How Chick-Fil-A Would be if They had Delivery

hello here's your food sorry there were

five seconds later I went ahead a

problem man you don't have to do that

how are you doing sir like he said we're

terribly sorry for that could be and so

I wouldn't in got to a complimentary

Apple watch to go to million Apple watch

for being five thing I'd laser my

pleasure family saying this record need

a little bit of watches LuAnn didn't got

somebody on that hey it's a little bit

higher than a balloon head and got

somebody to mow that too

hope that's not a problem not at all I'm

not it on okay and just the kiss there's

more than just you in the house we're in

Gaza for extra meals look paint anything

else might need any economy it's a hug

the handshaking with that sauce sauces

we met somebody bring the damn faucet

barbecue we have Rancho chick-fil-a

tarantula do scratches

Oh Dobie let the damn sauces up I do


oh well we knew that someone got you

some towards one of the year in a rabbit

gets your office and their size to live

in just in case is that your size

that's my perfect side you know what we

looked you up on Facebook and make sure

we bought all sides and bought eight

nine ten anything like oh my gosh Thank

You Unni oh my my pleasure why not have

a nice day you too oh wait so we'll be

on here for an extra hour just

occasionally need refills napkins

anything like that

thank you gotta have a nice day man

my ball what's up at all you know I'm

saying we just in the house my children

all do you tell me why they ain't

dropping old content cuz we don't do

that don't do that do you

he said he started to he said we don't

do that look that's what that's y'all

get over here you know yeah now we play

on we playing but look though we do God

a lot of concert coming this week I'm

talking four videos cash money mark was

already ready to go so how am i lying

I could have posted casual anymore today

I just want to go ahead and get this

small one-minute video out the way

because I know how y'all do yeah oh here

we go

mark and posting one-minute videos

already see puts one minute videos

leaving lane what nobody say there but I

just want to say please so some little

hey turn on the post notifications cuz

we call a strong this week

Paul cuz I know how y'all be Paul's real

stopping cuz they don'ts gonna get in

the comments say no but look I said vlog

or something this level you hear me

not four videos coming this week though

ya know y'all ready see well yeah yeah

and what I tell you let me tell you one

more time and this is the last time I'm

gonna tell you our boys last time I tell

you our boys hey uh what this is what

this is a

that's it Balu go we out video come on

Reza peace out peace out

turn on pose another case is if you

don't do it