almost on YouTube I'm making the video

because I was in desperate need to

figure out how the hell do you play

playground in season 2 chapter 2 because

obviously is that on here right so once

it creative it used to be where you get

your own create amout and you'll see on

the in the creative hub you'll see the

featured featured islands like the

minigames and and you'll see the

playground different locations so I was

like okay cuz I want to do that god mode

glitch i posted my channel earlier i

wanted to upload it and i couldn't

figure out how to do it and playground

so i was like how the do I get

playground try to google it try to

YouTube it the couldn't find a video on

how to get to playground because it's

not like it used to be so I went to

create a fog I launched my own session I

joined in somebody else's session still

can find it

alright see this is create oh this is my

Island right here and then you go to

featured islands up here okay I knew

about that but down here I mean you take

this left down here or south side the

featured islands

I met the playground locations are

supposed to be up here right here like

one two three four but they're not here

so I also don't even know how to figure

out how to unlock any of these doors but

I do know this says press down here use

coaching San I'll chop you bash that and

it's like a button I'm like riff number


I don't know what that means



our star fireworks

that's cool but anyway

I can't get down

what a thought

okay cool okay well I went there and

they're not there like the the island

they mean the playground locations are

not here don't know why so and then I

try to google it couldn't find it and I

will be old I figured it out

I backed out I was like okay I gotta

figure this out

well it's looking at all the game modes

and I was like mmm battle-ax jump into

your own better oil and I'm like oh wait

that could be you and like create one

okay that might be it

I thought this is like arena like a like

a zone where

so clicked it and then oh here we go BAM

we have found it look at this and then

you obviously BAM this is how you play

playground and you're gonna start flying


and I am got it thank you guys for

watching my name's Damon three has been

a pleasure peace