How to Shop TJMAXX- My 13 Best Shopping Hacks and Tips Revealed


hey guys it's your girl Carrie and today

I'm going to be sharing part 3 of my

becoming a maxxinista series and in this

series I show you how to become an

informed shopper when shopping at

t.j.maxx now all of the other parts of

the series will be linked into the

description box below and today we will

be focusing on my tips and tricks when

shopping at t.j.maxx so tip number one

is how to authenticate the designer

items being sold at t.j.maxx and I

dedicated an entire video to that and

that was part 1 of my series so check

that out after you watch this video tip

number 2 is how to decipher all the tags

that are located on the merchandise in

t.j.maxx and that also warranted a

separate video and that will be in the

link in the description box below as

well so now moving on to tip number 3

and that would have to be location

location location but before we talk

about location let's talk about the four

types of TJ Max's you might encounter

the first one is a standalone store

that's just your regular old TJ Maxx but

we're all familiar with the second one

is a standalone TJ Maxx store but it has

a runway section in there and as I

explained before in my previous serie

previous segment of the series is that a

runway location are the locations that

actually have the very very high-end

premium designer merchandise and they

are identified by the purple tags the

third type of store is the combination

store and that's when you see the TJ

Maxx home good combination stores and

the fourth type is TJ Maxx online now

each one of those stores will serve a

different purpose based on what you're

looking for

now let's talk about why location is

important now I live in the met

area and I have access to approximately

20 t.j.maxx stores now the recent

location is important is because you

know the company decides what

merchandise goes into each one of these

stores based on certain demographics in

the area so for example if I'm looking

for high-end merchandise like the runway

type stores and I want really high-end

merchandise for a discount I need to

identify where my runway stores are

because that's where I'm going to go to

get that higher in new merchandise also

let's say I'm looking for some

large-scale decor pieces for my home

locate the location of the t.j.maxx that

I want to visit plays an important role

because I probably wouldn't want to go

to the location that's downtown because

the homes or the apartments of the

condos that are located in the city are

a lot smaller and they're not going to

warn large pieces of decor so it might

be more beneficial for me to go to the

locations that are located in the

suburbs namely the more affluent suburbs

that could support purchasing higher in

larger pieces also location is important

because you can strategically go to

certain locations to pick up items that

may have sold out at other locations for

example when Ray done first came out it

was a craze everyone that loved that

whole farmhouse rustic look was looking

to collect all the range of mugs and

everything else now I think they felt

Ray done everything now and now in the

stores in my local area that's right

around me

you couldn't find any radar I mean as

soon as it hit the shelves they flew off

the shelves but I knew okay this must be

a craze in the area that I'm staying

and if I went to the airport I might

make a trip over to the location that's

near the airport which happens to be in

a more urban area and I just found a

plethora of redone items because of that

demographic really wasn't interested in

Rea done there's an item that you want

that keeps flying off the shelves think

about another area where this item may

not be popular visit that store and you

might hit the jackpot my next tip is to

track your stores or keep a listing and

I have this listing here which is in

this protective sleeve I keep this in my

car and this one right here is actually

for all of the home goods listings but

you know Tonga's TJ Maxx Marshalls they

are all owned by the same parent company

and by having a listing of all the

stores now you can X your sales

associate for the listing or you can

just keep track of it in your phone or

however you want but basically what you

want to do as you visit the different

stores you want to take notes so in the

future you know which door to go to

depending on your needs at the time

instead I might write is that this TJ

Maxx is in the same closet as a

Marshalls which often times they are

let's say I'm going out to look for an

eight-piece place setting well we all

know that it's very rare that you can

find an entire set of anything in any

one store you're going to have to visit

multiple stores I might look at my

listing and say I'm only going to visit

the locations that have a TJ Maxx and

Marshalls in the you know Plaza because

that want to eliminate running around

time if I have to go to multiple

locations I also might write in my notes

this particular TJ Maxx has large scale

decor pieces and so when I'm looking for

a large scale decor pieces to fill my

home I know which ones to go to or I

might say you know what I want to look

for some quality high-end designer

handbags or shoes for a fraction of the

price I would make a note on my listing

that this particular TJ Maxx has a

runway section and so by keeping these


you know exactly what t.j.maxx is to hit

now my next tip is when is the best time

to shop at t.j.maxx my answer is every

day is a good day that's shop at

t.j.maxx you might have heard from

friends or read somewhere that Wednesday

mornings is the best time to shop at

t.j.maxx you want to check with your own

local t.j.maxx but for me every day is a

great day to shop at t.j.maxx my stores

get merchandise every single day seven

days a week

according to the sales associate at my

store she says that the truckload is to

come in at night late at night and then

at 7 a.m. in the morning they unload the

trucks and then they begin to put the

new merchandise out on the shelves and

usually by noon they are finished if

there's nothing else that kind of holds

them up so the best time to shop is

probably any day around noon to 7 p.m.

like in that time span and that way you

get first dibs on seeing what new

merchandise is coming out because a lot

of times they don't have multiples so

you want to be there to be able to snag

those items that leads me to my next tip

if you see something you want put it in

your cart right away even if you don't

end up buying it at least it's in your

cart and you have the control to

determine whether you want to buy it or


there are so many times that I looked at

something that I thought I liked I left

it on the shelf I said she's gotten to

the store I didn't even get to look at

everything else yet let me take a spin

around the store and if I like it I'll

come back and get it or something like

that and I'll have a time I make my way

back around someone already snatched it

up so I say whatever you think you might

like put it in your basket and keep

filling your basket as you walk around

the whole store and once you finish

shopping and you're ready to checkout

I'd say you know stand in a certain spot

and kind of go through the items

you really think you're going to prove

if you're if you're on the fence about

whether or not you want something I say

buy it you can always return it and that

way you can you know go home make a

decision see if you really want it

because if you let it stay there and you

go home you try to make a decision and

you come back it's very highly likely

that that item will be gone that's

happened to me countless times now that

might sound like it goes against the

grain when I say who I'm kin off-season

shopper I'm always looking for stuff on

sale when you're going into places like

TJ Maxx home goods Marshalls a lot of

their merchandise is one-off items

unique pieces and you're not going to be

able to find those let alone wait for

those items to go on sale so I always

cruise the sales section to see what I

you know can possibly find but if it's

something that I want want I'm not

waiting for sale because it probably

will never make it to the sale clearance

section now another strategy that I had

I purchased something that is full price

because I'm scared it's not going to be

there later on I buy it I bring it home

I'll leave the tags on it for up to 30

days but doesn't know that they're

marking their merchandise down after 30

days and then every so often half of

that until they sell it or cancel it out

so within that 30-day period I'm kind of

still you know going to the stores kind

of looking around and then seeing if the

item that I wanted ever went on

clearance and if it did go on clearance

when it's marked down what you can do to

take advantage of those discounts

because TJ Maxx does not do any price

adjustments their merchandise moves so

quick they do not do price adjustments

so what you would do is return your item

for full price and then buy the sale

item so you're just going to return and

buy it back if you are really concerned

about getting those discounts and not

paying full price I've done that several

times and then there are times I was so

happy that I paid full price

I don't never went on sale though

because everyone bought it before could

even hit the sales center next tip is to

always always always always check

t.j.maxx before going to the department

stores so before heading to the mall and

going to some place like Macy's

Dillard's Nordstrom Belk always go to TJ

Maxx first because a lot of times they

sell the exact same merchandise by the

exact same brand and another buying

tactic that TJ Maxx uses is that they

will buy designer products let's say in

this case Michael Kors handbags or Steve

Madden shoes most of the larger stores

like that are in malls they they sell

the merchandise in their stores and

anything that's left over they do not

sell they ship it back to the


well what TJ Maxx does in order for them

to be able to lower their prices they

say hey we're not going to do the back

buyback clause we're going to negotiate

a price with you a lower price and

whatever we take or buy from you

we're going to keep in our stores and if

it doesn't sell then oh well our loss so

you want to always check TJ Maxx first

and here's an example that I would like

to share I found these wonderful Steve

Madden slip on slip on sneaker like

shoes that are absolutely loved in TJ

Maxx and these are the current season

they're being sold right now in

Dillard's and in TJ Maxx

these shoes are $34.99 and in Dillard's

they're over a hundred bucks and this

brings true for a lot of the items so TJ

Maxx not only sells past season

merchandise they do sell merchandise

that's still currently being sold in

these you know department stores so we

say always check TJ Maxx before going to

a department store the next tip is to

make sure that you check the price tags

of all the items that are similar to

something you

considering purchasing for example

handbags I love to purchase handbags

from TJ Maxx and a lot of times they'll

have several of the seen handbag I also

I always make sure that I look at all

the price tags on the handbag because

there are times you will actually see

different prices and it has nothing to

do with the bag being on sale it's just

a regular full price white ticket for

example I saw these Michael Kors

handbags and one had a $99.99 price tag

the other one had a one $19.99 price tag

so when I see price discrepancies like

this that means that these bags were

purchased at different times in

different Lots and sometimes when they

buy their merchandise they get it at a

lower price so they pass those savings

on to you then they might go back out to

option and bid and buy the next bulk and

it has the same hand back in there but

they paid a higher price so in that

respect they're going to pass on that

cost to you so that's how you end up

with two different prices on the exact

same item now that exact same item might

have a third price and so after you look

through all of the prices in the regular

section for the full price tag I

encourage you to head on over to the

clearance section and take a look at the

handbags there to make sure that that

same handbag is not in the clearance

pile now because what happens once an

item is there or you know 30 days or so

it starts going through the markdown

phase and that item might have been

purchased thirty days before in another

lot of items and now it's time for a

markdown so make sure you check

everywhere so that you can get the best

price available to you my next tip is to

never rely on the compare to price on

the sticker let me see if you can see

that the compare to price is right here

it is it is of no value it is almost

oftentimes always amiss

leading it's either overstated or

understanding what I would do instead of

using the comparative price as a guide

if your item has a if your item has a

MSRP your manufacturer's suggested

retail price sticker this one here has a

$58 MSRP on that you can use that or

better yet don't even rely on the MSRP

because a lot of times that's just a

manufacturer's suggested retail price

lots of locations offer sales and things

like that and discounts what I would do

is google it I'm always Google items

that I find in any store not just

t.j.maxx but any store to see if I'm

getting the best deal you want to see

what those items are selling for so that

you can kind of compare and contrast and

know that you're getting a good deal so

you probably will always get the better

deal at t.j.maxx it's always going to be

cheaper but it may not be as cheapest as

they're sharing on there compared to

price the compared to price might make

it seem as though you're getting a 70%

discount but when you actually look it

up and compare it to other stores it

works out to being only a 20% discount

which is still fine because you're still

getting a better pricing and you're

still going to bite for example I'm

loving this cracked heel cream you know

we have to take care of our feet during

the wintertime the summer months it's

three months and sandal months are

coming up and this right here is listed

on the back I purchased this for $4.99 I

don't know if you can see I don't know

if you could see that it's $4.99 and

when I look this up online this bottle

of cracked heel cream is 12 bucks so I

know it's a great price I know it's a

great deal

now speaking of cream and back and body

items my next tip head on over to those

departments that you may not think about

going to I love going to the back and

beauty aisle in TJ Maxx now there's some


whether or not you should buy the

products in the makeup section in the

back of beauty section I personally love

buying my products from there and here

are a few steps you might want to

consider taking when you're buying

beauty and bath products from t.j.maxx

one of the biggest concerns that people

have with purchasing the makeup the

designer makeup at t.j.maxx is tampering

so many other locations when you go

through you'll find these high-end

brands like this one here is a Smashbox

primer stick primer then you have a

cover FX setting spray they have all

kind of high-end designer brands you can

find becca cosmetics there you can find

Too Faced cosmetics NARS cosmetics and

what happens is people will come in

because they don't have testers or

samples they're like they would in a

beauty store people come in and they

open up the boxes open up the product

test it put it on their you know skin a

lot of other locations they'll open the

item and actually take the item out that

it's theft is rampant on for some of

these high-end beauty products so you

might pick one up and then realize you

bought an empty container and if you can

find a box that has not been opened at

all and it's that those are the boxes

that I look for and that I actually

purchase are the ones that have not been

tampered with you can get some great

deals for example this Smashbox

photo-finish mattifying primer stick it

was $14.99 at t.j.maxx and to purchase

this in sephora it's $25 and i think you

can get it on Amazon for 21 and the same

thing with this cover effects this was

$4.99 and to buy it online it's the one

outside is 10:50 foundation that I wear

I found it once in TJ Maxx and that's

normally $48 for me to purchase at Ulta

and they were selling it

t.j.maxx for 9.99 and no this is not

expired makeup the reason there's

usually selling it is maybe they're

starting a new marketing campaign and

they're going to start the packaging

over so they're going to try to get rid

of all of the old packaging muscle maybe

colors that didn't sell well or a

holiday line or something like that and

everything is being pushed off because

they've want them off their shelves so

they can stock it with new items but

this is perfectly good makeup I

encourage you just take a look at least

because you can save a lot of money

because makeup high-end makeup is very

expensive now if you don't want to go

that route and we say you know what I

just don't want to put anything on my

face that has a potential of being open

or you still think it may be fake or

something like that I encourage you to

purchase your nail polishes from there

they have the high-end designer brands

the brands that the brands that my nail

salon uses I purchase my own nail polish

and I bring it to the salon so that they

could give me my pedicures and they use

OPI in my salon and OPI nail polish you

guys know it was very expensive I think

it's like nine dollars in some cases ten

dollars when you go to Ulta or the

different beauty stores and they also

sell SE and se is the same price as the

OPI nail polish you can get the brands

OPI and SE and t.j.maxx for 399 so I

think the nail polishes are a great deal

and another one that's very high end I

think it's Orly ORN line they also use

that in my nail salon so I would suggest

to always check out at least the nail

polish in t.j.maxx another 10

and another section that you want to

always stop by while you're in t.j.maxx

it's the jewelry counter the jewelry

section now what you'll notice is that

t.j.maxx is the only one of the stores

that you know that's owned by the tgx

parent company that has a jewelry

section Marshalls does not have a

jewelry counter there's no jewelry in

Marshall's so check out the jewelry in

TJ Maxx they have some wonderful finds i

havent tons of jewelry from TJ Maxx and

their selection runs again and you can

get costume jewelry all the way up to

fine jewelry real 14 karat gold you can

find the designer brands depending on

whether or not you're in a runway store

so I would suggest to check out the

jewelry counter if you have not looked

at their jewelry then I would also

suggest check out their food aisle their

gourmet food out I love going to

teaching Max and cruising down the food

aisle you may have heard some myths I

would never buy food out of there it

must be expired you will find some

wonderful brands and what I typically

love to get out of there are these

biscotti I love this cranberry I love

this cranberry pistachio biscotti that

they sell there and also the beautiful

bottled drinks and bottled waters those

are great for when you're entertaining I

think a lot of you accent on my table

scape sometimes when did you get that

water from TJ Maxx Marshalls home goods

have beautiful selection of water

sparkling juices you need for all of you

maximista that love to shop that loves

the thrill of the hunt that loves to

share their finds I hope this video was

helpful for you make sure you check out

the other videos in this series and list

down below your best find in TJ Maxx and

until next time

I'm going to keep calm and carry on bye