✅ Citizens Bank ABA Routing Number - Where Is It? 🔴


hey welcome back guys so today on this

video we're gonna talk about Citizens

Bank and more specifically we're gonna

talk about how to find your citizens

bank routing number or ABA ACH routing

number so let's go ahead and talk about

this so first off if you're not familiar

with Citizens Bank it is one of the

largest banking institutions here in the

US I'm not sure if they're international

I believe they're only here in the US if

you know otherwise be sure to leave a

comment below and just a brief overview

on what a routing number is basically it

is a nine digit numeric number it

identifies Citizens Bank so how do you

find that number well it's pretty easy I

know three specific ways to find the

routing number for your citizens bank

routing number and the first one is

going to their website right here

Citizens Bank comm go ahead and click

into the video description I'll try to

leave a website link there but once

you're here on the home screen what you

want to do is click right here on the

search function this green button right

here alright once you click on that

button then this search function opens

up and you can go ahead and just type in

routing all right so I went ahead and

typed in routing once you've typed that

in go ahead and click the search button

right here alright so once you've

clicked search then this list of

articles comes up and you want to scroll

down to the second one that says how can

I find my routing number so we'll go

ahead and click on that all right once

you click on that then this article will

open up it says how can I find my

routing number and what you want to do

is go ahead and scroll down a little bit

further and right here is the list of

routing numbers now keep in mind that

each state that you open your account in

has a different routing number so as you

can see the routing number for

Connecticut is different than the

routing number for New York so just kind

of keep that in mind also when you're

looking at the state that's in reference

to where you opened your account not

where you live because it is possible

that you open the account and let's say

Delaware but then you move to Michigan

just because you live in Michigan does

not mean you will use this routing

number for citizens bank you will use

the Delaware routing number so that's

the first way I know to find your ABA

routing number for citizens bank the

next way is with your checkbook so with

your checkbook that was issued through

citizens banks what you can do is to

simply look at a paper check you open up

the paper checkbook and then at the

bottom is your routing number account

number and then a check for citizens

bank usually the routing number is going

to be on the bottom left hand side the

first nine digits however sometimes the

bank will put the routing number in the

middle so it is possible your bank will

put account number then routing number

then check number so just be sure to

verify it again with citizens bank as

far as I'm aware usually it's here on

the left side if yours happens to be in

the middle be sure to leave a comment

below what if you don't have your

checkbook well that's pretty easy all

you want to do is just go back here to

the website for citizens bank go back to

the main screen and once you're here on

the main screen what you want to do is

go ahead and click login once you're

here then you want to go ahead and go

log in to your personal banking and

inside the personal banking what you

want to search for is transaction

history or recent transactions once

you've pulled that up be sure to use the

search function and look for any paid

canceled checks so for example if you

wrote a check out to pay for your

mortgage your car loan maybe somebody

with a paper check you'll be able to

pull up an image of that check that has

already been paid and cancelled it's

gonna look just like it would inside

your checkbook except for it's a digital

image and then same thing just look

towards the bottom left and look for

your routing number so there you have it

that's the three ways I know how to find

your citizens bank ACH routing number if

you know a different way be sure to

leave us a comment below let the rest of

us know but I hope you found the video

useful if so click thumbs up and thanks

for watching