Publix Grocery Store Walk-Through

publish which I don't think I think this

is worse

it's kind of like you're a theater

wherever in the produce section

obviously look at all the great stuff

alien stuff beautiful radishes are


get some carrots whoo

look at all the peppers

corn ate for $2 that's pretty good deal

you can get queasy stuff stir in pace to

get chili pepper basil parsley

lemongrass garlic ginger


peel garlic look at all the salsas these

are from La Mexicana willies

Yucatan guacamole

here we have holy wh Ola Ola want

plastic wakka moly


I haven't had it in a long time but I

really like it and then what's the of

course you have your juices over here

get all the juice look at the selection

of orange juice golly their prices

actually aren't that bad they're they're

pretty good they're better than

harris-teeter from what I say well here

we have Publix aprons simple meals

everything you need for your for our

featured recipe

ooh watermelon

boo fudge cake so you could just come

over here and make their little their

little whatever and of course since we

are at the beach there is one out the

wazoo in this place you could get some


oh isn't that fancy cupcake vineyards

sparkling rose eh ooh that's a pretty


it's a sparkly moon Gemma de Luna face

Italian sparkling wine


Frick's pricks in that i don't know how

you say that

i don't care it doesn't matter leave I

have never in my life that jams are

there the criminals again just one well

this is Shiraz okay make sure they're

there are others in other areas jams are

sweet Shiraz is pretty cool

gosh you ever seen all this dang so of

course it's organized by type I kissed a

sweet white wine from jam jar

we have White Zinfandel I like to look

at the labels on these bottles because I

just think some of them are just really

neato like that one's cool I like that

one too

Chloe Rosie Ocean Drive

I'll let motion drive Myrtle Beach

cheery growth beach one this is

blueberry one that's cool I haven't seen

those anywhere else

we have Duplin one here Biltmore I have

been there I do know that

so these are North Carolina's local

worms which we're not in northern North

Carolina but work is close enough the

beach house

gosh is that noise it's like somebody

letting the air out of some tires over

there it's loud in here I'm sorry oh you

can get simply southern insulated cups

here for twenty dollars I just want the

thank you

Oh Oh the flowers are beautiful

no these are coals like tattoos like an

Ed Hardy more they're something


secretly a mermaid why would you keep

that a secret

oh well like this one with the flames on

it it's making all that noise something

up here is kissing

hey buddy fish

it's Howard something like that Oh

crab legs

so here we go this is my favorite part

look at that beautiful beautiful steak

oh my gosh

so we have meat as far as the eye can

see look at all this mean

grass-fed beef

all day here I'm actually gonna make

some chicken with that low carb barbecue

sauce that I got in my luck heart my

keto box I already have the chicken back

at the hotel oh we have more insulated

cups these who that was pretty and this

one too like that one as well and of

course you can if you if you I really

wish I had some of these in the room for

some leftovers but I don't really have

nowhere to put leftovers you can also

get what are these for these right now

these are dried cherries macadamia nuts

oh yeah craziness my kids used to love

those but then they got to where they

wouldn't they didn't I would buy them

and they was just sitting in the cabinet

nobody would eat them they have office

supplies in here too it's pretty cool

their magic markers have sharpies and

the price is actually not bad $8 is

that's actually not terrible yeah

they're building at Publix

somewhere in Greensboro and um we've

never we don't have one so this is gonna

be our first tablet I'm impressed with

their prices honestly their prices are

not terrible compared to most our

anniversary story

look at all the candy Oh Lord it starts

way down there look at all this candy

now you see how its arranged it's in

these things like this so it's really

not anything for me to do and I'm on

vacation I don't want to I don't want to

organize but a lot of this stuff we've

seen in target they appear to have more

of a selection here lilies chocolate

bars alter eco cute here's some this one

goes up here I will put that where it


and then we have Publix wheels at Publix

candy like these so here gummy worms me

ups and they have the gum see I think

this is a better way to organize the gum

so it's not breaking and sitting on the

shelf and hey look I thought this was

transformers it's not it's a total body


and look at the chips oh my god all the

chips yeah a water bomb ooh I thought it

was a whoopee cushion it's actually not

soaked in water and throw we have

pretzels torito's Hot Cheetos my son

loves these things oh you know Cheerios

car it's a snack container you could get

giant giant bags of little bags of chips

I love these kegs of cheeseballs right

here I love it

oh and behind here we have all the soda

actually starts way down there it comes

away up here there's my favorite again

right there

Pepsi zero sugar that stuff is awesome

Katy Perry's being loud I hope they move

away from over here we have all kinds of

stuff now this stuff here is awesome the

beach babe texturising stuff I don't use

the dry shampoo but what I use is this

spray right here it's a it's a

texturizing sea salt spray course down

here at the beach I guess I don't need

it but yeah that stuff is pretty nice I

like it it has a really nice texture to

your hair look at this good on white

rain spray pump spray hairspray and

suave and Aqua Net Oh bless them this is

good stuff right here on I do like the L

net the kind that's not super strong

this one is extra strong haul that's not

the one I use but I use the one that

holds just a little bit but you can

brush it out it doesn't make your hair

crunchy so we have all kinds of tres ma



Lord look at all the shampoo yes so we

have all that we have face products here

skincare Maria hell and they have they

have a Publix version of the Neutrogena

which is cool we have pretty bit of

everything in here

you can even dye your hair at the beach

if you want to I'm having to skip like

half the store because the music in here

is so well well look you can if you get

bored while you're at the beach if I

mean if you're here on vacation you can

come in here and get some Swiffer stuff

and clean your place yeah man you can

you can get some stuff you can dust you

can use your Murphy's also this is what

I use on my floors at home Murphy's also

a bottle that size goes a long way you

can get buona hardwood floor cleaner

they even have trash cans and laundry

baskets look at all the cleaners

so you could clean up your place

Oh fragrance boosters

those look like fun fabric softeners

lots of fabric softener

clothes pins you could put up some hooks

if you want to of course I realize not

everybody that shops in here is on

vacation some people actually live here

a lot of people live here actually so

and they have to shop just like

everybody else um you know I get that oh

look at the cute little little kitchen

towels and things oh that's a big

reversible towel and a thumb thumb yet

I've never heard it called a thumb it

and Evon it

hang that back up here's a nice little

printed kitchen set and then you have

just your basic kitchen towels oh these

are festive these are from t-fal tea

fall or whatever these look like stuff

from the 70s

I like this with a little rooster the

rooster has an egg who did he steal it

from do people know how chickens work

well I guess if if a rooster laid an egg

it probably looked like that and you

have some with vegetables ooh I like

this one this one's pretty

these are nifty and you have dish drying

mats all kinds of pretty patterns - and

we have varmint calls that one's pretty

little Forks and the tomatoes

nice here's a trivet to put your hot

stuff on and look at the flip-flops oh

my god whoops

these are only four dollars he's our

only three nodding on these are trippy

these have a texture to them too how are

these only three ninety-nine

Wow that's a really good deal for these

flip-flops I mean they're nice they're

not your standard cheap you know the

ones that fall apart I mean these are

really these feel really nice

these are only for box

that's amazing oh these are pretty I

like these

I want that pair oh no these right here

these have on the nice memory foam stuff


have a lot of styles too and then we

have a little tiny adorable pharmacy

back here I don't want to bother them

you could get some beach toys the big

shovel is a dollar ninety-nine and the

little claws or a dollar twenty nine cat

litter and if you need something to read

we have a few books we have magazines we

have supercharged taquitos

pretty cool magazine here you can feed

your pet a lot of people do I've noticed

a lot of people bring their pets their

dogs to the beach that's fine as long as

they clean up after it I feel the same

way about kids as long as you clean up

whatever they do I think it's fine

this is our last full day here and I've

had a great time but I'll be honest I'm

kind of looking forward I miss my cat

this is their cat food I miss my kids I

have an awesome lady that are going

about twice today to check on him and

hang out with him a little bit she's so

she's so wonderful so they're they're

not they're not alone they're they're

being looked after and I have cameras

all in my house that I can check I can

look at them I can check on them anytime

I want I have cameras inside and outside

my house and I can look in any of the

ones inside and

cats are you can get water

it amazes me all the different types of

water you can get you can get little

bottles like Deer Park Publix and

drinking water

that's only 93 cents their prices

honestly are really good for a store

like this

I'm really glad they're building one in

Greensboro that's cool I was figuring I

thought it would just be like Harris

Teeter which I like Harris Teeter a lot

but their prices are honestly they're

they're really high

I mean it's always a nice experience to

shop in there but their prices are no

here we have five organic crimson great

it's got electrolytes that's what they

used to make Bronto yeah but why do they

use it to make Bronto because Bronte's

got electrolytes

here we have Perrier filtered

flavored carbonated mineral water

I don't like stuff like that and then we

have bread this is really good bread

right here this Sara Lee art Asano

this is this is a really really good

bread but I don't eat it but I've had it

though it's really good and we have

Dave's killer bread we saw this in the

flowers the bakery thrift store and it

wasn't six dollars but actually six

dollars is about what it is at Walmart I

think it's about six bucks in there and

every year we have what do we have over

here all kinds of dairy products and

crescent rolls cinnamon rolls

we have biscuits - now this depending on

where you live you may not

these are


biscuit dough you have to keep it


it's not as good as a real biscuit but I

guess if you if you're hard up for a

biscuit it's better than nothing you

take this home and you it you take

it and you just wobble on the counter

take the dough ale

you you bake it oh that's a cute little

thing of look at that little tiny thing

a bit

little tiny baby container of crescents

or this crescent rolls can't be any

bigger than that you can also get a baby

container of biscuits that makes five


and now a biscuit is not a cookie here a

biscuit a lot of people compare them to

scones the only thing is biscuits are

not sweet at all they shouldn't be

they have original buttermilk southern



how they even have sweet Hawaiian that's

a new

I'm gonna get a tube of those and take

them back of the room and make them we

have a full kitchen so I can I can cook

in there

here's Amish country I don't know now

this is one I've never seen an Amish

country roll butter


I've never seen that before

he's $10

that's two pounds of butter

and we have Land O'Lakes butter whipped


we even have organic butter from green


here's the Kerrygold butter which is

actually pretty common as Irish butter

you can find that in the Walmart back in


it looks like they have more of a

variety though we have ours better with



naturally softer better garlic and herb

and then we have

this is just plain better


and here's a block just a block of


smart bowel and it's parquet I can't

believe it's not butter

and they were here you can even get

cookie dough ooh white chip macadamia



like some cookies

all different kinds of cookies - well

but yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna take some

of these

take it back together

make those not from me but my son loves

the sweet the King's Hawaiian bread

thought he might like to try the sweet

Hawaiian biscuit dough


and then we have ravioli it has to stay

refrigerated and you take it home and

cook it up or you can get cheese

we have the little baby bales these are

good I like these little tiny baby bales

these are only three 289 that's that's

actually cheap there

they're more than they're way more than

that at Harris Teeter

we have blocked cheese here now here

cheddar cheese is yel as orange kind of

a yellowish orange or white

- about I've never heard of that brand

we have Amish country cheese


and then you have the public's stuff too

we have a gigantic see the cheddar

cheese and it's craft that's a huge


monster I love Monster cheese

I was so good

their prices are great I have to say I'm


I like I'm saying I don't believe I've

ever been in a Publix before because we

don't have any around where I live there

are no public stores but they are they

are building one somewhere in Greensboro

we have to go check that out let's see

they have after son jail stuff that's

the public's print that's only 349 where

you can get a load that is a wonderful

price I am so impressed and look at all

them board look at all the protein bars

Dali pate they have a lot don't they

oh they have Vincente with sea salt and

pepper like a little strip of Bambi look

I'm sorry I'm not trying to be bad

chicken ooh a wild it before Wow for any

corpses I have 10 grams of carbs Oh

what's out

nut butter stuffed Bobo's stuffed

chocolate almond butter oh boy that is

uh oh 41 grams of carbs

dagnabbit I can't I can't eat any of

that and of course everywhere you go

you're gonna find lots of money it's

really it's really loud in here I'm

sorry look at all the cards holy

mackerel this one's cool

a wedding pen wedding cards yeah like I

was mentioning in and other people a lot

another video a lot of people come here

to get married I got married in Myrtle

Beach to my my current ex and I got

married at Myrtle Beach

it was very nice it was actually a very

very cool little very cool ceremony here

we have baby stuff a little baby stuff

but I just I just wanted to walk you

around in here a little bit and show you

somebody's stuff in here

I have I don't think I've ever been in a

Publix before so this was kind of

and yeah what check out the one in

Greensboro they get

thank you so much for walking around and

seeing an Iron Man sir