The Chick-Fil-A Full Menu Challenge


all right so I have a chick place deluxe

this bicycle on a grill club 12 count

nugget for cows did you get one of

everything pretty much does it go right

it's gonna be hundred dollars and fifty


all right this looks amazing

oh my god all right guys welcome to the

video today's challenge is none other

than the full chick-fil-a menu challenge

we've got right here is 18 different

chick-fil-a menu items nobody didn't get

every single thing on the chick-fil-a

menu I didn't get the Greek yogurt I

didn't get the food cup come on my

mentality was get everything on the

chick-fil-a menu that was that's unique

or iconic to chick-fil-a and that's

exactly what I did okay so we've got all

three of chick-fil-a's sandwiches in the

deluxe versions that is the chick-fil-a

deluxe sandwich the spicy deluxe and the

grilled chicken club we all sorted all

three of the different nugget chicken

nugget varieties got 12 piece right here

of their chicken nuggets 12 piece of

their grilled nuggets and a four piece I

believe this is before piece yes of

chicken strips to complement the three

burgers I figured why not order to be

orders of large french fries I got one

of the three different salads I chose

the Cobb salad there chicken cool rap

without knowing so cool about it three

chocolate chip cookies and border of

their chicken noodle soup or chicken

soup they caught it oh my I notice on

the website they have got

own chick-fil-a potato chips so check

these out and in the beverages we've got

a large Diet Coke a large chick-fil-a's

sweet nice tea a lot of vanilla

milkshake and a large frosted coffee so

all in all I made a mistake of there I

said eighteen there's actually 16

different menu items here for a total of

20 because of the fries and the chip

cookies all the 20 items clocking at

seven thousand four hundred and forty

calories of chick-fil-a food and

beverage they don't make it so close up

for you guys we're gonna dig in the

chick-fil-a full menu

ciao alright guys you know the jail time

will be for you guys right here I'm

gonna time it myself

purfling just to see where I'm going um

we got a pop this one out it's kind of

fat bucket of chicken on one side this

is not an equal bite type of Sam she's

got a wine and chicken on that side a

lot of it to the bull on that side

chick-fil-a full menu chomps in five

four three two one and start

- good sound I didn't like that my first

bite was literally mouth for trick

this one's a good a second let's give

this my shot this is the healthy burger

missile where there's like healthier at

the same time we've got bacon on it

what we find for chick-fil-a sauce

that's our bad yeah I can do this off

you got me all right the weird is

chicken nuggets I've ever seen in my

entire life

just another clip chicken me telephone

even tops

I went back to the chick-fil-a sauce

works and everything I only did that

oversee not touch the check for a sweep


pull roll show you put the help all

right you guys can't see it

okay let's fill it to the top and this

is the chicken noodle soup and slow it

down right now

done right on the dot ten minutes the

active like around seventy right water

two American stars tonight flat Berger

we have spicy deluxe I've got left to

sign one three cookies four strips and a

large fry


super servos



cops out


I will sing another song that frankly

you know


thirty minutes coming on all that free

cookies blocks it what come on

we're just complaining right minute 1/2

mungus cookies oh my god notes it done I

know a little bit of wine a little water


that's it funny my producer passed HS

that's his water everything's done

da-dum want some extra sauce yeah so 36

36 minutes 15 seconds

not necessarily impressed we're happy

with that time but I'll take it

Challenge completed regardless on the

entire chick-fil-a menu or the full menu

challenge or whatever you want to call

it 20 total items from chick-fil-a's

menu yeah alright guys well that's it

I'm gonna wrap the video up right there

end it there because there's nothing

else to say Challenge completed I know

why people liked it boy I'm impressed

I'm impressed brother sauce more than

anything and pressed by that whatever

their health sauce is pretty damn good

I wasn't that Fry's baleen supers

Progresso burgers were good not good for

good I couldn't enjoy this but I

couldn't enjoy the cookies alright I

hope you join the video thanks for

watching I'll see you in the next food