yo what is up guys lyric here today I'm

gonna show you where the police station

is in GTA v it is basically under the

metal movie theater in the middle of the

map I'll show you release it right now

and it's right here with the car symbol

it's not hard to find it's really easy

another easy way of finding this without

looking on the map it will cost you a

little bit in the game but all you need

to do is get caught by the police

so get arrested and you will turn up

yeah but it will cost you money and

right now I'll show you what it looks

like basically here it is once see this

year this is the police station not much

to look at you can go inside but the

police might uh chasing you but yeah if

you guys have found this video

informative always helped you find it

please share this video it really helps

a lot my name is Eric and I'll see you

guys on the next one later