Pilot/Flying J Rewards Card and App

hey guys what's going on I want to talk

to you about the pilot after new updated

pilot app I've been given some people

some problems gave me some problems as

well talking with a couple other drivers

and talking with customer service I

think we've got it kind of figured out

as far as the best way to use the new

app as far as to navigate it before the

update each location

it had diesel prices unleaded prices it

had everything all in one it didn't

matter what type of drivers cards you

had through pilot with the update if

you're in there under your professional

drivers card it's only showing the

diesel prices and it gives you access to

all your rewards points shower

reservations if you're not under that

and you're under the gasoline using side

of the app it doesn't give you the

ability to reserve a shower and it

doesn't give you access to your points

or whatnot as far as your rewards are

concerned I'm gonna show you how to use

the app with the current update and then

I'm gonna explain to you what you need

to do in order to make this app work a

little more fluidly for you and not be

such a pain in the butt now in order to

get shower credits and and/or points and

three cents off at the pump we have to

be using the professional drivers card

now for any of you that don't know when

you initially get the professional

drivers card it's best to just call in

to the customer service let them know

that you are an expediter in a gasoline

using vehicle and they will switch

everything over to where it's using

gasoline if you don't you may not get

any kind of credit for your gasoline

purchases because they automatically

register you under diesel fuel with that

being said that's why when you go into

the new app if you go in under your

professional drivers card everything's

coming up diesel even if you're

registered under gasoline it's still

gonna come up with all the diesel of

amenities and big truck kind of stuff so

what you we have to do

in order to make the app work along with

your professional drivers card to be

able to see your rewards and to get your

shower reservations and whatnot you want

to get a preferred card the preferred

customer card once you get that then

they can do it at the counter some of

them but if they're not able to

successfully merge it call into customer

service I'll put the phone number to

Custer to pilot fly Jays customer

service in the description below but

once you get that preferred customer and

you get those merged you're gonna be

able to navigate on the app between

those really really easily is really

simple and that's what I'm going to do

right now I'm gonna go ahead and open up

this app on here ok

so I'm logged into this now and as you

see up top you see where it says hi

Island professional driver right beside

it to the right you see a little arrow

down currently logged in under

professional driver ID you see it says

professional driver it's giving me all

the diesel prices it's giving me the

closest locations to me where it says

under come visit us those are the

closest locations and what they are

whether it be a Flying J a pilot and

it's telling me what city what exit

number and the diesel prices and then as

you see I can go down through my rewards

program my rewards points and whatnot

now once you have your cards merged you

can hit that little arrow down button

and it gives me the option to log into

auto switch type of driver and now as

you see location still come up now it's

giving me the gas prices and as you see

my rewards it's only giving me

professional driver reward stuff which

is the coffee Club and how much I've

saved and everything but it's not giving

me my point and if I was at one of these

locations I would not be able to log

into a shower to reserve a shower so as

you see once you tap on a location it's

giving you what they have there

showing you the amenities and whatnot

and this is under the preferred customer

card go back to the home switch

professional switch over and now you're

under the professional driver and you

can see everything for that I see it

gives you diesel prices the parking

prime parking all the amenities you know

gives you a little more options that's

that's for the big truck users mostly

but yeah that's that's all it is man

that's how simple it is once you get the

cards merged as you see it's real simple

switch back and forth not a problem

once you're logged in and everything so

that's all we have to do guys hopefully

this helped you guys out hopefully this

helped you guys out any of you that are

currently using it any of you that are

going to be using the app hopefully this

helped you out I've got another video

where I compared the rewards program of

fly and J pilot and the TA petrol and

I'm gonna link that in one of the ID

cards I think of a pop-up appear I'll

also put it in the description below and

hopefully that will help you guys out a

little bit and I'm gonna get out of here

I'm gonna keep this short and to the

point and yeah