I could troubleshooting but a few minor

fixes but you serve a full hour period

so you can't do anything okay okay all

right yep okay well you know hey


so recently when I did that stream with

Jessa Jones we were on the phone and one

of the things that I remember her

discussing with me was how would you

respond to this statement from Apple we

want to make sure our customers always

have confidence that products will be

repaired safely and correctly and in a

way that supports recycling we are

continually growing our network of

certified technicians and most recently

announced that any Best Buy store in the

United States is now an authorized

service provider what do I think of that

statement and how do I think that is

going to relate to consumers being able

to get good experiences whether it's

something as complex as a logic board or

pair of data recovery a machine not

charging and turning on or even

something as simple as replacing the

battery and iPhone 10s which as you know

if I were to do it would give you an

error that says service well I didn't

have an answer at the time it's exactly

how I felt about that but I'd like to

see how they would handle certain

situations over here I have a working a

1706 MacBook Pro this is the 15-inch

machine from 2016 this is in fine good

order great working condition now

one of the things that I've gone over

with many of the touch bars in many of

my live streams and edited videos as you

can see here and here one of the very

common things that goes wrong with this

machine is that a capacitor on ppbut g3

hot will short to ground typically a

tantalum one and when that happens the

machine will be dead and not turn on

this can occur even if there's no liquid

damaged in the machine and no drop

damage it it is what it is it is after

all a MacBook I'm kind of kidding this

is one of the simplest things to fix for

a number of reasons the first is that it

is typically something that you can spot

visually so the component will look bad

so even if you don't have electronics

knowledge you can simply scan over the

board and go home me see broken me

replace broken it work without having to

turn on your brain the second is if

you're using your brain it's the first

power rail on the list after you see

that the charger works beeping budget

III how does the first rail that you


after you see that the charger turns on

and works because the charger turns on

and works then you know your PP 3 V 3

under square G 3 how it works so I'm

kind of curious how it is that that they

would handle this kind of situation over

at a Best Buy and while I was only able

to hypothesize how they'd be able to

handle on the phone with Jessa tonight

for the line Mary subscriber video we're

gonna find out so this over here as I

said is a lovely nice working MacBook

Pro and we are going to change that so

let's just go up here and show you the

desk camera first thing I want to do is

I want to show you exactly what this

looks like on the bottom of the machine

so for the CBC news piece we had chosen

a random machine from someplace and even

though it didn't have liquid damage

these stickers had changed color even

though I'd went over the board one of

the things that got edited out of that

video which was which you know wasn't a

preference of mine was the part I went

over the board the microscope and I

showed you that there is absolutely no

evidence of liquid on it and I would

like to just show you what the liquid

damage indicators look like on this

macbook so there's usually one on this

side of the machine and as you can see

it has not turned at all and if we go

over here you'll see that this one has

not turned colors and you'll see that

even under here right by the battery

screw this here looks totally fine so

what I'm going to do right now is we are

going to take the board out of this

macbook and I am going to take off one

of those tantalum capacitors that often

fails in a natural manner as you can see

in those past two videos that I'll link

to in the description and for the sake

of quickness I am going to take that

capacitor off kill it and then put it

back on the board we're going to see if

they're able to detect this issue and if

so if they're able to repair it if so at

what price and if not can you get the

data basic questions that many consumers

are gonna want to answer one of the

things that is bothersome when you read

these things you hear about companies

certain companies I mentioned in Prior

videos getting access to things like the

genuine parts program when there's a

simplification that well independent

repairs you don't need that you've got

Best Buy and when you read stuff like at

Apple we're dedicated to providing the

best customer service in the world if a

customer ever need

to repair their products you want the me

feel confident that those repairs are

done safely and correctly we're always

looking at how we can reliably expand

our network of trained technicians and

we're excited to partner with every Best

Buy store so it's even easier for our

customers to find an authorized repair

location near them and then this

statement from from Best Buy we love

being there for the our customers no

matter what their Apple need is from

helping them choose the right device -

offering Apple care protection and now

helping fix their devices set Best Buy's

Trish Walker president of services we've

always enjoyed a great partnership with

Apple and were thrilled that together we

may be able to better serve our

customers when you hear these statements

let's just let's see let's see how it is

they they go about this so I'm going to

take the board out and we are going to

take up pass it off and we are going to

reassemble this with that capacitor dead

and see how this goes do I know where

every screw those when I reassemble this

piece of [ __ ] an L knows that's what

he's escaping








all right so as you can see here we have

the MacBooks motherboard









all right so here we have a PP bus cap

and what I'm going to do is I'm going to

take this board that works I'm going to

simply remove a single PP bus cap I am

going to murder it and then I am going

to put it back on the board so as you

can see as we speak over here we have

negligible resistance to ground doesn't

not gonna do anything wrong I am going

to remove that cap

after removing it I will murder it and

that cap will then go back on the


what we are doing here because we are

simply simulating and recreating an

issue that regularly occurs on this

machine but I have live streams

preparing many times for many customers

you know we do that we take this little

cap and now we are going to commit a


beautiful capacitor isn't that a pretty

capacitor we hope that any capacitor

grows up to be just like this capacitor

I bet you would and now we're going to

send 50 volts to this little capacitor

and see what happens to it move on to

commit our murder

ooh that was pretty do you see how the

magic smoke just flew out of that cap

yep that is one dad cap so now the

smelly let's just see if that cap is

acting like a wire turn on a meter back



that cap is now dead and shorted so

we're going to take that cap and put it

back on the board

simulating the issue that I've solved

many times before which is one shorted

tantalum cap on pp bus g3i okay

take that cap



now that power rail is short its ground

this should be a fairly simple repair

for even a first week intern at my store

now we have to put this thing back

together it triggers me when I see that

those rubber pieces are not play placed

on the USBC ports when they get put back

into machines it bothers my OCD or when

Wi-Fi wires are left under the board or

the battery sensor cable

working on this machine is often very

much like being a dentist you say all

right so this is back together and as

you can see it's dead does not turn on

let's see what they say you never know

I have a question do you know where I

can get my macbook fixed well it just

doesn't turn on anymore no no no liquid

dimension okay

where are they because I have it with me

okay okay thank you


No yeah

yeah seven problem with my laptop yes

186 for 17 my Mona shindy

we actually knots on it yeah so if

waited to have the Bluetooth off does

that work no so even if it's all for

naught we will sadly see the module

itself so before I go and open up

usually that module is not detected if

there's a presence of water inside

so what do you suggest so I'm gonna look

at this I'm gonna look inside first if I

show that there are indicators made into

the phone to show this or like any kind

of like liquid damage anything like that

or anything that would stop the repair

from being successful now if there is

anything out like that inside the phone

I have to let you know if you will be

able to clear the screen it's only a

politically adhere us to hold you to

replace it okay what a whole unit place

we will do you need an exact brand new

of that phones

all right place 349 instead I say what's

helping right side drop it in anymore

right and I use the Bluetooth

and for you my good man are the only

appointment we have left for today ok

good yep that's fine you see that okay

all right that's it yeah okay

see you then a few moments later

okay yep good so yeah my MacBook just

doesn't turn on anymore

which is what your I think it's it's

2016 or 2017 remember

hi the origination I said it's a

question how much should I charge for a

broken iPhone which makes a success

oh oh well now it's turning okay that's


love well there you go do me a favor

sign into it okay check for a system

update I'll bet the charge for two hours

and then verify this okay okay all right

um for a little while over here yeah

double check it

just a guess the issue persists go

directly to eat okay so you can't like

okay so if mine was broken I couldn't

shake the troubleshooting but a few

minor fixes but you serve a full hour

period so you can't do anything okay

okay all right

yep okay well you know yeah

turns on yep all right

yeah cuz because when I had it it wasn't

turning on I was like it just wouldn't

start up now now it just does okay okay

it's gonna be out the store so I can't

die I can't do anything on my end to see

anything okay

all right well yeah you too all right I

have no idea what happened there so what

I did is I brought the machine back to

the store this is back when my setup was

in the front of the store rather than

the back of the store and I soldered

wires on to other pp bus camps so from P

P bus g3 hot to ground I had two

distinct wires going PP bus g3 out to

ground on two different sections of the

board so this time we bring it back and

let's see what happens

three hours later

what it's going on what

have you tried to grab the charger no I

don't have another girl roommate in the

second okay




okay it would say because we get my head


how much would it be if I took that

route she attended our shouldn't be any

strong I don't think that we're on it

that's okay you still have to limit it

no this is my 2016

would be

and we'd have to update the system



I mean coming off is it right now

our potato recharge

let me think about it and then




no I wouldn't be benefits did I also


I really don't I mean this is I didn't

buy it myself


so the pectin IV estimate will I be

turns to get to shoot back apartment

telescope as a long beard I'm okay

from us as soon as we receive the

product back from the service since





hello hello hello thank you so much for

holding well um you're not gonna believe

me but what happened is that you don't

actually have to pay anything because

they didn't change anything they

happened and they reconnected everything

okay I think it's that they might clean

the plugs and reconnect everything and

it since that's powering up now and

charging remembering everything

two weeks later








was disconnected or something






I'm talking



any questions so you know we're wrong

yeah like I said we set the batter so it

must have been disconnected or



yeah 3495




all right so sign right here



and this is just actually how you

experience with this way we get a more

official one in the email a couple of

days okay

all these are





yeah just confirm the arrangements

correct it doesn't or the pampers






all right as many of you have likely

figured out if you watch the footage

from Best Buy not only did they claim

that it already worked but they fixed it

and you have the paper mr. uh yeah so

this this is we got his name over here

see that dad

the deposit

a piece-of-crap light yeah so he they

had to pay a $35 deposit 3495 to send it

out they have actually completely

refunded him that deposit so let's see

what happened here with this machine did

do you turn on it turns on there's an

Apple logo okay I gotta open this thing

up and see what's going on inside of it

I am really curious how the hell this

happened at Best Buy actually fix this

MacBook at component-level

let's go for it I got to put this thing

back together nicely since I paid $1,300

for wait it says two minutes remaining

so what is that about wait is it in it

what if it's in an infinite update loop

let's see yeah I'll turn it so the first

time that he went to Best Buy you may

see that this footage there yeah the

thing turned itself back on so what I

did is I not only did I leave that I

kill that capacitor more I think I send

50 volts to it instead of 30 and put it

back on the board but I also ran two

wires between grounds and P P bus g3 hot

it would be funny if there was a gotcha

inside of here when I open this up can

you imagine if we open this and there's

a just like a big gotcha we were

expecting you

yeah do you want to see do you want to

see what the note says what are the

notes a reset battery cable

reset battery cable Wow okay so we're

gonna take the screws out of this

machine I'm I'm curious to see what

happens in two minutes so I'm gonna come

and have it on right now while I'm

taking the screws out but I'm not a nub

so I can take the screws out well it's

on let's see did it ever boot by the way

I said two minutes remaining

okay yep user and it's got that same

little eagle face over there I hate

unscrewing the charge for it never

unscrew the charge port yes because then

it constantly comes out and drives me

crazy it's impossible to test it now if

you're a real champion you can do it

without the rubber piece of snapping off

see that right there those rubber pieces

matter no those are the rubber pieces

that related to the plugging these are

these are rubber pieces for show the

ones that you need for plugging are

important I need those they're rubber

pieces for blowing don't matter because

the direction of flow there is not the

one that's going to get you in trouble

okay so this is up and out okay now for

what everybody's waiting for on the

other side of the u-mall that it's still

there it's still there

look at you you cracked [ __ ] up a

little capacitor let's get that in the

microscope camera oh okay let's see so

look look at you look at you it's thick

look I was hoping that they would have

removed it or at the very least maybe

there was like yeah we knew was you

[ __ ] nice try one sec let's

let's do some measurements okay we have

multimeter software multimeter Esther

okay let's see okay is this working on

the screen no we have to open the

program to Paul Daniels a software died


[ __ ] Paul Daniels okay there we go

okay let's see so if I touch these

together okay now and the power rail

itself three ohms how are you working

the main power L is a 3 ohm short to

ground and it's still turning on no

let's see what look my wires still there

look at it look at it look at it

pp bus G 3 hot is a wire straight to

ground look this is the back there was

another one that I believe I did

yeah look there's another one look I put

2 backup wires the first time we took

this the best bye

this should turn down and best buys so

we said ok something funny and weird is

going on here so instead of just having

that cap that I kill with 30 volts we

kill it with 50 volts i solder two wires

to the board this machine has a 3-2 zero

ohm short two grounds on pp bus g3 hot

and it still turns on and works off of

the battery and the charger and charges

the battery best buy best buy there that

could no this is this is the biggest

troll this shouldn't be happening this

is not possible not only that but

they're not charging and I give up I

give up

you try it hi

let's let's take a look to this command

ik and see if this makes any sense now

so we open up board view okay open

change there's a fuse for the separate

for the battery okay so let's see the

cap that I shorted to ground was the one

all the way over here PP bus HS CPU and

then I also did PP bus itself so let's

see where does this where does this rail

come from pp bus HS CPU

okay so we just had it previous pretty

okay pp bus high side CPU comes from pp

bus g3 hot now let's check out pp budget

let's the check out where the battery

comes into the machine so we know that

where my cap that I sent fifty volts to

that rail that is currently shorted

shorted from that now let's see where's

the battery connection on this J 69 50

alright the battery connection is over


okay so the battery comes into the

computer through here and then goes to

pp bus g3 hot so pp bus g3 hot over here

is shorted to ground and the battery

comes from over here then there's no

path that the battery would have to go

to the [ __ ] system in spite of that

this computer still turns on and works I

have an audience here of people that are

amazed that this Christmas miracle that

occurred at Best Buy listen we we have

we have said that boards were not

fixable when we had in the board shorts

on this rail yet not only is Best Buy

able to fix it for free but it's

continuing to turn on even though it has

a direct short to ground on a main power

line this is a miracle what and they did

it for free people are going to think

this is a sponsored video for Best Buy

this is that how does this how does this

work it doesn't work when it's plugged

in but it shouldn't work off battery

either look look

Jeff look at this this is the rail to

and from battery battery goes through

here through here and look it's about to

go to the system bad this should be bad

this over here is 4 ohms to ground where

is your battery going where is your

battery going I can't kill a MacBook

I want I would get fired from tech Raxus


all right everybody if you want to buy a

little piece of history you can head

over to Rossman group comm slash Best

Buy meme that's

Rossmann group comm slash best buy meme

it will even come in an Apple box that's

gonna have some scuff marks on it

because Apple so that's it for today and

as always I hope you learned something

I'll see you in the next video and we're

gonna be having hi hi do more spy videos

and more secret shopper suit hi hi

alright well he's gonna be coming back

whether he likes it or not

but you'll see him in another video soon

thank you very much and as always I hope

you learned something