1979 National Championship game: Michigan State vs Indiana State (Full game)


Michigan State Kentucky made a deal to

beating Michigan State is to take the

early lead when the Spartans get it from

the right they're really traveling

Johnson tripped over a foot and

Indiana State it was Brad Miley a very

good defensive basketball player and

he's the guy going to have that

responsibility six eight so there won't

be any posted up out my name's ray Steve

Reed unheralded an excellent show so far

here is the great Claire Berger

bird is gone ahead and playing the same

kind of offense that they would against

the man event

I don't think Indiana's Natron be honest

a man a man mr. David Fossum it was all


watch this double stack down here for a

Larry Bird to try to get open early


one of the great things that our good

zone matchup defense he's a great

rebounder and never has to make an

outlet fast because he is the outlet

pass himself Nick's cuts him out from

underneath but he made this shot anyway

look at him just a sophomore many hope

you'll stay around to compete on the

collegiate level

and also in the Olympics in Russia five

to two Michigan State and the

three-point play by Oliver






Larry Bird also it's a guy that can grab

it off the board to take it up court not

as flamboyantly as Johnson does but he

knows what he's doing when he has that

ball Larry first trying to get in the

middle of the zone and manhandled calls

in them




kelsey over the top to indiana state and

you notice is matched up with calilarry

both ends of the floor but they put bird

on charge because you know he's not

expendable but Phil Hart coming right

after me play this game



Burt's gonna try to know it through the

matchup zone taking Ben's with him it's

all about not the following through

because when he gets it he can make the

play Johnson


Jenny still a little upset with it but

Larry Bird right away here comes a

timeout coming up has decided to go over

on the other side of that zone here

comes the play turnaround jump shot not

there this is us inside

Gilbert goes up he's a great leaper from

inside an interesting early timeout

called by Michigan State's Jud Heathcote

we played less than three minutes in

Salt Lake City Michigan State leads by

one Michigan State's Jud Heathcote

called that time and he's agonizing


they made a terrific blue into coach

only two minutes and 45 seconds have

been used up in the game there's

something wrong inside to its own with

Larry Ferry cut across it he adjusted it

if Larry Bird makes this free throw he

becomes the number five score and

College history he now joins a select

group Pete Maravich Freeman Williams

Oscar Robertson Elvin

now I think they're gonna bring magic

more outside because Miley handles him

down there when he posts up he might be

better off playing a guard musician


bird is on kilter not sorry

NIC's again shine land he's gonna slow

it down

oh I passed my bird

Gilbert didn't come to meet the past

that time it was their watch on the weak

side to helping out inside on the bucket

if Johnson closed up birds will help out

it counts the pull off closed up Miley


Alex Gilbert tried to help out that time

when he helped out no guard pulled back


Gilbert baseline urban Johnson




every set of play inside Kell sir makes

his move now coming over to try to help

out what happened Marlene ever shifted

over run Charles Waddell

Indiana State with Walter


just referred going across the base

Lander zone and kind of missed in the

middle here which I said the top ago

killers godly suits rarely

Gregg Keller has a great first step and

what he's doing is giving Larry Bird a

lot they're trying to help him out a

little bit there for other people were

up and away from the ball

Harold Nicoll 20-footer way short dial

against the law Karam

remember the most evil Blair this game

raise your company

is honored

biggest way that was the best offensive

play of the game so far


next has it stolen away

we're comin smart


great outlet pass by Magic Johnson we

talk again about as a building now here

we have the playwright before kelsa feet

third on the baseline Gilbert didn't

slide over to protect here we have Magic

Johnson throwing the ball out three on

one as you said dick bercovich takes it

right to the hole read not in position

to stop him coming on down they call a

foul on read when read moved his arm

that's a foul if you get the fishing you

must hold and not move any part of your

body otherwise the blocking foul bill

Hobbs is trying to get an advantage over

their television assistance just relax

and sit down there was a blocking call

he calling

I can't believe he did because he

certainly didn't cut his legs out


flagrant Paul I can't buy that one at


bercovich the best

shooter for the Spartans this is the

front end he's eighty four point seven



a flagrant foul Alamance got to

deliberately try to cut your legs out

from underneath he was just standing

there way


most anyone else out

grandchild's picking up bird trying to

cross the lane and indiscernible goes

past the lane he's picked up by counsel

watch him come to the club

shut this shot

short jumper needed

we got hundred a-year he wanted to kill

to Alex we couldn't get it at Johnson

the culture and a foul


Billy I think Celtic cleared out that

time before he put the shot up when he's

inside off he might have the thing

that's so amazing about Magic Johnson is

the pressure he puts on a defense

bringing up this message for the score

14 a Michigan State and 814 minutes to

play no dick there's so much adrenaline

flowing but if you play against Michigan

State early you've got to be patient but

look mr. Hogan you're not going to be

able to get that shot up right away

against the matchup zone they play Greg

gelser looking for you


60 day plan

less than six minutes


they start back ahead zone up making it

tougher and tougher to get it inside


got away burn and he was fouled by

Donnelly maybe it pisses a little

psyched up dude makes Dibble the ball

twice Larry made a little mistake then

when he felt the hand on him he should

have put the ball at the basket we've

been an automatic two-shot foul instead

of just a one-shot pile take the ball

out beside Ron Charles almost playing

Birdman the



their sixth and seventh man are equal of

better than their fourth and fifth man

he's from a small Indiana town 150

populations Cory

dick now they put unusual defensive

backs up so because they have three

guards in the game which is we're gonna

have to see which one of those three

guards going to take Magic Johnson for

the simple reason that Miley would be

have to go back inside

Bobby is not a god he could play God a

place bird inside


where there

six points looks like Heaton's going to

take the center position Bachelet its



six 13 minutes left first half


Oh Nick's got a stock perky

Heath go Mike

man in the game right now he


her mouth they apparently was struck



I'll text him


a very small team in the game and you

really have domination on the inside he

got Charles a great leaper in the middle

tell sir of course the great leaper and

Magic Johnson all across the front line

I can get up there Indiana State a

little bit up





in football right came right across the

lane it's interesting gentlemen that if

Indiana State wins the Hoosier State

will have two champions those errs have

already won the NIT Indiana State wins

if Michigan State wins then the Big Ten

Conference will draw its chest because

they will have had the

and NCAA champ



they played a foul line extended to take

the foul line over to the side of the

court is the foul

a broken left

that left man all he has to come

anything but a foam sponge and take

around that's an NCAA 1812 Michigan


Magic Johnson from 15

we can hit the outside shot count

3008 for birds

he's broken in this tournament

particularly yes



not just firing up on the

yeah they're looking to get the ball in

there's Knicks inside and a fast

there's Larry Bird constantly most in

trying to get position do you see Magic

Johnson sealed in one way here comes

Charles over double team he goes

underneath the two puts it up left in

and watch him bounce for the offensive

rebound he is a tough player and the

constant movement he has complete

control of his body foul was on break

Kell sir Michigan State his second and

Carroll next looking for the three-point

play just made his fortune


22:15 the Spartans lead cut to live



Jacobson in the game now you really


Oh Charles has six he could in raw

inside Leroy's daily that time an easy

tap and he's very quick off his feet

Bilhah just realized he's almost small

and gozman rutland check that zone from

this long angle you see how those white

shirts really do jet inside he was mom

one of the reasons there's Vincent can't

react that fast is only about 80 percent

recovered from the foot injury and here

you have the bigger lineup coming back

the day of bill Hodges done Heathcote

two guys really staying with this

ballgame you Ron Charles

five he kept alone matchups are so

important music

oh yes daily and yes Gilbert and his


22:16 he can have his first point gone

pork pick machine was levy years of age

they got sixty stitches left on 2017

stay by fire

winner replaces the University of

Kentucky basketball



the game for Indiana State he's from

Tampa Florida went to Jefferson High

School oh he just trying to get make

sure that Magic Johnson doesn't get the

ball down always trying to fight him off

defensively before he ever handles it

you see it right here and I watched him

he doesn't want magic to get that ball

using his hand trying to get advantage

and there was the father inside in

johnson chris bailey



that's a closed pool underneath there

Billy well excellent position again by

Larry Bird boy he he has his feet movin

all the time

gets a position both the score and the

rebound Gregg Kelso sitting down over

there thank you have

two files are right


I believe in the first half you saved a

man the to file said can hate the same

man for three when he gets both miles

let him go no good kid he's coming back

Magic Johnson Larry Bird some music in

slow motion dog go in after there's

Larry Bird's mother


so it was funny the other night happy

the game she said too many turnovers 34

points but she was looking at that




rebound Donnelly

secondary players are not




Johnson de Berkovitz


he gets the file he stopped easy layup

Larry Bird little up 7 himself missing

that shot here you go Magic Johnson

throwing up and look at bird hustling

down to Florida he was under the basket

for the highest





he's playing on a very sore


maybe this basket right here


very important call Nick's gotta start

penetrating it

that either kickoff


skel sir left him in his tracks

Kell sir is lightning-quick with that

first step Larry Bird trying to figure

him out a little bit defensively he's

he's gonna back off him beat him with a


you can't play man-to-man out beside

when they isolate push to his left arm

inside that time and what's asking him

you know physically to go and play Kelso

and one in the floor and and be

constantly moving in the offensive end

is tough team fouls both have sex

Johnson Kent Connecticut is home


shooting foul both teams from now on

we'll go to the one-to-one Gilbert a

great leaper junior college item 7 vo

chapter Modesto or with men

yes a 40 inch vertical company Magic

Johnson incredibly fine free-throw

shooter and there's a member of the

Johnson family that's his grandfather


Roka swing that time is laying on the


he's going up lot of bodies battling no

question about the

to the floor

got filed right here watch him get

knocked to the floor and they say it's

Michigan State out-of-bounds tough call

he lets it go back at the end in



I snuck in


but bird showing offensively is


the real competitor has all the great

players alternate macaws basco are

beautiful block


Smyly in the ballgame to take him out of

there Staley at times coming in off the

bench we'll see it here and you were

right ticket never would have gone into

the basket but I think what Bill Hodges

does well in the substitutions he gives

a try al as you pointed out his sixth

and seventh men may be better than his

is a majority

all play it out of the game from mistake

he takes him out for defense

topic kilter can't handle the rebound

great score michigan state history with

their top rebounder

bird hasn't yet found out where he

really wants to get the ball against

this matchup

and your space heaters in the middle ow

that's a tough matchup


you notice they don't get the ball Magic

Johnson till he get into the offensive


that's hard to believe there that was a

little touch smile on magic and the

before we had a guy blasted in the for

girl Hodgins

some of you watching the Indiana State

Michigan State the first time bill

Hodges took over as head coach this year

when Bob King the veteran coach at

Indiana State suffered a heart attack in

that surgery for brain aneurysm Bob King

is here to cooperate until the athletic

director in cheering young bill Hodges

first-year head coach perfect 33 and Oh

way off the line Gilbert so firstly bad

they throw shooter but Berg


got a record

Alex Gilbert shoots 27% from the foul

line when he makes one down at Terre

Haute the whole student body stands up

in the floods and you were trying to

challenge him to a little one-on-one

yesterday he almost breaks the glass

when he shoots a foul shot 26 the 19 or

that defense clogs things up so


they sure that was partially blocked by


NIC's beautiful passage over and a foul

on Berkovitz you saw Johnson leap in the

air magic thought they were going to

call it on him

Nix is stunt to create problems inside

the zone now they have to have this

Knicks got to have a good game

to neutralize the zone inside yes the

machinery I'm pretty good block coming

over the top by bercovich had his head

right on the ball no burn again 27% free

throw shooter and he is now this year 20

out of 77

you know what's amazing about him too is

the fact that he has decent form it's

got to be concentration on his part well

over three Luke Chamberlain had the same

problem I believe he's just a play to

shut off the backboard

refire go further out into the area

where you have your own bed

inside is missing this far


in a bucket this trip down court turn

with a quits


he pushed in neighborhoods getting a

little frustrated not because he can't

find an opening in which he can get us

off as it will started but watch he

drops his shoulder in the moment get the

ball over here gives a head fake watches

he gets a head fake now drops his

shoulder in there and it barely touch

the state court sports here Indiana

before a timeout




anytime Larry Bird touches it that about

three people in this area

he's automatic doesn't tighten up push

the shut up the same way every time you

missed about four shots in a row

one exactly the same form

10.0 magic Johnson

food a good job out there Jud

Heathcote said he'll play as long as he

has to


the breed has to start shoot from the

top of that King



seven points

now Magic Johnson's moving to the

backcourt going to start his own

finally on

defensively out of balance the Michigan

State when Magic Johnson brings to boil

up he's going to pass off the water that

God been post-doc five minutes 14

seconds left in the first half the smart

slayed the Sycamores by seven let's

check statistically on the Johnson Bird


it's with 10 points

each with one assist and bird has two

more rebound then Lola five minutes left

to go for the hands go Sara Johnson


really have four frontcourt men in the


for Michigan State and bercovich is a

good leader in a massive storm they've

changed their zone defense completely

mix way off the mark rebound Charles


every time

tell sir


this is going to be a very critical time

for Indiana


all the lead into that zone somebody has

to be open



I'm pushing for vision

and Magic Johnson has his third foul

are we going to see the play of course

Kelsey's already moved getting himself

in position look at the timing here

between those two great individual Magic

Johnson this year


once no five times each member during

the year they don't have it under

statistical seed but three fouls to sit

down the Magic Man has to our Michigan

State if nothing else just emotionally

he gives that team such a spirit well

the thing I think is I believe judge

really loved the team he had on the

floor at this given time with his core

pigment in the game razón was really

going to be tough one

Miley has not scored in the game Kelsch



the largest of the game while shooting

is hurt Indiana State that was the point

of a one-on-one that time inside Intel



need a basket bed


I'm surprised later spun himself over

and else's side all the time tell sister

to greatly grown airplane Charles is too

so he saw the five

oh yes Charles has taken that back line



TJ mentioned being able to play we

really helped michigan snake

nice play by Charles intercepts


a station a hard man to man


we go around

my comics

pick up



plus plenty of photos features much more

contained in this position send a check

or money order


Lexington Kentucky 405 nine

preceding message was furnished by the

NCAA now nobody's trying to screen any

of those front guys they've got to get

some guard play out here taken some



all you know


Gilbert's of Indiana State else are

going for the RAM and they hit the iron

watch how high they get up excuse me

Polly go ahead you knew it was coming

Brad Molly's been kind of lulled to

sleep a little bit by Kelsey Barry goes

up to great leapers going against each

other Gilbert gets up three bars briefly

for station identification this is the

NBC television network


Dick Enberg withou Maguire and Billy

Packer so Lake City the final game as

79 season Michigan State

the first goal of the game

man that now leads by 11 points although

their star Magic Johnson is on the bench


for indiana state as gilbert with three

takes a rest


looking for his seventh point biggest

lead for Michigan State 35:23 and now

Johnson the Cheerilee

Special K the Great Wall

it's a flex goal it's very

5:25 for free

thank you open some things up for birds

shots by the guy

next a deer interception

Indiana State has been in more close

games at least of late they've won two

games in this tournament by two points

to last two against Arkansas to call

Michigan State has had a relatively easy

time some fun it was a close game it

would be to the advantage of Indiana

State I believe that because Indiana

through admissions play has been


and the tendency to tighten up the

clothes game bercovich had an easy 15

overpass Indiana State gets ever



in the corner give it on area shoot

the automatic method ahem we've left the


Michigan State by six points moving

but patience

dandy country name looks like they're

trying to set up

big difference whether it's a 10-point

or age


psychologically in affection Michigan

stage they can do it out to take over 54


cookie jar 44 stalee it's his second

foul Staley's doing married fella Ron

Indiana State

wife famous crystal Magic Johnson to the

sidelines doing a little coaching

microtubule trying to help him

we're never seen a man once he takes the

court whether he's flying watching he

does everything but so

here's a guy that does that no sir


criminal justice on the Michigan State

who now has the state back on top by ten

we hope that in the United States for

two years

to UCLA that's right in the late forties

8/10 hip bird says it open this next


ten point lead


Oh sir as a Spartan way by

that's his third one this is a dangerous

coil laughs because of the third foul on

Craig Kelsey

I'll have to make it dangerous now that

makes it the third well but I'm saying

they couldn't have him out of the game

and they could have pulled up the plate

for one shot yes mix getting knocked out

of a little bit we'll watch the great

catch by Couser comes down and lips it

on off of there and here we'll see the

play was going to try to behind the back

this to Vincent

lost the handle bird touched it a little

bit picks it up now bird being smart

realizes calstrs coming just goes

underneath him and lets him draw the


that's really a thin call as well a man

knocks him down I think it was calling I

mean again it points out the acting you

have to be dramatic to starting to play

this game anymore beautiful thick

beautiful Wow make sure got hitting the

other end of the court a moment before

you like that how to say I don't know

how to say dramatist like



final second



at the buzzer the end of the first half

Michigan State 37 Indiana State 28 and

neither bill Hodges of Indiana state nor

jet coat of miss Martin's very happy

about the men in the black and white

shirts a great halftime show coming up



if folks gonna go upstairs on this Kel

sir got it in the first half Gilbert got

it back to get reintroduce the players

for you

in the back president lays with Charles

Johnson posting up for Michigan State

next I'll read the guards for the

Upstate bird while a Gilbert the front

line counselor

boy he felt the defensive pressure

coming from the weak side that time had

pulled up for the jumper



first out in the understand

who have last that dates


deep breathe gonna shoot put it up wide

open rebound Charles



just ignoring

that's how the game


we can


three left Eddie shot


well for this award

Johnson going outside that off

he's switching my dog way over


backdoor the Charles and he is fouled

Gilbert has this more

that's one of the powers in playing

man-to-man over playing

availables the backdoor pass in ocean

this he goes high he goes backdoor on


and obviously we should have been a

simple thought decoy is

mm alive yo by Bill Hodges to replace

Gilbert he's down now he's going to have

to play for all the marbles


was a member of the Virgin Islands an

American team at the age of 16


try the first great team games this year

at the prank of its knock them out of

the thought spot

Charles as

Michigan State enjoys it

margin to this game for




everybody follow Larry Bird wherever he

goes they just won't play touch that



be open short again


a championship to see the 1979 national

championship game and Larry Bird has had

a cold shooting night but obviously a

great defense from the Spartan walking

him throughout plenty of time matters

over 17 minutes look Johnson pass

deflected out to bercovich both teams

are playing good


Kosar and burn

the state defense


they spin in the office


Savannah cotton right

Donnelly a michigan state his second



when he gets inside position with the

other photo shoot because anytime you

get to rebound would be two points of

possibly a three-point play

it's unable to get the treatment play

but he lucky for a




gonna be open


he does his job anything to win the game

sign the line area


take some step jump


basically the same play we saw before

going up for the jumper of the ugly


that way



our own itch not there


Bergman's a goodly number bound or

and position and Kelsch are called for

charging they want to take firing

one-on-one that time billion here in

this building they said here the

situation if you quite see the

completion of the charge but tell sir

I'm able to get around bird who is

taking here it is every see if China

Guevara bird moves in excellent

positions over the shoulder claws the


Soquel sir leading the game in scoring

with 13 as out before

the magic fan is open and


16-point spread I feel momentum turning

now for Indiana State receiver



great passing by Michigan State


hit the ball around the

came in from 18 and he connects



the brakes went from

what's your to call a timeout he's

losing the momentum of the game a lot of

good pressure up here

Magic Johnson throws the fairies up fast

before Commission to have to handle

right there in a good job by Larry Bird



can't connect them he grimaces as that

Paul refused to fall for that's the

second time he was in good position down

in low has a man on his back the slide

the man in the deep corner that leaves

bird open under there against Jay Vinson

puts it right up and he wanted this one

or such a soft touch even at that it's

just dance





33 and all



I still feel ironic

fifth day 37


you really did a good job again



next time down out you got thinking

his goatee with a dozen left

Johnson kicks off to Sally


join us watch out with technical foul

in addition Erica

my watch it right here scaling

this bangs into him knocks him down the

basket counts got a question to call

which you have been on your feet out I'd

be on top of the bench


no situation that's part of momentum

getting the calls

things are turning a bit and as you've

said in the course of 40 minutes

everyone's going to have their turn them

by a momentum will flow and now it

appears to be bill Hodges getting the

breaks and you know when you're 33 you

know you

never gonna quit him behind before

there's the time

he's talk angry at the officials and

worried now about this game with culture

on the sidelines we'll be back

11-point Michigan State event

the biggest problem is issue

fifteen the foul line which is 40

the first at Staley had that tip but

Tipton right into the hands of Michigan



that's Nick's camel look at muscle back

the jet heat Cody said hey I don't want

the bull grant counsel means so much the

Michigan State that price

counter on the sidelines

short and he gets a back


this is







bird Bonilla to quartz he was hustling

down on defense what's really helping

them right now is they're getting some

penetration lead on the inside will see

the file right here Birds got that

position grab the body hard never really

did have the ball good call on the

inside birds going to the line my golf

is a home it's not a shooting foul it'll

be at the end of State playing it from

the side

Shaylee returning number four

the junior from Rush go in there and I

use their top defensive forward you can

feel the

really pick it up for Indiana State do

particularly from the outside

read me quadratic in that ball

one on Indiana State


by Vincente efficient shape and

Michigan State that's their section of

this now you're really getting

penetration now with the Indiana State

guards one time next the next time



they worry dude in the first half 7 for

16 from the line and a lot of those

and of one and one I'm going to get a

questionnaire fellows that cut Heath

ghosts got to be thinking about Greg

Kell sir he can't let me get down too

much more without bringing him back in


half minute mark in the anesthetic into

one and one bird no next gets the bow


they're really traffic but what you

don't have in the front line is anybody

that really likes to go one-on-one with

the ball so if they get it in there it's

just coming right back out

they really do miss Kelson in this day

he play one-on-one with anyone




big basket super play

to be able to play both the guard in the

forward spot


checking slap


what a great move without the ball by

Larry Bird going for the offensive

rebound we seen him game after game now

we're going to see him watch him rule

right now in J Benson soon as he feels

it going here goes the roll he gets

filed across the head when it gets him

his position now he's going up for it

and there's the Bob and Vincent now has

four fouls that forces Jud Heathcote to

go to the bench and number 35 Robin you

tell us of freshman will come in for


five is eleven point spread there's over

11 minutes left as a lifetime we got

ourselves a good game here

look at those shootings


in the 1 and 1 it's really going to be a

boy bird makes it a 10-point

bird shoots 84 percent from the line on



to stay in the low post now to it start

to go for offensive a better bird makes




Larry Bird display


let's get in the game


if the second bars are not afraid to

challenge urban Johnson and



Jewish offensive play by Nix look at

that steal he's a just a cop

a basket here

something Jenny








back there Heaton can't save it



they wanted to clear out their phone or

three weeks I'd blacken up the red lock


it should have gone the other way he

banged in there pretty good with his

shoulder now is going to be an important

time to game CalSTRS back in the game we

can stay in and we're going to see the

play here watch him put his shoulder

down when he turned the corner

highly-concentrated looking for the pass

here he comes

there's the shoulder card ride a break

though while he's good on defense he has

quick feet who reacts quickly and he

anticipates contrast in the other state

Michigan State taking


championship of the end


the game

they want to catch breaker with the ball


40 SEC's Michigan State

called a walk before Johnson's got that

long stride pulls up takes it off the

wrong way let me see the long stride he

has right here Billy all right watch it

Larry Bird not there

Baili his first



good job


Nexo a mistake

and two golden opportunities mix and

bird but they could not connect you

think he's not tired for their craftsmen

for everything they have right now

here's Larry Bird II got off balance a

little bit great rebound though just

keeping the ball active he was falling

backwards and a hard time putting that

up there's magic with a rebound here in

the file

shoulder block magic is playing the spot

out when you see a ball play put his

hands on his hips that means he's tired

he doesn't have the ball he can rest

Burt intercepts all that idea nope he

was on the sideline and he would have

made a great flying pass to a team it I

think he has an extra eye someplace

yo ha just going to the press is what

running backs is momentum of the Game

Boy Scouts turns out there bro





he has to be careful because in the

bothy office they can isolate Kilson

he'll take bird there you go

but he got a kind help in


timeout Hortons bill no bill Hodges

called the timeout allows Kelso to get

his shoe back on but I know it wasn't

for that reason the score Michigan State

since the 857 Indiana State 48 we

returned to our videos for this

must have couple anyway if Indiana State

doesn't score this time the next time

down I believe that Michigan State will

spread it out a little bit try to

isolate culture on the side with Larry


moving a couple of ways because comes

with those two engine it have moved that

clock down a little for Ron Charles is

the man Mockingbird most of the time

events own urban Johnson

next son of a Baptist

six minutes left



all away to the magic

easily event the steel try by stealing

convicts will double-team the first

chance he gets


it's a good reverse of the dribble and

Nickell sir knocked away by bird and


seven points smartly


we can't believe it

good backdoor

and everybody expected Johnson to come

to the ball goes backdoor here he is

people waiting on it when we get back to

that ball

man up in the air has to have room to

come down


reven Johnson looking

sycamore's showing more emotion now and

we've seen any time

another two-shot foul say the man was


cutting out from underneath but the


you cannot step in underneath it that's

the second time they call it today

building it cold in the top

it's a very difficult

unless you've been calling all year

we start pulling this with championship

game I don't think it's

every night in twice tonight well we had

one in the game in the semifinals a

definite cut




boy a lot hard out here in a part of

both of these ball clubs right now

Yniguez back


and again bill Hodges off the bench I

hope we can catch this one of the replay

here we go bercovich coming down Knicks

great athletic ability I don't know why

I why is that a ball on Knicks I am I go

let me go by

some problems and it's the pressure and

they're doing the best they can but

we've seen some unusual calls both sides

look like the man fell down that time

and the ref might have been at the wrong

angle but they've been going both ways

with the calls when they're incompetent

they'd be consistently in confident

position to bad

the catbird


the handle meets the balls they get Kel

sir and Charles low

five seconds jump off by Elliot Johnson

alginate go to saying he crossed the

midcourt line on it

therefore it get another five seconds to

go it careful of a teacher


talking to the expert there

Johnson has the height advantage but the

tip there will be another tough wall

this time Charles and Gilbert now kill

Burt has the leaping event last he's a

Jew Skyhawks going up here this time if

the fan you just watch how high they get

off the court on this jump ball as a

smart play by jaws he knew he couldn't

make a play so they just went down and

smothered the ball that's three smart

place last minute

watch their feet how high up they get

Lou now exploded on him

next where the ball


good defense by child far as I know


Charles Gerba Michigan State Johnson

picked up three in the first half with

his claim the second let Larry Bird

Willie hasn't had a shot blocked tonight

but he said a lot of shots altered by

real good defense inside Charles doing a

good job Kelly row and what Jay bends it

was in there he was the water here comes

a left-hander up they must concentrate

big file sucks we got to put them over

the front drops up he is 2 for 5 tonight

16 points for next that one was acquired

bounce all around the rim


61 before is amazing out John Cena back

to the ball it meets it so well




20 a shark bird

it's an alive killer

personal pound he is disqualified

boy did Gilbert company at that time the

odds are he will not make this first

foul shot Felicity Larry Bird really

upset with himself the ball slipped

right out of his hand here we go Looby

in battling for the rebound

I said his shots have been all through

tonight he recognizes look at how high

up he put that ball

here comes Gilbert head almost equal to

the rim takes it up gets fouled on the

way up Charles leaves with seven points

he contributed with some key baskets and

key saves and J Vincent limping number

31 returns for the Spartans he has four


here's that head fake by bird that body

is going to stay inside had faked a

little bit good hands on the outside

look like professional keep on playing

thank you

J Vincent Lipton I think that Lake

probably wearing down

he can hardly run down the floor

you still have to shoot free throws

itself 15 feet away and

in Indiana

if their charity to mention

again that was a one-on-one that


to be festive on all the way across


the m10 here comes magic it looks like

it going to

next got a piece of the rest of

Berkovitz and for kyle next he leaves

the game with five and that is a

critical loss to Indiana State following

our basketball telecast tonight it's

been a very big day for all of us around

the world the signing of the Mideast

treaty celebration yet

David Brinkley report

when they say those

next slaves was 17 points he'll be back

next year

little consolation at this woman


but a great run for this ball team still

some time left 243 and the malls have

barely been credible

number 20 rich dim chick from Hammond

Indiana Jojo

it'll be local news special Mideast

peace treaty



big break for Indiana State


here back a collar in the back great

dragon age spotted him just for the

sound that the pose dividual

Oh judge guard breaking well what

happened that time Berkovitz changed

direction and Donnelly got caught hi

with the world with watch replay boys

I hate what


our butts are pressure

all on the shoulders of the Sycamores so

minutes left

Michigan State trip the lead at 9:00 to

8:00 early in the game have not

relinquished it build up a 16 point lead

in the Ennis they carved it away and

pulled within the five but Michigan

State leads by 7 and all eight two

minutes left

opportunities well you'll never know

when you miss those 1 into 1 1 how many


they've had to miss at least three or


Martinson a pointless


one minute 59 seconds away from the

first ever

basketball championship Michigan

University the best they did was years

ago when North Carolina State cooked our


feeding the trip alone

jumpin Johnny green names ID with the

left hand prayer and he gets it back

I was almost the got a shot at guitar

it's always Gilbert inside



Wow out of desperation by Reid of

Indiana State his second they've got to

follow somebody but all the guys out

there handling the ball can shoot these

files so here we see the play inside

Gilbert has it right where he'd love to

have it magic comes down over the top

just see little ball

he has Houdini hands

the game


Gerry Donnelly looking for his 12

we talked about unsung heroes for this


Gary Dudley's been a man's it's a big

shot from the outside world just at the

right time

damn check


Indiana State with a score 63 56 and 117

live desperation for the second board

Jeff NC can hardly walk out here that no

one should feel sad for Indiana State

they don't win they're gonna back down a


sadly that stops the clock with 1:06

left and Sam's family to the line reads

third it's not a bad move try to steal

the ball but get the foul they can't

afford to let the clock people them

Jarrell notches one of the sand 40

starting at 39 labels old wood and smile

I think we'll get a good smile from Jeff

the whole tournament even very intense

he doesn't fool

make sure he hasn't won before he makes

any substitutions

Michigan State leads by nine

breathe get some love 25

what happened there dick Larry first

grab the pole right out of the basket

called time Donnelly said hey you can't

get away with that one


Larry Bird and I know a lot of bands who

have watched him all season long or say

uh PETA just had an average shooting

game we'd be national champions but

again he has played under such

tremendous defensive pressure Michigan

State Magic Johnson Greg Kelso they were

the world's fair tonight now they're the

best team we saw the last month of this

year there's no question about it

they're on an uptick in a little drought

in the middle of a season then they were

off to the races let's give some credit

to their league - I think that's what

made them such a competitive team the

Big Ten this year had some incredible

competition may be the greatest year a

conference has ever had the country no

Hodgins he graduated from Marion college

in Indiana

seventy after four years in the Air

Force an assistant coach and let's pay

tribute to those men to the assistants

often overlooked they struggle they

learn for years and years behind

before they get their chance under

adversity touches replacing the

physically ill king and he's at a great

year Jud Heathcote his counterpart

several years at the University of

Montana surprised picked by Michigan



that counts



it's Larry Bird and now the Spartan

starting to show the victory smile

it's all bent over he trails by


his collision at midcourt Wow and what's

the call father's against em check of

Indiana State is we want to have the

offensive foul do but they're battling

out there and in the end of state had to

take the gamble after that

to files

really hit each other please don't watch


Michigan State spots

and other one player than Magic Johnson


thousand dollars

five thousand in this championship game


that's all for my

I could put a name on the back of his


that anyone who loved



slap the ball away from

dick johnson wally was out of bounds at

the automatic technical foul hey you

have the coolest ops when you get here

what a great ballplayer Larry Bird is

but this was accurately called right

here to watch it

the ball is this in the object out of ow

is that only

you break down a Holy Smoke

that's heard it all by the official

because bird was very quick in his move



Michigan State sixty-nine Indiana State

16 Johnson plates all scorers with 22


19:40 data state


at the national champs Michigan State

look at urban Johnson he turned an

official to big is out saying he wants

to us

that was intentional

Larry Bird telling his teammates hey we

got nothing to be sad about but let's

the solid ball here you don't want to

turn the game into a farce


stay on the wire

we're just a better

I said earlier in the show the third man

in the ring with the decided fact okay

Kelsey Johnson against bird both

became the big man with the great masses

but Michigan State

you know

the way through this Michigan State

Kentucky Wildcat / original Kentucky me

Mumbai only


Larry forgiveness somebody pills this

year being a perfect gentleman


Johnson filed

Viper's star satellite before the game

started Matt Hall what a sight right

there what they saying played to a

potential play to all potential I would

have said I think they said with the


they're going to get their rings and

abyss watchin be proud of the rest of

their life

a lot bigger than any type of metal they

let her give him there's Chuck breaking

out the smile not yet 15-second ha not

know he's got 15 seconds

let's see if we can catch a smile


he has 24


they champ that cry on every campus in

every sport everyone wants to be number

one but


graduates no vicar dick I enjoyed

working with you and Billy

urban Johnson leaves as Michigan's

to the final score 75 64