UPS Access Point™ - Helping Make Your Life Easier.

meet Katie Katie loves to shop but she

doesn't buy much online because she

lives here and works here that makes

getting packages delivered at home kind

of a hassle you see when you live here

and you're not home there's just no

place to leave a package that's out of

sight or out of the weather Katie could

stay home from work on the day her

package is supposed to be delivered not

optimal or she could arrange for someone

else to wait for her package not easy so

she usually just ends up getting one of

these frustrating notices then she has

to find a way to get to the carrier's

facility just to get her package not

good so as much as Katie would love to

buy stuff online it's just not


so she hardly ever does until now today

UPS is making Katie's life and millions

of other people's lives across the

country easier by building a network of

neighborhood delivery locations for

people who can't have their packages

left at the door it's called the UPS

access point Network local businesses

join the UPS access point Network and

safely securely accept the packages for

people like Katie so she can just head

over and pick them up right in her

neighborhood whenever it's convenient

for her think business is like the

neighborhood grocery Pharmacy florist

for coffee shop the UPS access point

Network includes 4400 the UPS Store

locations in the US plus lots of

independent neighborhood businesses from

coast to coast best of all it really

works ninety-eight percent of people

surveyed who have used a UPS access

point said they had a good experience

there people like the hours they like

the convenience and they like the speed

so if you're an online merchant now's

the time to take full advantage of the

new UPS access point Network

add a ship to UPS access point location

option into your checkout process now

and it could lead to more sales because

people like Katie feel better about

ordering online easier returns because

Katie can also drop off a pre labelled

package including a return right at a

UPS access point location and happier


research shows that nearly eight of ten

users said the UPS access point was more

convenient than what they were doing

before UPS will even provide you with a

set of tools that easily integrates with

your current checkout functionality the

UPS access point network giving Katie

and millions more just like her a reason

to choose you when she places her next

online order