I Got a Haircut from One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Barber Shops | One Star Reviews

Don't move, don't move.

If these were sheers I'd cut the skin.

You're not going to remove them right?

You'll just make them nice?

Stay still, don't move. It won't hurt.

Don't move.

<i>Nice sneakers.</i>

Thanks man. I like your shoes too.

<i>Hello, and welcome back to One Star Reviews.</i>

<i>My hair is growing a bit long.</i>

<i>I haven't had a haircut probably</i>

<i>in about three months.</i>

<i>It's beginning to go over the ears.</i>

<i>Definitely going to want this</i>

<i>beard groomed because, as you can</i>

<i>see, it's quite unruly.</i>

<i>Also, I'm probably going to try</i>

<i>to get the eyebrows done because</i>

<i>they're feeling a little crazy.</i>

<i>I guess you could say we're just</i>

<i>getting the works and hopefully</i>

they don't cut my ear off.

<i>Welcome to One Star Reviews.</i>

<i>Today, getting a haircut.</i>


So far I'm seeing a lot of five stars.

<i>Couple four and a halfs.</i>

<i>And I'm going to go all the way</i>

<i>to page nine.</i>

So, I've just stumbled upon Alex

Barbershop, and they seem like

<i>they have a bunch of one star reviews.</i>

<i>I asked for a standard boy cut,</i>

<i>but they shaved my little boy's whole head!</i>

<i>If your kid needs a haircut,</i>

<i>I strongly suggest that you don't come here.</i>

<i>When the owner saw me with the stroller,</i>

<i>he didn't even offer helping me at the stairs</i>

<i>and was rude from the start.</i>

So, apparently they're really

awful with kids at this place.

But I'm not really a kid anymore.


<i>Alex this one's for you.</i>

<i>Go fuck yourself.</i>

<i>- You fucking fuck. - I didn't give him a tip</i>

<i>because of the false advertising</i>

<i>he got my face and threatened to</i>

<i>- "take it outside." - He will not listen to</i>

<i>you. Let me repeat that: he will</i>

<i>- not listen to you. - He bragged during</i>

<i>the haircut that he could beat</i>

<i>- anybody up and how tough he was. - He asked who</i>

<i>the last person to cut my hair was...</i>

<i>And it was him!</i>



<i>If you get the dad,</i>

<i>it's going to be a bad cut.</i>

<i>If you get the son, it's gonna be a bad cut.</i>

And I'm going to go and test

all of their skills. From the

hair, to the eyebrows, to the beard.

Let's do this.

<i>So, Alex Barbers,</i>

<i>is a family owned business, run</i>

<i>by a father and son with equally</i>

<i>bad reviews.</i>

<i>I'm unable to make</i>

<i>an appointment so I'm rolling</i>

<i>the dice and we'll just see who I get.</i>

We've arrived uptown and

we sent our producer in and he's

<i>been in there for a while so I'm</i>

<i>a little scared.</i>

<i>I hear that the guy won't put a</i>

microphone on. I hope everything

works out because I really want

this haircut.

<i>After some pleading, I was</i>

<i>granted entry but under strict</i>

<i>rules: just a cut and a 15 minute window.</i>

- Hi, how are you? - Hi.

How's it going?

- It's good. You want a haircut? - I'm Taji.

Do you have any photos I can check out?

Sure, there's a lot of photos.

<i>30 is good, too.</i>

<i>Do you think 30 is good?</i>

That's pretty nice.

<i>No way was I going for the 30.</i>

<i>I don't want to kids cut,</i>

<i>especially not in here after</i>

<i>some of the reviews I've read.</i>

Oh, you know what one I like?

Can you-- Do you think you can do a number 20?

<i>I like that.</i>


<i>You could do the beard like that?</i>


<i>With the look fully locked in,</i>

<i>I was ready for my</i>


<i>Not a kid, huh?</i>

What's up?

Not a kid.

Nah, I'm not a kid.


You said, "Not a kid?"

No, a lot of hair.

Oh, lot of hair.

Oh, sorry.

Do you cut-- Do you cut this guy's hair?


- It looks pretty good. Not bad. - It's good.


He's a good guy.

Did you hire him to come here?

So it looks like you did a good job?

Have you ever done like, a design?



I'll make a V in the back.

A V?

If you want I'll do a Z. It's a new style, 2019.


<i>2017, D.</i>

That's too old, no good.


What do you think?

I think the V can be cool.

So, you do people of all ages?

- You know, never a problem? - Yeah, I'm doctor for this, doctor.


Maybe professor sometimes.

Somebody uses one blade for one day.

I change for everybody.

- Really? - New one, new one.

Yeah, that seems best.

Probably more sanitary to change

- the blade definitely. - Don't move, okay?


<i>So, you do a few different</i>

things at this barbershop,

not just the hair?

<i>Shoe repair, c</i>leaners, everything.

Sorry, I think I have a hair

- in my mouth. - Sometimes cooking too,

egg and cheese.

Sorry, I think I just have a little hair here.

Thank you.

<i>So far so good.</i>

<i>But the antique headrest was</i>

<i>starting to dig into the back of</i>

<i>my head.</i>

<i>But while I had Alex Barber's</i>

undivided attention. Sorry, I just got to

rest. One sec. Is this like a--

Sorry, okay. We're good.

<i>It felt like the perfect</i>

<i>time to get his feedback on</i>

<i>some of the negative reviews.</i>

<i>So, I was checking out a few in the reviews</i>

<i>someone mentioned, I don't know, that</i>

it wasn't a great place for kids?

<i>And they said something about like,</i>

<i>if you use scissors it could more?</i>

I mean you seem pretty nice,

I'm just wondering why-- maybe

- where they got the idea. - Okay, don't talk.

Is there any sort of like thing

- you could-- Okay. - Go back, go back, go back.

<i>The headrest issue was distracting me from my mission.</i>

<i>So, I was excited for the luxury</i>

<i>part of the experience: the head</i>




Chinese massage.

There's like, a hard thing behind me though.

Is this this like kind of--

We're gonna see how much tip you give me now,


after that.

Before no.

No, go back.

Tough customer.

Whoa, that's nice.


I told you, if you give me something, you know?

<i>They had gone to the effort of putting a sign up</i>

<i>declaring the people of Yelp</i>

<i>loved them.</i>

<i>Perhaps they had been</i>

<i>misrepresented and these reviews</i>

<i>were actually just from a bunch</i>

<i>of annoying customers.</i>

Have you ever had any annoying

customers ever though you have to deal with?


If you're hungry with no lunchtime.

That's about it?

Yeah. If you have no lunch and no breakfast,

maybe somebody.

That's why I'm working fast, you know?

Got get ready for lunch.


- So that way you don't-- - Not me, not me.

- Oh I see. Customers. - Customers.

So, as long as the customers had

lunch usually they're alright.

If you have no lunch, no tea,

this... you know?

Are you ready for this?


You weren't playing games with the V.


Could we get a photo?

Thank you.

<i>Alex had honored me with my own very</i>

<i>place on the photo board.</i>

This is it.

Is this where we go our separate ways?

<i>With my fresh new look, I found</i>

<i>an opportunity to talk to Alex's</i>

<i>son and colleague about one</i>

<i>review in particular that was</i>

<i>really getting to me.</i>

<i>Parents came in giving a</i>

technology, phone, and the barber

got distracted, you know, because

the kid will not pay attention.

So, the barber cut its-- the finger.

He told the parent, "Take the phone, put it away."

<i>But he thinks like Starbucks,</i>

you know, add some vanilla, add some this. This or that.

But a simple haircut. You say which one and we do it.

<i>For sure.</i>

The chairs are comfortable so you

<i>don't have to sit in those other salons.</i>

<i>Not a kid, huh?</i>

Yeah, number 20.

Make you feel like, chilled out, you know?

For sure.

<i>I was definitely off to a rocky</i>

<i>start when showing up at Alex Barbershop.</i>

<i>I asked him about some of the</i>

<i>negative reviews, which he</i>

<i>deflected as if they were all</i>


<i>Perhaps he is living in his own</i>

<i>world, where all he is here to do</i>

<i>is cut hair and not worry about</i>

<i>pleasing anyone.</i>


<i>I was there to get my hair cut</i>

<i>and that is what he did, and a</i>

<i>hell of a job at it.</i>

<i>The fade is on point, and the V in</i>

<i>the back was a nice added 2018</i>

<i>flare, according to Alex that is.</i>

<i>However, I was extremely</i>

<i>uncomfortable the entire time, as</i>

<i>the sharp head rest dug in the</i>

<i>back of my neck.</i>

<i>At the end,</i>

<i>I got to chat with his son, who</i>

<i>gave me more insight on the</i>

<i>negative reviews.</i>

<i>People definitely do overreact</i>

<i>and take things to heart when</i>

<i>sometimes the barber is not to blame.</i>

<i>Alex's dedication of barber</i>

<i>tradition and attention to</i>

<i>details was definitely impressive.</i>

<i>Even though I felt as</i>

<i>if I could be kicked out at any</i>

<i>given moment,</i>

<i>I do not regret the experience</i>

<i>because I got an awesome haircut.</i>

<i>Hey, maybe barbers are not</i>

<i>supposed to be nice.</i>

If you do go there,

keep your mouth shut,

don't complain about the prices,

don't take out your cell phone,

and you'll get a good cut.

<i>Easy to find a nice Chinese girlfriend.</i>


Chinese girl is good.

Don't lose money too much.

Is this the kind of haircut, you

think, potentially a Chinese girl could like?