The Tesla Store Experience

hi I'm Alexis Jordan from Tesla Motors

communications in Palo Alto California

we are here at Lenox Square the first

Tesla store to open up in a mall in the

state of Georgia it's about 3,000 square

feet were located right next to Neiman

Marcus and Burberry and Louie Vuitton so

in the middle of the mall and the

purpose of that is to get people to come

through this door to learn about Model S

this car behind me and Tesla Motors and

electric vehicle technology so this

Tesla store is very unlike your

traditional dealership experience when

you're purchasing a vehicle actually you

can't actually buy anything in this door

and walk or drive away with it today the

purpose of this store as I mentioned

earlier is to get people through the

door to educate them about electric

vehicle technology to answer all your

questions about what it's like to own

and drive an electric vehicle how do I

take a road trip how do I charge where

does electricity come from those sorts

of questions are really critical in

educating people about these vehicles so

that they're comfortable owning and

driving them so we're in front of Model

S's chassis and this is here to display

the innovative technology beneath the

floorboards of Model S so what you're

looking at is a battery that weighs

about 1,200 pounds it's at the lowest

point in the vehicle beneath the

floorboards so it's creating an

incredible handling experience in a very

low center of gravity in this car it's

running the length in the width of the

car creating almost 50/50 weight

distribution between the front and the

rear then back here

the only other components of powertrain

which is the AC induction motor it's

about the size of a watermelon it sits

right here single speed gearbox and an

inverter so the inverter is taking the

DC electricity from the battery running

it through that inverter converting it

into AC electricity that powers the

motor and that's it so the touch screens

on all the walls at the store designed

to answer the top five questions that we

hear from people when they come in the

store how far does the car go how do I

charge how do I take a road trip where

does electricity come from and how much

is this going to cost me so you can

actually click on any one of these like

charging and you can see how long it's

going to take you to charge off of

different outlets Model S is compatible

with any standard outlet we recommend

that our owners install a 240 volt

outlet which is a standard wash standard

washer/dryer out

and that'll charge the card about four

to eight hours and so you can see drive

say 150 miles a day off of the 240 or

off of our wall connector it's only

going to take about two hours and 30

minutes to add that that a hundred and

fifty miles back on to the vehicle so

with a range of 265 miles very few

people come to hitting that range every

single day you average you know about 50

miles or less the daily commuter so you

rarely ever come close to it to hitting

the range however if you do want to take

a road trip the only times that we

really see people going outside of that

265 mile range we have the Tesla

supercharger network all across the US

few of them in Georgia and make it an n

Tifton so that you can get up to

Nashville and all the way down to Miami

or you can get over to the East Coast

these are free forever for Model S

centers and they put a half a charge

there roughly 150 miles on the car in

just 20 minutes

well you can't actually buy a Model S in

this store and drive it home today you

can order one in the store in every

single car that comes from our Factory

in Fremont California is built to order

so customers come in here and they

design their own car or they pick their

colors we never want you to buy a

vehicle that isn't configured exactly

how you want it so you can click on this

interactive screen you can decide if you

want to sunroof or not you can pick the

paint color change the wheels and then

it takes about two to three months and

we'll deliver the car to your home