Waterfront Airport Hotel, Mactan Cebu (Breakfast Buffet)


I'm here just before going into

waterfront hotel to get my awesome

breakfast you can see it behind me


well it doesn't look really special but

I can tell you that it is obviously the

number one choice when you are at the

airport and have some time to wax it and

that's what I'm going to do it is 880 P

so but it's worth when you go on long

trip because this election is great

bacon looks fine well later on I gonna

go for some of that Danish breakfast

stuff and let's see I have six hours to


I'm good with that it's like a good

hotel with some part local divination

food while a lot of different rice

garlic rice release arise then parse it

I want to get here look on it that's

kind of Filipinos small class Luba kind

of thing a vodka Senora kind of sausages

and some beef tapa which I really really

like that is that really looks yummy a

and stuff you're getting little funny

things you may not understand so here we

are penis which is kind of crap let's

dance up some tongue it which many

people feel

like but it is something like absolutely

delicious for this region of Asia some

- yo which are tiny little fish dried

fish and if they don't stink like those

at the market oh absolutely no problem

the next section you get some real good

kind of thingy before I just walk around

the wrong side of the menu anyway so

yeah you go yogurt fruit compote

go yoghurt office of the sheriff your

work before we come to the important

things in life

bacon bacon because there's nothing in

the world about bacon and hash browns

that's how a good breakfast has to be

now having that series


it also continues with some lovely let's

say cutter fish fillet which I want to

show you in a second hmm that's really

yummy I had that already before of

course white breakfast sausages and last

but not least baked beans baked beans

they're also not too sweet have a little

bit the sweet taste so this is about the

center section you also get some fresh

salad kind of stuff if you are more into

rapid food in the middle you have a

beautiful centerpiece with different

kind of bread it almost looks like

decoration but of course it can eat it

you can correct whatever you want of

that and of course sugar and some sweet

stuff peanut butter chocolate blueberry

jam and so on so yeah you definitely get

some good yummy food here behind us


you can order that's what


beautiful little salons like chicken

formula salad

kimchi for our Korean friends we eat

potatoes salads and peanut an apple

salad actually a meat and of course last

but not least cold cuts well again



we stopped here for the next section

we get again to the more healthy stop it

really green let yours

red tomatoes which is not


too early before getting






and a lot of different


Malaga is a very special kind of tree

Bush here it helps you against

everything no matter if you have AIDS

are broken or broke or suffer from

cancer or just have at least our own

baby book another guy that's what it

helps and more French dressing Caesar

dressing Ranch dressing Thousand Island

dressing vinaigrette dressing I mean

really name it and it's here I'm going

for the last one which is a little bit

something sweet now if I ended with some

blueberry Danish and jam and of course

let's not forget that peanut butter

anyway but after that I'm guessing I'm

really stuffed

maybe if another cup of coffee

then think about how to pass the next

four and a half hours because you can

your regular juices and iced tea or

ensures iced tea very yummy the lemon

water of course you can have plain water

also for a little bit sweet in the

morning some people because some

cupcakes and of course the Danish puff

pastry stuff which you do not want to

miss out to try a piece or two until

that beautiful beautiful lovely lady

making our cracks if we actually order

them or the pancake she's in charge for

everything and of course she's in charge

for the sweet smile

Mabel Syrah cherry blueberry orange

chain and all the other yummy stuff

where you just dream of waffles pancakes

so when you stay in school this is the

place to come and look out for that

smile now after this beautiful and with

filling breakfast I'm ready for a long

trip I turn a little bit around I hope

you still can see everything this is

kind of the entrance that we are from

the airport side of Mactan waterfront

hotel where I just finished a real real

good breakfast now is there still

something like four hours for me to

waste and well the first thing you do is

when you get out after breakfast you

have a cigarette well you know it's a

smoker you always find the corners with

a beautiful view where nobody really

cares one of the secrets why nobody

really cares that I'm smoking here is

it's in the Sun and we all know that if

you know snowcone the Sun knows

smoking no smoking mafia and sheriff so

you can actually have everywhere Sonny

when it's a little bit raining because

they also don't go into the rain anyway

from ice I'd highly recommend that

breakfast of a yes cost some money and

for and some greedy 400 800 I keep it so

well school that you know it's something

like $15 $15 12 euros or 13 euros so

fair enough for me good deal

see you inside the airport