Taking a Tour of Charleston's Largest Ford Dealership!!!!

what's up everybody on Charlson car

videos today we are at one of the

largest Ford dealerships in Charleston

that's right we are here today at Jones

Ford in North Charleston South Carolina

now you may be wondering why are we not

at the other Ford dealership we're

always at and why are we here well today

I'm here and I'm looking for some really

high-end Ford vehicles so we're kind of

on the hunt for maybe a Ford Mustang

gt350 maybe some really cool trucks

we're just kind of got a few minutes

today and I figured why not stop by

Jones Ford and see what they have again

they are the largest Ford dealership in

the Charleston area they're right up off

of the interstate high 26 right there so

you can't miss them coming down the road

they have this beautiful facility and

again it's probably one of the largest

Ford dealerships I've ever even been to

personally myself so this is really

exciting so we're gonna kind of browse

around take a look and see what we can

find while we're here today at Jones for


well right up front here they have some

really cool Ford Focuses here's the Ford

Focus ST love it super sweet I love the

white the one that really caught my

attention was the yellow one right over

here looks like it's got a dealer tag on

the back of it but check it out

Wow is that not a cool car right I mean

yellow yeah that says like fast fun to

drive anyways let's take a look here the

Ford Focus ST what a deal twenty-six

thousand seven seventy Wow really was

expecting it to be a lot more than


that's an awesome deal let's take a

little closer look at


all right so already liking everything

I'm seeing out here today this is pretty

fun so anyways we're about to walk in

this showroom and that rolling on the

cameras but as you can see right in


these huge glass windows they got all

these cool Fords they got a charging

station here I guess that's for the see

the max anyways it's pretty sweet Ford

dealership so let's keep looking around

oh I see something else you want to

check this out real quick look over here

if you thought those st versions of the

focus were sweet the yellow one take a

look at the blue that's looking good

loving the wheels loving the paint

I like this spoil this is the RS man see

this is what I'm talking about folks we

really want to be able to get out and

review some of these cars and test drive

them and all that in order to do that we

got to talk with the owners here and

make sure they're cool with us doing

some of this kind of stuff anyways let's

put the camera round on this one real

fast and see what it looks like I am

really liking that blue I mean look at

the metallics in the paint right there

that looks nice the grille the matte

black the fog lights down on the bottom

look great

get the Brembo brakes behind the rims

Wow good-looking sporty tires by

Michelin that's a nice looking car

really is

let's see how much an RS version focus

is running for currently in 2018 it's

actually 2017 2.3 liter G TDI 6-speed

manual for 40 mm 765 yes 25 highway 19

City Irish mile 22 but as you can see

here 42 the yellow one over there was

around or the white one whatever one

that was there was a 26,000 so this is

almost doubling in price but a lot more

power and performance with this vehicle

Wow and then check that out there's a

2018 Mustang 5.0 liter with Sport

Package on it michelin tires got the big

black wheels very similar to the one we

filmed on the channel did a livestream

on last week but again I'm loving the

color 28 Mustang is looking really

really fine anyways you're noticing

right now the sales guys haven't came

out to really talk with me because they

see the camera and they say okay this

guy's not buying a car today he is just

filming in the cars yeah that's probably

what it is

that's a pretty one all right let's see

what they got inside it's hot outside we

taking a quick bathroom break

beautiful dealership Wow I mean I know

it's not crazy I'm in the bathroom but

you know changing tables I mean this is

really nice alright let's use it back

for me to get back out showroom I got

some cool cars shaded well check out the

service language who's got a fireplace

beautiful service lounge you've got all

these cool chairs this is like the crème

de la crème of Ford dealerships right

and a lot of the bigger dealerships I've

worked with always seem to have a

picture of the the founder at some point

this is cata Wadler Jones

November 26 1921 to August 25th 2010 so

he was a founder of Jones Ford

incorporated started back in April 1st

1927 Wow Congrats to you man

you did it anyways let's see who the

pitcher is over here this person John

Robertson Paul he lived from January 26

1980 1889 September 2011 1970 founder of

Paul Motor Company from 1918 to 1969

that's him

so I'm assuming maybe he started it up

first and maybe that man bought the

company from him I don't know check this

out this is Jones Ford like a long time

ago before this dealership was built

really cool picture this is the Jones

Ford I remember as a kid coming up here

you know with the mom looking at cars

all that kind of thing

that's the interstate right there

there's rivers Avenue and then that's

the front where all the sales guys would

hang out and come out and greet the

customers and all that now basically now

all of this is gone and this is all

built up and they got a service shop and

a body shop back here and it's it's

totally all different now but that's the

old Jones 4 way back in the day pretty

cool I love looking at history of car

dealerships they just because they keep

growing and growing and growing and

maybe a hundred years from now this one

will probably be bulldozed and another

one will be up here let's look at a few

more or old pictures that picture is

similar to the one we looked at earlier

huh that's the first time someone did a

picture of a salesperson with their


that's why sales people need to take

more pictures with their customers

because look at that the kids are in

their little clothes hanging out the

window so cool

Jones Ford anyway some of y'all watching

this video right now that are from the

charleston area probably really

appreciate me showing that y'all some of

this stuff that's a little 2017-2018


amazing I like how they kind of made the

cars in there kind of give them a

transparent look that's really that's

really pretty interesting all right

here's a 2018 Ford Raptor black it looks

good and beautiful big tough yeah that's

it yeah and then they got it I like how

they have here let's see if we can

squeeze through here I like how they

have the fusion the escape the edge the

Explorer the Flex the expedition I like

how they have all of them kind of lined

up right here in the front so you got

like each vehicle you can kind of check

out right in the showroom is a big

showroom look at it Wow then you got

this huge upstairs and that's where

we're going out and a little bit up

there into the owners office to go talk

with the owner and then you got the blue

Ford Raptor then another Ford Raptor I

mean how many Raptors could you have in

a showroom well they got one too they

got four Raptors

sitting right here in the showroom the

blue looks great that's my favorite

color combination on the Raptor is the

blue with the gray and the black and all

looks really sweet and then this one is

priced out seventy two thousand six

forty price adjustment sticker brings it

to 76 one 140 huh

so a little bit of a discount there I

see right interesting all right we'll be

back well we couldn't pass this one up I

mean if we're in here we might as well

film it right check it out was that old

Model T I think so let's take a look at

what they got here on this

originally published in the Model T

times August July August 1996 so it was

in the magazine Model T times President

Alexander malcomson 255 shares Vice

President Henry Ford

255 shares the investors were as

followed ok the investors in creating

this automobile to be sold and produced

back then anyways

I mean that's what people used to ride

around in you got tires would still feel

like tires would

look like steel metal they created that

thing kind of interesting something

different right hmm I got the old Ford

logo on there and then you would sit

here and with your lady friend right

over there and y'all go out to dinner

the Swank eNOS of downtown Charleston

still got the old pedals down there

check that out pretty sweet that's

really cool

actually not a really good condition too

Sonia okay that's a South Carolina lace

license plate that's cool

that's definitely got to be worth

something right all right that's it for

now folks we're going to get ready for

this meeting


what's up everybody we had a great

meeting all right we got to talk real

quickly about this Ford Flex right here

because I really like the Ford Flex and

I've never really seen a Ford Flex it

looks like this one so let's have a look

at it okay here is a Ford Flex white

black wheels I don't know what package

this has on it but I really like it I

mean you get the black there then you

got the Flex in black the wheels the

mirrors the top that's a nice color

combination look at the interior Wow

sweet yeah that the grey and I mean did

you know what Ford Flex had come with

sunroof in the front and then two in the

rear we got to check this out holy


look at that beautiful car just a really

beautiful vehicle that's pretty sweet

and oh my goodness there's one in the

bank I mean they're everywhere

they are every everywhere inside this


this is sweet I'm loving that oh I like

it that's like the perfect sporty family

vehicle it really is got to be a 20-18

you got tow package on it that color

looks great we've filmed one of these

not too long ago in that color but I'm

not a fan of those wheels on that color

it looks better with the black wheels

with that color combination

but again just my opinion the edge looks

nice the escape looks good all right

we're gonna talk more when we get

outside so you definitely feel like

you're at an American car line I mean

you got the flag you get the cars the

trucks the muscle cars you got it going

on then you go inside the dealership you

see all the great history of Jones and

the pictures and what a cool store

anyways really enjoyed it got to meet

the actual owner of the dealership today

really nice guy I really enjoyed talking

with him and he first off didn't have a

clue who was coming to talk with him

other than a buddy of mine that I work

would said hey I want you to meet this

guy named Chad a friend of mine and

basically I talked with them and

explained what I do and how I filmed

cars and that's not in the other and I

think I think the medium went good I do

I think he went pretty good yeah not too

bad didn't get to lock down anything

necessarily today though right but

listen when you go in and you're working

with people and you're trying to sell

your services to them they're not always

gonna say let me shake your hand let's

sign the paperwork let's do it right now

that's not always the case

so today was the first meeting talk with

him explain Who I am I got his email his

business information and then I will

email him some links and things and let

him see a little bit of what I do a lot

of the times what you got going on with

these really big car dealerships

compared to some of your smaller

dealerships that I work with sometimes

is the bigger dealerships most of the

time already have someone providing them

with video

okay they call it a ad agency in the car

business and the ad agency already does

it right if the if the dealership says I

need a TV commercial stat okay call the

ad agency they'll send the camera crew

out they'll film a TV commercial then

they'll send it to the television

airwaves right or they put it up online

that's kind of how that works right so

an ad agency lots most of the time

offers video services now their

particular ad agency is not out of

Charleston but the video company that

the ad agency provides they just

subcontract to work out to somebody that

owns a video company here in Charleston

so that's interesting right that's

something I'm learning today that some

ad agencies don't offer video but they

subcontract the work out

so anyways maybe in the future I could

be one of those people that companies

subcontract sub chunk

sup subcontract work out to but but

here's another thing what I do and the

owner got it he said it he said it he

said what you do is is is a kind of a

niche thing right and like I explained

to him there's nobody really filming the

used vehicles or the new ones or any

ways I do them okay I mean yeah you can

go on YouTube and given day and we can

watch a review on a Ford truck but can

you go and watch a review of a pre-owned

for sale 2012 Ford truck probably not a

lot less so I get it it's it's a new

thing but at the same time it's not new

to me because I've been doing it now

since 2008 anyways we'll just keep

plugging away but I do appreciate my

friend you set me up with a little

meeting today and it's the first and I

think what I said today and how I talked

and what I'll show him in the future

will definitely stick and when something

comes in or something happens he might

contact me

you got to plant the seed okay so always

remember that plant the seed and

possibly the seed will grow all right

everybody that's it for today we had a

great time here at Jones for checking

out the inventory

and talking with the owner so it's

Friday the sun's out I think I'm gonna

get home at the family cook some burgers

tonight enjoy ourselves and we'll see

you all again tomorrow