IHOP Restaurant Vlog 🍽😁💯

the placing bed to play see that bad and

I see it my phone looks all blurry


can I see that can I see that there you


doc can see aw come on oh are you doing

this to me there you go stay focused so

this is how much it costs y'all this is

how much of course wasn't bad for that

all the day's decent price but to take

all this to go



was good

yes I wanted to do among baby before and

in this place but okay I'll be back

ticketing okay okay okay OMG

so y'all can't believe he almost get me

close to 2k y'all I did my hair

yesterday so my head is wet because of

the rain outside and it needs to be done

so I'm not gonna take that but can't

believe he almost up to two page or

subscribers on the YouTube streets

we getting closer getting closer we

already passed 1.5 k and i'm proud with

that you know I'm saying I know I've

been delaying on these video a business

and I just been going live for your soul

you know figure out what I'm going to

eat which I think I I think I know

what I should see but we're gonna think

about what we're gonna eat these streets

I what I love y'all man

follow my heart I can't can't can't do

this without cha so thank you we gonna

no talk about what we want and he okay

there you go like I see a little better

I might get that chocolate chip

chocolate chocolate chip I'm gonna get

that cupcake pancakes all my dick to

original like last time but I wanted to

make a video in here before we got the

gluten friendly revision we've got the

rooty tooty fresh and fruity hey you got

the strawberry banana I love strawberry

in banana I don't know I do not like

blueberry and then you got the center

sunny stack then you got the French

toast over here the goodwill favorite

French toast in the waffles I don't know

should I get the chicken and waffles

y'all should I get the chicken and

waffles y'all I'll sure get the Beijing


and then you got the creepers the creeps

I have creations

you got the pancaking

chicken and pancakes the chicken and

bacon cheddar waffles never had that no

other options on this then the combos

lovely combos right here and then you

got the omelets back down normally when

I come here I always get the bacon

temptation or this one the country

omelet these two right here is bomb

diggity bomb diggity

I probably try the armed big steak

omelet I just don't want no mushrooms

because I like steak just take out the

lovely mushrooms because I don't like

mushrooms at all I might ride I might

catch the cage free why tight the cage

free egg white veggie omelet I don't

know but you think I should choose on

this one I might get the big stick

firmly or whatever I choose


this is the other sandwiches I usually

get the BLT the WT BLT and I normally

get the turkey bacon with the avocado

wrap so that's when I normally come out

here this is the house-made arm this is

new the Gutterman elevant on creamy ice

cream another real strawberries in the

hall with toppings I normally get their

arm appetizers but I might not get no

appetizer at this time if I do I

normally get the mozzarella sticks I

love my Sorella sticks but whatever we

choose we're gonna choose wisely



that mozzarella sticks this is like lady

in the scene fashion woman to kiss

although when the chief pulled back

right there

so this is my appetizer master weather

sticks never know their newest sources

oh gee


still got my old jail

I know we are watching what the hell so

good so good I gotta have you waiting to

I get my milk I'm showing what I see you


it does it have no mushrooms on it not

once not forever you know but it does

look juicy


see the big stick with the chocolate

chip you know in the street oh I'm sorry

I can't nobody the whole time


no I mean I wish I could share and the

party was here my little sister she

probably would just it took the whole

clique from me did you know she loved

and people that knows and crispy you

wish with an AHA I know that you out

there you know doing what you do for the

kids and students so this is what I'm

eating and I much


so this is how much I 18 and I got some

water to back me up I'm already feeling

full yah oh excuse me sorry I didn't

cover my mouth but this is all I can eat

I ate the best I can and it was all good


smelling real good mother drink this

water dope to wash it all down on my the

tape like oh no one of them caught in

plates home and just eat the rest at

home I wish I could talk about the top

of the charts I'm eating it would have

been wavy when I could do that but that

wasn't the case today it wasn't the case

but I want to tell you certain just be

grateful for what you got at the moment

the thing is gonna turn all better for

the best


just like a show about that stuff on my

cheap that on big state um that was good

I can't no more bad chocolate chocolate

chip cake season I'm too for y'all

I'm just want to let you in on this good

know just when things get better for the

year 2020 and things and then up in the

rocky old from the beginning it is what

it is God is gonna make a plan to make

things better in the future for the rest

of the team in twenty there's not gonna

be all bad in the end unless you let it

to be bad but it's up to you though to

make a change and don't let you stay

stuck in the same thing especially if

you're not feeling comfortable where you

whack so always make a change there's up

to you you could be the home devil or

you can make the own angel in your own

situation you choose and I choose to be

the lake I choose to be a light to

everybody i juice to let people see the

battles I've been going through just a

kid foster child everything like I said

I'm going to get back to everything that

I lost and I'm not gonna give up I'm

gonna put up a fight for the motors

fight for the things I love and I'm not

gonna stop

that's why I'm still skinny kid is

everything so placing bed to play seat

that bad and I see it my phone looks all



can I see that can I see that there you


that can see all come on oh are you

doing this to me there you go stay

focused so this is how much it costs

y'all this is how much of course wasn't

bad for that old days decent trace but

to take all this to go hey and this is

the end of my trail of aha

see they gave me a big old bag for to

small things and it's not raining as

hard as it was earlier so I want to

thank again for rocking with me I want

to thank you out again but you know

heating with me there was finally a

fishing bug bang ha I wish I could a

chat and ate with you but I hope you I

enjoy this video

watch out for this because rain so hard


do not want to be / saw that I'm going

to show you another clip see that

don't want to get that wet

as I'm close to the street okay so so

next time y'all this tie on me game game

game game game

sorry nope hey for this bus over get the

hell out of here

I love your piece