GTA 5 Fire Truck - Fire Station & 911 (ALL GTA V FireTruck Locations)

I'm a freaky freaky baby hey what is up

dudes Madame is freaky and today and we

showing you guys how to get in steal a

firetruck in grant another five so I was

having some trouble about this and

trying to find a fire truck in granteth

out because there is a heist where you

pick a subtle approach to the heist and

you need a fire truck and it's very hard

to obtain so I figured out some ways to

actually get one and find one so this

one is the only fire station that I know

of it is at the top of the map I will

show you guys the map and the location

of it it is in paleto Bay and I will

show you the exact location to make sure

that you guys aren't trying to find it

out yourself but right here I'm just

trying to take out these a fire

department right here to take out these

guys stealthily just in case they do try

to call the cops if I steal the vehicle

when they're alive so this is the

easiest way to actually obtain the fire

truck without actually getting the cops

call on you because you're taking them

out sell flee and make sure you do have

a silenced weapon otherwise you know the

cops could hear this big loud sound or

you know civilians could be like oh my

god I know you're going to take the


but right now I'm pulling up the truck

and it's in polite obey or paleto Bay

and it's right here right in this

location is where the fire station will

be marked so the second approach I'm

going to show you guys right now now

this one you're going to need your cell

phone force you're going to want to pull

up your cell phone and go to the

contacts and then hit the dial pad now

you're going to want to type exactly 911

I came over on my own this is before I

found out where the station actually was

i started calling 9-1-1 a dispatcher

will actually pick up and you can pick

between the police department the fire

department and the paramedics so you're

going to want to definitely select the

fire department obviously and they will

come within I'd say 10 to 20 seconds and

I you just basically need to wait and

you want to listen to which direction

they are actually coming from because

you want to have your guns drawn and

make sure you do shoot the driver out

otherwise he will speed away really

really quickly

even if you have your gun drawn or not

because if there's no fire he will drive

away so that's that's a really bad thing

so you're gonna want to make sure you do

take him out or at least intimidate

enough to win his pants and escape from

the vehicle so right here I'm just you

know making a jerrican line trying to

see if they would actually put out a

fire or not but it doesn't seem like

they do because this fire only lasts

about five seconds and I was just

waiting around I was like where are they

I can't figure out what the noise is

coming from where the Frog are coming

from but hope you guys did enjoy this

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you do know where the fire station is if

you want to come back to this video and

here's the fire truck and I'm going to

leave you guys with an awesome fire

truck chase on the cops at the end of

this video hope you guys did enjoy if

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hey what is up dude my name is freaky

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