Harbor Freights Best kept SECRET that 99% of people don't know

there's my video but it's 99% people

don't know about harbor break yeah yep

yep I just want to make sure we're clear

we're each buying like a drill and then

we're gonna put pin up so we're buying a

something from Harbor Freight and

something from Home Depot and then we're

pitting them against each other I'm

getting a Bower okay okay well I'm gonna

get probably one of the other ones done

are we gonna hook them together hey what

is your best drill we'll take your best

of all the drills ever forever best

Hercules the blue ones okay so why do

you say that though why is the Hercules

better okay

Eric you want the Hercules I think we're

gonna go with the boss or rigid then

Hercules is mine

okay I'm gonna use either wise Hercules

the best cuz it's got better components

built inside of it if we would put this

drill hook it right into like a

Milwaukee or DeWall who do you think

would win rotated them backwards I don't

know that's all done on the internet

already and you think well my question

is the one did is both show off yeah

that's it like you know much about these

tools what do we have electronic

overload protection item you know I

don't know about bugging so Hercules see

personally I think the Bauer's seem a

little more better rigid to do pick that

up that's not a bad you know you miss a

hairy old Makita this one I don't know

that much about problems buying our

drills yeah this is Rokita Dewalt in any

of those are I have no problems with I

mean it's a box yeah because we don't

have any middleman and what's the

warranty 90 days 90 day warranty but

which laughs how long it goes on after

the 90 days so one year or two year okay

you know what the charge roughly for

that where is it based off the price

it's based off the prices but the thing

is is this they've actually done a real

nice job with the pricing on these

particular units it's not like some of

the prices into their stuff so the

quality is there the guy choked at all I

mean here's what I'm seeing abandoned

the Hercules Lang is

battery where else are you gonna get a

5o battery for 40 but $39.99 somebody's

told without others yeah exactly any

other brain that's kind of crazy I think

it fit the wall or vice versa what yeah

you can make that battery fit the wall

or vice versa the wall it might fit to

Hercules yeah there's just a little tab

now you cut off or something yeah we

should try that that's actually all

right because I mean if you can if you

can cut a tab off look at what should

come with it right I'm buying confident

yeah yeah we don't need a bias but I

mean that's gonna save guys a crap ton

of money that's like 99% of people

didn't know that you do know you're in

front of the tool to tool test Kings

right here these are the tools and

action guys yeah holy crap I'm buying

this one too I'm buying the best thing

worse from Harbor Freight oh yes I'm

doing this one too look at this $20.00

drill math 20 bucks $20 yeah oh yeah

definitely doing that one so I'm gonna

do the best and worst from Harbor

Freight against the best and worst from

Home Depot

how much would you say what do you say

the what's the warrior is that the new

one that's good is that it was the work

what do you what is your worst one I

know you're not supposed to say I mean

how about you just walk by it and if you

slow down in front of a model right you

just what's your move your most modestly

priced one right here the drill is for


dude it's a toy dollar drill

and it's got I don't have like yeah

that's this car you guys are together I

don't care you just say hey I'm the dirt

monkey I just don't care he's got three

of us we're not the cool tool guy all

right so I'm gonna buy that one the

drill master in a minute by the Hercules

the best and worse from Harbor Freight

what are you guys getting I'm gettin

this one twenty dollars and that

includes a battery does that actually

have a battery with it that's kind of

battery that's an ocular feel man

battery is interchangeable he's gonna be

getting a drill me I'm getting the best

and worst I'm getting a $19 drill I'm

sure those do they do about you I don't


yeah it's got a battery with it and it's

gonna don't look I'm not opening your

stuff all in the store okay so it's got

a charger so this is a one and you're

done right

this has drill battery everything for

twenty freakin dollars crap mine we

glove I'll be honest with you we'd love

Harbor Freight yeah but seriously about

Harbor Freight I did


all right that's that that's the $89 one

right it should be yep and that's got

the battery so we're gonna use the

batteries that come with it

all right done look at the price you got

a rotary hammer for $94 that's crazy

here's just a bigger version of it for

169 and then they go up to 74 359 that's

do they do they make their own tools boy

I didn't catch that


okay so Harbor Freight actually has them

made for Harbor Freight specifically

nature's so like Hercules and Bauer is

specifically made for Harbor Freight

what about with some of them other brand

so so let me ask you something they

looked oddly like Bauer looks oddly

familiar like to Milwaukee wouldn't

happening in there the Porter Cable I

said okay but if it's made overseas

would it be made in the same plant no

yeah yeah okay this is me buy some maybe

that make some other tool brands but

it's not Milwaukee it's not me but your

eyes I mean I'm just wondering because

GMC and Chevy are made in the exact same

plant and there's a lot of places that

go they make the people that make the

knockout like you said though Humphrey

has deep pockets so they might just say

hey you know what let's buy this little

company manufacturing and start pushing

you know we think it's gonna lose

testing facility though a big testing

for so do it so for the vice president

reached out to one tenant I was

targeting back and forth it was really

cool all right let's do something man

all right other one would have three

freakin things William Boyd I didn't

know that these were so Chicago though

was not made specifically for Harbor

Freight I think Chicago that Jake yeah

that's been their brand forever so

Chicago is a home is a Harbor Freight

brain they don't just say hey send me

something every brain here is controlled

by Harbor Freight corporate designed by

Harbor Freight corporate I don't know

it's just like husky tools of Home Depot

they own everything that's it everything

in here every day they're sitting in

office saying who can we compete with

today let's compete with Festool right

and let's call it you know duo to lose

to lose tool all right let's make it

green let's start with let's go to our

manufacturers that make the Bower hey

can you make this better can you do this

yeah yeah okay so you know we got the

coordinating color scheme who do you

think the blue Hercules is it could help

you that's right now I would say Makita

I was thinking it's very healthy

the 12 volt compared to the wall this is

compared to defense Hey Diablo

okay so they're bits they're going

against the hablo compared to do all

compared to my water the wall the wall

we have a compared to Milwaukee okay so

they're better not our dude they're not

holding back at all but what about

compared to Bauer why would they come

obvious Joe Johnson porter-cable

so Bauer is comparing himself supporter

cable and warrior is to Ryobi okay wait

a minute we're not we're not done with

Bauer yet who else are they comparing

themselves to porter-cable it's all pipe

porter cable or Ryobi then to Walt Walt

Milwaukee that's more there so okay so

then warriors comparing themselves to

Ryobi okay oh and a wall now drill

master who are they comparing themselves

to Black and Decker holy crap okay and

Ryobi okay that's kind of cool

one day I was here though standing right

there and one kid goes oh my god you're

dan from tools an accident but unlike

ever afraid I go yeah I'm getting stuck

or whatever and he had two Bauer things

a jigsaw and a drill in his car and

there it was mom and he had all his

coupons and she

we worked like all these hours to get

this stuff but he was so excited I told

him I'm like man you know what these are

great tools to start with you know

you're gonna be getting insect we doing

crafty stuff yeah I don't think they're

gonna last 90 days what is an actual

install replacement kicks in so my

question is is when we hook this one up

to a Milwaukee or a Makita and we try to

burn them out and see which one burns

out then then I can return it it's not

that's a video right there we have an

additional year an additional two years

for you to do this what if it comes back

and he thinks it doesn't matter okay get

it get it get it any store how much is

it well the year which gives you 15

months because it adds on til the 90

days is $13.99 on this yes yeah the

thing is when you bring it in say you

bring it in

eight months and you're like it's just

not working it broke whatever you can

add just in just keep getting new ones

for 30 nights you've got this is this is

like the last drill you're ever gonna

box closeted stolen good at it not at it

no I don't wait doesn't it automatically

come with a like days 90 days well

they're gonna be gone in 90 before 90

days anyway after we destroy these

here's the next video to come back

arbitrate did you know that you can get

okay go ahead you're fine

okay all right

- I'm not gonna I wouldn't return it

because I intentionally destroyed it

look you're holding this guy you want to

go in front of these guys under than $18

for a lifetime and that's including this

piece of crap wine that's crazy

Harbor Freight look your leave them at

its valiant base are great there's

nothing to complain about

Wow now we could put it all under that

you bought it right for what 13 bucks

for a lifetime that is not that is nuts

that's free that's like there's my video

what 99% people don't know about harbor

break replacement plan basically no

questions asked

all right you guys make sure you stick

around because in an upcoming video

we're gonna be rich I mean let me just

put it this way what we do to these

drills I don't think Frankie could watch

he would just shake his head and go why

why do you do that I'm gonna guess a lot

of you guys are gonna probably do the

same thing so make sure you stick around

for it because it's actually pretty fun

and I hope you liked today's video

because I learned a ton at Harbor

Freight things I honestly never had a

clue about their return policy is

probably probably one of the best in the

businesses and if you guys know of

another place that you think has got as

good of a return policy put it in the

comments down below I'd love to hear

from you guys make sure you stick around

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go check out tools

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