Top 10 Drive In Movie Theatre Tips

Hey guys, how many of you have ever thought about trying to create a unique

date night or a family night at the drive-in theater, but weren't quite sure

how to pull it off? Well, if that's the case you're gonna want to stick around

because that's exactly what we're gonna cover next on this week's bonus session

of Manly Moments.

Well, I'm here today with my daughter Sadie at the Auburn Garrett Drive-In on

State Road 8 in Garrett, Indiana. This place opened on May 16, 1951 during the

early years of the drive-in theater boom, and has been showing movies every summer

ever since. But if I'm honest, I've only been to the drive-in theater like once

in my lifetime. And so I had to learn things the hard way. And I thought it

might be beneficial to share with you some of the things I've learned, so you

can learn from my mistakes. That's why I put together this video with the Top 10

Tips for a successful night at the drive-in. Take notes because here we go.

#1 - Arrive early. If you want to get a good

spot, you can't show up five minutes before the show starts and expect to get

a good spot. Serious drive-in fans arrive one to two hours prior, especially on

summer weekends. Gee, do you think we came early enough? I wanted to beat

the crowd. It's 3:00 in the afternoon! At least we e got a good spot. #2 - Bring games.

If you arrive early, a football a frisbee or deck of cards goes a long way and can be a

tremendous asset - especially if you bring the kids.

If not, you can mingle with the neighbors or even read a book. I wonder if it's

going to be better than the book. Probably not.

#3 - Dress comfortably. Drive-in double features can last till 2:00 or

3:00 in the morning, so you'll want to be comfortable. If you bring the kids it's a

lot easier to transfer them from the vehicle to their beds if they're already

in their pajamas. Adults too, for that matter.

#4 - Pack a snack. And even though most drive-in theaters have concession

stands, it's still nice to bring your own popcorn, candy, or chips. It will save you a

little time and money, and it's particularly handy if you're on a

special diet. Would you like to try some of my sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free,

non-GMO kale chips? Uhm . . . I'll pass.

#5 - Bring lawn chairs. Sometimes the best way to ensure you have a good

view is simply to bring a lawn chair to sit outside. Or if you drive a van or a

truck, you can park backwards and go for the open view with blankets, pillows,

mattresses, or even a loveseat. Just make sure your chairs are in good shape. Well, this is

comfortable. Sure you don't want to trade for like

just a little bit? No.

#6 - Bring a jacket or a blanket. Depending on where you live and what

time of year it is, it's always wise to pack for chilly weather once the sun

goes down. It's no fun watching a movie if you're cold. Man, it is freezing out

here tonight. I have an extra sweatshirt, if you want it. Sure. How's it fit? It's a little tight,

but I like the design. #7 - Bring insect repellent. The

only thing worse than being cold is getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. You

want to enjoy the movie, not fight bugs all night. Dad, hold still. (slap) Got it.

#8 - Bring a radio with backup batteries. While you can typically use an

FM radio frequency in the car to pick up sound for the movie, you run the risk of

using up your car battery. Instead, bring a portable radio with fresh batteries.

That way if the movie stinks, you can always listen to the ballgame. (ball game is broadcast) Hey,

turn the radio off!

#9 - Bring jumper cables. Even if you use a portable radio, sometimes the

constant use of the interior lights can wear down the car battery. Trust me, it's

no fun being the last one in the lot at 2:00 a.m. trying to figure out what to do. I

knew I should have brought the jumper cables. Do you think mom is still awake? No.

#10 - Consider going in the spring or in August. The sun sets earlier in May

and August than it does during the heart of the summer, which means the movie will

start sooner so you can actually stay awake for both shows. In Indiana it

doesn't even begin to get dark until 9:30 or 10:00 in June. I don't know what

they do in Alaska this time of year. So there you have it, the Top 10 Tips for a

successful night at the drive-in. We've got one more thing to cover. Come on. We

still have to pick a winner from last week's contest. Everybody who re-posted or

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