the video I'm gonna tell you about

what happened I ordered an item up at


I ordered it was a gas tank actually for

a 74 dodge Monaco you know one of my

Blues Brothers cars hey new gas game you

can get anything out of Amazon even a

gas tank for a 44 year old car so I

ordered the gas tank I'm following the

track and it says it was gonna be

delivered yesterday so I'm waiting

around waiting for it to be delivered

then I get a notification telling me

that an attempted delivery was made and

that I can pick it up at a local pickup

point which happens to be a boost mobile

store in a strip center over by the VA

hospital completely shady area I can't

believe that that's where I'm supposed

to go pick this thing up at doesn't make

any sense to me but I'm like wait a min

I've been here I have a ring video

doorbell if you ring that doorbell I

have six chimes throughout the house

that ring and my phone goes off and my

Apple watch goes off everything goes off

at the same time I'm not gonna miss if

somebody rings the doorbell I go and I

check the video and lo and behold there

I see a UPS driver

truck driving off I'm like huh I wonder

if the guy tried to attempted the

delivery now I have three separate

security systems here I'm video Bob okay

I have a hardwired system and have two

separate wireless systems the ring and a

Motorola Hubbell system anyway I tricked

my cameras and what I see is the UPS

truck pulls up on the side street

directly across from me sits there for a

little while

and then he pulls over on the other

Street and he drives up the reason he

did this is because he's pulling up and

without trying to attempt the delivery

he sits there just long enough for

himself to be pinged by the GPS the same

amount of time it would have took for

him to jump out of the truck run up to

the door and then run back in the truck

he scans it and says attempt made no one

home and what they do is they do this

because they're lazy doesn't want to

have to carry the big box to the door

maybe a little package you'll do it but

a big box he doesn't do it so he does

that a whole bunch of times then he

takes all of those items to the drop-off

point and then he can go see a sidekick

or go have a cheeseburger or whatever it

is his lazy [ __ ] ass is gonna do

because he didn't do his job now I've

had this run around with UPS and FedEx

many many times and I've gotten people

fired matter of fact for those of you

who are subscribers to my channel

they've been watching me for many many

years you might have remembered when

some little girls stole the mail off my

porch and I sent that video to the news

and I had three separate news stations

do stories on it we start with the story

you'll see only on CBS 11 News good

evening and thank you for joining us I'm

Karen Borga Doug is off tonight

a Dallas man says he was ripped off he

was angry and felt violated after a

package was snatched from his front

porch but he was stunned after finding

out the culprits weren't more than three

feet tall

Carol Cavazos has this surveillance

video that you'll see only on CBS 11:00

its parts to my drone a package made it

into Bob Mosley's hands and Dallas today

there they go running off yesterday to

were stolen Mosley also known as video

Bob captured the criminals on his

surveillance cameras you can see the

mailman delivering the two packages and

he rang the doorbell but I ignored it I

wish I had gotten up and got the

packages two hours later three Bandidos

moved in and pilfered the packages I

thought it would might be some hood

criminal it's three cute little girls

the little girls looking no more than

eight were decked out in bright little

jackets purple blue and green one little

girl wore boots bright pink they looked

at the packages and rang the bell I

don't know if they were advertising a

service or trying to sell me something

or if it was just part of the ruse to

find out if anybody was home before they

ran off with my packages inside one of

the packages a 1980s Krupps coffee

grinder from Germany also known as mr.

fusion if you're gonna build a time

machine into a car why not do it some

style Mosley builds replica DeLorean

time machines nine so far but the kiddie

crooks made off with mr. fusion which

feeds the flux capacitor I wish I could

set the time back to yesterday and get

my packages or little girls would just

go back to his door and return them in

Dallas Carol Cavazos CBS 11 News Bob

Mosley who did file a police report said

he'd never seen the little girls before

neither had his neighbors he's already

printed up posters with pictures from

his surveillance video and he plans to

post them in the area to see if anyone

else recognized I mean four months had

people coming up to me like in the

grocery store going hey did you ever get

to step back from those little girls

that ripped you off you know those were

porch pirate thieves but this is a

different situation I haven't had any

thievery since then it's been many many

years since I got the ring video

doorbell system and my other cameras

matter of fact I have a sign out there

that says please leave all packages on

the back now I know for a fact that this

was not my normal UPS driver my normal

UPS driver

by the way I recommend doing this if you

have a normal driver and you get a lot

of packages just like I do I got to turn

my my TV off is God crazy I get a lot of

packages so you know what Christmas time

comes I give him a nice tip and also I

have the dude's number because he's

called me before and said hey man I got

a package what do you want me to do with

it or whatever now he knows to leave it

at the back I said put it on the back

under the camera and sometimes on hot

days I'll put cold bottles of water out

there for him and I'll say for you you

know whatever and you know him my

mailman FedEx guy I get a lot of mail

here delivered on a daily basis so my

normal guy takes care of me he would

never do this to me man like I said he

has my number in his contacts he will

call me if it's something important so

this guy was obviously a fill-in guy the

other guy probably since he's a UPS

veteran probably got the week off for

Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving video

and that's clearly what happened and

this other filling guy probably was

overloaded with work and he took it out

on me look I don't care what the

situation is I paid for shipping for

that to be sent to my home now I have to

wait three days go pick it up at this

other store it's [ __ ] it's [ __ ]

and I will definitely be sending this

video to his superiors at UPS so anyway

I just wanted to explain to you how this

scam works and what these guys are doing

and hopefully it helps you because the

same thing might have happened to you

and if it did make sure that you have

some video evidence and make sure you

call and please post in the comments

below a story that may have happened to

you I'd like to hear what you did and

how it was handled you know the thing

about it is there's really no way to get

any kind of compensation there's really

no repercussions there's no revenge that

has a payoff other than making sure that

these people know not to [ __ ] with you

my local US Postal Service guys they


my house is a house you do not Jack with

you don't leave the port the packages on

my steps you don't throw the stuff in

the rain and the bushes because you will

end up on television that's the power of

media so I just wanted to share this

video and as I always say you know

always subscribe to my videos if you

haven't already and here's my next video

thanks for watching guys hope you got

something out of this bye