Ford dealer tried to SCAM me on a used vehicle purchase.šŸ˜”

welcome to the channel guys I was almost

a victim of a scam at a Ford dealership

you won't believe what happened I can't

believe that this actually happened at a

legitimate business at a Ford dealership

guys this story is crazy

so me and my dad drove an hour and a

half to look at this vehicle there's a

podcast on us doing that I'll link that

in the description but we drove an hour

and a half to look at this video this

vehicle it was a 2003 Ford Excursion we

get to the dealership and we request to

see underneath the vehicle and no issues

with that they got a tech for us put the

vehicle on a UH noise and raised it up

so we could look underneath looking

underneath the vehicle I noticed a

normal amount of surface rust on the

frame there was some rust underneath but

no holes you know it wasn't the most

beautiful truck but it wasn't bad for

the year for being built in 2003 it

looked decent enough but you know the

brake lines the brake lines look good

they had been serviced at some point the

work looked pretty good all the lines at

some point were replaced for the most

part there was maybe one little spot

that if I had to replace it wouldn't be

hard at all to do because it was just

that last little bit so that was good

fuel lines look good the frame was rusty

but I mean what can what do you expect

from a vehicle that age but I didn't

notice that it had an oil leak between

engine and transmission the bellhousing

underneath the transmission was pretty

wet with oil and it was a little bit

concerning I kind of made a mental note

of it seemed to be like there was oil on

the ground underneath the moist but

there's no way of knowing where that oil

came from so I just kind of made a

mental note

so we lower the vehicle we look at it a

little bit more inside because it was

raining at the time so we looked at the

vehicle in the shop we opened up all the

doors looked at the interior now this

was a police vehicle so you know six

thousand sixty seven hundred out the

door you know isn't a bad price for a


excursion if there was no rust but the

interior was missing some things which

is I was expecting that I knew that it

will be missing the center council and

that it will be missing the third row

I knew that based on the photos that

were sent this actually wasn't a problem

for me like I said I was just hauling

equipment and people in the truck just

maybe four guys so I didn't need other

seats but you know I figured that being

that it was missing these components I

would get a better deal for the vehicle

so we're looking at the vehicle it looks

like it might have a water leak in the

back or maybe just a mat was just washed

off it's hard to say also we noticed

that in the rear of the truck the rust

around the wheel wells was pretty

expensive uh and I was very specific

about the photos of the rust and I

requested more photos of rust around the

wheel wells I really wanted to see

particularly this area of the truck

around the wheel wells but the salesmen

there sent me a lot of blurry pictures

that I couldn't really see a lot of

detail and I told him us

I had question what are you taking these

pictures on cuz I mean can you grab

somebody with a with the HD phone or

smartphone that can take a good photo

it's in a clear picture then he referred

me to the website and said that I just

had to trust him and he said that well I

said what about the the quarter panels

around the wheel the wheel wells I mean

how do they look he said that look

there's a little bit of touch-up paint

around the wheels I can't say the

vehicle is 100% rust free but it looks

like there was a little touch-up done

around the wheel wells just a small

little bit well in reality the wheel

wells had a huge one-inch

spot where all the paint was gone and it

was all touched up just with a brush

type of paint like repair like a spot to

repair just one little spot so my dad

was like you know that's not how it was

described as soon as you hit any snow or


this is gonna come back within the first

the first time saw hits it's just gonna

blow up it's gonna be a rust a Russ

issue you know their whole wheel wells

gonna be rusted out within one year so

that wasn't cool you don't know it that

as well so we decided to take the truck

for a test drive and we should have

actually stopped at this point and just

walked away but you know I'm still

entertaining the idea is something about

you know going at long distance you get

kind of too committed you had had a

deposit down so I got really committed

to it and I should have walked away at

this point but we decided to continue

looking at the vehicle

I took a vehicle for a test drive power

seemed okay the brakes weren't good but

my dad noticed that it smelt like oil we

get to a parking lot to test out the

four-wheel drive now keep in mind guys I

put the four-wheel drive hubs in Auto

where they belong

because they were locked when the truck

was given to me so I put the car in

four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive

didn't seem to be engaged so I get out I

you know disengage engages a few times

then I get out of the vehicle and I lock

the hubs put it in four-wheel drive in

the four-wheel drive works now that's

not a common issue that's not a that is

a common issue for the hub's to no

longer effectively work and four-wheel

drive auto it pretty much happens to

everyone but to me it seems kind of

dishonest to lock the hubs and drive the

vehicle around with the hub's locked so

that when I tried to engage the

four-wheel drive I will be under the

impression that automatic locking hubs

were working because when you just lock

them when you just lock the hub's it

causes increased wear to the front to

the front end but it you really wouldn't

notice it too much so I think you know

their intentions were to trick me into

thinking that the automatic locking hubs

worked so I wouldn't ask for any more

money off I mean four-wheel drives still

worked fine but you would simply have to

get out and lock the hubs yourself but

it's not a big deal for me

in that situation where I'm using a

truck you know and a lot of people have

said you know they probably didn't do

that on purpose but when you guys hear

the rest of the story you will probably

think that they did that on purpose

I definitely think they did so moving

forward you know I decided to put the

vehicle under some stress you know I put

the pedal to the floor

I put the brakes pretty much to the

floor when no one was behind me just to

make sure you know this thing stops this

thing goes what what am I getting into

this is half power is it gonna overheat

wasn't gonna do so I put the pedal to

the floor power seemed okay put the

brakes to the floor brakes work good but

my dad said you know I'm smelling oil

I'm smelling I'm smelling a lot of oil

so we get back to the shop and he goes

okay yeah the oil smells it smells bad

it's burning oil somewhere some

something's burning I get out of the

vehicle and you can see smoke coming out

of the front wheel wells smoke the oils

burning what's happening is the oil is

leaking down from the oil leak it's

hitting the bell housing right here on

the excursions there's oil pulling up

right here and it's leaking on the

exhaust because on the excursion the

exhaust came into a white pipe ran

underneath right underneath the engine

and the oil would leak right on that and

smoke and blow smoke out of blow the

smoke out of the wheel wells that's how

bad it was smoking so you could be

driving down the road or my guys

would've been driving down the road

below and smoke out of the wheel wells

at this point I'm thinking okay what can

I do

it needs a rear main seal to me it looks

like it needs a rear main seal

most likely how much will it cost for me

to fix this rear main seal out of good

faith I was still willing to do a deal I

say you know in my head I'm kind of

running through it to remove the

transmission remove the rear seal

install a new rear seal and reinstall

the transmission this is just off the

top of my head I've

it would cost about 1650

because of all the work involved I don't

know if there's an easier way to do it I

don't think so I think you'd have to

pull the trance so I told them with it

leaking oil the way it is I'll still

consider buying the truck if you were

willing to take off 1650 off of the

truck now keep in mind guys I should

have walked away this this this this

should have been it should have been

over and I should have walked away but I

made another offer just what I found

based off what I found so far so I made

the offer and for 1650 off and the

salesman had to go and talk to his

manager so they go in the room I walk by

the door but they're kind of huddled

together whispering real quick so I kind

of stepped away so they can have their

privacy then after that you know he came

back to me and said you know what we

just we can't do that and I said okay

well I go I always get my deposit back

right he goes yeah we'll give you your

deposit back for sure there's no problem

so what's alright well we're out of here

thanks a lot and that's gonna be it so

as we're walking out of the door we hear

a voice stop stop right there don't let

them leave yet

what what happened what's wrong don't

let them leave give us a chance to make

your offer so I stayed there for about

five minutes with my dad we're waiting

for this offer

so he comes back with a piece of paper

and he goes look I can't give you 1650

off but I can give you is $1200 off I'm

coming 3/4 of the way of what you asked

for off of the vehicle and you say it

needs a rear main seal it's not hard for

you to fix a rear main seal all you got

to do is pull off the cab and whatever

with a lot of stuff you're saying and

I'm thinking well and I told him this I

said actually no to fix the rear main

seal you probably wouldn't pull off the

cab you would actually remove the

transmission and get at it from the rear

you know and put a new seal a new rear

main seal in the rear of the engine put

the transmission down and then that way

you do it I figured it'd cost about 1650

I don't know exactly how much it'll cost

right now but that's my best guess

and he said you know he's kind of

shocked that I even know anything about


now immediately guys I'm not a mechanic

right now but I know a little bit I've

been around the block I've done some

stuff I know a little bit so after I

said you know you pull the trans he

wouldn't pull the cab that wouldn't make

sense and that would be more more work

but so at this point he kind of felt

like I knew more I don't know if he felt

like that I knew more about cars in him

or whatever because I definitely did

know more about cars than him but he

goes he pulls out a can of engine sealer

seal conditioner to make the seals swell

to stop the leak he goes look you think

it needs a rear main seal you buy this

car right now for four at the price that

he offered out the door was fifty five

hundred dollars versus 67 hundred

dollars when I came out to spend he

pulled out this can of oil seal

conditioner engine seal conditioner that

will go in the engine and seal up all

the seals from the inside out I'm

looking at I'm looking at him like what

what is this what's going on he goes

this conditioner

we'll go on your engine and by the time

you get home it will fix that seal most

likely it's lit there's a good chance

that this can fix your seal now it's not

guaranteed but this stuff is known to

fix seals and I'm like I'm thinking what

is this guy talking about and I told him

I was like if I was gonna fix the

vehicle I'd do it the right way I'd do


I dropped the chance install the new

seal the right way I wouldn't use a

product like that that's kind of like

snake oil you know in this industry you

do things the right way you'll just try

to seal up the engine with the with the

product that you pour in the oil those

things aren't improved by the

manufacturer and they're known and

they're known to not work no legitimate

mechanic will recommend you trying to

seal an oil leak with some kind of

additive but he was telling me that this

was fixing it fix my problem he

literally sort of that this would have

some kind of effect on some kind of

positive effect now he didn't say for

sure that it will fix it but he said

it's a good chance that this will fix

your rear main seal issue so at that

point I told him you know I would do it

the right way I wouldn't do it like that

and I kind of showed that I had more

knowledge about vehicles in general than

he did then he said look what if I told

you this it doesn't even need a rear

main seal it's gonna be easier for you

to fix that this vehicle didn't you

thought because it means a head gasket

it knows you got to do Shawn look we

look we we bar we put the car on the

hoist and we know what's wrong with it

it's the head gasket because one of my

other guys wanted to buy the truck he

wanted this truck and turns out what it

really needs is not a rear main seal but

a head gasket the right rear head gasket

has a little leak behind there and it's

oil leaking out of the rear the right

head we know it that we were gonna fix

it cuz I was asking why do you have this

product why I mean does to me you have

in this product means that you were

gonna do something unsavory something

shady you're gonna put this inside a

vehicle and try to get

get it sold so that the unsuspecting

customer will have issues down the road

this is very disheartening to see this

product in your store at all this is a

Ford dealer it's not a motor craft

product motor craft does not have a

product that seals oil leaks they only

recommend fixing them properly he told

me that had a head gasket issue and that

was really what the issue was so five

minutes ago you were gonna sell me a

seal conditioner that in theory could

see list of rear main seal but it

doesn't claim to seal a head gasket so

you were gonna scam me five minutes ago

into fixing a rear main seal that with a

product that only probably works

temporarily have me put this in my

engine if I was dumb enough to do it try

to drive home and that wouldn't do

anything for a head gasket so five

minutes ago you were dishonest to me

what in the heck is going on here so he

goes all you have to do is pop off that

head and put in a new gasket and you

don't even have to go underneath the

truck because you can do all the work

from top it's gonna be easy I told him

look it's not as simple as popping off a

head you got to take off the whole top

in the intake everything then you got to

take off the timing system so you got to

take apart the whole front end the whole

front clip the the fan shroud all that

stuff the space that you need to get to

the timing chains then you have to go

into to the timing chains on both sides

then you have to take out the oil pump I

mean you might as well replace your oil

pump at this point if you come this far

you might as well do an updated high

volume oil pump then you have to do

ahead then you have to see if the heads

warped and see if there's any issues

there and if you need to recondition a

head and it's a v10 and it's possible to

run into a lot of costs here to replace

a head gasket is significantly more

money than what this vehicle is even

worth so even if you did the work

yourself as more than what it's worth so

at this point I'm blown away I'm stunned

there's no way I'm buying this vehicle

even for the discounted price but I'm

I'm trying to be nice because I'm I'm

surrounded by these guys and I don't

know what they I mean I don't know

what's going on so I thought I told them

guys I want to think about it

thank you for the offer but I'm gonna

think about it over the weekend and I'm

probably not gonna buy the truck and

they said look if you want this truck

steal we will deliver this truck to you

two and a half hours away we will bring

this truck to you on Monday I'm going to

drive to two and a half hours we'll tow

this truck to you if you still want it

at this point I'm totally blown away and

I told him thank you that's really nice

of you I really appreciate that Wow I'll

think about it and I'll let you know on

Monday listen guys there's no way when

Monday comes around there's no way that

I'm gonna buy that truck why do you want

to get rid of it so bad why are you

willing to unload this truck on to me

they're trying to dump this truck on to

me on to anybody any unsuspecting person

they're trying to dump this truck on

them and it's probably not gonna last

more than a few weeks it probably

wouldn't have made it home because under

power when I put that truck under power

it just leaked so much oil on the

exhaust to the point where it was

burning it out of the head now I

couldn't tell but just by doing a quick

inspection that it was coming out of the

head to me it just looked like it could

be a rear main seal you can live with a

rear main seal leak and that's what I

was probably gonna do I mean you're

gonna have a little stain on your

driveway but it's coming out of a head

you can't live with the oil leak on your

head I don't think I don't think you

could just run a vehicle like that so

these guys are willing to deliver me the

truck to out half hours away if I take

the deal for $5,500 there's no way that

I want to take the deal there's no way I

don't want the vehicle but the idea that

you're willing to deliver it that far

away tells me that this is a scam and

you're just you just want to unload this

vehicle no one wants this vehicle

I can't believe in a million years that

at Ford at dealership a legitimate Ford

dealership will pull something like this

it's unreal never you know I've made

videos about different dealerships guys

it's not a big deal the oil the oil

video that got a lot of views listen

they recommend it synthetic blend

I recommend it full synthetic whatever

man it's not a big deal they still were

willing to put in the oil that I wanted

to put into the engine but to try to

sell me a vehicle that isn't that's not

safe that could potentially catch on

fire that could leak oil down the

exhaust and catch fire that close to the

engine that will exhaust pretty hot

right there guys I dodged a bullet this

could be a different video this could be

me showing you guys a 10 liter or not a

10 liter but a 10 cylinder 6.8 liter v8

engine that needs a top-end rebuild with

180,000 miles that's not worth the money

I could be in so much trouble right now

but because my dad was there it helped

out a lot he reminded me to put the

vehicle on a hoist it helped me out a


thank you Tony for going with me to look

at this vehicle because I potentially

could have made a huge mistake guys

looking at use vehicles is a lot of work

it's hard I should do a series on how to

expect a used vehicle because it is

rough out here oh my goodness you

looking for a used vehicle it's got to

be like top of the line that's top top

of the chart something hard to do it's

easier to buy a new vehicle 100% it's so

much easier to just sit down on your

computer and pick out all your features

click click click and pay the money it's

just easier to pay the money I'm finding

that I've put so much time into trying

to find a used vehicle just so I could

save money but it's easier to pay the

money guys the 800 plus a month for a

new Super Duty guys keep in mind guys

storing it for it's gonna be probably

selling this as a demo is actually a

loaner right now

so if you're looking for a good deal on

an f-150 check out norian Ford

they are demoing these in gonna be

selling them at I think 2,000 miles and

this particular truck has a panoramic

sunroof which is gonna be a really good

vehicle a good affordable vehicle with a

lot of good features XLT 302 a trim with

the panoramic moonroof but anyway back

to the story guys the little bit of

complaints that I've had with other

dealerships that recommend it the

synthetic bland

that's nothing they've not done they

haven't done anything wrong but this

what happened at this dealership guys

there's a hundred percent wrong they

knew it had the head gasket issue

burning oil they knew they had snake oil

on the desk what kind of sales tactic

that was I have no idea it didn't even

make us let me make sense how could that

guy be even being a sales manager he

doesn't know how to sell vehicle guys I

can't believe it happened but it did

but we dodged a bullet the search

continues guys guys for a good used

vehicle for snow service guys for our

snow route I want to get something safe

something that's not gonna have rusty

brake lines or safety issues and having

a vehicle like that burnin that kind of

oil would be a huge safety issue you've

got fumes pulling up to a client's house

and just blowing smoke and then

eventually when it just fails I probably

wouldn't have you wouldn't have even

made it home so thanks for watching

share the video comment below and hope

to hear from you soon thanks a lot but