Virginia wins 2019 National Championship vs. Texas Tech (FULL GAME)

what a fabulous host city minneapolis

has been we'll bring it inside this

magnificent new stadium just a couple

years old and would get ready now with

tonight's officials groover stevens and

Weimer and our official sitting

courtside jean starett or on a needed


first time in 40 years that both teams

are first-time participants in the

championship game sit back and enjoy

it's going to be fun

gonna be a lot of defense no to better

edit than the two that made it to the

final both solid that end to the floor

it's basketballs greatest night underway

on championship Monday to men's Grant

Hill right now but it goes a little bit

little motion to start where's text

ecstatic testing Texas Tech has to

attack this zone not settle for jump

shots ball movement player movement you

get into the paint against this defense

interesting that got Clark or Looney to

start this game Mooney coming off a

season tying best 22 in the win against

Michigan State he's got a big size

advantage and that matchup of guards

that is dangerous intestine yeah a lot

of hang time on that shot because it was

so contested and here comes Virginia at

this end vision with Tony he can post up

and that could be dangerous for Clark

it's in that lane


nice and easy nothing in regret nothing

in a hurry at all Texas Tech they will

switch everything agenda has to value

the basketball against this pressure

defense already getting deflections

which is what they do

down to five to shoot Jerome gives it up

under with the guys go Janet

misses the layup that's the guy though

he's got to attack offensive mode of

thinking they waited late in the shot

clock and got a great look

if your senior and captain oto say gives

it up to Moony via teeth they can really

help because early on season the

offensive rebounder and screener you can

assist off him

they're down to six to shoot

Moretti in the paint out the klarka

calms and to great defensive possessions

by opportunity enforcing the Red Raiders

in the tough shots but he was bigger

that presentation same kind of

philosophy use those bumps keep busy

he's kicking fine people off the Jerome

assists he really understands the game

great little jump off leading assists

man in the ACC getting one for the first

bucket in the final de ikita has just

come on so big in the tournament ready

was a three attempt to spun out and he

is so important not has to knock down

shots didn't play well Saturday let's

hit those open opportunities when he

gets them this is the guys got home look

at a range picture-perfect jump shot guy


with the assignment tubes gonna be busy

yes the tech here can't settle that

jumped all over him and others had a

couple of looks

need post on both sides for him here's

Coleman it's around Jerome's global said

and it spins off the rim

but he'll shoot a couple he is so quick

tough to bounce like how he avoided the

charge opportunity by Clark but Culver

at his best slashing getting to the rim

drawing Falcon to the free throw line

now on Clark Cobra the big 12 Player of

the Year 2nd team all-america hometown

kid right there in Lubbock when he fits

in Bob this kid is dynomite

he really active assert himself can have

a big impact on this game his father

Hiawatha is the team chaplain and the

minister at rising star Baptist in

Lubbock and his brother Trey's already a

two-time national champion having won

the NCAA into the high jump title a

couple of times I spoke to him yesterday

we asked him who the best athlete in his

family was he said his brother his

brother Trey Owens he's still on the

floor and make a sub here Francis o do

say and they bring in Francis I think

it's to match the small lineup of


put clover on Hunter that matchup right

there where's Francis we'll get someone

hunter as well perhaps seen anything

with Owens early it seemed pretty mobile

they try to cut on him here guy he ran

out in the introductions this is the

kids been a good opportunity he's going

to be patient and comfortable we're

gonna lay off him and help on others

Francis comes right in and pulls out a

rebound read some of those guys that

cuts well always seems to get free pass

by Mooney but touch last by Virginia

they're gonna do it they put Mooney in

there on Clark Virginia's so good at

helping and the post defense right

they're gonna trap and double-team and

rotate of course you got to make sure

you make good passes if the Texas

outside of those Texas Tech out of those

double teams there's another big body

coming in for coach Tony Bennett Braxton

Keyes actually the leading rebounder

even have done not a starter 6a junior

out of Charlotte who began his college

career at Alabama it also great at

picking up charges in offensive rebounds

in particular


loves that lane I wouldn't let him go

there Pulver working on hunter one to

shoot on the run he has to put it up got

the rim but wilt down by Hunter never

any folks you're gonna see a lot of the

lane flash situations Texas Tech without

a field goal the first three and a half

with Jerome to commit puts it up check

to the rim

tap idea key take the right into the

hands of Mooney looks around for numbers

finds a slashing Kolber he got hit on

the way up nice challenge Jerome

disarmed in the rim but anytime you get

opportunities on either team you've got

to seize them open floor good run at a

really good decision here in the

challenge right away now on Jerome over

right back to the line


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shop ok big thing crown I think is

making plays at the end of the shot

clock you have guys that can do that on

either side I think for testing SEC they

they have to that last possession get

the ball out after may the mix mixes and

get down the court before that defense

sets up there you see in the middle his

family his father Hiawatha mother Regina

brother Trey and his fourth offense

already in this game and he's hit three

out of four

there's that football shirt

extra on your side that was divine

intervention yes pull it for you

teams are a combined just one out of

nine from the floor in the first four

minutes everything hard-earned they've

got Owens down and that ball tipped by

Moretti which then glanced off the

fingers of Kyle guy of a big Red Raider

basketball up to the under-16 just what

we expected we have seen in the first

four minutes of action check this out

the defense's their opponents combined

season scoring average Texas Tech

opponents averaged nearly 80 Virginia 75

in the tournament look what they've

allowed in fact Virginia did not allow a

single opponent this season not once to

reach its season scoring average they

were helpful though every time a dig

Bennett is here tonight Tony's father

who led Wisconsin to the Final Four in

2000 he's had trouble with just being

able to attend the game just get so

worked up so anxious about it he was at

the regional in Louisville both games

did not come Saturday stayed in the

hotel here in Minneapolis but he's here

today the architect at this defense my

father couldn't go to the games either

but for a different reason he do the

outcome a lot of motion a lot of

activity I think both teams are gonna

have the dribble-drive creative pinch

and then a fine call her

wrong with it until you're so good not

allowing you in that paint right there

forcing you to take and make contested

jumpshots guys got to get busy Jim he's

been standing a little bit these loans

that it moves years alone sometimes the

superb was that charge they do a great

job he got a jump stop and I think mama

D's got to play within himself that's

not his game taking the ball off the

bounce from the three-point line already

steps right in their help defense we

talked about in the opening taking the

charge that's Chris beard basketball

right there at his best and all the

hands that are in there just see Owens

also is have to take the ball out of his

hands anyway they are so active they

really react to the wall no question

about a big show Owens got to be a

little more more like that

still haven't hit a shot from the field

the Red Raiders nice rebound all the way

to the other side back to him and stole

it away by guy who's barely touched the

basketball but a beautiful defensive gym

right there Jim you had three guys

converged there

Drive help defense at its best

Owens on them can't give them space

Owens with that big range

they usually challenge everything but I

can't break it down with the rest of


dump repin

here's a big lineup now for Virginia

let's see if they ride it that puts

hunter at the three Owens with a brick

it is team who pulls it away

one and done you've got to give

possessions now six minutes bill without

a basket for Texas Tech over seven from

the field


standing quite a bit top idea heat a

swing it to the corner

Jerome got the train a the dude make the

extra pass you forget how a drunken

stick that deep monk grant there's some

of the other little things

great shot fake side step three

they get Frances attacking a little bit

out here


no whistle but an aggressive move they

converge on Cooper up ahead back outside

to Hunter it's another three on the way

Hayes picking up

they've been waiting for him to command

a nutshell all the mobs that good luck

great help side defense sure Owens is up

to it tonight to take those kinds of



setting it up with

the Texas Tech has its biggest

tournament deficit down six seven

nothing run by the Cavaliers


8 a.m. T takes us above the rim

grab something a little unusual Virginia

for instant turnovers getting out on the

break great decision right here

Jerome takes his time base the deep

inside big key for the slam dunk and

what a tremendous finish inside the tape

Virginia's pace right now and of course

tied to Rome leading this team scoring

and facilitating as Virginia in control

are you slenderizing the pace anytime

you get an open opportunities ur team

you've got a season a little fade strain

Cooney cover we're ready on a wing and

finally the Red Raiders have a basket

you can't leave him along Haskins Agra

this kid really an angle jumper able

anello first field goal comes 7 minutes

and 22 seconds into the game

then we turn on the floor now drives it

and left pretty good right now baby Ava

up the intensity defensively making life

honk off the ball on the offensive end

for the Cavaliers that's what the Red

Raiders have to do this result could do

a good job bump in and get to the ramp

there's god that's a separation to the

show yeah that's a - he was time to step

back and make it a three but put on the

line he's got so many similarities to be

the Jerry West the way he springs in the

air and goes as high as he has the nice

attack colors tip no tapped out to


he's a finalist for that Jerry West

shooting guard award appropriate sound

how about that big shoes right there

come on dad

the loco

screen roll he's back in this is very

this is his game right here and a bow

Paul said it best raft hunter not

settling attacking off the dribble but

Kyle guy what a fantastic move that

looked a little bit like Jerry West

although he went left

although step back Kyle God continues

with his hot ways from downtown

while we were away Virginia picked up

another point they reviewed this and cow

guys right foot was an inch behind the

circle Jimin looked like initially he

was on the line and then had the

presence of mind to move it back great

photo quick camera work there Kyle God

just knocking down a tough shot that's

not an easy shot right there step-back

three huh stick to

it's under on track to brakes a couple

of these that's backing

Texas Tech when you see the tournament

summary trying to become the second

all-time team joining Villanova 85 to be

poor opponents that were a 1 or a 2 in

the same tournament Virginia it's the

other story would be the second team

since 79

the never faced a one or a two our way

to a championship it if it wins our old

pal Rollie and goes bass has got to be

in the Hall of Fame absolutely

spacy - trying to dribble drive i like

to say blue more ball screens up here

and then rescreen again well there does

a great job cover

Mooney live to shoot over putter it's a

bigger hunter

it's an old seven-point lead

11:3 stretch it is for Virginia you can

get her Oh Bob a little bit I like him

in the post at detailing trash from the

outside he hits it he's been hitting

that shot off tournament winner yes sir

confidence at an all-time high

big-time tie goal right now the Texas

Tech just cannot spoil they can't find

the spoiling opportunity I should be on

the floor and I like that last play

attacking ed and pressure dat ta da ki

chase facing up a little jab step

shooting that with confidence right

there he's been a stabilizing presence

and their most consistent player

throughout this tournament run after

hitting the shot the game-tying shot

begins Perdue he came back to class and

Charlottesville got a standing ovation

when he walked into his French class on

Monday I sneaked up on when I showed up

at the Akita is an excellent student the

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today do you think they say five

languages I've languages so well spoken

his family his dad's of pharmacists back

in getting his mom's a doctor and he

pulls down the rebound nearly has it

taken away as Edwards reached in there

with the fast hands and set up a little

trying to speed the game up just great

cruise control Virginia will send them

to the line well that tells you about

the ankle oh it's it's I they got a foul

at the end of this but magnificent what

resiliency this kid has big-time let the

big easy blocks two years in a row

big-time factor great extension great

piece of officiating as well not

responding or anticipating that's the

first on Owen so hunter right back

I actually liked that for a hunter

getting into the paint getting to the

free-throw line seeing the ball go

through the basket can get him going so

important for his team they're playing

well in spite of him getting into the


he told us yesterday DeAndre that he

thought his team will remind him a lot

of what it was like playing against

Florida State and Virginia Tech in their

league and I have my wife South Florida

State game the differences the length of

Florida State

ten point lead now with this showing in

the back

breach scramble Red Raiders only one out

of 11 from the floor won't distance and

get it

Frances with points off the bench he

could make it 33% from deep good at

putting it on the deck as well who's

where they got to tee it up a little bit

be patient defensively don't gamble

the lone sores n loops it up and is

pulled down by Tirico ends

Edwards pushes it ahead top of the key

he wants it

hey he gets it we can make him and words

and Frances giving a big lift off the

best they did his Saturday coming in

with so much confidence knocking down

from the shots

some offense here God keep take comes

over to taps it over to Clark she loves

another one this time high off the glass

and easy Sun right there but he wants it

look easy ta ki J made that though there

were three Red Raiders there for the


he's just able to get a fingertip and

tap it out to Clark as he did with that

missed free throw to save the season


things are warming up Francis again it

does that ball screen the role you cover

to protect the kick to the wing you just

can't recover in time

nine to run for the Red Raiders punter

that's a too short and Francis is doing

a lot off the bench

Ramanna Dominican Republic where they're

all watching the game second pal - hon

he akiti not a smart play go presume you

likes the hard hedge on screen and roll

and that week sounds going to be open

and Brandon Francis with confidence

knocks it down

getting to the championship game with

the five wins by 14 point average Chris

beard mentioned the other day he was a

student manager for Tommy penderson

Texas but Tommy had talked to me

yesterday 650 wins by the way he said he

was much more than that

he was like an assistant broke down film

and everything and he who got a call

from Bob Knight one time because he was

looking at beard as a possible assistant

says tell me about and he says he's as

loyal as they come Bobby says that's all

I need to know the praise goes Tommy

but I'm so well when he was in New York

particularly in Columbia worked with

this team on its shooting he's taking

credit for Moretti attack because

fathers gonna take credit where the

shooting has worked five four nine from

the three-point line has their team back

in the game and this would have Culver

in termini no for four from ten down to

tie just like that in a little more than

two minutes up on the floor now guy that

can do some damage outside and in shot

blocker as well

somebody trampled in there yes what a

hang it was a little glumpy maneuver the

ball fake reverse I like the adjustment

Chris beard made he's going small here a

lot of screen or roll spread in the

floor knowing that Virginia's so good on

helping on that roll guys are stepping

up and knocking down their threes Huff

is out there also same play good cover

with the pocket pass oh it's are you

worried about the ankle Ken how is he

doing it that was the first points in

the paint for the Red Raiders and it was

an emphatic dunk there's that little

zone look they switch late that set to a

little man-to-man


and forget where guy is in this look

either off we can make it as you can at

this time but Jerome gets a chance on

the corner that was long also to good

looks leg let's get down the floor his

speed is okay for them we're getting

their scent when it's a touch over

mapped around and picked up by Jerome

they are wonderful the guards it is

keeping alive for somebody else to seize


this snake steps up free-throw line

again their long that's the problem with

the zone though you can hit that crack

you get it open look like that they

dodged one so much for stretching out

these possessions this game's opened up


it's not a Oliveri about you more than

some thought as Edwards will head to the

line for a couple well is he played

confidently let's take a look at

enhanced ATS developed with Google Cloud

Virginia just third lowest percentage as

far as turning the ball over 13% amazing

we have a shot of his dad before taught

him so much about the defensive end

schemes NCAA Championships as well you

know the scouting report against that

pack line defense you got a knockdown

jump shots Battleford that'll be open

sessions Tech has done that salt for HUF

court Peru in for the first time for

Texas Tech and Mooney back on the floor

that's really low defense get us in

trouble for Virginia you wonder if they

make an adjustment those hard hedges

with they're known for doing it's

causing some rotation problems and

giving up those open trades and Owens

tightens the shoelaces on that tender


it looks good right now running play of

what the way he defends so important in

their philosophy

11 points off the bench by the Red

Raiders Clark look at Owens almost

flying press row

this is his post up


raveling Paul thanks about Owens closing

out on guy is still able to recover

forcing a turnover by Kyle guys

something you're not accustomed to

saying the grand out the wing moon he

really did a great job as well he

thought he got a passing lane on the

wing and mundi steps out there takes it


sometimes you can't diagram defensively

it's his effort and hard work there

I think one thing with like are they

more knees to goes his first points of

the night

it's a tough match for Clark and he's

really good getting a little deeper and

knocking it down he had double team on

there at the free-throw line on the

floor patients took his time froze him a

little bit elevated right over top of

Clark right there reacting like a

touchdown he might have thrown off the

floor as well nice to see an athlete

that's got some motion he knows a lot of

the senior guys on the Texas Tech

basketball team especially in bony I'll

say who they used to play some pickup

games on campus for TLC say was pretty

good at basketball said he he thought

that that Patrick averaged like 25

points a game in high school did you

play any other sport

no just passing

about two that's a shame she tried one

you become good at

sought the screener hunter really

looking as you mentioned earlier son of

diesel our side it goes to Clark puts it

to pray he can bite you kids it

tough-minded young stem

it's a very quiet jumper but effective

when he gets that chance

we'll let him beat you that others it's

a gamer double up on Moony

that was a great block out there by salt

work for one of those guys are grinder

under for first half tech buy one


11 to 2 in the bench points that's all

Edwards and Frances coming and they

change all the momentum because they

couldn't hit a basket at the first seven

and a half minutes didn't make a field

goal and Jim has been all screen and

roll rotations not on point open jump

shots from downtown of course if you

don't rotate that man Owens with the

easy finish here we go look at this

friend first 722 hold for 8 from the

field and now since that time 7 out of

12 and again that's the guys off the

bench really starting the tightest part

they both can't drive to make threes -

guys you're moving to Edwards in

particular but it's interesting to do a

middle ball screen this is really tough

to come then you do a side one and it

wasn't covered well by Virginia either

during that timeout this is Owens just

keeping that right foot stretched out

they had him up they had that on

Saturday night they had a trainer come

in they set him alarm every two hours

they would come in and give him

treatment on that ankle trying

everything they could in desperation to

get him back within 48 hours


got to use her a little bit more I love

them on that elbow here he is out to see

me to do some damage

- John let's go for him from the field

take it a little deeper

over to Tracy well guys that's exactly

what Tony Bennett said in the huddle

offensively he wants DeAndre hunter to

get in the paint defensively he said we

need to be on the ball quick to the

shooter always be good with your press

attack he said it's a possession game

get good luck get some stops and as for

Chris period you just reminded his team

we have three fouls to give no easy

baskets butter is old for seventh from

the floor

Cobra on the other sides over five they

century soft puts a look at the help

took one dribble maybe didn't need to

because it looked like it was wide open

for him and Owens on the back side to

him off step back

Francis that kid right there is so

confident started his career at Florida

long ago he was Billy Donovan's last

recruits and after Billy left melian

decided he wanted to transfer ended up

in Lubbock been a big boost


that's guy you just can't close out on

him he got it take away all his space

they can put it on the deck

with pin down the single thing a little

deeper now that's what you like

loses his game

back outside with it we just can't get

on track

we're ready lands on them

ciao baby we're talking about the second

best free-throw shooter in the nation

goin little line here two great plays

right there a nice little hesitation to

freeze the defender then he got to the

rim nice little ball fake draw on the

foul so smart first on Salt Moretti is

close to automatic as you'll find 92.2%

plus the top three-point shooter into

big 12 tomorrow on CBS don't miss the

series premiere of the code tomorrow

after NCIS only CBS and congratulations

to Davide Moretti who on Thursday night

at the NCAA salute before a packed house

was given from President Mark Emmert of

the NCAA the elite 90 award for the top

scholar athlete of the four teams here

Italian team because what a stupid


performer those who came accident top

feedback on the floor guy left open but

can't do that but he's wrong with it

fart nice pass nice hustle by bolding

though all names have on they got it

wrong I thought I think they did get it

wrong Mooney nice cover

they say it's off hunter Virginia's

great saving possessions with that back

tap I think that six offensive rebounds

does far but Matt moody a little V back

right there was fantastic that's the

extra effort and desire defensively that

he's all about Edwards on the floor very

good going left with the bounce


they do a great job flesh screening 46%

from three but off on that one

under two minutes to go in a good first

half Virginia led one time by ten

there's a pretty good matchup there

size-wise I think that Virginia motion

maybe with the bounce

Clark driving in and a reach-in no easy

baskets chase reported that both teams

everything contested to be the second



and back on the floor comes Francis

after just a brief break own the way you

operate Jim I'm sure you got his phone

number when you're traveling deadly

defect in their home countries it's like

to go over there and see his dance ball

club play in Siena one of my favorite

towns is its coach there here's hunter

gonna get the first one yes his first

from the field that's the spot on the

floor Jim he is dynamite I think love he

didn't settle though coach e attacked

got it to the paint pretty easy to right

now Texas Tech has four guys create off

the bounce he's got to give it up and

then make get it cut in the screen


ball will be like contact reacted

defensively as well with the challenge

that's a gift guy with the over he'll he

this is the shot on the far side

but you could have used his left hand a

little bit there once right

on a trip

going back to my principles

Muniz Ben quiets is two points - on him

look at the help seven the shoes

Poland's takes the face liner and covert

tapped it out Virginia can take the last

shot coming up AT&T at the half the guys

will have all the first half highlights

and analysis coming up on AT&T and the

half trip

bring back

yeah oh do say is on the floor form and

though your assignments not though who

you're guarding what they're capable of

one keeps your Rome out of the lane


in particular on those baseline bumps

presumed to get the ball to hunter at

that elbow I like that play for him


to Rome drive it outside it goes with it

cluttered with four will he had time to

roam the cave played to perfection big

time triple Drive and fine

once again Jerome may they're the best

trip down the floor beautiful as you

mentioned use of the shot clock drip

will drive all the attentions on the

baseline and just get the puppies

organized a Bayona prep a New Rochelle

45 minutes from Broadway over to adjust

couple times we were slow to our

close-ups and they hurt us with some

ball screens stuff you know both teams

are playing so hard so we just got to

tighten up some things there and again

is it everybody's battle in the

possessions matter yeah 20 minutes left

though till a national championship what

does this come down to you play the

possession we got to tighten some things

up defensively get back and then move

them they're a great second half team

and we have been too so it's time to

just get ready thanks a lot Jim Virginia

closes with an 11 to 4 run 32 29

Cavaliers at halftime we'll send you to

8c at the half after these messages

you're watching the NCAA men's

basketball championship

here's a look at our Reese's first-half

stats cow guys 10 points leading the way

for Virginia to rope with 8 points he

goes over a thousand points on his

career Texas Tech held only 33 percent

from the field of that first half

well thankfully for them the bench came

alive Tyler Edwards and of course

Brandon Francis came to give some big

shots but I think Jarrett Colburn's got

to step up there in that second half for

the Red Raiders who steps up let's

experience every side of March Madness

with Intel TrueView Brandon Francis the

ability to create his own shot nice

little step-back three knocking it down

and on the other end hi Jerome doing

everything hit that big three-pointer to

go into halftime but I love that he's

been probing he's crafty he plays it his

own little pace finding the open man

right here dropping it off from Bobby

Dean with a quick little jump shot and

of course the patience

finding once again key for the easy to

tie Jerome doing it all for the

Cavaliers Tracy over to you Jim Chris

beer and said he felt Tirico and played

with a lot of courage in that first half

he said he got a lot of treatment before

the game and he's very concerned how

he's gonna hold up down the stretch he

said we need to create more offense from

our defense mooniit over 1 for 210

combined they need to do more only down

three and we haven't played pretty well

he's just mr. everything protect

Thompson points rebounds assists we

really struggled against Michigan State

until the last two minutes and against

the night over six from the field with a

crunch time remember that and they

inched within a point 5251 Michigan

State hit a bucket later hit a three

made a big difference as they blanked

them the rest of the way and underneath

and back outside with it sky of again

top scorer 13 kid not to leave them that

this number five put a rope around them

that was tied to Rome ball fake patience

swing swing


stay in contact with that kid who likes

to manufacture to post up like this it's

hard against hunter who's guys this size

in length 74 wingspan Defensive Player

of the Year in the ACC on him now bounce

pass tough one to Owens but the shot out

there the pass into the stands it didn't

look very Bommel there at all little off

his game

he's good I think he's gonna come out

the great patient has tied Jerome just

finds the open man rotation can't leave

shooter on Virginia wide open with your

own Tempe one man's old on that kid

talked about his ankle though Jerome I

know a thing or two about ankles in the

halftime that long delay tightens up


slashing inside what a defensive play

but Nova's not actually there's a foul

call and that's that I so right at that

elbow he could go either way on the left

elbow he turns that corner either way

and on the right he could dominate this

is really good attack a pretty good

reaction at the ramp to coach I love it

because he was decisive on that move

didn't think about it but good things

will happen we worked and go to the

basket get to the free-throw line

Owens second I mentioned ACC Defensive

Player of the Year Tony Bennett has seen

a player from his team win that award in

that conference for the last five years

I guess they concentrated on D a little

bit one of those guys is here tonight

Malcolm Brogdon

Lana Cotulla that right

career at MPA surprises a lot of people

how about you not at all I'm surprised

you get picked higher right now it's got

to be culver but what awareness on here

every time he puts the ball on the floor

the pop shots you know Owens though

aggressively get it back outside

Muhtar takes the long shot rebound that

is after the air ball from the corner

that was long you can't speed them up

not a kid and that is hurt on Owen's you

cited to thick woods yeah that's that's

what he does to you though he charged

you you know you gotta get out take away

that shot the atomic ball fake takes the

contact the only thing you need to do is

get rid of the ball maybe get a

three-point shots real shot opportunity

it's so critical so critical coach picky


it takes Owens to the bench with the

three powers


Virginia threatening to go back up

double digits a tough match here I think

dice kicked out padeen why to the mark


trying to take his gun over his

unselfish over now tries at long-range

get anything going

Oh 4:8 this neck has gone dry from the

floor going back to the late minutes of

the first half so try to trap it he

takes birdie there are a couple of

players down on the floor even away from

the ball and good things happen once


deandre hunter putting the ball on the

floor attacking right here so unselfish

boys the charge and nice little patience

by mama D to draw the foul

the I say is second so good going left

which size its strength just think what

this guy at the line has done in this

tournament become the starter set new

highs four rebounds add a couple with

nine then he got up to an 11 rebound

game averaging about 14 a game

career-high five blocks in the win

against Auburn really good footwork - on

the ball screens that's what I think

they like the most about it speed


he didn't know Oscar Robertson though

did he he said that a new of Oscar he

said that I know he was with someone

very famous crystal look-alike we said

that a couple of weeks ago similarities

not this not the same type of game

obviously has a chance now to match the

Wahoo's largest sleeve of the first half

get it right back up to ten again and

they are very difficult in front


we printed the Tony Bennett made some

adjustments and that ball screen defense

Texas Tech can't really get open here

great opportunities Frances comes in and

provides more offense and energy he's

been tough further into deep now put it

on the deck and attack e first basket in

five and a half minutes going back to

the first half Jerome and around the

edge micawber doesn't let him go

anywhere close to the shop range great

circles back again over jump lie his him

up arrow goes to Tech but he could put

them away with it but I just love those

kids personality you know just comes off

that bench and ready to provide a lift

for his club they sorely needed it too

and cause I love right there he had a

big like big guy on didn't settle

attacked him off the dribble used his

quickness to his advantage get to the



- neighbors sent a video from outside

the family home in Lowell mana people

were out celebrating their


contribution to college basketball great

excitement about him playing for a

championship here's Moretti on the run

very good penetrating and finding good

glass shots he has as well I think maybe

writing Mooney a little bit now grant

that mismatch just to get something


second on guy

there they go but find people to good

interior passing team he'll take it a



push up right here on key and coach who

said it best Mooney was baiting the

double-team nose UVA likes the double

team created to open opportunity for

Francis one of the first three he missed

is staying on the glass a little push

off on the defensive rebound by key

that's a chamfer League dish guard by

the way I know you're pure of heart oh

you got away with that


Bobby no one there they were trying to

set up a post up for boney over just not

himself right now this kid is very

talented asn't really shown it this



jared is going to check back in Owens on

the next whistle


Edwards hot guy no he can't drift too

much they get it tough water across the

class its soap is so simple coach since

he's so good and what a nice little

week pass but number zero


and Al Mooney who's been quiet tonight

after a huge game against Michigan State

and Elena came out on Francis up ahead

to Rome wisely knows he doesn't have the


welcome back down if he gets the ball

with a small Moretti on him hunter back

down with a key hunter now working on

the blocks you can make that King the

top of doesn't go

this kid making news o'clock for

shooting the steak sir

on the floor with it now stuck needs

help Bulba

this is suffocating

to get on track and finally a shot from

the floor goes on his ninth attempt

that's a good sign for the Red Raiders

over has to stay engaged attacking the

basket while jump shot is not falling

this is Dan just a little zone look now

you got to make sure you identify back

to man now


almost got it with those quick hands but

Clark now Louisville the wiggle right

around Colburn feed it back outside

baseline guy drops

well you can't pinch you've got to

concentrate even if it's almost like a

one-man zone but the penetration set it

up on a little guy

while individual skills are

extraordinary at the defensive end in


Lobos Jerome honor when again maybe he's

starting to heat up and I like how he's

not settling

just making a decisive move attacking on

the baseline away from the double team

as gets the last two trips for Culver

City likes the course pedal that's open

but the weak side attach it before

driving off his knee it'll be Texas Tech

basketball out of the break 14 minutes

to go

championship on the line in Minneapolis

who wants it the most

/ now starting to get a little flow a

couple of baskets Jim bright sign for

Texas Tech call for getting to the rim

not an easy play right there but a great

finish and had a quick move baseline

with the easy layup consecutive plays

oftentimes for a great player just see

the ball go through the basket get your

confidence going there's in the bill the

offense is so important to get see both

defenses really help you've got a slice

protect the ball get to the rim strong

make a guy on the other end boys using

screens so intelligent his offensive



no surprise no fast-break points in this


I'm tagging up in culvert great

defensive player can say offensive mind

tough shot Edwards gets the bounce I let

these kids off the bench he's just a

freshman right there but what confidence

as you said not an easy shot nice

pull-up game though he does and Edwards

and Francis with 18 combined 18 of the


Bob right at that sound line

try to keep the heads from the wall

they're ten we're comfortable as you say

Lok Lak now with Marie hunter why does

that set up his ability to use the

physique and attacked a red he was two

of his last 12 attempts from the

three-point line coming in tonight

knocks down a big one right there I just

cut that couple of left three grants us

again withdraw something else and I'll

tell you right now if it wasn't for

Frances and Edwards it might be a blow

up to anybody they're keeping their team

in the game no question more than 50% of

the points by those two off the bench 21

of the 41

led by Francis is 13 alone now Jerome

bosons bang gets the bucket this does

when he has to do great feel for the

game talked about Oscar that was like

Oscar right there just take your time

get to your spot elevated knock it down


agent Francis they've been the guys okay

Edwards driving in on hunter and outside

there was contact that's the key and

gets this deep end you have to have guys

that can create their own shots as

Edwards goes to the rim reach him by

Clark and it's like Edwards right ankle

there he stepped on hunters toe

second on Clark and now all one's takes

the floor Owens with three points that

one basket from the floor of dunk five

rebounds one block and the three fouls

key out 40 a--quite a park you on the

floor now up it coming off screens

making a jump and actually gonna move

Kihei Clark to the bench

I wonder with all one's back in the game

they go back to some of that ball Street

deeper offense just taking a break nice

lovely shot there for cover give credit

to hunter got a fantastic job

defensively on

on Culver tonight old offensive guy that



there's a distending hands at Jerome

driving on Culver see if hunter takes

Owens away from that post area with us

over to Hunter another one

Owens forgot he doesn't want to come out

they're a little bit large at the rim

great read on the kick back up to 9

Toberman swings in over key tries to

save it he's out of bounds but hunter

with a big second half just as he did

against Auburn and Jerome just takes his

time finds a wide open hunter he hit one

earlier knocks another one down showed a

little emotion the Wahoo's getting a lot

of their production out of these three

guy hunter to roam 40 of the 50 points

this guy's really stepped up all of a

sudden showing his outstanding ability

tact in making shots

this guy could make some shots too sure

good Sampson three-time college player

of the year and I just love we saw him

early the first week of the tournament

coming back and supporting like what

magic does for Michigan State right in

the middle of it all take every pictures

sign every autograph be around the team

it's awesome grant could learn from it

he's good to Tracy

Jen during that timeout Chris B are

telling his team you got to play

discipline you got a guard early you got

to make a play if you take a bad shot

you have to get back you wrote down

Virginia's three best players 12 5 11

and he said we have to play with urgency

he said you've waited your whole life

for this let's go

there's a man who answered that call and

it's starting to look like he's playing

with some urgency and he had key on him

that time to Cannella van Lommel

I liked it he I like to know how he took

the ball off the dribble got some rhythm

into that jump shot

- point shot fork over a likkle dimer on

the cut it was korppoo they needed this

bad he's right here culver has to get

going that's not an easy shot he had

great defense contesting you know one

one thing when we're in these don't

stating it's kind of hard to describe

we're like in a dugout so we can't see

the three-point line

it's looked for a moment like maybe that

was way outside obviously well inside

the arc and corporal picks up his first

at 52 43

he'll go percentage tonight 49%

five Virginia it's been a long time

since anyone shot 50% against Texas Tech


screen a diagonal cut to the basket this

is a nice little formation didn't get

anything out of it

Jerome face he and he's gonna be well

they gotta tie up he is aggressive on

the offensive glass though that's what

you got to do with Tech but if you get

good shots you got the ability to follow

I love the multiple efforts here key

going after that initial rebound doesn't

get it but goes back that second jump

and forces that jump ball possession



you're getting a lot of minutes tonight

Leonard warming up big second half don't

have a cent around the floor so to speak

Jerome Spice for the same corner which

he was fouled at the end of the offerer

game at the other end rebounded Virginia

they do a great job with the bugs

collectively pushing oppressing the

teammate but just a great find at a one

thing to roam any type of pass with


didn't have to reach in but this it gets

you free and happy when they grant

that's number four on Owen's walk the

Tribble what I love there he realized he

had ones on him didn't settle attacked

he's gonna have to pay taxes in

Minnesota for that quarter he owns that

left throughout his career man Virginia

shooting 64% in the second half


they were due for a good

performance have not sat well

collectively throughout the entire

tournament turning it on here in the

second half at the right time against a

team that had not allowed has not

allowed a team that last 45 games to

shoot 50 from the field they need some

stops back to back nice hands cover

it's Moretti it goes his way to the


do we have a size differential it's the

defense set up with two to one


you just can't speed the steeper


I'll pick you up to close


he's got those long arms new elections

quick hands

and an individual battle


ready fat shake off floor it's free for

two more vivid LOD ah Sato at that big

screen a wide body created that lane for

clerk excuse me from Moretti down the


intensity picking up for Texas Tech at

this end of the floor that is where they

hang their hat this head moody down good

but forgetting lulz

stay at home

- Jerome with - one to shoot away some

things one he likes those short clucks

sure does he can go one on ones own

situation she really does coach get our

time at that point

in charge I thought waiting off the

basket calling it on culvert thought the

first signal was the basket counts and

look at that holding his ground thingy

and it was the right call it was the

right call it looked at first like he

most him like an ant one right there it

did Jane

they actually punched meaning charge but

he did it the explicit whole yep

Jane's territory you agree with that one

totally agree with that call to jump

it's a good call yes

jeans are pretty good everything who

said let's go to dinner okay

I'll pick up the tab enjoying life on

the road that way I'm had it's the NFL



mommy the inside I'm already


we're getting some good rest too

part two to shoot

guy has to put up the desperation look

at them as a chance desperation I

thought it go


when I say animal bop got the under

eight with an eight-point margin as the

whole season for college basketball

near the end




it was a Virginia lead of three at

halftime as you see the game summary

second half lead to swell to as much as


both teams shooting 57% this half it's

8:00 at the moment

how does Texas Tech get back into this

game bill I think the peasant fusion and

I've seen super stops no question about

it and I think they've gotten accustomed

out of turning the corner will be going

side to side in attacking off that

triple some good cuts that's certainly

gonna help as they did it he got the

foul is too much one-on-one isolation I

like to see that motion often to get

that defense moving from side to side

and then attack off the dribble and a

fresh hunt around the floor Jim moaning

to em bow


Frances let them in this game with 13

the defense makes you use a lot of clock

good huh the icky take right rotate

hitting again where he sets up game Andy

what do you need coach big time bounce 6

out of 9 from the field and they've been

effective with the dribble playing his

last game in a Red Raider uniform

we're going to post up

to stand the quite a bit grin aren't

they a lot of movement right here Texas

Tech turned up in the defense which roll

oh man he said he's got that great size

dominate great field for distance down

big-time 14 points 6 assists 4 rebounds


Coker got around

and got the putback that was great

defense just better off since right

there by Culver

elevation like cover two

six point game six minutes to go

they're post rubs right now

jump off


Sweetback punter weights backs in basket

goes we talked about toughness on the

open personified in that particular play

to show those muscles well it seemed

like that might have been a time

situation that was closed said just

great pursuit really carving out area

with a chance for a number another one

that's what you expect from the kids of

that town don't you and that is the

here's the tie-up that was the fifth

foul on Owens it's very close to being a

jump ball right there tarik Owens fouls

out the graduate senior graduated at st.

John's after living leading the Big East

and blocks the last two years and such a

big part of their story to admire his

courage that injury that he had the

other night true in the playing I didn't

think he'd be able to play at all play

tonight wasn't quite the same but he's

admirable in his effort

that's a nice shot there that's what

it's all about the fine coaches with one

of his kids who toughen it out look at

the second half performances first

against Auburn didn't miss from the

floor it hasn't tonight four out of four

field goals misses the chance to get the

three-point play

use a screens gray little flair fruit



over two hours and then again that bench

how about that Edwards again was not an

easy shot right there three off the

bounce of his pull-up back down

Edwards with ten on the night small ball

out here lunchtime grant stop it away of


but Cobra was able to shield him away

with the body


we're ready

they're perky to take it down well at

the five minute mark on Saturday was a

ten-point lead for Virginia

then all of a sudden

when it's way timeout called here by

Jerome and the Cavaliers with 447 to go


tell you deandre hunter this secondhand

performance has been spectacular

inside-outside on the glass get it to

the free-throw line

his energy his enthusiasm and his play

has his team here in control RAM you

know Jim you hit it on the head to come

to that timeout I think the coach

realized funny penny listen this is half

of us before we were comfortable got a

little fat we just can't let it happen


I love his adjustments playing small

love Christy a key thing on the floor

now at the center spot less than five

minutes away if they can pull it off

this just be a storybook ending a full

year a story that is just one of the

amazing ones from arguably the worst

loss in the history of the tournament to

a championship that's what they could

pull off if it goes their way then we

were there I mean we felt it and it was

devastating but how they have bounced

back Texas Tennessee where they can this

is where they resort to Getti back in a

game toughness at this end short clock

that elevators got size three to shoot

burning short whether tapped over - oh

do say and there's a lot of time left

here for the Red Raider they don't have

to try to get it all back in one

possession just execute your offense not

too much one-on-one play booney free yes

Lance he got got it going late biggest

shot of the night ran first field goal

since five minutes to go in the first

half and that was a tough shot right

there not an easy one to test your poise

how they got experienced three guys who

can handle it and make good decisions

and hunter on the block

didn't get it in

to Rome as we said likes this spot for

the shoes this time a lift that rebound

Frances big-time snacks

he is paid back definitely


we can tie it at the line

they are sensational with their interior

passing gorgeous drop dish finished


little lunch around the deck could not

call the slip the ability to ring the

bell let it kiss the Texas take down ten

with nine and a half remaining at fifty

three forty three and one shot at the

line by Lauren's booty I say the senior

captain can tie it right here with 328

on the clock knotted at 59 Tracey over

to you well thanks a lot Jim Tony

Bennett all game long deferring to his

team asking them what they want


like what please they want to run his


then bother shots rebound

on each possession they've got to get

into things quicker

they've been late in the shot clock

without running direction messed up

opportunities particularly to get it to

Hunter once again under ten

nating help back to guy I'll put it up

resound again my team gonna get the

offensive glass and a reach-in call

against tech he has done that all

tournament timely offensive rebounds of

course that tip against Purdue on the

free-throw line but right there justice

will and desire and being strong with

the basketball this will be a one-on-one

coming up for momma Dee Dee a DJ 71%

free-throw shooter you can't teach that

justice this is desire right then he got

up timed it beautifully

so clutch in this tournament unperturbed

Laurel Bennett until he met her when he

was playing for the Charlotte Hornets

she was the assistant youth minister of

the church he attended

now parents of two

Dumbo about that kid there that's gonna

be painful said that question he isn't


anxious as it gets is trying to stay


oh we want to get a shot day pension

well bye hunter but they didn't pick it

up I'll reach him on Virginia okay guy

on the top side 100 did a great job they

just didn't finish the deal I think

number three on guy

excellent defense and just terrific

pursuit here you've called the credit

didn't give up on the play active hands

right there

need to steal get to the free-throw line

tonight all-new Late Show with Stephen

Colbert second producer Chris Lix got

them all lined up tonight including Zach

Galifianakis later in the week Michelle

Williams Anderson Cooper and from Blue

Bloods Donnie Wahlberg back to a time

once again they put that pressure on

make them use clock and Virginia is so

accustomed to being sound at the end of

shot clock that'll be a little more of a


that's his spot now got to give them

room to go lie so right makes the jumper

early dagger Oh way to step up young man

I need to be quicker they got to do that

this match there over with the three for

the lead

I'm going to settle the Akita showing

big large inside two minutes two point

lead and possession agenda to go back to

that play over the elbow they are

driving shut off purchase to the rim the

acknowledgment wasn't an easy finish

right there either but God will assist

by key we're ready

down the one I'm good is EP coming

timeout forget low scoring ready 491

more seconds of madness


coming up next good all of tonight's

highlights and analysis the trophy

presentation and of course one shining

moment on inside March Madness presented

by Buick just a gorgeous opportunity

dive and as you mentioned but not an

easy goal use the right hand and right

back but already steps off to wrong foot

lost his balance I create a little space

right here in separation and tough shot

I'm already to roman bounce

we can hunter bring it up

good hands quick feet

airtight defense picking them up way


ready on guy

that's what they need right here slippin

as he drives by only us a and it belongs

to Texas tack a good call - they're

gonna take a check though nice play

right there but hunter did slip great

weak side action coming over for the

block who do y'all say really alert to


we're going to the monitor to

double-check that it was touched last by

Virginia I think Michael Stevens got it

right my seat anyhow with that angle for


that seemed to touch a moon Dee's leg


oh that's better Wow and that's why mama

Dee was so certainly yeah he at least

trying to make a plea jump on this short

they said how about this crowd and the

reception you know this city no

attachment to either club is amazing

does it hit the back of his hand after

it is touched by the Akita did look like

I might've hit the back right soon Norns

rate did it touch him did he touch it

right there well anything he did the

palm that is close then carefully it's

indisputable they've got to go with the

call he said replay before this one

where you could see with the high-speed

cameras you could see that it's very

close to hitting the back of Norns hand

right here just bring in there get ready

coming up here jinx territory

most importantly guys we have to

remember now that the ruling on the

court is Texas text ball so as we get

him to the replay language of this we

have to have something clearly

indisputable to flip this it does appear

like go deoxys and may be touching the

back of the ball but it is not 100%

conclusive then I stay with the Texas

Tech they're gonna stay with it gonna

stay with the call on the court


sixty-eight seconds we've got spread

floor with shooters and they got the

Midlands dribble drive to your Bodie

Moretti can put it on a technic or scull

ver he's way in the corner off the ball

he should surface to the top of the cam

probably attack but hunter right now

says personal defence right here taking

the pride Francis and Edwards not afraid

of the moment got to defend those two as

well good for Virginia

he's got to pay attention to transition

that fourth quarter

Culver pick outside with it

pass almost picked off now attend the


step back shop tapped around guy has

that took my arrow belongs to Texas Tech

they call the jump ball

good call all right they're both guys

going after a cow guy I thought he

secured the rebound all ball oh my for

hands look different jeans territory

what do you see there's a really good

call guys Michael Stevens comes in it's

four hands his wrath said on that

basketball tied up he comes in strong

and gives a jump ball it's a great job

all right got a 30 of course on the shot

clock 42 seconds game clock

what's the inbound they're out to the

start of the big 12 Player of the Year

on the ACC stop defender unbelievable

use of the left hand he's been quiet not


Corvus curve is stepping up at the right

time using the left little kiss votes

great finish

coming out of a Texas Tech timeout I see

the 66 next to his name and I think of

the only national champion ever from the

low start State

Laurie Road Texas Western 1966 this

could be the second ever national

championship to the state of Texas but

we got 35 seconds to go

Virginia ball it's got to go through the

big guy number 12 hunter at some point

see if they go to their old basic

baseline rubs you know they liked a

corner jumper fur guy that

the lane of course by Jerome Jerome

driving Jerome by Texas Tech's senior


that's Jerome's shot though usually he

attracts a little more attention and he

gets some weak sign rebounding dead-on I

thought he was driving to look to pass

but no one was open had to settle for

that little floater which we've seen him

make plenty of times the 1 and 1/4 Norns

and commodious a the senior from Fort

Worth 5th year senior pursuing his


nobody from tack on the line

about the big-daddy step went up a

little percentage and that mattered to

Rome though for going quickly on that


worst-case scenario is still a

one-possession game from GBA man regards

me you go he makes this one and you

still pushing it too quick too

takes his time

about this kid

last seven points to the Red Raiders

then it go fast Jerome gives it up bar

side oh my goodness with 12 seconds

remaining on the kitchen side

eight seconds it gonna play it out

covert blows up turn rebound hunter

they look for a time for a timeout

didn't go with the ball that guy guy was

pointing for the timeout they threw the

ball to him in Hunter dad he tried to

set it outlet pass the guy all he had to

do was hold the basketball in that

scenario worst-case three seconds left

in overtime overtime exactly to secure

the rebound here great job watch this

the pass seat he's calling timeout the

ball goes behind them llamas not


gene starett or when he's calling the

timeout that's exactly right Jim with

that ball loose like that you could not

grant the offense or Virginia timeout

that case they're going to look now to

see when this basketball actually

touches out of bounds that's gonna be

making sure the times correct there's

gonna be more time I think nine or a

second look like hunter has he rebounded

though lost his balance and had to try

to get rid of the ball so he wouldn't

walk but still uncharacteristic right

there UVA they did bump there to think

it was key they've added 2/10 of a

second they got one second I think and

get a good shot on this is a catch you

can actually bounce it quickly once for

a pull-up so maybe some sort of a pin

down they're going for a full timeout

now I believe

how about Texas Tech's call a timeout

how about the jumper in the corner

goodness that was just a fantastic play

there by Jerome fine and open hunter

right there for that three not great

defense on that play Jerome just gets to

the paint help comes hunter continues

with this great play the second half

knocks down that quarter three and look

what happens alive great defense

sometimes over helps your good reacts

visit the dribble you're looking to help

your partner out put a wide open knock

down jumper and I'm conversely

defensively cover you I would think was

going to get a touch here he's the one


and don't forget mone he loves that deep

step-back jumper if they get him a pin

down catch turn and shoot obviously

protects his tech watch some sort of

action where a ball screen who sets a

back sweet and his slips to the basket

for an easy layup

right now for Virginia defensively you

switch everything on the perimeter I

think you have to hear this point don't

you and Virginia survive another

heart-stopping moment why they've been

riding on the crest here


at words the freshman's going to be on

the floor for Texas Tech Moretti the

great shooter truly not a lob type of

team either though Graham yield back

screams that guy that does set the back

screen though frequently can step to

that basketball as well Rooney's gonna

inbound it and key a big presence is

going to guard that inbound throw

already might get some sort of a pin

down you'll inbound it well Virginia

wants another timeout take a look at the


you come back with something different

if you think so it may be set in

different realignment that may be the

same philosophy and coaches in these

plays they work on this all here in the

game situations and the practice -

exactly this looks like you might be

changing it though just like he is

changing it I notice how Tony Bennett

took out Clark as similar-sized players

on the court they switch on the

defensive end


as you said he got just a little bit of

time for a quick tuck

maybe something from Moony capable of

getting a quick shot off already he was

taking it out so it's interest you know

if you have enough time to give it back

they're gonna stay with moody as the end

bounder a different set now here we go

now Edwards is out hi


the Akita comes out to pick him up then

bounce throw looking for something to

the corner Culberson and we have

overtime for the national championship

how good is this never pack the tag

Texas Tech oh and it's only fitting

right here that Virginia it's a great

stop on the defensive end he makes a

clean block we got over time the 8th

time a title game goes to overtime the

first time since 2008 and let's bring in

Jean starett or Jean if they're the

Texas Tech faithful we're saying wait a

minute Virginia got the call the other

night what about this one what do you

say you know if you look you see key get

hand right on the ball there and as it

comes back down there's nothing really

there that would constitute a foul it's

a really good no call my opinion from

the officials and it was able to land -


exactly right

first overtime since Kansas beat Memphis

down in San Antonio in the Alamodome

oh wait Virginia likes to make an

interesting that they do long arms got

the rebound much more of a factor

tonight I was actually a good good block

out there by Culver wall came to long

really leaning over having those three

or four riches certainly helped a or a

great block out team to that is what we

call a seven to four of wingspan without

committing a foul and on Tolbert number


and as he been something else since

halftime yeah


exit tech as they leave swimming going

out though they got a little rhythm in

their offense number way with the


dive in a little bit more more motion to

four to first Culver's stepping up a

little bit 24 now for DeAndre hunter 19

coming in the second half and overtime

he likes the dribble-drive

it's an opportunity where they kicked

him for its ring it wasn't like that to

really fueled that comeback they were

down six they may forget him at all Air

Force in South Dakota they won't forget

him at Texas Tech

battles house

goes to Texas Tech I can't believe this

young man was only had one scholarship

offer from Air Force the way he has

played here at the Final Four

nice little jab step squares up great

rotation little nylon as you say coach

on air at Air Force then graduated from

University of South Dakota where he was

all-conference on the ladder at Tom

Brokaw the former host of our tournament

coverage battle Brian that shot no good

that's the first time they run that

boring set and it clear to the wing

cover got a good look great be there by


now Jamal I said stutter step yeah it's

hunter off his knee lost it off the day

and picked up by Mooney

miss Frances at the top with a good nice

movie booty three around them looking

for help they'll take the shot instead

taco bounce they sort of left the ball a

little bit perseverance

three-point lead for tech


we force you deeper than oh what's that

arm got a trip unfortunately I'm already

and that will be the double bonus so

it'll be two at the line for guy those

how to shoot free throws at this red

this didn't pursue the ball vermin won't

be so tough in this length we've seen

this throughout the tournament in the

sweet caress very sweet where the Texas

Tech Red Raiders so guy to shoot soon

talking to him about the three that he

made at the end of the operand game he

said today at first thought was I'm

either gonna make one or I'm gonna make

three and then he said after to Tracy I

was frightened it terrified terrified

zipper - down to one

we played so well now they've got three

then it kicked the Francis if needed


yo yo they seize the post guy the driver

already tough shot

rebound bounces out to Jerome he did a

great job on old EOS say they're

blocking him out zone look now though

the shooters they really do they've been

able to get through the cracks to show

zone and get to that man hit the shot

they had the regulation which is it does

it again or the Aussie just didn't cover

didn't communicate another step it up

big time will they come back from three

down to put up five on answer to take a

to pop lead inside two minutes mama D

says get that out of here that my

neighborhood his quickness a ball

coverage and the reaction here with Big

John Thompson looking over us I should

have kept it in play he had guys that



Homer Mooney who's heating up looks up

the clock sees he's under ten way


there's a good day the initial d by

Hunter was special

and at this end putter has a new

career-high with 27


right now all Pittsburgh Virginia has

just been Prout the probing of Jerome

getting into the paint and creating

opportunities for the shooters on the

perimeter getting late again to home

lower hasn't worked the last three times

for bounces picked up by Moretti and

it's out of bounds staying at this end

that was hunter reaching in and knocking

it out already show some speed right

there they want to look at it again I

think they got it right though


I thought hunter could have got that at

half-court by the way did new V Billy

ran after it


they got the right call

Jean you don't see anything they're

different to you I don't see anything

there that jumps out at all no that just

looks like a ball out of bounds for

Texas Tech right now they may be looking

at clock dough Jim you know I mean we've

got to look at everything we can and if

they're gonna go over to look at

something you always want to double

check right now with the clock scenario

as well watch the very end of this does

it slide off Moretti's fingerblast got

his hand on the top of wall shoved out

Wow right to remember now though we see

the top of Moretti's hand we don't know

if there's space between that finger and

the basketball and you know at times

guys I will tell you when you start

running replay really really slow you

get a little bit of distortion in there

as well so you've got to be cognizant to

that it's tight though it really is

close I'd let you take a look here good

morning looked at Ichi I thought he

toasted there that light that last angle

the replay before this one let's take a

look at this one this one's a pretty

good shot

two down right down the fall I think it

comes down to what's on your hands lead

and it looks like hunters hand is away

from the ball when Moretti still has it

you know above him

now we don't from the other angle that

Moretti's fingertip was touching that

this is really a close play



already with three lead changes in the

overtime now they sort this out coaches

are evil guys when I see this with that

baseline this angle right here from the


this puts Moretti's pinky on it on what

the officials are - it's - we'll look if

they're really indecisive or having some

discussion on this they'll go to the

third and then they'll Cassell Virginia

ball alternative Virginia's a heck of a

job of officiating by this crew has a

really good job a great job now you got

to set your defensive retexe just have

get ready how are you gonna handle it

looks like they're gonna back up and

play half-court all you got to do is get

a stop right here at your time expect

Jerome to try to continue to penetrate

stay at home with shooters that's what I

think you got to get hunter involved a

little bit now get away from Jerome


and they stepped it up for


a minute to go Nakia excellent offensive

rebounder to on the floor because we

know he a--quite a sensational as well

the clock the clock is their friend

right now Virginia used the clock to

their advantage


with 7up surrounding oh shoot a couple

where they open the middle they had done

that in quite a while not what you'd

call a blow by but just great pace and

now turn up the energy and get to the

rim graph you have to respect his

three-point shooting yeah so crafty that

you say to change a painter key jerky

considering should have made that lay

over there disappointed I'm sure

Jerome who used to be coached by his

father mark all the way through the

eighth grade his dad took him to a

couple of Final Fours when he was a

young boy 2010 and Indianapolis was

there to see the Heyward heave that

nearly dropped and then the next year

down I used to the ucumar they were in

the upper deck and now he's on the floor

and helping Virginia to a 7 nothing run

that says don't get something going to

the hoop airily

keep with the rebound when they got what

they wanted to Francis with a great look

I don't know how Colver found him there

in that situation and Francis has

knocked down shots all night

I think overhead too with the big guys

surrounding them at the rim


I think this kid loves these moments oh

now that he's got the Alzheimer behind

him he has faced that adversity nothing

like that again remember when he told us

back in Columbia South Carolina going

into the first game against gardner-webb

we don't want to forget about you NBC

what happened but we want to move past

it and they are 31 seconds away from one

of the great turnarounds in any sport

here is they lived it for a long time

Jim not only lived it for a long time

they had to come out and play

gardner-webb in the first round of the

tournament they found themselves 14 down

in the first half six down at halftime

I mean it was all mental that

gardner-webb team had beaten a couple of

ACC teams during a season on the road

and they were good they were good 16 the

gym we were there last year at UMBC it

felt the same that first half against

gardner-webb but that was the moment of

truth for them they turned it around

that stellar play all tournament since

then but to go through the tournament I

mean Purdue

and I'm all 50p hey Clark chases down

the tap into the backcourt and somehow

has the presence of mind not to launch

it from midcourt but to find da key tape

for the runner at the buzzer to send it

to overtime then what happened of course

here's Saturday against Auburn it scored

Auburn six to one in the last seven

seconds and I with that three then the

three free throws it you know this is a

tribute to character the coach the team

they live with this but Mon did all year

they're just incredible to

stick-to-itiveness Liese

that basket right there stops an 11

nothing run for Virginia just 17 seconds

to go that was the last timeout for the

Red Raiders in that loss last year grant

Tony Dungy sent Tony Bennett just

recently even a Texas said he admired

just how he handled that defeat the

grace in defeat and Tony had called it a

painful gift one that brought him closer

to his faith and family and Tony Dungy

knows what it was like in 2005 with his

Colts they lost to the Steelers they

were the number one seed in the AFC

playoffs came back the next season in

2006 won the Super Bowl against the

Chicago Bears looks like the same things

gonna happen here tonight the Virginia

Cavaliers a Tony Bennett two similar men

right there tech now extending the floor

they're gonna try and simulate a steal

and then a giveaway

you see the emotion on the faces of The

Virginian players going to that

they've got key say goodnight and duck

sit down eight points in front you might

say the key to victory is perseverance

facing adversities over and over isn't

climbing the mountain eight seconds just

amazing look at that guy and all the

things he said he went through living in

picture on the wall carrying this it's

gonna take a while to get back to the

promised land and boy did they say a

Chris beard after watching and being

around him this week there's a program

there that's gonna be around for a long

time there going to be something to deal

with for a long time of that coach he is

a big-time keeper Virginia has now hit

13 free throws in a row including now 11

of 11 in overtime


final seconds playing out end of a

fabulous tournament rebound into the

hands of hunter

and Virginia

with the all-time turnaround title














when you think about it fellas

it really couldn't be any other way it

would have to be another one where you'd

have to just sweat it out if you're a

Virginia fan there's no story like this

in my memory in college basketball they

get off the deck say this to young

people like look

handle the bumps in the road not a club

like that amazing to talk about worse to

first and professional lease coming out

of the bottom of a division like in the

NFL could be a four team division worse

in that league

baseball whatever bigger divisions but

we're talking about the most humbling

loss you could ever imagine the overall

number one seed a year ago and to come

back and then face all these little

moments in this year's tournament and

always find a way to prevail amazing

amazing indeed I mean devastating last


the number one overall seed making

history losing the way they lost to UMBC

bouncing back to talk about character

you talk about faith talk about a team

mentally tough and no matter what they

did this year it was always about what

are you gonna do in the tournament and

they've done it here tonight fabulous

shot well Tony's mom and dad coach dick

Bennett his mother and so glad his

father was here today he is suffered he

just has such a hard time being able to

deal with all the anxiety of watching

his son team play he was there at the

regional after not being there rounds

one and two he saw the two games in

Louisville decided he just couldn't take

it he's set in the hotel here in

Minneapolis on Saturday but he gets to

be here tonight to see his boy with a

national champ of coach his son a

student manager when he started his

career just we were there at that loss

and we can't get over it bids

carry this whole year dover now yeah

who's number one Babu's of Virginia what

a tournament never fails to deliver and

it's done it again for Bill grant Tracy

Jim Nance saying so long from

Minneapolis Virginia is your national