Guide to Gillette Stadium | Gillette World Sport

a visit to Gillette Stadium

Massachusetts USA to discover how

precise design benefits the fans and

athletes of two elite sports teams

Gillette Stadium began construction in

2000 was completed in 2002 we are home

to National Football League's New

England Patriots Major League Soccer's

New England Revolution but in addition

to that we host literally any type of

event you can think we have lots of

concerts over the past decade we're in

the top 10 of all outdoor stadiums in

terms of volume last year we were fourth

in the US and we were six worldwide so

yeah we're busy but we like it that way

capacity of Gillette Stadium right now

is 66 thousand eight hundred stadium

itself stands 16 stories tall

the whole stadium encompasses 1.9

million square feet on NFL game we have

5000 people supporting the operations of

the game and what's interesting on an

NFL gameday stadium itself is the 11th

largest city or town in the Commonwealth

of Massachusetts

many of the 5,000 strong staff are

responsible for the major operation of

transforming the playing area for two

different sports we typically like to

have two full days between a soccer

match and a football game it takes us

two days to take all the football

markings off so we like to have a clean

pitch for MLS and apart from the pitch

there are various other things that

changed you know last night the soccer

goals were outside and we'll roll those

out tonight we'll put the NFL go polls

on different types of benches for both

teams we're home to two professional

franchises so we want to do for both of

them is make it look and feel like their


Gillette was built with a fan in mind

all the seats angled toward the 50

whereas some stadiums if you're sitting

near the endzone and on the sidelines

you're looking directly across the

endzone not here

everything's curved toward the 50 at all

levels and we found here both for soccer

and for football it's a communal event

people come here to be with others to be

with friends and we specifically

designed the stadium to create communal

areas where people can gather outside of

their actual seat every team looks for

home-field advantage is and when people

say are you going to build a dome in

Foxborough Massachusetts it gets cold in

the winter well our fans are Hardy souls

and we would never do that but the real

reason for not doing it is our team gets

the practice in this bad weather

year-round some teams from other parts

of the country come in here and they're

not used to practicing in these types of

conditions it gives our team a real

advantage this not only is their home

stadium but it's also their practice

facility so they're here 24/7 365

we have best-in-class weight rooms

training rooms that have hot tubs cold

plunges steam rooms sauna you know a

hydro pool for rehab or for conditioning

so it was designed with you know with

winning in mind and what can we do to

put our professional athletes in the

best position to win the precision with

which the athletes can prepare behind

the scenes is matched by the meticulous

design of the playing surface itself

this pitch is company called field turf

it's the revolution 2.5 2.5 is the

length of the fibers that you see behind

us or 2.5 inches tall what we like about

this surface it allows us to do multiple

events if we had grass and I think any

athlete would tell you they prefer to

play on a perfect grass field but in New

England when the weather is bad and with

the number of events we do we couldn't

keep a perfect pitch so our players both

our NFL players and our major league

soccer players prefer this surface

because it gives them a consistent

surface every time they come out when

athletes running whether they're chasing

a soccer ball or the trying to catch a

pass from Tom Brady they're not looking

down and if we have an uneven grass

service that's going to cause more

injuries than a perfect

FieldTurf filled the carpet itself is in

filled with sand and rubber and what's

unique is the mix of sand and rubber is

more fine-tuned for the professional

athlete what they need is a firmer

footing beneath them not as much give

enough giving it to be safe but to try

to mimic you know a good natural grass

field in the history of Gillette Stadium

we've never canceled again we have a

heating system beneath the field so we

have over 12 miles of small tubing that

runs throughout the entire field in

which we pump glycol through so as the

weather gets bad here we can heat up the

field to maintain the same consistency

on the top and then believe it or not

when we get some level of snow we can

melt snow on top of it

both our soccer team or a football team

loved playing here on game day when you

look up and you see 67,000 people here

they're right on top of you they're loud

the Patriots have the best home record

in the NFL since we open so that's kind

of testament to not only the team but to

the design