Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark Playground for Kids!!!!


all right so today is our first family

trip with Emma Kate and Ryan we are

going to the Great Wolf Lodge you

excited there's some snacks for you

there's some snack for you now about to

eat snap they're just staring at us

doing janela sleeps now Ryan is asleep


let's get out of here




a little visitor we're waiting for daddy

to check in right now


like Halloween




grandma's coming is there a new place


we just moved your girls oh you was a TV

you mother TV it's the turn Ryan off

mute now speak Spanish now say something


now say something it means pretend to

cry no we're playing Simon Says mm-hmm

hi how you like it come on Kate what'd

you guys think about our new place


it seems like what you putting in the

fridge there daddy

what you putting in there daddy what you

saying no one cares the other bathroom

here is where we just sit down here's

where we chillax then I'll check out the

outside all right just be careful

be careful laughing tell them we're on

the fifth floor I mean the tenth floor

oh I don't think so we're not that high

off the ground I can tell you I see the

trees trees here you want to try you

want to try the wolf ear here yeah so

cute I know grandma I like your ears

look daddy's sending out one of your

beds look at the ears your spell on me

put it on okay so we just got to our

town and they want some look here are

your ID what appears

where I am which one do you want well

you could decorate like so how do you

want yours which NPC you want yeah you

can pick whatever you want

that one looks scary

you have the eyes and you want to change

the different one or you won't be like

that one you like that one you want a

belch oh yeah that one's cool you want

you to this one the giant oh you like

that song disco beats the dragon so I

think you can pick the belt from here I

am either black long pink one blue one

which one do you want yeah that's good



that's all right seeding is



no they're just having fun pushing

strollers are ya having fun pushing

strollers around all right


there you go crash right so what here's

Ryan magic Westwood my super-awesome oh

this thing did that light up yeah go

ahead and lights up like a lump

show somebody else hit it

alright so there it is Ryan's one look

the skull there's I they're scary rains

and now it's night time about a bit of

bed the twins are in that room by

themself sleeping all right

we're in bed ready to go to sleep thank

you for joining us on our first day
















there's no way




















like that





all right so it's like built a bear yeah

cute firefighter princess wit to be one

so many different off but we needs a

bunch of girls so I have to look at it

mate girl right we're gonna make a girl

one which little bear you you want to

make which one eating a twin for life

this way that one a cute


shut it up


right there's different kinds Ryan you

can get one of these cute ones - is your

name on it

yeah yeah okay all right so Ryan Ryan

trying to find Kelly right here by your


this one said take your bracelet did you

pick anything from



that blew it how does it feel

it feels weird all right here comes with




clean this up real quick take your arm

right out here

bring your editor format

all right




and of course Andy


Brian's gonna try the laser frenzy





through the later




this will be your personal place yeah

you chose case number 10





okay if you have feelings for



okay I'll make 15


more cases let's see some more

meet one flow


good job





that's number one

all right we gotta find five crystals

red yellow blue purple and the most

powerful white


all right so we need one more Christmas

oh it's the purple crystal that is the

opposite end





three because we just completed of

Cosmos is battered with the remnants of

my thoughts if I stop you

your days are


a wrong station he sets out okay



what I'm doing so we found more chance

is it right maybe the other chest

oh nice sorry enchant creature here I


never miss the first one we have to go

back to find the first chest that's what

I was afraid of this floor have a spider



you found a piece of the Aegean creature


all right now you go back this book and

now we can do that pixie encounter



so we're gonna do one request imagine

you've got an amateur in Iran your

Junior Amateur it means a beginner quest

number three find the shadow moss and

fungus and force fern and tree slime mmm

so we have to fire you short it down

no just burn right there I think that's

it yeah yay we found the first one here

we gotta find it



it says the stairs you hop up to the

treetop okay so check keep going


see hey always missing one more we're

missing a fungus it says back down to

the tangled path but if it grows upon

your clothes you'll have to take the

back now with the moss fungus line go to

the woodland princess tree

pixie lives and your reward she'll give

ok so we have to go back to the pixie

spoken it is a magic white-hot line here

you can call if you are lost and need



greetings Magi greeting I princess

Allura I to the forest realm I was

tellin you the room really use it to

help those in need throughout the


there's nobody we did three yeah we

store in here and whole bunch of

different oldies that you can buy


okay so he found some minecraft blind

bags at the Great Wolf Lodge here and

these are cool because it says spooky

edition do you know what you mean

wha what do you mean what yeah there is

not spooky initiative mean that scary

Halloween edition that's true yeah okay

so these are all the one you can collect

here and wait what is she let me check

this always right is there any preferred

hole I think for this gray ones

really let's see so I missed it so it's

either you collect all of these two or

all of these lets you when we're gonna

get free offers the Ryan so these are

going to open I don't know what's inside

let's see what's inside

spider here oh the black widow spider

boy goes black widow poison spider it's


we see them nur don't come attack mommy




what hopefully we didn't get a duplicate

what do we get

Oh a mutant wave together with looks

like alien squid what's a creeper oh

yeah creepers way all right there it is

three out of five so far no duplicate oh

mostly we're winning to the animals

that's true

Steve's going to attack the poison

spider hey I'm gonna get you Steve

I mean I'm gonna get you know the pipe

the spiders gone what little girl she

got this spider oh okay well not me up

this werewolf here chop chop chop chop

chop chop chop

thank you now I'm gonna get this the

mutant squish I'm fighting and exploded

I explode I'm pop eats all over me and I



watch what we're not two of them they

accidentally put two inside no way I'm

not I'm not doing the skins I did

not put one in this last time oh wow

they actively put two in five it's like

see twinsies inside now we have three

brothers yeah oh so now we got triplets

wow that's so funny

now it's steve-o three pets on three

yeah period pets so this one gets a

spider this one gets a werewolf there

you go and this one got the squid yay


let us know which one you like and if

you ever had two in one before like us

mourning the twins our way just having

fun yet see if we can tickle my wicked

mother probably in a deep sleep you in a

deep sleep you wanna wake up this

morning outside please morning morning

everybody we are getting ready we just

finished eating breakfast now we are

changing our clothes you Goku me you

guys ready go swimming yeah you guys

ready yeah No






just waving it around so we got some

napkins running away Robbie was feeding

a banana I was feeding a banana

then I opened the door to get something

and she just started running to run away


thank you yeah that was a poster yeah so

I was gonna open the door to show put

the happy birthday poster on the door

and then the baby just ran out

Brian's opening grandma's present and

Grandpa's crazy I'll see what he do you

oh yeah


I don't write so that you can like make

your own custom name look you can put

words on the crayon that's really cool

I even also hook even right now by

yourself so you can make it by yourself

live yeah you can put Ryan in on the

crane my BFF my best friend forever o


all you want to ask you wanna know yep

see ya

what is bf see ya





the guys have been beginning around kids




magic shop let me show you what I got

okay what

oh all right see you got the blue ones

and that's what you did yesterday

cool Wow so many different kinds tougher

one look at the hand one two and one

oh you can even get like a dragon wing

if you're super serious

what are these magic well you didn't

even break it you can break it


you and bears sword here me try me it

says I don't see anything



they would never have



behind us there she is what are you


a cheeseburger I was getting a

cheeseburger and the French fries are


food is here mommy gotta forget him I

ain't God this was


result though

give it a one out of wait what stars out

of what at a five stars how many stars

would you give your first one being

Blaine and a half stars okay

right now we're going to go to degree

and eat it






so awesome got the sword back I wanna

see what the twins think about it what

you think what you think what you think

Krista 100 cakes like I'm all about that

ice cream ice cream


there you go Kate's turn to play with it

she's just pushing it around tell my

twins are eating we cheated we are free

again try to do one more mission right

when we're magic quest


are you



in order to get the order class all we

need is two thousand gold and lady in

the wrong right now I'm gonna go this is

the ending

I don't think we're gonna get there

before we leave butter school all we

need is lady in the wall


we only need two things we have this is

the easy quick we have more than 2,000


oh we're gonna activate one more

question or today alright so for the

freezing quest these are the four that

we need and the lantern which happens to

be right there go down one flight and

take a look evergreen highs the freezing

book a book anywhere you found this

would take to the fair you've all done

cutting it down up inside is where this

pinking is found right so we just hang

down the stairs you're looking for

no baron and leafless we do yeah thank

you thank you

we got another round of freezing




your regular image I know right you're

no longer a junior mad guy you're just a

regular bad guy you graduated yes and

now I thought of sorts of different doc





by me all of us sitting down on a chair







whoa look at your sister over there what

a style this is our last day here we are

all packing and getting ready to go if

you made a huge mess around the hotel

right yeah so now we're leaving the

hotel right by everybody it was nice fun

another Great Wolf Lodge so they're

decorating for Halloween


not many people though all right guys

now we're on the way to go home bye

thank you for joining us on our trip now

we're home and we just shower right I

mean the babies are just playing around



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