I FACE MY FEAR OF HEIGHTS for Daniel's Last Name! Trampoline Park Slam Dunk Contest & Battle Royale!

he's my ninja chad and regina are in

jail right now lazy

nine and seven one five capture them let

them out guys what the heck

you're not going anywhere let us out i

got a better

idea i'm gonna make you look bad on your

own channel dude

she can't do that fabulous she's so

fabulous oh

if you don't do what i say we're going

to hurt chad and regina let's buzz

check time for check oh no you got this

done baton

okay guys we're not going to let them

hurt you all right we'll do the

challenges me

okay don't worry about us you guys just

get out of here we'll find a way out and

we found a clue to your last name daniel


you did yeah there's an m on it yeah an

m m

last name is not zorgo that's great this

is amazing news


747. who the heck is oh


i've never seen this guy before

what what the heck daniel i can't do

flips are we supposed to challenge this

guy i am going to lose fair and square

i'm the tiny one

i can't do basketball oh no daniel

you're taller than me this is your

challenge i've never touched a

basketball in my life

we're doomed why are we doing this

cloaker cause i'm gonna make you look

bad on your own

channel don't let him embarrass me okay

up to you you're taller okay all right

all right we gotta rescue our friends

and we gotta make you look good all


too much straw let's do it


oh my gosh was that he just did like a

loop-de-loop and then he did oh my gosh

i think that's called like an air jordan

or something okay oh well hey we gotta

have some confidence all right okay

that's one of the tenants of a spy ninja

right bravery loyalty and confidence

wait no no no it's not oh crap we don't

need confidence then right okay daniel

he did a little michael jordan air

thing michael jordan he's the uh

he was a celebrity back in the day

daniel he's like the greatest basketball



michael jordan whoever that is okay oh


all right

oh that was really close daniel

you go in it went in right

oh no b

you can do it though okay i just gotta

do my confident

hair flip i'm ready v you have to do it

there's no if ands nor butts okay

you gotta rescue chad and regina and

maybe as you're doing this trick i'm

gonna keep looking around for that last

triangle the last letter of my name

feed me for basketball please v do it

for my mama and my last name and chad

and regina oh there's so much

there's so many okay three two one go

oh dang it an air ball

you want to borrow one of my tattoo

sleeves oh would that make me stronger

i mean would it make me jump higher i

think it might it might it's more


okay it'll suppress the hairy arms you

have and you'll get more uh speed yeah

that sounds

scientifically correct let's do it


they look tough now wow vs i think you

can do this now

definitely not fair look at the height

of that hoop in that one this is a


he can't dunk on that high one he can

dunk on the short one the teeny tiny one

you can't reach that oh

can't reach what flipping is illegal in


you don't do backflips than basketball

it's like uh five yards you gotta go

back or something

yeah i think so like a strike you're out

yeah yeah yeah penalty

i make the rules here now you have to

dunk and do a trick after

oh my gosh i'm always safe you can do it

they actually make the basket almost

almost it was so close closer than me

really yeah that's good enough for the

worst place trophy

i didn't get worse place hey cloaker i

haven't seen you dunk anything yet can

you even do it

you don't think i can talk feed me


okay wait you didn't make it you don't

think i really went in cloaker do you

i definitely went in check the replay

what what wait a minute wait what did

did my eyes trick i could have sworn

that didn't go in right it didn't go in

the first time

i don't think so i mean oh gosh we got

to go to the optometrist again or

something daniel we gotta check my eyes


comment down below if you think that

it's actually the real cloak where they

actually made it but before you comment

be sure to take your phone take it this


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because gray

is the way

the next thing you have to do

what is that oh my gosh

did you see the little flippy thingy

yeah and then the big old bling

and then he walked the wall he walked on

the wall he's like spider-man

you know what i'm just gonna keep

looking for that last letter of my name

okay you can do this

yourself no no no no i um i'll be the

cameraman go go

go daniel what yeah oh you look

really heroic up there look really

strong and tall yeah oh yeah

oh my god daniel oh yeah

bring it around town okay

oh this is really really high v i don't

know if you should jump

hey daniel take your phone out and

record it it's gonna be so

cool from my perspective oh yeah i'm

gonna do the most

gnarliest righteous thing the spy ninjas

have ever seen

okay v watch out that's my drop zone

right there

here i go wish me luck give this video a

big ol thumbs up

for your boy okay here i go one

two three

how was that was that cool you did it

daniel that was so great that was so

high up do you think all the spy ninjas

are going to be impressed

absolutely i'm super impressed i did

such a good job if i do say so myself

almost better than 747 you can't blow

this all right

all up to you i'm kind of afraid of

heights i'm not sure if you know that

goodness v where does it end with you

afraid of water afraid of heights that's

it i'm afraid of

milk no that's not afraid i'm afraid of

my muscles yep okay

all right yeah that was great daniel you

look like a piece of chewed up beef

jerky thanks man hey

hey don't call him that i'll have you

know beef jerky is really good and high

in protein

you're next v there you go v there you


oh wow do you hold this really high up

here remember just a trampoline it's

gonna bounce

i think these springs are pretty sturdy

just just do the jump okay

my last name of my mom and shad and

regina are depending on it all right

no pressure film on my phone b do i look

confident up here

um maybe stop making that weird face

confident hair flip okay

here i go three two




oh gosh i got lucky that wasn't luck it

was confidence

that looked just like a plane crash no

i'd rate that a 10 out of 10. yeah for

being horrible

man i would like to see you try that

cloaker you ain't nothing yeah yeah you

can't do that

the 747 dude just doing all your work

for you

yeah you think you're like the boss man

just because you were a cloak

come on just give us daniel's last name

already we're free v and regina

um chad and regina v i'm v

oh you guys aren't done yet the next

thing that you have to do

will showcase your fear of heights

daniel this is your time to shine i

think humans are just afraid of heights

in general

guys comment down below if you're afraid

of heights yeah it's time for you to do

the trapeze long jump

okay daniel are you ready i am ready

this is the easiest challenge yet right

it's just foam right there's nothing

lurking underneath no snakes

no i hope not no hackers hopefully okay

whatever let's just go for it

okay take the camera cloaker give me

that listen things always look scarier

when you're up

here but from v's perspective i probably

look like a wimp

let's go daniel count me down very


daniel are you okay where are you oh

there you are

he looked like a coconut falling out of

a tree

i didn't v i didn't you did really good

daniel it's your turn

i'm actually really nervous daniel my

palms are getting really sweaty

are you afraid of uh foam so high do it

for me girl

we gotta find out my last name this is

perfect you're gonna look

weak and pitiful on your own channel

can't let the spy

think that the hackers are better than

me we're the spy ninjas who they these

guys think they're better than us kroger

keeps saying things he doesn't even try


you can do this v all right okay go v go

oh my gosh she's so scared

daniel is so high go v go

she's so short she can't even reach it

the clock is ticking v

now i've all dead i've never seen her

act like this besides water

oh my gosh daniel

it's so high oh my gosh hold on

she's really afraid of heights almost as

much as water you're doing

awesome dude

oh gosh all right here we go okay

three two one go



where'd you go where is she oh oh oh i

think she's upside down

b are you okay i'm coming for you you're

taking my hand


daniel wait what's going on i found

something i found a box while i was

upside down look okay let's open this up

before the cloaker notices

there's a passport is this what we've

been looking for your whole identity is

in here i think so it must be

cloaker what are you doing oh

there's two guys standing right there

don't you worry you know why

why because i got a trick up my sleeve

ew gross

look what are these daniel what's what's

up there he's peeling his skin off

it's not real it's not it's not real

tricked yeah

stun star are you kidding me daniel you

had stun stars off your sleeve this

whole entire time

not just one stun star up my sleeve two

take this seven one five



it looks like this is a battle royale

four hackers

four spy ninjas no problem right spot

ninjas we can do it i got my tattoos i

got my two fists

i got my tattoo sleeves i got my leggies

and i got chad

there bring a piece in there


let's go boy

we don't need the stinky weapon melvin

let's fight manta man

what do you say well why don't you show

me what you got chad

okay fine i will

get them

check this out daniel hello backflip

kick back

oh yeah oh my goodness

thing now what you gonna do without

it's it little boy let's go battle


you're in my territory now seven four




come on seven five you ain't no friend

of mine

oh damn oh oh it's right there yeah you

got it

oh whoa it fell out of him

i don't need this you kidding me yeah

daniel you're no match for my bunny bass

bunny bass oh

yeah that was a real good one huh oh

did you see that chat now that's a

battle royale oh

you okay man daniel you okay wake up man

oh i did it you did it you did it you

won go

let's go we did it guys we did it let's

get out of here

get out of here now we gotta go find

your last name it's on that passport

right oh you're right

oh she's obvious hackers so daniel will

you take my offer and join project

zorgo for your mom's information no i

don't need you guys

i got my spy ninja family here yeah

we're the ones who are gonna find out

what my last name is

you got that right hackers yeah what are

you gonna do how are we gonna get past

him daniel you guys ready for this

oh yeah spy ninjas kickball

yeah let's go

there's an exit somewhere here okay i

think we i think we figured out daniel's


me and me found this passport right here

what what's in it it's

it must be my passport right i hope so i

hope so

usually the first page first page it's

me so this has all my information

what does it say your name is okay it

says given name daniel

and that's it surname means last name

oh yeah oh yeah oh it's crossed out too

why is everything rejected

wait a minute wait a minute i can kind

of see there's one letter it says i

whoa wait a second so we know there's a

z in your name we know there's an i

what else was there there was an m we

found an o and a g

i so that means we have all five letters

now my full complete name

is these letters right here whoa i don't

know which order they go scramble them

just we need your help unscramble all

the letters to find out daniel's last


i don't know we have time to unscramble

right now i think the hackers are coming

up yeah we gotta get out of here

if you can figure out what my last name

is i can figure out where my mom is and

once we find her

we can defeat project zorgo yeah i

believe in you guys

unscrambling and leave it in the

comments below regina's falling down

into the garbage oh

do you got that i caught that on camera

yeah but i i believe you fight

you can do it

figure out daniel's last name let's go