Harbor Freight In Store Tour


alright guys today I'm with James and

Moe and we're going to Harbor Freight

because I need a welder what's up you

guys ready we're here for the blowout

sale hi Walter yes how much does that

kid one name it's not bad

pittsburg lifetime warranty that's

pretty cheap because that's like the big

Larry's have you seen the big Larry's

and they're 19 bucks missus only six

yeah it's just like the the big Larry's

that they saw who red tag sale what are

you thinking US general it's all about

the choices Georgia lines why didn't

like the drawers

that's weird yeah unwelcome oh she found

some that are unlocked of course I do

like the different colors what

so no side close I mean it's okay how

much is it Wow 219 that's not bad

especially gotta say the desert

but it's in the hardy pull it out and it

breaks you preach to me yeah that's

actually not bad I like their jacks well

no I'm not getting that well though

we're getting a Vulcan hopefully they

have it in stock said if they don't well

why do you like the Predators James

likes predator generators

okay wait real fast you guys check this

out so these are like the gojaks 89

bucks see compared to go check at 190

what they're not telling you is these

are crap casters you guys crap testers

the go jack you can move around easily

those you can not knocking Harbor

Freight but because there's some of

their stuffs kids like this 49 but oh

you get the same coupon at home it's a


but the Honda is children and her

neighbor really no problems over 1100

hours that's crazy

mm running out

this is a bad for 109 I feel like these

used to be cheaper they've got like 89

on sale sometimes man look at that

tailgater that's just crazy notice that

everything has brand names now tarps

they always have the best tarps at

Harbor Freight you guys Harbor Freight

definitely is a 50-50 store 50% of stuff

is just a great deal you're getting a

good deal and 50% just like winch

everyone that mother has one about the


one out of two machines and they like

them I'm a warned guy I'd rather spend

the won an award

yeah well again I don't even have LEDs

now whoa oh that's for the way how much

are these ladies so three pods are 30 22

inch bars on the bug box that's not bad

once floods and spots it's not bad

I'm on the phone with the road

have you ever been to one of these yeah

how much is that a thousand bucks

see that's expensive now yeah I haven't

we mean I like the Huskies dude the

Huskies feel so much better

yeah yeah what do you think of the Husky

yeah husky did a good job but I mean

still when you come down like this for

$2.99 out to custom-make something like

this this is actually a cool little

that's a cool little toolbox

I mean if you have a good race trailer

or something yeah in the cash the

cancers don't seem that we're just

workbench $4.99 it's not bad well no

that's pretty cheap

there's all our sockets I actually do

recommend their sockets you guys it's

just like pretty much any other brand

right but honestly I've never broken a

Pittsburgh socket if you need specialty

these are like you're looking at you

can't beat that 24 bucks you just can't

beat it

yeah you know it's all for emergencies

Jax oh this is a great jack you guys $69

for their aluminum racing jack they

definitely have great chance and we're

looking now it's a bokken now it's gonna

be dismal that's what we're getting

parrot is like you know let you do that

that feels kind of cheap yeah but do

these pots feel so much nicer compared

to the half

yeah man I don't know should go with a

make max Romney Pro I like the Omni Pro

but damn these button well this does a

lot more but this says these buttons

just look at that how loose that is that

one just which buttons do you think feel

better yeah for sure these ones are all

like he's all loose

yeah I don't know which one to get

though man

yeah this was on sale so no no we're

good thanks

yeah oh you can't okay


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