Health Food Store Tour!

hi I'm Christine Lucas with insiders

health welcome to complete mind and body

where we aim to enlighten the mind body

and spirit through the power of holistic

living today we're going to be exploring

a local health food store with some of

my personal nutrition counseling clients

so that I can help them further develop

their understanding of some of the foods

and products that we discuss in their

programs and guess what I'm gonna let

you come along right with us so that you

can experience your local health food

store through my eyes so let's get

started so we're gonna spend a lot of

time in the produce section which is

obviously the place where we spend most

of our time and most of our money when

we shop right okay

so um I just wanted to show who can tell

me what this is coconut so it's a this

is a young coconut and this is what we

use for our smoothies and you have the

juice and the meat and all that good

stuff in there

a lot of times people get confused about

with what coconut I'm talking about and

all the recipes so this is the young

Thai coconut you just want to kind of

give it four good whacks not on your

hand but on the teeth don't do that or

clap and then you turn it and then you

just turn it four times and then that'll

that part will come right off and then

the juice is all inside and you can

scrape the inside out with a spoon it's

delish where would you want to get your

produce locally exactly farmers markets

locally and one of the things that I

love about most most health food stores

is if you read the signs on the top

it'll say particularly this one where

it's from if it's organic if it's

conventional so you can kind of even see

oh look that's from New Jersey or that's

from Massachusetts oh that's from

California maybe I'm gonna hold off on

the California items right now I eat a

lot of California in the winter coz we

don't really get any fruit a lot of

produce here but I do try to stay

seasonally as much as possible one of

the things you can be sure of is if it's

on the top shelf it has to be organic

because when they spray water if any

pesticides stripped down on to the other

food it can no longer be called organic

so if you're in a rush you don't have to

be like boom where is it from you know

for sure that you if you go grab it from

the top shelf that you should be okay so

that it's gonna be organic

what happens if you take an orange and

you juice it yourself how what does it

taste like does it taste like something

that you can buy in there it's it's yeah

it's a completely different thing so all

of the juice that soda at a store has to

be pastured pasteurized so I used to

think maybe it was the pasteurization

that was taking out the flavor but then

I thought well then why can juice be

sitting on a shelf for 60 days without a

neck you know with an expiration date

that's maybe 2 or 3 months if you juice

something I'm for me when I juice

something it's like a few days max that

I can actually drink it before it starts

to turn sour so how can they do this and

I thought well maybe it's because they

pasteurize it

does anybody know what's really going on

here they take all the oxygen out of the

juice so it is just orange juice but

they take all the oxygen out of the

juice because the oxygen is what causes

it to oxidize and to go bad quickly but

then one of the side effects of taking

all the oxygen out that the juice is it

loses it all of its flavor so now these

companies have to hire chemical

companies to manufacture natural flavors

so when you see natural flavors on your

food what it means is they've taken they

figured out it's usually made from GMO

corn how to make a flavor like the same

companies that make perfumes how to make

things taste like it would taste and

they put that back in and it's such a

minut amount that a lot of times it's

not required to even be labeled can

anybody tell me the difference between

natural and organic meats so natural

meat means that it hasn't been fed

antibiotics that it's fed a natural diet

of what it should be eating for example

cows should be eating grass and and not

meat they can't digest me if they give

them a little grain and grass and that's

what a cow but a lot of cows and

commercial factory farms are getting

meat in their diet sometimes they

actually get other cows which is like

fort mad cows yeah that's not good then

so that's the basic thing about natural

natural diet it's it's raised naturally

it doesn't have antibiotics they don't

give them harm

Organic means that it's not it's all of

that but it also is fed organic food so

their diet is organic and that's the

main difference so the organic is

obviously another level of health

another way you can save money when

you're gonna be buying organically and

making food from scratch is to be buying

in bulk so this is the bulk section

where you'll find your nuts grains seeds

legumes this is buck wheat buckwheat

gluten no gluten wheat free or not free

or with wheat buckwheat gluten free but

they have to put the word wheat in it

just to confuse us but buckwheat is a

great grain and it's gluten free so I

make a lot of really great I actually

make pizza crusts out of this it's in my

dehydrator right now what oh and what

about the sea salt when you look at it

what should it look like

should it be white no no so if your salt

is white it's been refined which means

the minerals have been removed it's been

heated the minerals have been removed so

you want to use salt that has a little

bit of color to it so look at this it's

not white it's gray those are the

minerals so this is where you're gonna

find all the sea vegetables that I've

been talking about so they come dried

they'll last for really a very long time

this is dulse you can see it's kind of

red inside

I like Maine coast because they're local

you're not going to find some of the

litter we've got the the Texas City or

the radiation that's happening in a lot

of the other foods but remember that sea

vegetables will help your body to get

rid of that because they're very high in

iodine so there's going to be less

toxicity around the actual sea vegetable

plants than anime that other areas so

generally you'll find that in the

Japanese section you've got your nori

your kelp dulse

kombu whoops

and this is the umeboshi plum that I've

talked about that was immobile plums and

the umeboshi plum paste which is very

very young which is uh has all kinds of

medicinal properties to it if you have

too many vodkas and you eat one of these

it's a really good idea

so thanks for shopping with me today and

I hope you learned some great tips to

get out there shop in your local health

food store tour locally organically and

the healthiest life possible I'm

Christine Lucas with insiders health eat