How Fed Ex ALMOST Stole My PS5 and Would Have Gotten away With It!!

what's up everyone so i'm kind of making

this video

over my own personal experience that

after all these things are starting to

come to light

i gotta say it looks really shady on

fedex's end

now let me explain i got a playstation 5

disk drive

uh exclusive sony invite for pre-orders

direct from sony uh i bought it the day

that the pre-order came out

and had my i did get my ps5 on launch


um but let me give you a background real

quick i own my own company

audio gods as you may be able to see

there and i

buy and sell car audio fedex

and ups know me by heart they know where

i live they know my address they know

who i am they see me regularly i'm

constantly getting deliveries for

enclosures and subwoofers and equipment

that i need to do installations for


so confusing my address should never be

a problem i've been doing this for years

and uh there's no i live in a small

community so there's only

three four fedex drivers here

so i'm waiting for my ps5 to come

and it's the day of delivery i

can hear the fedex we i live on a you

know small little

area with a brick road and i can hear

their bigger trucks

over normal traffic so i listen for it

and uh i i hear the fedex truck

so i'm waiting sitting at my door the uh

fedex driver

i i caught her in time coming from my

neighbor's house

and just starting to drive off so i

flagged her down hey hey

she stops yeah i said uh you should have

a package here for me

she's like uh i let me check i said no

i have a ps5 it's coming today it says

it is in route now

and you're the delivery driver for this

route so

uh where's my ps5 so

lo and behold she goes into the truck

finds it instantly within seconds oh yep

i have one here for you

she hands it to me and starts to walk

off i say well wait i'm supposed to sign

for this

oh no i i actually i delivered it next

door to your neighbor by accident and

they signed for it

but then they told me it wasn't their

package so i put it back on the truck so

you don't need to sign it's been signed


i said well that's not my signature i

took the ps5

i didn't make a bigger issue about it

than that i was happy i got my ps5 at


but none of these issues of cat food and

george foreman grills and

dead hooker bodies showing up in ps5


had come out yet at this point

now that it has i'm like you know that's

really funny because they've never mixed

my address up they know who i am by

first and last name

they already signed my is being


but the neighbor told them i this isn't

mine i didn't order

this um and they put it back on their

truck and we're just gonna drive

off with my ps5 had i'm not

caught her ready to drive off and ran

out there flailing my arms like a madman

like hey

where's my [ __ ] i really doubt i would


ever saw my ps5 i really ended

i already signed for it even though i

never signed for it

so my whole point in this is i

really think fedex is up to some shady

[ __ ] i don't think it's amazon i think


fedex delivery drivers and i was that

close to having the same [ __ ] happen to

me thank god it didn't

but man i really feel for everyone else

out there who has

that was my experience i got lucky

um but like i said no reason to confuse

my address you guys have been here

three times a week every week for the

last three years

um you know who i am by first name

and then the fact that you already

signed my package

and didn't require my actual signature


shady dude uh so fedex you need to

tighten the reins on your drivers and

employees and maybe do a retrain a lot

of people are missing out on their

consoles and money during a time of

pandemic well what the [ __ ] else do they

have to really do

um and you know it's just not right so

uh that's it i just wanted to share that


and uh maybe shed a little bit more

light on the situation

thank you for watching and stay updated


ps5 vr content will be coming very soon

thank you