Sunday's Drydene 311 from Dover | NASCAR Cup Series Full Race Replay


it's a very tough racetrack to get hold


it's a tough track but i'm one of the

guys to beat it over when i go to dover

i think about one thing how do i win

this race

dover is extremely physical it's

demanding it's mental

it'll separate the men from the voice

joey logano goes for a wild tumble we

are not making up how difficult this

track eight laps

we were eight laps in denny hamlin will

once again see the checkered flag

he wins at the monster mile

nascar cup series striding 311 part of

the dry dean double header weekend

here at dover international speedway and

we go down to pitt road

and the guy standing in front of the

nine cars dylan welch

and rick it was a strong start early

yesterday for chase elliot in this nine


but some contact on the racetrack and

the resulting damage

sent them plummeting down the

leaderboard they spent the rest of the

afternoon fighting hard

for a fifth place finish and hope the

info they gathered from a day in traffic

and dirty air

can guide them back to the front today

parker chase elliott starts 16.

well dylan right behind him is kevin

harvick who finished fourth yesterday

but is by no means a

simple top five they had an issue on pit

road that sent them to the back they

drove all the way through the field and

right when they were in position

their car started to fight against them

the track bar was lowering itself

so what'd they do to rectify that for

today they went old school they put a

hose clamp around that thing

so it'll stay in place all 311 laps dave

parker on a nascar double header no

practice no qualifying weekend what's

the reward for winning a race

uh well you get to start 20. you also

get a cool miles of monster trophy when

you're here at dover but i asked chris

gabe hart the crew chief if he changed

his philosophy at all with denny's

starting back here

he said no i didn't and one reason why

yesterday our teammate kyle bush

well he went from 22nd to finish third

on the day worst name with what we had

and we think we can win again rick yeah

it was an impressive performance

yesterday by joe gibbs racing finishing

one two three stevie can we see


similar to that today with the

domination that we saw yesterday the

possibility is there the question is who

will it be

i think truex had a very good car maybe

some small adjustments and possibly kyle

bush looking for his first win of 2020

now for the command

to start the engine it's the president

of dryden performance products

dave klinger on behalf of drive dean

performance products

drivers start your engines

it's been a great weekend already and we

want to thank dryden for everything that

they have done

and a great command there by dave

engines are fired

we're going 311 when we return



the tracker 800 sx does it all with an

impressive towing and payload

capacity it makes the hard jobs easy

plus an engine

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thank you guys so much

his first win in 2020.

great job kevin harvick has had a great


denny hamlin wins at the line it is ryan

right the sixth career win here at


brickyard great job awesome

they've done it again he's done

michigan he wins again yes sir yes sir

my man and denny hamlin will once again

see the checkered flag he wins at the

monster mile

win number 43 is pretty awesome for

denny hamlin first time he's ever won

at this racetrack want to take a look at

the starting grid for today's cup series

race brought to you by dryden it will be

on the left side of your screen again

an inversion of yesterday's top 20

that's why de benedetto and newman

are making up the front row we want to

talk with

brian blaney so let's dial him up on the


two little small patches like two feet

by two feet or so

we're talking right now so let's let

them finish their communications

ryan it's burnt up in the booth you with


hey yeah i got you you guys ran a race

yesterday what did you learn

need to be better today yeah i thought

obviously we learned everybody learned a

lot yesterday

you know what you need to do how you

unloaded where your car was at

i thought our advanced auto parts for

mustang was okay

um i missed pit road on a green black

stop and

that definitely didn't help us but we

made a lot of changes

uh last night that's going into this

thing see if we can get a little bit

closer so

nice to start near the front it's a

matter of

you know changing your car with the

track changing as it puts rubber down

like we always talk about

see what we can do on yesterday's race

we saw a lot of people chasing the back

of the cars looks really loose

you guys fighting something similar

yeah you know especially with the low

down force

especially to this plate so just a

matter of bounce and you're losing

in but then trying to keep turning as it

gets rubber down so

that's a fine line and you can see the

best cars are able to do it pretty good


hopefully we tune this thing up to where

we get dementia security but

but keep turning in the center and i

think that's that's the perfect world

but we'll see if we can get it right

well good luck with all that ryan thank

you for letting us ride along

that poor thing yes jeff mentioned we

appreciate riding along and junior

pretty cool look at back of the driver's

eyes here

yeah thanks to advanced auto parts we

got this cameron

ryan's car on the roof and you saw the

passenger high reverse

camera we also have that same view with

jimmy johnson

thanks to chevrolet they give us that

view looking back

at his well looks like uh difficult to

see through visor

my brother's pizza gives us this camera

on the roof of kevin

harvick's car and he has over the

shoulder camera too

and then we also are riding along thanks

to toyota

with martin shrek's junior again martin


top two yesterday at this race we'll be

able to look back at him

and watch how much he has to work as far

as taking on the monster mile and

steve monster mile yesterday 311

laps 311 miles the numbers today similar

same numbers today rick with the same

difficult race track as well when you

mentioned dover at the monster mile

one mile in length but very very high

banking for this concrete surface

24 degrees in the corner but i think we

might talk even more about the nine

degrees on the straightaway any issues

on the straightaway shoves you down into

that inside wall

we saw heavy damage early for kurt bush

the same could happen today 311 laps 70

laps stage one

115 laps stage two final stage 126 laps

around 90 laps on fuel

so pit stops required in both stage two

and three

looking back at the field as they go two

by two again the choose rule is in


for the restarts and we'll tell you more

about that when we get there

again the top 20. they have been

inverted that is why you see

the 21 of matt debenedetto

he is on the front row with the six of

ryan newman

getting ready to take on the monster

once again the xfinity series race has

put the rubber down on the racetrack

and the cup guys are about to culminate

the weekend

doubleheader weekend from dover

and the second race is underwood

no time matt demenedeto wasted and

jumping out to the front

and how about eric alvaro in the 10 on

the outside fighting for second already

that's a hard pass to make this early in

the race

oh man really pushing that car off turn


newman stays on the inside

a little bit loose right there for the

ten newman fighting grip in the back of

the car is gonna have to give that spot

up right there

that's austin dillon in the three back

from last weekend where he had to take

off because of

kobat 19 testing positive but he had two

negative tests 24 hours in between that

allowed him to be able to come back

and race this weekend

had a good run yesterday didn't finish

fight as well as they ran

had to feel good to have to sit out a

week and then go and

have good speed coming back

good opportunity for these guys trying

to get away from some of the cars that

were so good yesterday

how about blaney making the move here as

we ride along with him


listen to that throttle own it off the

throttle this racetrack

so rough even on new tires it's not a

lot of grip

i was surprised by how you know poorly

laney ran

yesterday i think it's a great

opportunity for him with great starting


climb through these guys quickly try to

get that track position hang on to it

all day long

i thought newman was gonna get passed by

the three of austin dillon but dylan

has a little issue there has to check up

and that allows ryan blaney to get by


two richard childress racing cars right

here the three and the eight

tyler redick in the eight just behind

the three of austin dillon now oh 47

ricky stenhouse jr into the inside wall

and a lot of damage on the right side of

that car

it's the second race we've seen ricky

have problems early in the race

also seeing the seven and great pain oh

look at this big damage to the knife wow

that is a lot of damage garrett smithly

in the seven also

was stopped and straight to the garage

for chase elliott

you're hearing and chase elliott

yesterday was really fast

lost his track position and never could

recover but at a fast car it's gone

today so you see they

drive into turn three gono gets up the

racetrack a little bit right there

they're all clear

ghana just up the track into the left

quarter panel the 47.

the nine when he came into the picture

already had damage so he must run into

somebody as the 47 was spinning oh here

it is

the 51 and the seven they go around at

the back side of the yellow heavy damage

on the 51.

still trying to figure out where the

damage happened to the nine though joey

gates is in that 51.

so you see right here pretty good damage

to the right rear quarter panel to 22


from somebody i'm still there the rear

tires on the 11 car he's trying to lock

him up yeah

there's there's the nine all the damage

to it

still trying to figure out where the

nine gets his damage oh right here

who's he hit the 18 car maybe i think it

had to be the 18 as they came into the

frame the 18 was in front of the nine

either way regardless of who he hits the

damage is significant the day is over

for chase elliot

chase elliott has a win so he'll be in

the playoffs

can't take that away from him that spot

two wins actually

most recently the road course win in

daytona there's the 18 you mentioned the

back of it yeah

he got hit in the back by the nine

evidence would say

pretty heavy contact right here let's

take another look

you're gonna see the 18 on the right

side of your screen and see if the nine

comes in

oh yeah you see it they just check up

well it turned 18 into the fence a

little bit there on the front

straightaway rubbed the wall

pretty good with the right side they

could pull that sheet metal out but you

hope it don't bend the

front geo on that car so steve talk


the uh situation that these guys are on

a clock

they've got to get back out there

they've only got six minutes right yeah

so basically the cars are still in the

racetrack have six minutes after being

involved in the incident six minutes on

pit road from the start to the end of

pit road about how many times you come

down it adds up to be

a total of six if you get on the

racetrack and meet minimum speed they'll

reset that clock

that's what the 47 here ricky stenhouse

is going to try to do this is going to

be disappointing such a good run


ran 10th he just ran up front all day


inside the top 10 to 15 all day long

ended up 10th to have an issue this

early jeff you mentioned it

early early in the race surprising i

mean some pretty heavy contact between

the 22 of him

22 still out on the racetrack nine off

the track




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coming up on the choose box

and again they have about two seconds

from the time they cross the start

finish line until they have to make

their decision either high or low

there's about two seconds coming up to

that now

we saw in the infinity series race

harrison burton hit that orange box

that's a penalty

he must have been about two and a half


were they listening there you go

it's about half and half here go inside

so we're under caution again because of

multiple things

yeah there was a lot so right here the

22 at the top of the screen he's

as he comes into view he's got to get

into the left rear of the 47

but junior behind them the 20 of eric

jones also makes contact yeah the 20

gets into the right rear quarter panel

of the 22 car

damage to legano's car damage to the

nose of the 20 car

that's two days in a row the 20's been

involved in early accident

i think the 20 kind of got shoved into

all this

everybody sort of checking up on top of


john's car back

jimmy had a close call yesterday when

carr was making his way onto pit road

and jimmy was flying by at speed

and so chase elliott walking back to the


his day over his field approaching the

geico restart zone

eric almarola in the 10 on the inside

pat de benedetto in the 21

and de benedetto's not going to be able

to hold off the 10.

i may be incorrect but that might be the

first time the inside lines work

all weekend on a restart

ryan he's also making use of that inside

line he goes up to second de benedetto

has dropped all the way back to third

now yeah he was a control car

and just couldn't get traction i guess

he spun the tires that inside line did a

great job of matching

him all the way down into turn one good

push from the 12.

to give that 10 car the lead here camera

out front

almarola has had success with this

racetrack almost

we got a win here a couple years back

if it wouldn't have been for a late

restart but then yesterday was almost a

surprise the reason he's starting up

front is because he didn't finish well

he did not have a very good race but now

he's showing those winning ways once

again with his ford mustang up front

well i was gonna say they're using those

starting spots up front to their

advantage right jeff they've missed one

accident and also in this clean air

don't you think they're gonna get a

better feel on their race car yeah i

think so but you can see aaron camaro

leading this race how much work he's

doing the back of the car really twitchy

watch his steering wheel you know from

that front shot his hands

a lot of hand movement right there all

our guys

ran up front finished up front yesterday

having some trouble trying to get to the

field here denny hamlin

has a moment off into turn one tries to

get the outside

tie dylan way up the racetrack three

wide right here

makes that move work

you're talking about blainey you know he

had a good car yesterday he wasn't

terrible but

he mentioned to us you know he got that

he missed pit road on the green

and that just lost all their track

position obviously but

they needed to be better they didn't

have winning speed but they had about an

eighth ninth tenth place car

i wonder if they could make it enough

adjustments to be able to get it where

they have win and pace


how about this once again we see the 24

and 48 running

nose to tail they are on either side of

that cut line right now

the 48 plus four the 24-4

watch how hard this pass will be jimmy


right there on the bottom painting that


really right on the bottom that's what

dude johnson's so good at


and that pass to william byron

just crushing because you know you got

to beat that 48 car

to make yourself and get yourself in

these playoffs and he's got the four

right behind him too with kevin harvick

back there

we heard over the radio the pressure

starting to build on that 24 william

byron check now as being a little bit

short with each other

i totally believing that's just the

pressure of the situation as you

mentioned jeff is now he's under attack

by kevin harvick

you know the guy you have to beat is

jimmy johnson and he had one of his

better days in recent races ran inside

the top 10 all day parker

continued to put pressure on the 24 and

finally it was just too much

right steve but in talking to that team

and talking to chris daniels crew chief

you wouldn't think they ran that well

even though they gained 28 points on

that 24 card he said

i ran seventh but jimmy johnson dover

cliff daniels was up until 2 a.m last


working on sam pouring over data trying

to make that 48 car

better for today and i think it's

showing up early dave parker right in

front of him demon hamlin runs in the

12th position started 20th if you'll


and when i talked to his crew chris

gabart this morning he said one thing i

don't eddie will do

he's a pro he will take care of that 11


if he knows we have an opportunity to

win he knows we only have that


if that car is in one piece and you saw

that avoidance move he's a little loose

right now

but he's got that 11 figured out and

he's not going to wreck it before he

gets up to the lead guys

i'll tell you what you heard parker talk

about cliff daniels trying to improve

that 48

we had this conversation this morning if

i'm cliff daniels i'm not looking at

yesterday as a

you know something that should be

celebrated out running the 24 i would

try to take the momentum

and continue to push tell jimmy johnson

look we did it we gained 25 points on

william byron

well why can't we gain those same 25 of

matt de benedetto why can't we get the


why can't we charge on 14th let's try to


the pressure of daytona and you have to

yes you have to look forward to the next

race which is daytona

and that's one of the biggest wild cards

and it ends the regular season so


outside of the top 16 right now could

come up

win that race and bump the guy who's

16th in points

right out of the playoffs instantly see

how good of a car that 11 to danny

hamlin has is he kind of methodically

just works his way through traffic guys


easily turned underneath the 17 and

almost like he doesn't need to complete

the pass just rolls the bottom

gets a little clearance right here he

can clear up off the corner now he'll

start working

on the six in front of them just one at

a time only 24 laps in and denny already

trying to get inside the top ten after

starting 20th yeah that's what you're

going to see him

the four car of harvick truex all those

guys that were up front yesterday

working themselves through this pack

through this inversion

that's the six of ryan newman that he's

trying to get by now remember ryan

newman started up front

you got to be patient i think you know

these guys raced up front yesterday

denny hanlon

all in clean air for the majority of the

day obviously had some lap traffic to

deal with but starting 20th

man your car is not going to feel like

it did yesterday

in that dirty air you just got to be

patient with

you know don't freak out about the car

being out of the racetrack not having

grip because it's going to be in dirty

air look at dean now

he's been patient now look he's in clean

air and work his way up through there he

can give good feedback right now

about what his car's doing if it's made

if they've made it better from yesterday

to today able to get by that six of ryan

newman but it's eric almarola that

everyone is

chasing here at the monster mile







39 laps to go in stage one of the nascar

cup series dry dean

311 from dover international speedway

eric almarola has a 1.2

second lead already he is driving

out front nascar drive that's your live

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driver you can download that mobile app

today we see

the caution has come out debris on the


martin shrek's junior bouncing around

there oh

we got a little brake duct maybe yeah

some sort of cooling hose off somebody's


this caution comes at a very inopportune

time for the crew chiefs to make a

decision here we saw yesterday that

three of austin dillon improved his

position greatly by staying on the

racetrack and it worked he ended up


second in the stage by getting track


so now right here i mean you think you

want tires you think you want to come in

and make adjustments but with only 37

laps to go on the stage i do believe

there's opportunity for somebody to

gamble i mean why new tires aren't


i think dylan proved last year yesterday

that you can't stay out that clean air

perhaps is worth more yeah i think it's

more opportunity than we had yesterday

too for the guys to adjust their cars


some of the cars so these guys made some

adjustments or don't like the way the

cars are driving right now maybe

tighten them up a little bit or get them

turning better it's a good chance to

come down big road we got one car

looks pretty free out there our winner

yesterday getting hamlet off into turn


sideways has to check it up harvard goes

to the outside

that's what's great about this racetrack

provides you a wide groove in the


you can run wherever you want let's see

what everybody does here

so again eric almarola race leader

delaney de benedetto kozlowski

tyler reddick and eric almarola is going

to give up the lead and come to pit road

he brings quite a few with him blaney

stays out

parker kevin harvick's been very happy

that four car remember yesterday they

had an issue that track bar the car was

adjusting itself today that is not the

problem the very happiest before

goodyear tires snowcofield

matthew benedetto in in the middle of

your screen reporting that his car is


loose it is skating on the right rear

two tires right sides only for de

benedetto dave

bottom of the screen denny hamlin

reporting loose chris gaberhart had just

radioed a few laps before the caution

i know what we need as they come to pit

road we'll see if that includes four

goodyear tires or just two

as well as a little bit of fuel and

we'll watch the race off pit road

four tires on the eleven a little bit

slower stop there the 22

able to get out in front of him

de benedetto wins the race off pit road


great aerial shots here of dover

international speedway brought to you by


working this the second caution the

120th u.s open it's going to return to

wingfoot tiger woods

defending champion gary woodland the

rest of the world's best

we're going to face golf's toughest

tests coming in september to nbc

to promote that correctly rick i think

we may need to travel up there we should

probably get a first hand look at that


and once again drivers will be able to


ryan blaney remember ryan blaney stayed


so blaney didn't come in william byron

didn't come in and

kurt busch all stayed out on the


well so kurt bush and byron were looking

for some track position but the 12

of laney dave he already had some track


when they saw the trend looking like

everyone was going to pit they tried to

get him in listen

nope i don't know that's something that

needs to be worked out earlier that's

not me i was i was watching i was

watching i was just waiting

i felt like i had a few that would stay

and i think clean air is going to be

good for us

steve how hard is that to call as a crew

chief well you have to just make the

call that's what ryan blaine is saying

listen we just have to make that

decision earlier you can't tell me to

stay out and then change my mind

you know that's how penalties happen you

drive over that orange box todd gordon


said he had a plan i like a little bit

of a cell on clean air

but that's the toughest thing is just as

easily that same decision could be the

right one rick because if

15 guys stay out behind you then you say

oh why did we pit why do we give up all

this track position so

that's the tough thing about strategy is

your choice may not change it's everyone

else's choice that determines if it's

right or wrong how do you feel about the

24 though that

staying out i think i like it trying to

gain that track position

they have nothing to lose today and they

can save another set of tires i mean at

this point

there's only 30 something laps to the

end of this stage 33 to go

you're not going to lose a lap what's

the worst thing that's going to happen

you're going to fall back to where you

were running well he did gamble

something yesterday trying to

take a bad car and get a decent finish

with it and actually bit them you know

it didn't work out at well for them

so let's go back to watts so here's

blainey right

he's being he's right now he's being

double pivoted and he just can't do it

he's like come on man you gotta tell me

sooner than that and he pit

and turned and crossed over that orange


that would have been a penalty you have

to have all four tires below that orange


he just couldn't get there i do like

todd gordon though steve

he said ah that's my fault we should fit


you definitely know what it says the

other way oh okay here they go decision


and we saw that lower line work so it's

going to be curt bush that will be the

first in the lower line

top two blaney and byron both went up on

the high line

you see him faking that right here

waiting as long as they can

to try to fake the guy behind them

trying to get somebody to run over that

box that's what they're trying to do hey

look how

cool yeah look how slow they're going

back here i talked to almerola and he

said i'm telling you better pay

attention because you're going to knock

a grill out because you kind of come up

there off turn four and you

just they're all stacked up kind of like

a stack up at the interstate

let's listen in on william byron's radio

so the goal here is not to fight for the

lead the goal here is to

get going and try to separate as much as

we can

yeah all right it's checking out telling

this driver don't run side by side for

five or six laps and let all the new

tires get to our rear bumper

get in line and get going picture that's

a good specific information

this is what it needs to do i like it

just remind the driver

you know we need as many points as we

can get yeah matty these thing and i

have new tires inside you already so

good luck getting single file

all right so ryan blaney william byron

there on that high line

we heard him firing there and he might

have spun the tires here comes the one

of kurt bush on the bottom

yeah you could hear him spinning the

tires with that in-car camera look at

william byrne on the outside

kurt bush down there in the bottom big

disadvantage he got wrecked so early

yesterday he didn't learn anything about

his car a great job by the 24

but that's exactly what chad wanted to

see he got momentum got by the one now

get in line even if a few go by you

just get out there as far as you can and

and jack and houses

he's the biggest fan right now that

driver that one car

kirk bush he wants them to hold up all

these guys coming from behind on tire

especially 30 laps to go they're racing

at the end of this stage one

that 24 car is

benedetto in the 21

currently running third and brad

keselowski and the two running fourth

those two with fresh tires they went

with two

tires on that last stop so two fresh


you mentioned matt dimetadetto currently

running in the third spot dylan

and a much better day going so far for

these guys gregory and the crew chief

said this morning that yesterday was

horrible they were very disappointed

with their performance ended up 20th

today matt is reporting as we said that

he's skating that right rear so they

changed two tires only there on that


one to just keep their track position

but two just to try to diagnose that

race car and tighten it up a little bit


a bit of a strategy call a bit of a

setup call is there as well just to take

those right sides

i like greg irwin though only taking two


they have the bucket of gold they have

track position

there's no adjustment you're gonna make

that's gonna make up for moving your car

towards the front so don't give it up

jeff i mean you're up there now right

try to work on it try to improve it but

don't go to the back

track position does matter and you know

think about william byron

manny d both trying to recover from bad

days yesterday both of them

trying to execute with 26 to go to get

some points

in this stage that they lost yesterday

and points get paid at the end of each


10 points going to the winner of the

stage on down all the way to one point

if you finish in 10.

the reason i say that about matty d is

looking eric amarola out the windshield

of kevin harvick's car

you know he was leading this race he

came down took four tires

runs in eighth position and is not

moving anyway right so those tires are

not instantly paying off we'll see if he

gets a few spots

before the end of the stage but with 25

laps i just don't see him driving back

to the lead

kurt bush four cars up in front of

marola he's just thankful he's still

running rick

i'm impressed with the way that car is

hanging on here on these tires he's got

especially after yesterday crashing out


such a disadvantage on weekends where

you know we don't have practice anymore

and you run that first race that's a

chance to build on something to make it

better for today

and they didn't learn anything i mean


just early in the race got knocked out


it just hurts you so bad so great job by

this team and by kurt

recovering so far yeah i think too it


good race behind him i think it takes

your confidence out too as a driver when

you wreck the bet in the primary because

you think in your mind well

the primary is better that's the one

they chose to bring

let's see what happened yesterday this

backup car has got some speed in it

just checking up a little bit couldn't

get the full throttle in the 20.

eric jones gets in the back of him turns

him around

laughing at the race pretty early on

this backup car they've done a great job

back to car one day infinity race today

so kurt bush talk about biggest movers

35 points

positions already he has made up in this

race starting at the back

up front ryan blaney so staying out

could pay off for todd gordon making

that call

william byron running second he's a

second behind him

the benedetto is third kozlowski fourth

and in fifth is the one of kurt

bush let's get a few updates we'll start

with the 22

and dave currently running 10th rick

after that little scuffle skirmish early


joey says the car isn't too bad right

now but it was

inconsistent during that run it was

sometimes loose it was sometimes tight

so they made an air pressure adjustment

to try to get joey back on track dylan

right behind him dave in the 41 is cole

custer who runs in the 11th spot

exactly where he finished yesterday

these double headers so valuable

for a cup series rookie just with

getting glass yesterday running the

entire race

that was almost like their practice for

the weekend now they can come out here

attack right away cole's been quiet on

the radio fairly happy behind that 41


and behind him is that impressive

brooklyn ty reddick he's

really trying to hold off chris or uh

clint foyer there he i talked to him

earlier today

after it's great yesterday they finished

their teeth they gave some points and i


you look at the and we're too far out

we're just here to win

we've got to go run into the top end i

think we can do that he said the one

thing about these cars here compared to

city cars

he said i can't drive them sideways

enough i want to drive more sideways you

just can't make the speed

going as time as i want to be there's

two drivers that are going sideways

around this racetrack good battle right


for that third spot we'll be back with

more from dover








coming up on wednesday at 9 a.m eastern


you're back to work you're on the radio

start radio channel 90.

talking about daytona coming up next

weekend important race last race the

regular season

should be a lot of fun tune in you're

joining the bag man and pete pistoni

actually bagman did

double duty this weekend uh not only

calling the race but also the green flag

yesterday start the race this form right

here anyone who gets a chance to wave a

green study up

good form right there very well done

this battle right here on the racetrack

guys 11 to go jimmy johnson running

ninth trying to get some stage points

trying to get by austin dylan can't make

it happen now he's under attack from joy


yeah that's gonna hurt him that moves

him back to 10.

that would be one point william byer the

guy we saw him racing with yesterday

trying to gain those points on him

he's in second that would be nine points

for williams and only one point for


and again the numbers you're seeing over

there projecting out throughout the race

so that's why

when we talk about nine points

difference and it was only three when it


the 21 is because that's projecting

throughout the whole race yeah that's it

the 24 finishes second

stage two and finish the second the race

keep this in mind too guys william byron

that bad day we talked about

just how many points he got yesterday

and nine points

all right so this right here would be as

good as all the points again yesterday

again coming up on seven laps to go

in stage one ryan blaney and there's his


brad kozlowski joey logano as well out

of team penske

a lot of penske eyes right now on the

indy 500

roger penske given the command earlier

today that damage on that left rear or

that right rear quarter panel

22 is not not preference man you

wouldn't want that

so i'm sure those guys going to try to

treat that a little bit

help that side force in that car he's

doing a great job with it joe logano

but that damage is probably hurting that

car just a little bit what do you think

i think it is hurting the big question

is how much time can you take to repair

it right that you currently

running up in the seventh position for

logano can you afford to spend time on

pit road

car we didn't talk about much yesterday

that we tend to see at the front a lot

of these races kevin harvick drove up to

third place

starting to put the pressure on william

byron we talked about at the top of the

show about who can make the adjustments

to improve their car looks like his four

teams done some great things to help


be to work with this thing he's he runs

that diamond

bert you know him you were teammates

with him he runs a diamond at this

racetrack a lot of guys roll the bottom

real tight or run high like williams


that four car harvick he always has kind

of drifted up in the middle back to the

bottom of mexico

and dale i spoke to rodney chose about

that exact thing what changes they would

make on that four cards if you remember

that first stage

yesterday he was flying after the pit

road issue they had he went from 29

to just outside the top five he said we

look at that run

and then he goes i notice also we were

too high we lowered the cars

we did a couple things that you'd

normally do after that first run in

practice to

dial this car in i think that was that

would worry a lot of the competitors out

there if they heard

how much they fine-tuned that four-car

for today well parker you mentioned at

the beginning of the show how their

track bar was dropping on its own i saw

that tweet from rodney last night

i've had that before rick you are

chasing a moving target every time you

take it you make an adjustment the car

adjusts itself that track bar just can


on its nose if the mount has an issue or

not properly installed so

i expect harvard to be one of those cars

to run much better today and so far

he's doing so i think he might have a

chance to win this stage as he's won

blaney down

so now yeah just under three to go

it's the 12 of blaney just in front of

kevin harvick kevin kant

that's the worst place to catch the last

traffic can't get in the throttle right


look at planning though watch delaney

watch corner entry harvick's going to

beat him but watch the exit

harvey does this diamond gets a great

run off the corner you can see right

there bladey cannot go back to the


does not have enough room to grip to

just aggressively attack the throttle

harvard go try to jump on the outside of

him look at this pass

he goes to the high side for the stage

one win harvick goes by blaney

man one lap to go in stage one

what a run by kevin harvick

well it's like any other double header

we've seen this weekend hamlet won the

first so harvard

does that make him automatically the

favorite in the second well he's looking

pretty good here as

kevin harvick trying to win stage one

help a job there green checker right


six stage win of the season for the

floor team

again battling for points

jimmy johnson is going to come home


so three points there but passing on the

outside of ryan blaney how about this


it just jumps to that outside quarter

panel this will not allow

flame to finish the corner

easy as that he made it look easy kevin


is gonna win stage one at the monster




number one

nascar on nbcsn is brought to you by

driving performance products the hardest

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credit one bank the official credit card

nascar perfect for race fans

and by toyota

pit stops taking place parker yes kevin

harvick taking pics from the lead all

they did was fine tune overnight that's

all they're doing on this stop just a

little bit of fine-tuning to make turn

the center better dylan

william byron in the center of your

screen his report that it's edgy on

entry needs help on corner exit as well

four tires right sides going on a little

slow getting the jack drop down now they

go around to the left steve

ryan bladey will finally get those

original goodyear tires off his car just

couldn't hang with the four coming in

with the new tires on so they'll make a


chassis adjustment as well for a loose

race car according to ryan blaney we'll

see who does strategy who wins the race

off the good road here rick

and harvick looking very strong he's

going to win the race off of pit road

blaney will stay in second william byron

holds on to third after that stop





stage one is complete the nascar cuff

series dryden

311 from dover international speedway

and it looks as though there might be an

issue with the track this concrete track

we mentioned earlier

uh one of the oldest if not the oldest


of the nascar tracks that we visit on a

weekly basis

and we're seeing from dustin long yep

nascar confirming that they did repair

patches in the restart zone

since saturday's race and potentially

there is an issue

with one of those patches and so now

you're seeing these vehicles come up

we're hearing that nascar may have to

red flag this so that they can take a

look at this patch

and potentially do something with it now

in the past we have seen them do a quick

drying filler uh we're also right now

seeing that they're

grinding away cutting some of that

concrete out of there

this happened it's happened here before

around 2014 somewhere around there we

had a problem similar to this

it's amazing how fast they can

put this compound in there and it'll dry

so jeff sorry i was actually on the

phone with nascar

and talked to them and they said this is

an area of concern they've had over the

last couple days they've worked on it

they worked on it last night

we have to remember this ran an entire

xfinity race today

with the repair that they had in place

so this isn't something that just popped

up in

uh 75 laps but they said that they have

some material they could put in there

it's quick drying it takes about 10

minutes for it to dry back to a raceable


so they feel that they should be able to

repair that and they feel that repair

should be able to go the last 236 laps

without issue

it seems how we have already run a 200

lap xfinity race on the repair today so

we're at 275 laps

worth of work amr you've seen this


come up before at racetracks or


affected uh jeff gordon took you know

went through his radiator

i don't want to talk about that one i

said he just might have been a part of


it's happened here at dover yeah big

murray right 2016.

oh yeah 2014.


so they don't want that to happen again

that's why the work is being done here

on the track

so that was back in 2014 steve as you


that nascar is telling us it takes about

10 minutes to dry once they put it in

uh they're cleaning out the area right

now yeah so this is an area that they


existed and it was of concern but they

have been repairing it throughout the


you know it made it without issue

yesterday we had a double-header race

they repaired it again last night with

the hopes of it would once again make a

double-header race and obviously

it hasn't for whatever reason the repair

didn't quite last as well

we've run 200 laps of an xfinity series

75 laps of this race

so we're 275 laps in 236 laps to go

my math tells me that hopefully this

will be the only time we need to see it

repaired but this is an interesting time

this red flag right here

is a good time for drivers and creatures

to really stop for a minute and discuss

what they're having

for handling issues what they need to


hope we'll see who can make good

adjustments again just

starting the second stage and now under

red flag for track repair

we'll be right back



track repairs continuing here at the

monster mile

and looks like it's just a little area

that they've got to work on

but as they're working on that we want

to talk about what an incredible day of

racing that is going on the indianapolis

500 taking place right now

this is the second race the double

header for the cup series the xfinity

series has already

had two races and earlier this morning


austrian moto gp had an incredible

finish listen

carmilla hold on oliveira he's trying to

find a way through on polyspargero as


it's a last last thriller from throttle

miller can he hang on here in the rebel


can he keep the cat he's going to go

here comes palestine

over the crest down the head to break

he's over turn nine's got the inside

line oh my goodness


i love motorsports

look at that that's how you get your

first win right there

miguel oliveira and i mean three bikes

fighting it out there at the end that

was awesome

and that's the way the day started so i

got it would either one of you guys do


like junior would you ride a motorcycle

that fast

no no i don't think it would oh i

thought you're talking about fix this

track and i'd say yeah i could help him

i was i'm ready yeah

all right so while we have a little

break again under red flag condition

let's dial up seven-time champion and

11-time winner at this racetrack

hey jimmy it's burton and all the guys

up in the booth you got us

buddy well sitting there running six

right now how you feel about your car

we've made our car a lot better from

yesterday but it looks like the rest of

these guys have too

uh but it's driving good a couple small

changes here and there but i'm looking

forward to settling in and

running some laps and hopefully get

spammers i think i think that's where

our car will really shine

man it's intense up here watching these

points and watching you guys battle to

get into playoffs how intense is it in

your seat

yeah it's intense i mean i'm aware of

you know where the 21 and the 24

are and 24 got a few more points in us

there in that stage

um you know they look to be running a

lot better today than they did yesterday


you know we you just you look you pay

attention but at the same time

you really just got to run your own race

and not get sucked into what other

people are doing

i need to make sure that i don't make

any mistakes my team doesn't

and that uh you know we maximize on

everything we can today and

let the points fall where they may so

they're repairing the racetrack did you

uh did you see anything or feel anything

with the track

i really did um i noticed there was some

white spots on the track

during our pace laps like they worked on

something last night but i did not

notice anything

uh when we're up at speed driving

through there

all right buddy appreciate you taking

the time i know all the fans appreciate

it i want to tell you thank you for all

you've done for this sport i know you're

trying to get yourself in these playoffs

we're not supposed to be pulling for you

but we are

have a good day man i appreciate it

buddy thank you to everybody

and he had made the comment win he wants

to win

playoffs be great but he wants to win


the season ends




okay track repairs continuing they've

put the

compound into that cement area there

they're letting it dry so drivers when

you're behind the wheel

and you have to pause right in the

middle of a race like this a red flag


out where do your thoughts go after

you've talked to your crew chief told

them what you need

i'm annoyed i don't want to stop i won't

keep racing

you know but it is a chance to maybe get

a little more

specific or descriptive of you know what

your car is doing

but you can't say too much over the

radio you don't have a digital you know

everybody else can hear you so you have

to kind of be careful about what you're

talking about but

man you just want to get the race

started you came here to race and uh you

don't want to stop

you know one thing too when you stop

this is when drivers

get hot and we know that it's hotter

today at dover than it was yesterday so

sitting there you've got your race going

you're trying to make your car better

now you're just sitting there waiting

and not really completely sure

why you've been told the track's being

worked on

and but you're doing and and see right

here that's one good thing though

that right side window steve that's a

change from this week

it took that right side window you see

that opening in the 13 car

there you go out the hunt brothers cam

that was a

solid piece of plexiglass lexan

and up until a couple weeks ago nascar

let him take it out and that is a

major help to the drivers right now

gives that hot air a place to go

and just a little bit of breeze now can

flow through that car if the wind's

blowing at all and it feels

completely different than when it's

solid i used to get bored and

pull up beside people and yell at them

see if they could hear you saw

kevin harvick has just taken his glove

off so while we've got a minute let's

check in

and by the way if you're recording

indianapolis 500 i'm going to show you a

little glimpse into it here

so look away if you want to but we're

going to check in on the indy 500 as

it's going on right now

meanwhile joseph newgarden on the track

around a little bit longer

dixon and his team we'll see how that

affects the track position and where he

cycles out there was an issue

issue on the back inside corner on

dixon's car he was a little slow on that


so we'll see where they're going to

cycle here watch the blind there's

otto there's newgarden coming through

turn two

scott dixon trying to get up to speed

look at this there

there they are ray hall ray hall in the

mix right there trying to block new


looks like dixon is safe that was a

little bit of a slow stop but he had a

good in lap

he's getting up to speed now but this

gap will close down

but it's state status quo but that was

touch and go guys

so all day scott dixon has given up

the lead to try to save fuel but right


no fuel savings necessary this is a

chance to see how fast scott dixon can

go to the finish

two indy 500 winners up front

and two who are desperate to win it in

newgarden and ray hall

and so again we heard lee diffy townsend

bell paul tracy

with the call there from the

indianapolis 500 that conclusion will

take place on nbc

so if you want to see the last you've

got 28 laps from

the mecca of motorsports there

indianapolis motor speedway the yellow

has just come out here so we know the

cars are going to start rolling you see

the driver strapping back in

there is the patch that was made they're

waiting for that to dry

before they put these what three thirty

four hundred pound cars on there steve

thirty four hundred pound cars pulling

one and a half or two g's

multiplier goes up no no you go first

you go first we'll see how it works uh

but again a track

repair taking place here at dover you

know i think as you pull around here as

a driver you're gonna take a look at

that area

and try to get a good visual of it and

straddle it go

below it go around it for a few laps you

don't want to be the first guy going

through that stuff it's definitely going

to have some

loose particles some dust not going to

have a lot of grip

right there on that spot and right now

you see that amr

vehicle is going to sit there they're

not going to let anybody drive over it

for a while but they wanted to get the

cars rolling once again getting ready

for the restart

choose roll will come back into play

right now kevin harvick scored as the

race leader ryan blaney

second william byron third logano

kozlowski all top five jimmy johnson

six denny hamlin kurt bush clint boyer

mark trunks jr all up at the top ten

cars will ride around here under caution


just a moment that actually gives you

time if you want to gear up for the

playoffs check out the greatest

selection of t-shirts and hats die cast

much more

for all of your favorite drivers all you

have to do just visit


that's my last round of pit stops for

here in that 10 car of aracamarola

speeding on pit road i'm just gonna have


go to the back

coming up on the choose box

it's not only a difficult pit road to


but it does have a lot of speed

penalties over the years

it's the speed itself it's only 35 miles

an hour so you're

such an odd rpm range i think it's easy

to find a mile an hour too much

i think that and also i think you are

because it's so narrow and we see so

many incidences i think you're

really focused on the cars around you

and it's hard to do that and

pay attention to your tachometer hey

what do you have on joey

drivers do so many good things for folks

and last night joey logano's foundation

and sonic partnered to have a party at

charlotte motor speedway socially


for some 3 000 medical workers and their


to say thank you there's all the parking

they got to see a movie a concert by lee

bryce headlighted there

and just an opportunity to say for all

you've done during the code 19 pandemic

we want to thank you and it was a great

night indeed joey had a tape

response that he wanted to give to them

and said thanks uh you know drivers do a

ton and that's something joey did for

the folks around the charlotte area last

night who helped during this pandemic

yeah those first responders what a great

job and

again heroes night out for the joey

logano foundation

always trying to help out the

communities i can confirm firsthand the

concert was loud yes it was behind us


we're at charlotte motor speedway right

now for this race ended with a

pretty impressive fireworks display as

well field approaching the geico restart


again stage two underway

harvick blaney one and two two ford

mustangs up front

legato also another forward up there

in third then the first chevrolet

william byron

top three came from that outside line

william on the inside

great battle from fifth back here the

two the 11. krakowski didn't handle it

down into turn one

truex right on the back up with that too

making it a little loose

ah she's loose he gets him a little

loose the 11 squirts out in front

and now can the 19 do it again get that

two loose enough that he can get by him

maddie d up the hill a little bit clint

warren going to try to get underneath



matt's going to try to pass this 48 on

the outside they all got bottled up with

that two car getting loose and match up

to the outside but that might cost him

14 get there he can't that gets down to

the bottom here

saves that position remember jimmy

johnson mentioned matt demendetto as one

of the guys that

you know he's watching for that playoff


right there at the bubble the cut-off


yeah matt just didn't have a very good

day yesterday started with track

position today but

you know as the race wears on 82 laps in


the same cars that were strong yesterday

even where they started they've moved to

the front

harvick logano handling kozlowski

truax a lot of the same players

dylan i'm talking

there and kind about that your point

steve yesterday they had the same

problem they started out okay

just couldn't really find the track

position to get up far enough and

now they have the track position and are

starting to fall back just

migrating towards exactly the same

problem they were dealing with yesterday

which is no right rear grip

so trying to correct that problem before

it gets too bad but he's just hanging on

inside the top ten right now

behind him had a strong run yesterday

running well again today

steve you rattled off some cars that

were up in the front and you said

talked about the 11 car denny hamlin he

really wasn't running that great at the

start of the race but how do you win


he can't he was running 11th at the end

of stage one came off pit road in


then he went and got two spots on the


now he's up to fifth so it's a team

effort takes everybody drivers got to

get up on the wheel at the right time

pit crews got to get it done

so in just one exchange two exchanges

a pit stop and a restart from 11th to


that's how you win races well how do you

move into the top ten other people have

to move out they move out by mistakes

the three of austin dillon was having a

great day running inside the top ten

he pitted under that caution ended up

having loose lug nuts had to come in a

second time

currently running in the 23rd position

so you mentioned jeff you laid it out


denny hamlin got up there well that is

what happens right other people fumble

positions and now austin millen is back

here grinding away trying to drive back

up into the top 20.

with a pretty good race car man this is

the second time they had a speeding

penalty late yesterday

with him and he had that speeding

penalty so again a mistake as we see

slow on the racetrack jj yaley in the


he should be able to turn left right

here into the series garage

let's see if he chooses that option

should be a gate right to his left

and now he's looks like he's got the

fire yeah

oh but still on the apron

he's gonna be able to make it back

yayley's run every race but the daytona

500 flash out the hood and start smoking

start the season as he goes on to pit


never good top the feedback you want

two and 19. fighting for spots that is

the sixth position that keselowski has

martin came so close to winning that

race yesterday see brad got really loose

just before the middle of the corner

aren't able to close in on him

so much fun watching these cars this


this tire and arrow combination has

these cars dancing all over the

racetrack drivers

have a ton of work going on inside

let's see if the 19 can move around that

was one of his downfalls yesterday you

mentioned it dale jr he couldn't get off

the bottom of the racetrack

once again he's just wrapping that apron

i think right now that's you know brad's


giving it to him see bran can't really

run the bottom right there

parker what do you have a mark well jeff

remember yesterday you guys remarked he

basically built loose

that's what lost in the race he was not

able to move around because that car

was too loose and james small told me

you know we just fine-tuned some things

made adjustments

but since this race has started martin

has not been happy with the front end of

that race car it's been tight

it's been it felt like almost like the

splitters in the track he's not been

able to get the feel out of the front of

that race where they want so they really

haven't fixed

that building loose condition or they've

just gone too far and obviously made it


one difference i see though is now the

19's climbing the banking he has options

yesterday i don't think he had these

options we'll see if the options work

to get around the two of brad kozlowski

he gets that momentum on corner exit

can he get to the left rear quarter

panel oh brad shuts the door

but up the track he goes yeah that's a

lot of traffic right here


yep are going to use the pick yeah he'll

use it as a pick he'll get by the two

and take that position

you saw the 48 trying to stick the nose

in there also wanting to take the spot

away from brad

i could listen to that throttle on mark

drake jr all day and that is

so much skill

so while these guys are back here

fighting for positions want to take a

look at today's xfinity fastest lap and

it's the guy up front

and it happened on lap 80. look at the

top three harvick blaney and byron all

on lap 80

running the fastest laps of the day i

think what stands out to me on that is

the difference between the fastest and

the second fastest

you could be two and a half tenths of a

second faster than somebody else that's

an amazing amount

and harvick continuing to set the pace

his closest competition has been ryan

blaney the two have battled all day

but right now it has been harvick out

front winning stage one up front as well








fourth caution has come out for the dry

dean 311 from

dover international speedway and

it's a little frustration out of 32 of

corey le joy with the 13

of ty dillon yeah we saw a little smoke

off turn two let's see what happened

oh ty's got him turned sideways

corey does he go all the way around

can it be saved i think he does save it

good job by him to uh keep that car out

of the fence it's almost impossible

to do here because the banking look at

the right front fender though

damage on the right front


are you saying there's more to the story

jeff yes i think there may be

oh okay let's see what you're saying

there look at the right real quick right

from the deck lid too

so damage to the left or a quarter panel

of corey le joy we saw him sideways

after the 13 got into him

also a little bit of damage on the 18 of

kyle busch dave how they doing

well he's had an interesting day the

first damage actually knocked the

transponder off he had to come get that

put back on so he could be scored

but lately it's been this i never have


front turn and reserve i've always had

max steering wheel

so i can't do anything back steering

wheel rolling behind a guy

i got nothing to give it and turn


and that's a problem when you have no

more to give to get around a guy right

yeah so that's he's just way too tight

so junior he's got a lot of wheel put in

it meaning how much steering how much

he's having to turn the steering wheel

to get it to turn the corner just all by

himself of course when he gets behind

somebody that gets worse

because eric comes off his car yes


made repairs that car they understand

the bracing on the splitter rack is

broken and

had to cut away a little bit of that

right front fender repair that damage

he's just not going to have that grip

he's looking for

it's rope and cars are coming down pit

road parker

rodney chillers told kevin harvick we

can make it from here the end stage will

absolutely be pitting

small air pressure adjustment and

they're actually in the right rear there

you see four goodyear entire snowcone

field dylan

william byron coming into his stall

excuse me stahl as well

said he was a little bit free on entry

chad kenaus confirmed that said that the

only place they're really getting beat

is on entry to turn three

gonna try and snug him up a little bit

with an air pressure adjustment dave

this time ryan blaney hits with

everybody just like he wanted to

fired off a little bit snug loosening as

he went but not as bad as the first run

he'll get four goodyear tires and sunoco



and look at this legato with a great

stop is going to win the race off pit


pagano harvick blaney

top five off pit road

the official app of nascar puts race

coverage and

live in-car cameras right where you want

it unlock premium content today with a

free trial

search nascar in your app store or visit

mobile and you see the 48

slow from high above the aerial coverage

brought to you by

geico they were caught for speeding on

pit road

there's more speed penalties here at

dover than anywhere else

it's just we talked about it you know i

think it's like you said jeff

you're trying to not hit anybody and

you're trying to watch your tack because

we don't have speedometers you got to do

your speed off the tack and rpm

in second gear so looking at that and

trying not to run into the guy in front

of him

yeah jimmy when we talked to jimmy

during that red flag

he mentioned we cannot make mistakes


and just a mistake that's going to be

costly a lot of cars still in the lead


let's listen in and see what they told

jimmy about the bad news

it was the very first section on entry

anything noticeable on you're in there


i thought the 19 would have got it he

rolled in faster than i did i checked it

more than he did for that first

segment oh the

old electronic scoring how nascar works

is basically they go over timing lines

as a screen in the nascar tower if your

number pops up red it's too fast

so it was it was one tenth of a

mile per hour was what it was you know

what it could have been

it could have been 100 it wouldn't

matter it was still over

look at this the oh man right in the

side of the head

the jack hit the tire changer

that was jimmy's first speed penalty

season came at the worst time of the


so speed is 40.1 so the speed limit is

35 but nascar gives you a 5 miles per

hour buffer

and of course that means the speed limit

is really 40 right so

uh but jimmy johnson went 40.1 miles per


you know and rick you're talking to

jimmy this weekend about you know the

points of trying to make the playoffs he

reminded me of something that i knew but

i needed it pushed

forward in my brain you know he's got

two goose eggs on the year

yeah they were dequeued at charlotte

zero points and he was

sat out at indy for being coveted

positive zero points so here he is

battling to make the playoffs with two

zeroes in the column of points earned so

you know he's trying to do this with two

less races than his competitors look at

the points right now

jimmy back there 24 up the top 10

32 out getting ready for the restart

perfect on the inside legato on the




harvard did a really good job keeping

pace with joy logano when that start

such an advantage restarting that


slides up right behind the 22 blaney

still fighting for the third spot here

comes the 11.

denny hamlin has to get out of the gas

there almost into the left recorder

panel of ryan blaney

he did he did ryan a favor there

pretty tight racing

plenty ever able to take the spot

see that bright yellow car kind of

halfway through your screen

mandy benedetto he was struggling on

that restart

several going by guys moved up into the

top ten

christopher bell having a good run we

didn't talk about him yesterday right

there in that 95 car

it was not a good day for the 95. sure

doing well today

it's interesting seeing guys make such

big changes or

big improvements really yeah he uh he

did no tires on that stock

so that gave him a lot of track position

christopher belt one of those drivers

that has formed a relationship with the

sponsor reem has been a part of

his racing career for quite some time

and so bell with that ring 95 and we

know that

he won't be back with the 95 next year

change taking place there that team

going away

as far as the vine family racing where

he's running now

also knowing that the 20 driver eric

jones will be back with joe gibbs racing

so you put those two together

and you would expect to see the

christopher bell back with joe gives

racing parker

and rick i talked to jason radford this

morning about christopher bell's first

adventure at dover in a cup car he loved

this place thanks video card he said you


the thing that was interesting yesterday

was we could go really fast when the top

side came in

but until then we were really struggling

to see him getting 40 outside there

he said i hope today we can find a way

to make this car work better in those


20 to 30 laps and maybe we can give him

something to race with in the

second half of the uh the run there

watching the four-car harvick who's

dominated pretty much

since he's gotten up front try to get

back by this 22 card take this lead

interested in mine harvick runs how's

this going to mention that

if he drives in the corner not on the

bottom but kind of

you know half laying up then up the


used to watch him run that line in

practice and wonder you know and i tried

to run at practice couldn't really get

it to work but he wasn't trying to

make speed there he knows he needs to

run this line to be able to

pass because if he just follows the 22

around the bottom he's going to be in


so he allows the car to diamond up in

the middle of the corner jeff to get a

little air on the nose right here so it

turns or

just to jump on the outside of this 22

and try to pass him on the outside yeah

he got to the back of the 22 car and

that just

got joe with the gunner really loose

we've seen that a lot

remember this year took a lot of spoiler

off the car for this race versus last


the drivers are using that to advantage

pulling the air off that car in front of


now harvest gonna go back to work gonna

go right back to running

and doing what got him to this spot and

that is running this line now he's to

that quarter pound now joey's done

there's no fight anymore

joey knows it and it's not that joey


wants to give the spot up he can't get

in the gas

running on the inside of the four car

off the corner it's just there's no bite

there's no drive in either of these cars

but the

guy on the bottom is really handicapped

and can't use the throttle

i think kevin harvick also guys

let's go back and watch this pass once

again kevin

just rolls up on the outside and then

right here just

able to carry partial throttle

and now logano's in trouble

because kevin's on the outside of him

that pulls the air off the 22

spoiler and now he does not have the

grip he needs

but what enabled kevin to get there was

to drive in the corner and quickly go to

the throttle

carry a lot of speed through the middle

to get that spot

stage one winner kevin harvick back out

in front joey logano running

in the second spot delaney hamlin trucks


all in the top five guys i feel like

with hamlin's win yesterday steve you

said it

earlier hamlin quietly

won both stages and won the race like

and just dominated well we've talked all

year about harvick and hamlin well

this is harvick's chance to take some of

that thunder back away

get a win yeah steve you mentioned it

the double headers it seems like it's

the denny

and kevin shows i mean one wins one day


next one next day the next one will win

so they go back and forth

a couple jazz back here in the middle of

the pack

41 car paul custer

running in 11th place

alex bowman did some damage yesterday

early in the race

he says he likes this track watching his

social media last night

recapped as a rape recap his event

talked about how much fun he runs

enjoys racing here starting to move

through the field

up to 12. much like the 88 of bowman the

20 of eric jones had damage in the race

yesterday and he's got damage in the

race again today but still working

pretty good he's a couple spots behind

bowman and 14th

dave interesting thing on alex bowman

realized yesterday he finished 21st

after they repaired that race car

uh and it was pretty well damaged you

know if they had finished 20th

guess where they would have started

today on the pole so the team told me

hey really we're sorry he couldn't get

one more position and man he tried

but instead they went to a backup car

and rolled out the 88 off the trailer

but one more position

and he would have been on the pole and

fixed guys

yeah it means steve what were talking


alex says he likes this place but that

was with the other package the high


low power seems to be making this

package work as well

yeah that was my question i mean you

know when you look at his numbers at


they were not that outstanding until

last year last year he really kind of

showed up on the scene

with all of that downforce i wondered

how much would translate and yesterday

you mentioned the damage i had no idea

you know third and second last year

well what i've seen today i think the

damage was holding back more than i

thought yesterday

fourth place battle right here denny

hamlin mark trex jr


two guys that showed out yesterday

working their way through the field

toward the front

renewing their battle truex i think

definitely tighten his car up maybe more

than he wanted to

that's the fear i think of working on

that car i mean almost the race-winning

car but

what do you what do you change to

improve it you might turn the wrong down

that and xfinity race earlier today and

this race

is just going to continue to rubber this

racetrack up and change so

how much do you change how much do you

think the racetrack is going to go

through a

complete change in the way the cards

drive that's always so difficult to

figure out yesterday it was denny hamlin


martin trex jr for the lead and an

eventual win

martin told me his car was so loose

entering the corner he couldn't move


he couldn't run the middle or the top

like he wanted to

i don't see him turning right or

checking the back of the car into the

corner too badly today

so we've improved that part

let's roll back here and check in on

jimmy johnson to see

what kind of progress he's made gain 11


back up to 19th

and after the speeding penalty had to go

to the back

that's what i'm waiting to see out of

jimmy you know he did a great job

yesterday with a solid car

but stayed inside the top 10 all day had

never had a reason where he had to fight

this type

of adversity this much traffic to get

back up there

can the 48 and jimmy johnson have enough

equipment underneath him

to recover currently in 19th we're not

even halfway in this race you know

there's still a long way to go

this season they've had okay cars but

not good enough cars

for recovery let's listen in to the

progress on the 48.

that was our mulligan for uh pit road

and for the pit stop

this up guys we're going to shake it off

shake everything off we've got a fast

car we're gonna keep it clean we're

gonna be smart a lot of reason left to

do we'll be there at the end

cliff daniel's a nice pep talk and hey

if you want to look at the positive the

bad pit stop came on the speeding so you

got a two for one you only had to go to

the back once

so uh you know jimmy johnson up to 17. i

like what i'm seeing out of his car

jeff you know he's obviously working but

he doesn't look like he's swatting flies

in there right looks like the car is

rotating pretty good a few small

corrections but

comfortably rolls the bottom yeah and


making a lot of spots up there were a

lot of cars right there in front of him


he could make spots up pretty quickly

and doing a

good job working through him

three of austin dillon just a couple in

front we told earlier how he had to go

to the back as well

he's trying to recover oh with the jimmy

four wide right here

oh almost sideways the three of austin


catches it and the eight car ready set

it in there to the top

the lap car there tight for everybody


junior austin just came on the radio a

bit a lap or so ago and said we are

really really good right now

this is encouraging too justin alexander

the crew chief feels like

over the course of these races they tend

to fall off a little bit lose some speed


they're running 15th right now but

progress at least for sure that they're

happy with the race car

and austin feels like he can move around

and advance his position

let's watch his uh this move off the

roof of

jimmy reading to the house out of these

guys i don't think

austin knew what was going on there he's


that 20 car was going to get up the

racetrack a little bit watch this watch

ryan blaney watch inside the car

how much work ryan ladies doing


it's just constant work inside of there

work out of these drivers go nascar

nonstop with harvick up front


tonight on nbc the nhl stanley cup

playoffs continue with boston and tampa


game one and their best of seven second

round series coverage beginning at 8 00



the battle continues here at the monster

mile you see the 48 a little bit loose

was able to get by both the eight and

the three

so jimmy johnson after the speeding

penalty has moved up to the 14th


continuing to move forward kevin harvick


has been the fastest one stage one

out in front and he has a 2.2 second

lead over

joey logano let's go through the field

brought to you by

applebee's and we'll start with parker

all right rick kevin has been awesome so


through this race but you know you guys

allude to how the 11 him have traded

barbs and blows on these double headers

well last night

rodney tweeted after they had that

trackbar issue it was our turn i asked


what he meant by that he said you know

every time we've had one of these double


the 11 has an issue on the first day and

we go on to have a great day and then

they get it together for the next day

they said it's our turn this time in a

doubleheader to have that first day not

going away

but get it together on the second day

dave parker remember on that last pit

stop joey legato's pit crew got him two

spots on pit road and the lead but tire

carrier jeremy ogles rolled his right


just talked to aaron jeremy who was

getting it iced up he's going

he's a tough guy he'll be back for the

next pit stop ryan blaney meanwhile in

third position talked to todd gordon his

crew chief this morning

he said you know what we had 10 or top

10 speed yesterday even though we

finished 14th

he said i was encouraged by that because

we really did not have good balance they

worked on it overnight

and with a better starting position

today of seventh blaney's part laid that

into a top three run

at this point danny hamlin runs in the

fourth position

talking chris gabard his crew chief this

morning about win number six yesterday

he said yep i wanted

another one it gives me a comfort factor

going to daytona

and you're going to see us re-rolling

today and next week in daytona for maybe

a couple more

parker and dave chasing him down right

now is martin stress jr who lost the

race yesterday to that guy in front of


but the reason he lost in his mind he

had some choice words for ericom rolling

the tent car

who was one lap down as they came to the

last 10 laps the race

martin tried to pass him he couldn't get

around eric and he was very

frustrated however eric stayed on trying

to stay one lap down there

and he basically said this is going on

through the season these two have had


up here he hasn't called to eric before

but this season wherever they run into

each other they've been around each

other too often

not happy with the 10 cards much better

day today for william byron as he runs

in the sixth spot you see there to the

left of your screen

bubble points he's in the playoffs right

now having a much better day

chad canal said yesterday they were

solid here earlier this or last year


they expected to be much better

yesterday this is more par for the

course for them running solid

no mistakes today having a nice

afternoon running in six dave

brad keselowski run seven talk to his

crew chief jeremy mullins this morning

about the new hampshire win he had a

couple of weeks ago and how important

that was

he said absolutely with the richmond

double header coming up

and phoenix to close out the season

those both apply

and that win gave us confidence dylan

kurt busch run to the eighth spot he's

been inside the top ten most of the

afternoon after starting

40th matt mccoll made a strategy call

earlier in this race to stay out

make some headway early they've done a

nice job as well keeping the track


a good day for them means continuously

moving forward trying to put together a

complete day here

after starting at the back dave tonight

alex bowman we've documented the fact

that he started at the rear of the field

hauling out a backup car

interestingly low this is the same motor

that was in the other car that's part of

the rule so they had to get that out

they actually worked on tweaking the

motor for today while it was still in

the back they're still in the original


while they prepared the backup but he's

running strong this afternoon

finally clint boyer running in 10th we

thought the 14 might have some speed


but the biggest problem for him has been

one of handling listeners

not much consolation there from his

spotter loose all day for clint he's

trying to hang on most of the time rick

loose we heard from boyer

his teammate kevin harvick just clinched

the regular

season championship

where he is running and the points that

he has been able to accumulate

already so kevin harvick

15 playoff points and he still has a

race to go

as far as not only this one potentially

gaining some more here

but daytona that will end the regular

season but

kevin harvick has just clinched the

regular season championship

all right folks if you are recording the

indy 500 look away i'm going to let you

know what just happened

a very late race accident

involving spencer pickett take a look at

this coming out of turn four

gets around hits the outside wall but

watch what happens when he comes back

across the track

just at pit road entrance oh my goodness

a huge wreck there for spencer pickett

you're going to see here in just a


the safety crew gets to him gets him out

of the car

he is okay with the caution coming out

that would mean the 104th

indianapolis 500 would end under caution

takuma sato

gets his second indy 500 win

and savors the melt



and he's up on that second floor of

victory lane there that's one of the


that roger penske did put a lift in for

the car and the driver to get up

so that everybody could see him which of

course no fans in attendance

but that'll be there for next year

excited for the fans next year so many

improvements rick when they get back to

that track the nascar weekend for the

indie weekend

so many great things for the fans to


43 years old the second oldest driver


arie line dike 1 97


that's not the second oldest ever since

lion dyke wanted in 97

but jeff went into like a little

reminiscing there he was kind of like

reminiscing you know i like those old

guys just gave him his space

what about space right here how about

recovery for two guys on the weekend the

one in the 88 right there just had an


you know start to the weekend with

accidents early and they've come back on

the second day they've had pretty good

rugs as we see

47 looking around after an accident

early 90s something laps down but

trying to gain some points brian blaney

catching his teammate joey logano

for second place


no board let's listen to that throttle

late in the run


interesting listening to ryan blaney and

how he has to work that throttle


he'll continue to do it ryan blaney

right now running third

still chasing after harvick and loganos

we go nascar nonstop

just past the halfway point for the

nascar cup series and the dry dean

311 from dover international speedway

it's called the monster mile and so far

it has been a monster of an effort for

kevin harvick want to welcome those of

you that were watching the indy 500

and saw that finish and obviously the

spectacular crash there

toward the end we have had

maybe not so spectacular of a crash but

it started off

with an incident early on here and ricky

stenhouse jr and the 47 gets tagged by

the 22 around he goes

the inside wall collects him a lot of

guys got involved in this you'll see the

nine run in the back of the

18 o'clock bush that took chase elliot

out of the race

damn it's at 18 and they've not run well


stage one you see the run here by kevin

harvick he goes to the outside of ryan


and wins the first stage here at dover

got a red flag for some issues on the


track crew got in there picks it all up

for us


and then a repeat kevin hartman goes by

joy logano and now he's

out front here in stage two only 19 laps

to go

to end stage two

playoff points with only two races to go

this race and then daytona

next week so daytona is the big wild

card coming up next week you see jimmy

johnson currently in the 17th position

the first driver out a good day

yesterday gained a lot of points on the


was just caught speeding on pit road on

the last pit stop

started all the way at the back has

driven up to the 12th position so

i know it doesn't look good points wise

but car wise it does look good for jimmy


a great car for him today can he get up

and compete

maybe get that golden ticket a win an

automatic berth kevin harvick is about

seven seconds ahead of joe logano but

the battle right now joe logano

brian blaney denny hamlin mark tricks jr

all that guy the guys in the top five

are within a second or so of each other

as we wind down toward the end of stage

two and remember at the end of the stage

the top ten can get points the top ten

will get points and so

if you have a guy like william byron

who's currently running in the sixth

position and is

right there on the line as far as

getting into the playoffs or not

he's going to be able to gain some

points and that's huge

for the 24 as we listen to his

man what a difference a day would make

we listened in yesterday dale jr you and

i talked about this

a very animated driver a very animated

crew chief and we said listen they're

not that way they're just having a bad

day they're outside the top

20. you move them up inside the top 10

in the sixth position

a much calmer demeanor between william

and chad

and with that calmer demeanor much more


you know williams done a great job today

running up front in the top five

top ten throughout most of the race and


stage points where jimmy johnson's got a

few points today but he's struggled with

that speeding penalty

dylan jr we heard williams talking about

how lucy is right after that tap boy the

spotter came on the radio and said

if it's not too if it's not too loose

that you want to tighten it up

i would leave it alone so they're trying

to prevent getting too tight

on this next stop so crew chief steve

how do you balance that how do you keep


maybe two free but also not get it too

tight you have to understand where you

think the track is going remember this

has been a very long green flag run 66

laps look at the color of the racetrack

much darker i mean look at it all the

way across apron to wall

all of that black rubber that's changing

the handling so you got to kind of do a

little bit of an educated guess luckily

for william byer and his crew chief has

won 11 times here

here's jimmy johnson so he knows how to

get it done speaking of jimmy

inside the one of kurt bush yeah this is

for 10th place this is critical because

this will be a

stage point not only a position right

here one point from that but also a

stage point should he finish in the top

10 here

jimmy johnson is flying he's you said

his steve he had to come from the back

of the pack

he's been really smart about how he's

gotten up through there

but he is he has the he may have the

fastest car on the racetrack

we've not seen anyone pass that many

cars today kerb bush fought back though

stayed in front of him and here comes

clint boyer back into the picture but

rick this is what the fan base has been

wanting to see out of jimmy johnson his

nickname is superman

83 wins seven championships he always

put it on his shoulders

here he was speeding his pit crew had a

slow pit stop

this is the jimmy johnson we have been

looking for he has driven it

from the back of the field all the way

to 10th undergreen there's been no

tricks there's been no yellows

he has passed a ton of cars 19 on this

run alone parker

and steve i think that's a big point for

this race team you know cliff daniels

puts a lot of pressure on himself

knowing he has that seven-time champ

behind the wheel the pressure to get

this 48 back to where you stand where

the fans want to be

challenging for wins in the top 10

getting points right here he said

last night we had to look ourselves in

the mirror and say

how do we make this better we had to

rethink everything we do at dover

because we ran

seventh with jimmy johnson we're better

than that they're showing it today

that's for third right there blaney has

it kenny hamlin wants to take it away

yesterday we heard martin truex jr

complaining about

cars in front of him feeling like they

were taking his line away from him

well he and run diddy hamlin down

changed his line ran the top

and then denny went to the top and

immediately martin truex

cars out of the racetrack you see it

doesn't have the grid but watch the


come on man why are you taking the line

from me

because they're racing that's right it

did his job oh it's pretty

simple race car driver's job is pretty

simple pass the cars in front of you and

keep the ones behind you behind you

11 was finding a new top right there

wasn't he ricky

and once again look at how high the 11

of denny hamlin who won this race


is going i understand the frustration

but i don't know that denny's looking in

the mirror and driving wherever martin

is on the

in the corner i i wasn't that good i

don't think that any drivers doing that

denny on the inside of this 12th car

this would be a tough pass right here

ladies running that top will be really

hard for

hamlin to make it work on the bottom we

got to keep putting pressure on him he's

putting it on him right there

here comes martin trex jr as well in the

19. look at the run he has

yeah the 11 and denny hamlin got the 12

loose he had to stay out of the throttle

both those guys checked up the 19 gets

into this fight

11 to the top he's going to go up there

and get on that top three wide

look correct on the inside yeah truex is

going to take advantage of the loose 12.

he goes by him denny hamlin clears on

the high side

and william byron is thinking points

points i can get my blade oh he's going

to tag the 11.

yeah a little bit of contact there so


william byron in the 24 gets to the back

of the 12

excuse me ryan blaney doesn't move him

out of the way but he definitely let him

know he was there

look at lady he's so loose the back of

the car is just around on it

william's got to keep the pressure on

him get right to that rear bumper pull

the air off that spoiler

he's got to try this top here that's

what he needs to do with that 12 cars

pin to the bottom trying to just survive

i think that trail car is so loose

though if you could just run up

right here just run up in the corner

with him get him loose on corner entry

this has been a long green flag run 75


only four laps to go in stage two look

at the run

william byron has now now played he now

watch what happens

that just pushes all the air underneath

that 12 car

makes it very unstable still can't get

the pass done

i think blaney's take taking advantage

of william

and how nice he is william needs to get

to that outside and try to jump on that

right rear quarter panel that's just how

harvick took the lead from this 12 car

early in the race that's how danny just

got around the 12 car

moments ago i agree with you dale jr the

24 looks good running the top he has

good exit speed get on the outside of

that 12. get on that right rear

and that 12 car will only become looser

he keeps trying to pass him on the

bottom let's see if he can get it done


good run here can he get back to the gas

just can't

do it there's i mean they're on the

oldest tires they've been on all day

there's no grip down there when you're

on the inside of somebody and behind


jimmy johnson he has moved up to ninth

place so another point for jimmy johnson

final lap of stage two

see on the top of your screen the four

of kevin harvick we've mentioned

the age of the winner of the indy 500

how about the 44 year old kevin harvick

is gonna win stage two

he sweeps the first two stages from the

monster miles

points being earned by everyone in the

top ten

hardik logano hamlin trex jr blaney

william byron

alex bowman cole custer jimmy johnson

and brad kozlowski all in the top ten

well the 2014

champion has been dominant already today

in this the second day of the

doubleheader kevin harvick

winning stage one and stage two


the die hard batteries you know and

trust are now at advance

unrivaled performance meets unrivaled

expertise die hard batteries

now at advanced auto parts

and pit stops taking place now yeah


first pit stalling will come to the stop

car very inconsistent says it's tight

through the middle snappy loose off

looking for james small to make some

adjustments to try to help him be more


parker and kevin harvest the leader and

as well just struggling being loose and

eating forward drive in that poor car

william byron in the middle of your

screen he is reporting that he's just a

little bit

too loose air pressure adjustment but

they've garnered stage points in both of

these stages eight more than the 48 dave

second place joey logano in his car is

not going to cross the center of the

corner entry and exit are okay

he'll get four good year tires and the

front tires carried by jeremy ogles

remember a sore

right ankle he does it anyway and joey

will have a good pit stop

harvick holding on his crew has a great


the top four are holding their positions

william byron and that 24

crew gaining a spot on pit road blaney

loses one

bowman custer johnson you saw them

holding their positions

want to check in with brad and kp from

nbc sports charlotte all right kyle


we have seen some exciting things happen

this weekend a dominant performance

yesterday by denny hamlin and now

are we going gonna see the same thing

out of kevin harvick

i don't know why we wouldn't um i mean

he's done it week in and week out

so has denny hamlin but i'm telling you

i got to give a tip of the hat to 24

william byron and and chad cannot those


so far have risen to the challenge have

shouldered that pressure and have made

something happen for themselves today

i hope they can continue yeah i agree

this could be a breakout moment

for william byron if he can finish stay

inside that top five and get a good

solid finish

it'll be his first top five of the

season but a huge one so uh

this is going to be make or break for

this 24 team i'm telling you this is a

pinnacle moment

for this race team if he can stay inside

that top five great point guys the


this race is so enormous is because of

the uncertainty

in front of them next weekend friday the

xfinity series is going to

take on the high banks of daytona

that'll be on nbcsn

and then saturday it is the cut race the

end of the regular season

that's gonna happen under the lights on


and anything can happen daytona

what better place to make the nascar

playoffs or

miss though because daytona sends you to

the show

or daytona sends you home

daytona saturday on nbc

i'm already holding my breath i can't

believe what's going to happen next week

let's run it monday night

i don't want to wait till saturday i'm

ready i've been waiting all summer for


there'll be more on the line at daytona

than there's ever been before

you know you're gonna have all these

guys that are literally you know

out of the playoffs with one opportunity

to stamp their

ticket to get in it's gonna be crazy and

that's a different opportunity than if

you were coming here

because i don't think there's anybody in

the field that can't

win that race we've seen odd winners at

daytona and talladega

so everybody think about eric jones eric

jones had trouble

he's down in 18th in points 48 points


he's still not out of it he can go win

that race and move himself

into the top 16 and by the way that

knocks somebody out

so you are not safe if you're sitting

there in 16th in points we've been

talking about

anyone can win when it comes to the

plate races why can't it be

mr speedway mr excitement when it comes

to the play tracks ricky stenhouse jr

checkered flag talladega back in 2017

when he drove for roush

comes back wins again at daytona in july

to prove

he knows how to plate race and it's only


he gets a lot of criticism from his

aggression but i'm gonna tell you it

hasn't stopped this year he was

what 12 inches 16 inches away from

winning talladega this year when blaney

won it

he's had a rough go today at dover but

it could happen

he could upset everyone all right

remember the choose rule is in effect

listen to the radio for denny hamlin

no no i'm not up to me you're driving

i'm just telling you the numbers

um remember how this restart worked out


so we were in the same position we were

second and we chose

second row outside

can i just say i don't remember what

happened yesterday ah look at this

hopefully they talked about it well

apparently they didn't like what

happened so yeah

that's the inside yeah just remember

guys you you have to pick before you get

to that

arrow hit that orange box is you have to

go to the back of the field so

everybody's picking whatever lane you

want to go in

it's like everybody's in the lunch line

that's right it's like wait a second

what's going on

it is which lines move faster high line

low line

what's the preferred line cars with


and it's all getting sorted out next

time by will be the green flag we'll get

back underway

so look at the points earned today

through two stages harvick was perfect

he finished first in both stage one and

stage two blaney was up there

in both stages as well legano william


huge points for the 24 team coming in

they were outside

of the playoff picture and the guy that

has not had a good day at all

not really of his doing damage early

see that where they've repaired that car

of eric jones and all the people that he

is racing

for that final spot to get in the

playoffs are having good days

and he is not eric jones one of those

drivers is fighting for a seat

in 2021

back up through the gears they go kevin


out front with a great restart legato on

the high side let's see if the 11

and choosing that low line pays off

looks like he's going to slide in behind

the 22.

you have to push really hard restarts a

real aggressive


alex bowman in the 88 just in front of

ryan blaney

sixth and seventh running there

behind ryan delaney cole custer having a

pretty solid run today

a rookie we're starting to see that a

lot guys cole custer in this team

that 41 car right there they're starting

to show up in the top 12

quite frequently starting to figure this

thing out as a rookie

yep that's dylan their goal too we

talked to mike shipley

earlier this weekend he mentioned top

12s are better

these next few weeks especially that

gets them at least through the first

round of the playoffs so they can do


but he alluded to the same thing you

were talking about the improvement week

to week that cole has made

since the start of this season has been

noticeable for sure amongst this team

he's had a really solid week and a quiet

weekend running just

outside the top tanner just inside the

top ten right now

in that eight spot that's the best he's

run all day today cole custer ran 11

yesterday has an xfinity series win here

jeff we talked about it yesterday

this playoff run goal custer has won

this year he's in the playoffs it's

gonna be so

valuable as a rookie to experience the

pressure experience what it's like to

run for a championship

definitely building blocks for the

future for this young driver and we

have a great rookie class this year we

have cole custer tyler reddick john

hunter nemechek

christopher bell but what a horrible

year to be a rookie

i mean you know since we've come back

from the covet break

we've got no practices they have to go

on these racetracks

and cars that they haven't driven these

cars are so

different than the xfinity cars that

they drove last year they're having to

learn under fire

yeah that's what christopher bell said

who christopher bell might have been one

of the best xfinity drivers of the big


that were running the last two years

there he said when i came over to cup

i can't compare the two it's so

different you can't compare

xfinity to cup racing it's so much

better over here and so much more talent

that you're racing against on a weekly


the cars are better i'm sorry the cars

are different from the xfinity series

and the competition is better

so it is a huge adjustment did you have

to make

rick you mentioned it a lot of guys

tuning in after watching the

indianapolis 500 one big name

a superstar winless the defending

champion kyle bushwell he had a great

run yesterday ran up front we were

looking for great things out of the 18

again today

he was in an accident early the one that

took out chase elliott

well if you look at the right front

corner of the 18 you see the tape on the

fender it's more than that

the splinters bent up this 18 car i

think is just nowhere near

optimum condition and it's showing

currently 16th

fighting it but if he doesn't win here


this will be the longest in his career

that he has ever gone into a season

without a win that's going to start

wearing on the 18 car

yeah adam stevens his crew chief made

the comment to us a couple weeks ago he

said you know we

are so good at coming into a weekend and

getting better from the start of the

weekend to the end of the weekend well


because of the situation we're in with

no practice no qualifying

the start of the weekend is the start of

the race and so they don't have time to

work on the cars to get them better

so that kyle bush can be better well

this is a little bit of a unique

situation and a doubleheader this


kyle busch finished third yesterday in

this race

so now he was hoping to improve upon

that but also caught up in the incident


watching jimmy johnson trying to figure

out how to get around this two car

two cars running where jimmy's running

on the racetrack so

it's kind of hard for jimmy to make any

pick any ground

without losing the nose you see him move

up to racetrack a little bit right there

trying to search for some grip but

doesn't find it

it's a decent run off the corner though

yeah big rud off the corner that's

something let's see if he tries it again

no he got a big enough run where he

thought he could drive him got the air

pulled off that two car

got ain't got brad loose now jimmy's

loose underneath him

and here's derrick almarola trying to

put some pressure on jimmy

jimmy tries to recreate that again see

right there when brad gets up the


now let's watch what jimmy johnson does

maybe just push

that two car not physically but with the

air but brad goes to the top

brad's gonna let him have it brad way

out of the gas up there

you're riding with an 11-time winner at

this racetrack

jimmy johnson has more wins at this


than many people have in their entire

career there's only

nine drivers in this field that have

more wins in their career than jimmy

johnson has at this one racetrack

think about that

guys clint boyer also taking advantage

of brad keselowski here

and still not happy with the 14. listen

don't never drive it man nice and smooth

with your rhythm here

stay focused man top 10 top 10.

it's just the way it goes in uh nascar

racing right guys you work on your race

car you have ideas

sometimes you think you ought to go one

direction and then you say no maybe we

shouldn't have done that

let's not have the 14 running 11s right

now well so the question is did the 14

and clint boyer make their car worse

today or is anyone else made the car

better because we talked to jimmy


he said my car is better but so isn't

everyone else you got to continue to


68 points above the playoff cut-off line

for clint boyer as we go nascar non-stop


today's aerial coverage brought to you

by geico giving us

some great views from high above the

monster mile

we'll take a look at today's ram trucks

built to serve guys

well the four and 11 of kevin harvick

and denny hamlin doubleheader masters

this is the 10th doubleheader race of

the nine that have been completed they

have won

seven of them yeah bubble drivers

um 21. matt benedetto william byron

jimmy johnson

those guys how they're going to do today

and going into

daytona will they set themselves up to

have a comfortable situation there or


final stops rick 96 laps to go they

cannot make it to the finish oh the

final stops

might be coming right now goes around

and yellow's out

oh boy did you hit anything down there

you all right

how did he not hit anything i saved it

he saved it

quinn half 22 year old out of virginia

i love that paint ski break brings me

back to my business

what do you think no no no i always

thought harry gant no no no the fisher

snow plow entry for dick mccabe

series okay as a young man that zero you

gotta take a zero off he was a single

zero but that brought me right back

i was looking at skull banded but okay

all right let's take a look at what

happened with the double zero

big big wiggle there just over corrects

the car but saves it

did a good job just lock it down turn

two a lot of room down there on the


never hit the wall did he surprising

good job he had a big big

moment with the back of the car it

started this

all right steve you mentioned final

stops well does

that maybe speed things up

95 laps too far they can't go that far

on fuel right

well they're going to try rick i mean we

expect them to go 90 on fuel 94 to go

right now

you have to come i mean we have seen

dover be a few mileage race

many many times didn't matter if it was

500 400 i don't think it's going to

matter it's 311.

the window is now everybody will come to

pit road and barring another yellow

these drivers are going to be asked to

manage the racetrack and manage their


bubble wallace got the free pass he was


highest scored lap-down car at the time

of the caution coming out so that'll put

21 cars on the lead lap

kevin harvick has won stage one in stage


they'll have to fight through another

restart stay up front but

of course it's going to go into the

hands of their crews first when they

come to pitt road

no mistakes we saw a speeding penalty


by the 48 jimmy johnson

20 cars in the lead lab right there's no

time to recover

inside 100 laps to go you're gonna have

to be clean in and out pit crew

you don't have to have the best stop you

just can't have a major mistake at a

very very narrow pit road

on board right here with mark tricks

junior first pit stalling comes to a

stop right on his side so the turn in

the middle is getting better

loses rear grip as the run goes gonna

try to tighten this car up a little bit

with air pressure

looks like maybe a track bar adjustment

parker and from kevin harvick it's a


right rear air pressure gesture just

like they did the last time on the road

rodney toad reminded that make sure you

pack it full

fuel dylan a little bit tight as the

report from william byron says if

he says i need to turn if i'm going to

pass these guys in front of me

four tires fuel and an air pressure

adjustment on the 24 dave joey logano

fires off tight

four goodyear tires and sunoco fuel tire

carrier jeremy ogles will make the only

adjustment on this stop

he'll put a piece of tape on the front

grill there it is bang up goes lagano

and a tight race off of pit road harvick

logano hamlin truex

all holding their spots bowman grabs one

william byron

loses one and how about the 48 jimmy

johnson look how close this

is well he's avoiding him all the time

lost speedway is the new peacock

original documentary series

hosted by myself and matthew dilner it's

an exploratory journey that spans the

entire country uncovering great

racing cathedrals of the past and their

hidden stories

all episodes streaming now free


on peacock sign up at

all right i'll give you an a-plus

because i had to talk about that during

the xfinity race and i didn't dare say

the word cathedrals well i'm still


i just went very strong oratory journey

went into your vocabulary

beautiful actually so much fun i mean

you guys

uh and uncovering some of those race

tracks that have really gotten covered

up and

trees growing in around them hearing the

stories too is amazing it's pretty

awesome to go see these places what they

look like today and

try to imagine what they meant to the

communities back then

all right we've already seen the chews

and once again guys kevin harvick

easy for him he takes the top but danny

hamlin again takes the bottom rick so

even though he fell in line behind

legano on the last restart he's

chose there again let's see well this

time he gets to gain a spot i think

third on the outside

probably too far back don't you think

jeff wants to take a gamble on that

front row

yeah he's got nothing to lose with all

the wins and points and all the things


he said before on the choose rule he's

going to take the shortest route

that's going to put him on the front row

it's a bit hard to get

launched on that front row this outside

lanes had a big advantage right here

approaching the restart zone

and coming out of four green flag back

in the air


a little bit better this time for the 11

of denny hamlin can he hang on to that


he does he clears the 22. holds on to


he hustled to the center of one to two

side by side back here in fourth place


alex bulman has really worked his way

through this field i don't think he's

going to get this spot from truex but

man a backup car coming from the back of

the field

those runs last year not look like a

fluke right a second in that third

backing it up junior

yep okay william byron trying to

maintain track position as well he's had

it all day long with some great strategy

earlier in the race to get some stage

points in stage one and stage two

trying to hang on to that track position

to be able to get a great finish as well

earlier in the race he was talking about

being too loose and that last run he was

talking about being too tight

so just can't quite find exactly what he

wants to get winning speed lady putting

a lot of pressure on him

he had more speed than blandy to run

before now these tires

the changes and adjustments let's plane

he improved his car

he's going to get right into that bumper

try to get him loose doesn't seem to

affect that 24.

william's got to be really careful get

that thing to the bottom get the left


there we go better job that kept that

clint blaney from getting to his left

for a quarter panel

william a nice job that time protecting

that spot


can't get that car to work through the

middle of the corner you can see it he's

trying to go back to the gas the car

just washing up

he's having to wait on the throttle


here and he's wanting to go to the gas

one to go to the gas having to continue

to back out back out

before he can get back to full throttle

dave dale jr how quickly on a restart do

you feel a loose wheel if you have one

pretty quick right yep

here goes denny listen uh maybe get the

wheels tight

left here is suspect or you're gonna

ride as long

and he was in victory lane yesterday

yep here he comes now guys yeah left

rear suspect means

we don't want to chance it don't slide


look at the data of the pressure in the

air going in the gun and the video of

the tire changer he can tell

how many of the five lug nuts tightened

up watch the video how many of the lug

nuts did he hit

we'll see what chris gave heart does do

they just tighten the left rear did they

put a new

set of left side tires on it i would

change tires and wheels

as much load as it is here in dover that

loose wheel can instantly be damaged and

never want to become tight we know

yesterday they won the race and they had

one lug that wasn't tight on the left


final stop in the race

so here he is he was told when he came

to pit road don't slide him so it'll

just be the two left side that they'll

change and they'll send him back out

he didn't slide the damage is done 35

miles an hour all the way down that pit


dale jr you mentioned it post race

nascar taking a peek there was at least

one not pulled all the way up that's

going to be a fine to the crew chief and

here it is

the next day more than one not tight

a loose wheel for denny hamlin he had to

come to pit road

so what do you feel when you say it's a

loose wheel what do you feel

it just shakes vibrates uh i mean

literally you're about to

hear drivers talk about a vibration i

got a vibration that is quite simply

what it is it's just a big vibration the

whole car

shakes many times the driver will

misdiagnose it right

i think it's a right front when really

it's a left front very hard to tell

we've known in years past the teams were

getting really aggressive and only

hitting four lugs

intentionally to try to gain a little

speed on the pit stop and that may be

coming to haunt these guys a little bit

here on this final stop of the day

assuming that was the last stop just

trying to gain a little speed there

on the left side and it's yeah that's

why nascar put those fines in place you

know people think oh it's one lug nut


find them to your point junior that's

because they were only tightened four

yeah so you had to make a pretty serious

penalty to encourage the teams

to attempt to get all five lug nuts


and by time nascar doesn't go there and

check it with the wrench

zombies are touching the wheel they're

going to say good enough it's a visual


then hamlin though after that pit stop

will be

scored make sure i'm right here yeah one

lap down so he's gonna have to

fight his way back try to get some

yellows try to get back in the race

gonna be hard to do with 79 to go

see the 88 alex bowman curt and fourth

let's go to get some updates from petrol

we'll start with dave

and steve by the way the lefter was

indeed loose on the 11. double check

that and it was indeed the case

talk with this crew chief greg ives this

morning for alex bowman

and remember what ives did here won a

number of races with jimmy johnson as

the race

engineer so he was very confident coming

into the weekend sorry that they

couldn't show themselves yesterday

but not surprised that the 88 is doing

so well today running four

and dave we get this time of year you

know so many are racing for so many

different objectives well the 10th car

of erica roll

has an interesting one right now beating

kyle bushes and 13th

is a big deal for them why they were

only 10 points ahead of him coming into

this race

which is eighth in the regular season

sandy's just pays three playoff points

we grew to the playoffs

it was a big deal for today to go well

they had that speeding panel damn pit

road but he has marched his way

back to the field into the top ten and

is closing in on the top five dude

parker austin dillon is locked into the

playoffs already with the win earlier

this year but

his team wanted to turn the ship around

and have some solid runs put together

before they started the playoffs

justin alexander the crew chief we

talked about this earlier felt like

at the start of the races they're much

better they need to get the end of the

race better

with about 75 laps to go he's running

just outside the top ten

carr continues to come to and gets

better the longer they go

and we saw it just behind the three

boston deal in the green

kyle bush mentioned he's the reigning

cup series champion winless

in 2020 as we take a look at the toyota

driver update

currently running in the 13th position

started 18th

was caught up in the incident that took

ricky stenhouse jr

around into the inside wall and


the nine of chase elliot so they have

some damage on that car

only one stage win so far

in 2020 for kyle busch so not the season

that he was hoping for

after winning his second championship

last year

no far from it for sure rick the

difference though

you know this is um not what kyle bush

is looking for

but the perseverance of today you

mentioned that damage so early

i mean up the 13th it's not going to be

a highlight to them but that's a good

hard working day at dover

so jimmy johnson we see on the left side

of the screen 10 points below the cut


let's assess his weekend jimmy johnson

first race yesterday

pretty decent finish now where he's

running what do you guys think

well the state show really good speed

this weekend racetrack where you expect

to see jimmy johnson run well

mistake free yesterday some mistakes


obviously jimmy johnson's feeding them

that last stop they lost some spots on

pit road as well so

uh just those mistakes you know they

don't have winning speed junior

but they have good speed and when you

only have good speed those

any mistake is hard to overcome so you

just can't afford them

a seven time champion hero

for a lot of people and they're all

hoping that today

could be as successful as yesterday how

he was able to gain some points and work

his way back into

position to make the playoffs fans want

to see him

in the playoffs i came to terms this is

his final season because he told me so

i asked him i said is there you know is

anything about the online petition to

try to get you to come back he said man

i made

i made that decision and wrapped my

brain around it months and months ago

i'm not coming back he even said that he

wants to try to put together a

indycar season next year to run all the

street and road courses

all 12 or 13 of those races he's already

forward thinking

on what's going on next year for him but

he knows that

in his final season everything that he's


it would mean the world to him to make

these playoffs he was not it's such a

disappointment for any team any year to

miss the playoffs

he does not want that to happen to him

this year in his final season

i thought it was interesting too talking

to jimmy about some of his

thoughts about running overseas you know

maybe going to run the ball

running some places like that to

experience what it's like

to race overseas let his family

experience that with him

jimmy's going to be doing some fun

things next year and not all oh

wow a lot of pressure cole custer said

okay i'll move out of the way don't

worry don't drive through me

i know you're ascending time but come on

man but listen i think that's the

pressure that the 24 is doing we talk

about jimmy he really showed up here at

dover and gained some points

from the start of the weekend but i

don't have to say it's punch

counter punch because the 24 of william


and chad canals that combination showed

up today after being

politely embarrassing yesterday they ran

28th they were nowhere near good

as far as a car handling or speed goes

here they are in the fifth position

william byron has 95 starts

in the cup series 96 after yesterday

jimmy johnson has 83 wins

wins so you start talking about the

difference between these two why they

are teammates

they are so far apart 22 years in age so

much time

between the two of them that i'm

impressed with the performance of

william byron he had to feel the

pressure coming in today

we saw that close action jimmy johnson

and cole custer jimmy been working on

him and working on him and just couldn't

get behind

a good run off the turn four drives down

into turn one

it's right to his rear bumper goal gets


i'm sure they ever made contact it's

really close but i think it all started

because jimmy first had the air pulled


of custer and he just got really really


and so why we've been focusing a lot on

the 24 and 48s

you got to remember the 21 matt

demendetto he's definitely

in the crosshairs now because he has

fallen to only

15 points above that cutoff line not

having a very good day

obviously not like what kevin harvick is

experiencing right now which is a great


kevin harvick and the domination that he

has shown in 2020 you see favorite to


finished top six last five dover races

three of the last

five races he's been able to win at the

double headers

and then both stages already today and

has led 163

laps of the 248

that has been run so double headers have

worked out well for him

and pocono he was able to win there


grabbed both of them and of course he's

always racing with denny hamlin but

right now looking good here at dover




56 laps to go the nascar cup series dry


311 from the monster mile dover

international speedway

and again this is the second to last

race of the regular season

and it means so much because the last

race is

under the lights at daytona you never

know what is going to happen

at daytona and that race coverage will

begin at 7pm eastern on nbc make sure to

tune in

as the regular season comes to an end

and wow ryan blaney completely sideways

there as we were looking down

from that aerial coverage and look at

how much ground he's going to lose now

almost lost that thing i was gonna say

that's wrecked without wrecking what i

think that officially was for

the 12th of laney he's got 54 laps to go

he had a lot of caution he's got to ride

this out

riding along with him

yeah he's so loose in there's just no

grip you're the tire squealing

like two to the bottom one back coming

inside disheartening

because he's got a no pit stops unless

it makes you feel any better here's the


you know wow sideways too with nearly a

five second lead

we've seen look at that we have seen

every driver this weekend really have to

step up their game

everybody's been loose and if you're not

going to be loose you're slow

like that's just how it is like you're

going to have to be loose if you want to

make lap time

so with kevin harvick running up front

here and as you mentioned

a 4.7 second lead

you look at the all-time series wins by

manufacturer and ford is sitting on

699 looking for their 700th

win in nascar

and the cup series

chevrolet was 790 but ford trying to hit

that milestone of

700 wins and it could happen at the

hands of kevin harvick today

we've made a lot about the battle

between 24 william byron and jimmy


uh manda benedetto was really in a

comfortable position

several races ago but in the last two

races he's lost 30 points to the bubble

he's lost right now if it finishes as is

another 12 points today

going into daytona not comfortable at


not at all for this 21 team

started on the pole today sitting right

now in 17th

just hasn't been able to get the speed

out of this car that they were hoping


and jimmy johnson is got by clint boyer

so jimmy johnson now

is up to seventh william byron's in


jimmy's trying to chase eric almarola


okay earlier one of you said he didn't

have winning speed

but what about jimmy johnson and what

he's been able to do here

with the 48th car today just ran the

fast slap on the racetrack

that time by so he's got winning speed


and dale this is right in his wheelhouse

at dover long

run speed cliff gatos you know one of

the things we struggled with yesterday

was not having that short run speed he

said if there's a long run though

i know jimmy can make the speed no

matter what we put in that car

and you're seeing that here right now

you know the longest run we've had in

this race is just around

80 laps but if this goes green all the

way to the end this could potentially be

the longest run

of the race which falls right in their

hands you're seeing that speed out of


and every position that jimmy takes it


the benedetto closer to the bubble line

so when jim passes the car

that's another point closer that's tough


well we've talked a lot about the bubble

one driver who's done a nice job to

remove himself from the conversation the

14 of clint boyer

the last two races the daytona road

course and the first dover race

yesterday 47 points in daytona

46 points in dover his two past points

days of the year

so he could have just as easily slipped

into this conversation

the opposite has happened for the 14. i

know he's frustrated with his car today

currently running in the eighth position

thought he had more but he's doing what

he needs to do it plus 69

he can leave here today feeling much

much better about daytona next week dave

and steve when i talked with his crew

chief johnny klausmeyer about that he

said yeah we're not 100

clear so we are going to race smart

finish well get our stage points top 10

to 15 is

fine for us and that's certainly what

he's done this weekend

eighth place right now clint bringing it

home that's funny you mentioned johnny

claus fire

and you mentioned it by name when we

asked clint boyer about his crew chief

he said you know what

my crew chief is super chill that's the

way he described him

he's super chill well it's funny right

because we've talked to almarola who has

the old crew chief for the 14. he has

mike bugaravich he says my crew chief

is not he doesn't say super chill but he

says he's worked up

he's motivated on the radio and eric's

self and literally says he's kind of


kind of relaxed he thought that

motivation on the radio has held the 10

team so

here it is a crew chief swap between two

cars both currently running inside the

top ten

i think it's important also for flynn

you know a lot of rumors about who's

gonna drive this car next year and

what's gonna happen you know you're

expected to make the playoffs right your

driving stuart haas racing you're

expected to make the playoffs so

cleveland wants to continue his driving


of making the playoffs go a long way to

help him do that

43 laps to go my concern rick we've seen

an 80 lap run today 48 laps in this

green flag run we talk about how this

would be the longest

you asked me at the top of the show are

we concerned

about 622 laps

well i don't love the idea and i hate

the idea of having to run 90 straight

right so if anything is wearing if

anything is being beat up

90 straight laps whether it's the hubs

the left front hub gets beat up very bad

here the right front suspension

maybe the rear suspension 41 laps to go

if we're gonna see any of those

mechanical issues

it's gonna start showing up

asking these cars to do a lot more than

they've ever been asked to do on a

weekend to dover

again a doubleheader weekend 311 miles


yesterday another 311 today

coming in jimmy johnson was outside of

the playoff window

yesterday had a great day put him above

the cut-off line now today

a little bit more of a struggle after

his speeding penalty

he is now below the cut-off line william

byron has put together a good day

very solid day running in the top five

that suit

he's fighting for as far as that one


it's difficult obviously for rick

hendrick because both cars are owned by

him he wants to see both of them get

into the playoffs

but obviously a lot of people want to

see a seven-time champion

and jimmy johnson make it into the

playoffs but only two opportunities

left to decide that with here and

daytona next weekend you know what makes

sports wonderful though rick

nobody cares what your resume is the

point system doesn't care how many races

you've won

in your history and and you know i say

that tongue-in-cheek but that's the

point that's what makes this

so fun to watch is what jimmy johnson is


is you know he's reaching down and


as hard as he had you to win races just

to try to go get this point from eric


it's exciting to watch but he still

still has to find six more

between now and the end of the race of

daytona next week well if he finds

six more he'll win the race and he won't

have to worry about points

he'll automatically be in it because

right now he's running in the sixth


the next car in front of him will be

william byron

yeah williams pretty far out in front of

him 37 laps to go jimmy will have to


really hard to be able to run him down

he's been fast he's got a fast car for

sure but

it's pretty far out there on him there

he is you've got a little shot of whim

almost just under a short straight away

in front of him

there's william there's jimmy

kevin harvick the 44 year old out of

bakersfield california out in front

and when we talked to his crew chief a

little while ago he made the comment

you know what we're still out here

trying to prove ourselves well pretty


that a guy who already has six wins this


is trying to prove themselves this late

in the season well you mentioned prove

themselves this is a big weekend for the

22 of joe logano first year working with

crew chief paul wolff success early

found some wins when i talked to paul he

says you know

i think i know what my driver needs at

the high horsepower tracks like here at

dover it's the low horsepower tracks i'm

not sure of well if you make that

statement you have to deliver they have

they ran eight yesterday improved on

their car overnight

currently running second decent lap

times you never know with a caution

if they could have a chance martrex jr

in third stalking

that 22 car joe logano talked to mark

last night

about what he needed to win this race

what he was missing yesterday when denny

hamlin passed him late in the race said

man we were just way too loose entering

the corner i could not move around i

couldn't run the high side like i wanted

to or needed to

to get around the lap cars it seems

they've improved that car

today as he tries to run down this 22.

yeah look right behind him there's alex


who would have thought after yesterday

alex bowman running 21st

just did not see much speed from alex

yesterday finishing the top three in

both races at dover last year

thought coming in it would be a car to

win didn't see it yesterday but

good changes and good speed today

just behind him in the 24 we've talked a

lot about the fact that william byron

fighting to

stay in this playoff picture well at 22

years old william byron really

has been more of a computer guy as far

as learning how to race he

dominated in eye racing when the covet

break took over

now he has transitioned onto the race

track and with chat canals calling the

shots on

as his crew chief he has consistently

had great run after great run

and has fought himself back up into the

playoff picture

and a good fight here for the second

spot legano

big step out right there with the right

rear off turn four trying to lean on

that right rear on that high side

asking a little bit too much

just yesterday 2x and this car may be

for some reason a little more

you may have a little more problems

behind other cars

felt like he got held up yesterday

leading the race late

now he's in that same situation

basically legano for second

just listen to joey we need to stick to

our line our speech don't try blocking

them here yet he's not close enough

yeah we haven't moved off our line yet

we're just struggling there yeah we need

to get back to our line where we're good

x has been pretty amazing over the last

six races he finished

third five races in a row and

yesterday he finished second so i mean

this guy has been as close and can smell

a win

already has a win in 2020 but right now

running in third again

that radio communication for the 22 car

they are very

you know clever crafty

they will talk to joey and really try to

help him understand where the guy is

behind him

so that he can run on that run that line

and take that line away from that driver


take the line away from our tricks

junior take his air away make it hard

almost impossible to pass him they are

so defensive with their car

more so than anybody i've ever heard

look at the cars move around we saw joe

legato off turn four

sideways right there martin truex jr

into turn one

sideways late in this run these

cars just have lost all the grip

just a battle for who can go to the

throttle the soonest

fun to watch these guys manhandle these


steve you mentioned long runs with 27

laps to go

potentially it could be a 90 lap run

it'd be the longest green flag run of

the day

yeah so i'm gonna ask parker who's been

reporting on kevin harvick all day the

race leader

parker that's right at the fuel window

we talked about have you heard anything

on the radio about fuel issues for the


it is but ronnie chillers was very

confident when he told kevin harvick

even beginning of this run

just save me a little bit under the

caution we are good to go we just need

to save some

in case there's a green white checker so

they feel confident they can make it the

end i've heard the same from

most others in the top 10. i think

there's our answer on fuel dale jr you

jumped in my other

there and you said you feel you could

save fuel here either way just so much

time out of the throttle if you had to

find a couple laps you could

yeah if you got it so you know typically

when you run hard you run hard down in

the corner use a little break to slow

the car down well you can run basically

the same lap time lifting way sooner

using no brake let the car roll down

into the corner

back to the gas really easy almost match

the lap time

that you're running traditionally so you

can save quite a bit here

well it also helps if you have a five

second lead right you have a lot of room

to give up for kevin harvick

you wonder a little bit further back in

the field legato truex

bowman in that tight race then you think

about byron and johnson

you know they're running hard because of

the point situation

but they push themselves over the edge

karmic that's really easy to save

so jefferson right along with kevin

harvick as a crew chief instantly i see

how hard he's working sliding around

working the throttle

i'm asking my driver buddy 23 to go what

do you mean in the short run

not 80 laps not 60 laps a short run i

don't buy it i don't believe we can run

90 laps to the finish

the track is too tough they're sliding

around too much this is the track where

you can still spin out on your own

caution's out prophetic steve

here it is corylen joy for the joy

that's writing

32 core the joy made the announcement

this week he was not going to be back

with go fast racing the team that

owns that car so now the caution has

come out

the crew chief has asked his driver what

do you give him steve and rick this is

this is going to sound crazy but this is

like martinsville

where a car changes on a long run i know

it looks nothing like it but the run

the setup you want to run 100 laps here

is not the setup you want to run 20.

so these crew chiefs have been working

on that air pressure working on the red

wrench maybe a little bit of that

free grip dale jr that tape everybody

likes free grip you have to make

adjustments that's a great idea throw a

little tape on the front of that car

add a little down force add a little

comfort with only short distance to the

end you can really push the

issue on the temperatures let's see what

happened to 32 car

up the fence already over here in the


scott the wall got up in there a little

probably running high side

i didn't see flat tires rodney is


they had this race won remember guys the

rear tire change on that four car

he's out this weekend he had a spider

back and it's some sort of an infection

he can't be here this weekend so how do

you beat kevin harvick

got to have a great pit stop number one

kevin harvick and his team have to have

a great pit stop number one

i'm selling the opposite kevin harvick

is absolutely beatable now

i don't know if anybody could beat him

over 60 laps but we're going to talk a

15 lap

sprint qualifying laps but do you try

something on pit road can you do two

tires and get track position can you get

in front of him

with 68 laps on these tires i don't

think two tires will work there's too

many laps to go maybe a two lap run a

five lap run

but you're talking in the teens we're

gonna see 15 laps to go so i'm

looking at having a good pit stop now

one advantage that kevin harvick's going

to have

burton is this what you're thinking

right here how many cars he has off his

rear bumper

that's exactly right so you look at

kevin harvick all the way up here right

behind the pace car

joey legato that yellow car look at all

the cars in between them

so legato can pull up a little bit when

these cars

get caught up he can pull up a little

bit but he can't pull up all the way to

kevin harvick's bumper

so that's a big advantage for kevin

harvick on pit road

yes because now the amount of time that

kevin harvick can feel in his pits

is actually turned into a much easier

pit stop for these guys watch that

smooth and easy so he's going to get as

much as he can

but still can't pull all the way up to

his bumper there you go

i see the four of kevin hart turns left

comes to the attention of his pit crew

you mentioned that new rear tire changer

this weekend we'll see if they'll be


i don't see any adjustments no wedge

wrench in the rear window they must like

their car parker

all right they just pumped up the tires

a little bit for this shorter run

they've been lowered the right rear all

this time

you also see jimmy johnson pulled out

william byron into his stall as well

he's saying he's just a little bit tight

air pressure adjustment four tires and

fuel gonna slap a little piece of tape

on there as well

and fuel for legato one more piece of

tape on the front end to tear off away

so we can see

and hopefully catch the four car he's

been chasing him down jimmy johnson

first off mid-road guys rick you asked

could anybody gamble i didn't think

anybody would cliff daniel says you know

what's better than points

trophies the golden ticket into the

playoffs he wanted to be up front he's

going to be up front jimmy johnson will


number one


so jimmy johnson wins the race off of

pit road using pit strategy just a

two-tire change so he has two fresh

tires the old tires are going to have 60


laps on him so that's not going to be

advantageous but maybe the track

position is going to pay off

well one of the other things that

they've got to deal with is

which line everybody chooses that's

going to be racing against him

yeah so i think it's going to be pretty

easy for jimmy johnson to choose the top

but guys that's a lot of laps on the

left side we have seen older tires work

in situations

my fear though jeff is no one is behind

him to protect him

wherever he lines up four tires will be

next to him and behind him

he has 68 green flag laps on those left

side tires

he's coming up to this area so he's

going to go the top obviously kevin

harvick knowing

that jimmy has old tires went to the

bottom surprisingly truex went to the

top i thought truex might go to the


because of those old tires old jimmy


you're talking about a good run for

clint boyer now he's still fighting the

points situation but had to come to pit

road a second time

you just hope that doesn't lead to more

issues now that he's farther back in


to keep an eye on that well

a sprint to end this race and it's so

important because of what's coming up

next weekend i mean the xfinity series

it's not the end of their regular season

but it is the end of the regular season

for the cup series and that race is

going to be on nbc

7 o'clock under the lights daytona it's

always exciting and you just

never know you're trying not to get

caught up in the big one

you're trying to find the right car to

work with

trying to be in the right line and so

many decisions have to be made in a

split second you're stressing me out

rick you're stressing me out

jimmy if jimmy johnson's gonna win this

race it's gotta be right here as they

approach the geico restart zone

he has got to get the rear tires hooked

up and get it launched it's gonna be so

difficult with that old left retire to

see what he can get done

see how he does it back up into the gas

he goes

17 laps to go

harvick on the inside how much pressure

will he give him

jimmy johnson holding him off through

one and two

sliding as he came out of two can he

hold him off to three and four

up the racetrack jimmy goes here comes

harvick harvick's gonna pass him and

take the lead again

oh jimmy way up the racetrack off before

now jimmy johnson's lost the lead but he

has to focus