Full Race Replay: Pennzoil 400 | NASCAR Cup Series at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

and please remain standing as Billy

Malden with motor racing outreach offers

our invocation gracious God and Heavenly

Father as we rise up today on this

beautiful day Lord there's so much that

we're thankful for men and women of our

armed forces first responders both here

at home and abroad that are defending

and protecting the freedoms we enjoy


the Lord today of above all else we're

thankful that this past week we saw our

friend Ryan Newman walk out of that

hospital continue to be with him father

let your peace and your presence around

us all that's in your holy name we pray


and here to sing our national anthem

please welcome the man known as golden


Carnell johnson oh say can you see by

the dawn's early light what so proudly

we hailed at the twilight's last

gleaming whose broad stripes and bright

stars thru the pair

last fight or the ramparts we watch'd

were so gallantly streaming


proved through the night that our flag

was still there oh say does that

star-spangled banner yet wave

or the lava free



can one of the hometown boys Kurt or

Kyle make it to victory lane what about

seven-time can he break the winless

streak we're gonna go racing at Vegas

coming up next on Fox


I'm here with the 1980 men's US national

hockey team Miracle on Ice gold medal

gentlemen I got asked you guys you have

a very important job

later this afternoon you're gonna get

these cars fired off so there's a bigger

challenge winning that gold medal in

1980 or telling these guys to start your

engines later today I think it's gonna

be something you start their engines we

don't know how we have no clue how to do

it I'm pretty sure if you just simply

tell them to start and don't find a way

to do it but but why don't you give me a

little preview I want a little insight

as to what you're gonna say what's it

gonna sound like out there we want to

hear get out there guys thank you for

being here thank you for being such a

great representation of our country

we're all so proud of you guys

enjoy the race


oh boy that's gonna be a good one and

you know what there's still time fans to

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lineup yeah Jamie yes you know these

guys are all over easy Ross Chastain

right in there filling in for Ryan

Newman maybe just a little nervous

first first racer at the Roush Fenway

but he'll do a great job for those guys

excited obviously but some big shoes to

fill and all the racers will be thinking

about Ryan Newman out there in the cars

today there's a Kyle Busch right there

he wants to win at this racetrack really

bad yeah and he'll be going to the back

he they got in trouble and inspection on

Friday so he going to the back Brad

Keselowski this has been a great track

for Penske Larry really feel good about

Brad's chances heading into today Jimmie

Johnson was fastest in practice can the

seven-time champion at winless streak

and of course the other Busch brother

who would love to get it done at Las

Vegas as well all right it's time to go

trackside for commands to start engines

let's get it down there and now for the

most famous words in Motorsports please

welcome your grand marshals the 1980 US

men's Olympic miracle hockey team



to win the race in Las Vegas you need is

the same thing that it takes to win in

this town you need to be deliberate take

your time

confidence and a tall stack of chips and

whatever you do and when the moment

calls for it don't don't just go all-in

this takes time it takes patience you

just got to go all-in what we win ten

quarters come on guys whether you're

all-in at the poker table or you pace

yourself at the slots

you're always a winner here so race fans

sit back and enjoy the show

whether it's glitter culture the strip

one constant in Vegas has always been

Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton and a lot of fun wait that

was a good time Mike great job by the

way you you know that was four million

dollars in chips you had there I was

told that I was pretty nervous we have

any left

I think one or two mill fell out baby

all right how do you take all of the

emotion of Monday night the greatest

Daytona 500 the concern for Ryan Newman

take all that put it in a box shove it

in the corner and get ready to do what

these drivers have to do this weekend

yeah Mike as we see these drivers put on

the helmet strapped into this car and

try to get back to business you can't

help but think about what they've gone

through mentally through this crazy

rider that it's been this week all the

drama worrying about you know your

friend your competitor in his condition

hearing the amazing news that he's you

know doing well and walking out of the

hospital but as you get here you say and

I asked people ask me this all time why

why do these guys get back in there you

know why because this is what they were

born to do this is normalcy this is

their comfort zone when they get back in

that race car and get back to business

you guys truly are a special breed let's

talk about restarts because they're

gonna be insane here it's a big wide

racetrack they like to fan out it's a

great time to pass but oh my gosh Mike

these restarts are gonna be nuts today

because we've seen where these cars fan

out and get three and four

they're going to use every inch of real

estate of this racetrack on that front

straightaway through one and two terms

three four and we saw yesterday in

practice they never stopped they were

three wide four lap after lap after lap

sun's out now I'm gonna be very curious

to see how long these guys can run three

wide well hopefully somebody's gonna

need to go all in on the final lap to

win here in Las Vegas


beautiful conditions are completely




welcome to the NASCAR Cup Series from

Las Vegas on Fox presented by Jiffy Lube

cars on track for getting their second

pace lap the tippy loop starting grid

was set by car owner points from last

year qualifying was rained out so Kyle

Busch on the pole but he goes to the

rear under penalty as does Denny Hamlin

so that will move up the drivers behind

them two chance your winner today is

going to come from these first four rows

on the past Vegas winners and

challengers in that groove we'll look at

the rest of the starting grid is we

talked to one of those contenders yeah

let's talk to Las Vegas native Kurt

Busch hey Kurt this is Jeff I'm the Fox

Sports booth you got me well Curtis

gotta feel good come to your hometown

interact with family friends fans it's

been a fun week it looks like for you

how does that motivate you ready to go

win this race today all right well

thanks for talking to us love that

steering wheel thanks for supporting our

veterans have a great day that's a

little look back to his short track days

right there let's get late-breaking

stories from pit road beginning with

Vince Welch Mike wood Kyle Busch won

here in 2009 he had qualified on Paul

but had to start at the rear similar

situation today was supposed to start

first he'll go to the back can he come

from the back to the

front and win again if so they'll have

to be better than they were in practice

they've changed things in lean torn

Martin Truex Jr set up we'll see if it

pays off Matt Vince now not to be a

Denny downer as if the odds couldn't be

any more stacked against Denny Hamlin at

his worse racetrack where he's never won

now as you mentioned he too will be

going to the back but I like to look at

the glass half full he's won

back-to-back races twice today would be

a third Denny told me that the cautions

fall just right it'll play into their

strategy they could have a solid day

regular well Matt the benefactor to Kyle

Busch going to the back is actually

Kevin Harvick wolf who will start from

the inside of the front row in just a

moment here that is music for that team

Cheers they spent all of practice trying

to work in that car being out problem

for them to take control of this race

early and try to hold it all day Jamie

Reagan last year Tyler Reddick put on

his show and drove his car to Victory

Lane in the Xfinity series today though

he's driving a Cup car for the first

time in Las Vegas

hey you at home if you want a driver

who's brave who's not afraid to be the

first to go where the other cars aren't

and will stand on the gas all day long

your man is Tyler Redick me8 mike joy

Thank You Jamie

ready to race in Las Vegas let's check

in with our crew chief Larry McReynolds

to set the table for us hi Larry hey

Mike I love to gamble but not with so

many unknowns when you think about how

different the weather is the track has

no rubber on it and we've not been on a

track in almost 48 hours but my ace in

the hole

it's my race analysis let's take a look

at that 267 laps 400 miles of stages 80

and 80 in the final stage 107 pit road

speed 45 miles per hour the fuel window

58 to 62 laps a competition caution at

lap 25 I don't know about all in Mike it

might be all about when to hold and win

the phone Oh Jeff Scott if I kind of

like to go all in stack speak it said

here in Las Vegas the 2020 Toyota Camry

TRD leads the field out of turn number

four Truex and Harvick finished 1-2 here

last September so with the reordered

lineup there they are

the front row picking up where they left

off Truex did not get Lane choice as

both lanes moved up but he is the

control car for the start green flag in

Las Vegas

already for why further back in the

field there Mike it you know even though

church didn't get laid to us I think he

would have chosen the outside so it

worked out in his favor he's got company

way up high three of rest and Daniel

Suarez has crept to the start line and

may not see Ryan Blaney here's an issue

with Suarez on the front straightaway

and we're under caution right away and

Jeff they are starts restarts here three

and four wide look at them come across

under caution I think that's just the

beginning of what we're gonna see there

boy tough start to the season for Daniel

Suarez missing the Daytona 500

now issues before we even take the green

flag here in Las Vegas now Denny Hamlin

was behind Suarez at the tail end of the


Hamlin under penalty for unapproved

smoke already coming out the right side


now already the cars not even under

power as he rolled to the green if that

had happened Mike another 50 feet

further that could have been

catastrophic for the 11 also it might

have damaged his radiator and punched a

hole in the nose there will be a

competition caution lap 25 you can hit

before then but you cannot take fuel


NASCAR Cup Series racing on Fox is

sponsored by Progressive Insurance save

when you bundle auto home or motorcycle

insurance and by Toyota let's go places

Martin Trek started from the front row

but he is going to be fifth on this

restart Kevin Harvick is the leader from

Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney here's your

Ford performance track facts for today

Ford has one for the last five here at

Las Vegas led about 75% of the laps

pretty interesting here

you saw tracks lose the lead from that

top lane but now Kevin Harvick has

chosen the outside lane even though he

took the lead from the inside lane so

should should be something to watch

these two he must feel really good about

his speed on those short runs

now the Toyotas that started at the back

under penalty for body modifications

Hamlin Bell and Kyle Busch are all

together 29 30th and 31st and this

Toyotas even tricks did not show a lot

of short run speed their car really

comes on after about 10 15 20 laps pace

car dives to pit road

Kevin Harvick brings them toward the

start/finish line and green flag


when I watch some of these cars that are

three wide see Joey Logano contact

between the 42 the 19 that almost turned

Kyle Larson right around but see Logano

taking the lead Truex coming back to

second but when I looked at those cars

that were three wide saw Jimmie Johnson

Matt DiBenedetto almost made contact got

to be really careful that because that's

what causes these tires to go flat early

in a run when those sidewalls are low

from air pressure

larsson outside as William Byron gives

bread Kozlowski a push into turn three

watch the 42 and 19 on the replay great

run by the 19 of Truex Church just gets

into that little bubble and get to run I

think Larsen put a small block on tricks

and maybe tricks didn't expect that and

they made contact


Denny Hamlin up 5 to 25th now and

Keselowski drifting back a bit here

second place here's a battle we saw last

fall here at Las Vegas these two went at

it all day long

Harvick was the faster car on the short

runs Truex the faster come the long runs

but Truex pretty feisty here in the

early laps

Harvick taking a look on the outside we

didn't see that outside group come in

yesterday in Pratt two days ago in

practice if you think with the Sun

coming out it will be a preferred lane

later in some of these runs smooth exit

off turn four single-file but this track

has a lot of let's say character when

you get down to turn one here Oh watch

as we ride on board this visor came with

Jimmie Johnson look at the bumps through

turns one and two

see his head bounce around you hear

those skirts and the car slamming into

the racetrack over those bumps and they

just continue Mike all the way around

that corner that is one of two

side-by-side battles as we're back with

the leaders Logano and Harvick back at

24th Kyle Busch's passed Hamlin here's

the race for fifth place we saw William

mired in that 24 car showed a lot of

strength in practice you see him trying

to side draft the left rear quarter

panel of Larson to try to pull that car

ahead using the aerodynamics to pull him

ahead not going to clear how Larson

Thapa to Jamie I talked to William Byron

right before he got in the car and he

was pretty optimistic about today he

said with the new body style of the

Chevrolets he said the car feels like

it's less affected around other cars

tables so he was hopefully you can see

Ray's here today and felt the speed was

good as well


thanks Jamie ten laps in one caution

flag early for Daniel Suarez and here

this battle is enjoined for fifth I

would think this is the perfect position

for William buyer to clear Kyle Larson

as it gets down into turns three four

and he certainly does see how far back

that nose was to the rear bumper of the

42 that's when you get the most effect

of that side drafted dumping air in the

left turn on that rear spoiler

Denny Hamlin back with John Hunter

Nemechek back at 26th place

Kyle Busch about three spaces ahead of

them and Christopher Bell

push one of the usaa biggest movers

eight spots since the restart little

contact between Harvick and Logano

no love lost between these two either we

don't talk a lot about the rivalry look

at the 19 trucks on the outside making

it three wide these three drivers have

combined to win five of the last seven

races here yet trust me

Harvick he'll lean on Joey Logano a

little bit harder than he does some of

the other competitors if you look

through their past help on the way here

comes Blaney up with that threesome and

Byron well what that is when you get

side-by-side especially if you get three

wide these cars from behind the momentum

shifts and all of a sudden they close up

because of the disturbance in the air

that big hole being punched and all the

drag pulling those two cars side by side

already a big close call among the

leaders in Las Vegas






the Silverado at new Silverado HD are

the strongest most advanced Silverados

ever learn more at 19 laps

complete here in las vegas Kevin Harvick

Joey Logano as this battle keeps going

for fifth place and Mike I got to

believe that the tires are starting to

become a factor right now this is a

green racetrack and we've seen a big

shift in some lap time in some balance

and some race cars as you see the 12 of

Ryan Blaney slide around right there

now here comes Brad Keselowski to the

inside of William Byron that blue car of

Kyle Larson had a big moment getting

into turn three listen he's a dirt

tracker he can slide but this is

pavement he was looking for the cushion

never found it remember it rained all

day here in Vegas yesterday no rubber on

the track to start this race so five

laps from now we'll get a competition

caution here's a driver that's been

really making progress the 9 of chase

Elliott just pick them off one by one as

he's working on Mark Church jr. right

now for third place


back at em place Clint foyer and Kyle

Larson fits well for Kyle Larson he says

it's just tight in traffic and then

really loose everywhere else especially

through the tri-oval you see him up

toward the front and you've also seen

him of late falling back now just to the

tenth spot and the air really disturbs

these cars it changes the balance so

much when you're behind that hole being

punched in the air you don't get the air

to the nose of the car and that creates

a push it makes the front tire slide but

as soon as you get that clean air all

that air is pushing down on the nose now

all of a sudden the back wants to swing

around and get loose so put Larson among

those most in need of this caution flag

he started fourth he's back to 12 and

lapping of slower cars has begun


working lap 23 ricky stenhouse they're

up behind Denny Hamlin who is 24th one

spot behind Christopher Bell and Kyle

Busch two laps ago that was a big I'm

telling you Mike the tires are falling

off the grip levels going away very

faster the balance is changing obviously

even for our leader Kevin Harvick as he

slid that car off at turn two did

everything he could just to keep it out

of the wall and is this what you would

expect of a green racetrack that had all

that rain yesterday absolutely

absolutely and it's going to change

again when they put the next set of

tires on change here for second place

Marc Church jr. we expected him to be

strong on the long runs he's up to

second goes by Logano trying to run down



you know guys one thing these crew

chiefs have to be careful listening the

feedback from the drivers is not over

adjust the race car not adjust to what

the car was doing when the green flag

wave because your point Jeff and Mike

there was no rubber on the racetrack

Jamie that's easy to do to start over

adjusting I mean it really isn't a we

saw Kyle Larson and Kevin Harvick these

guys start sliding around they're

screaming right down the radio wanting

the crew sheets to make the right

adjustments for this next set of tires

so here's the competition caution this

is something NASCAR usually does when

there's a lot of rain the day before a

race they tell the teams they'll be a

competition caution lap 25 to allow them

to come in and check tire wear and

setups on a green racetrack and because

it's a green racetrack Mike I would not

be surprised at all if we look at some

of these left-side tires they're a

little bit softer compound if we don't

see them almost all the way down to the



now what's that rubber starts to lay

down on the racetrack that tire wear

will get better and better throughout

the day I believe a reed sorenson

in the 77 will be the free pass NASCAR

Cup Series racing on Fox is brought to

you by NASCAR's premiere partners pit

road is open now of the cars that were

under penalty at the start of the race

Kyle Busch has raced up to 22nd

Christopher Bell 23rd Denny Hamlin 25th

we saw Denny Hamlin past Ricky Stenhouse

jr. but Stenhouse actually was able to

get back by him so I think some

adjustments coming for Denny Hamlin

coming from the rear also

officialy second caution of the day the

first was for Daniel Suarez who's a car

would not get going on the start he's

still in the race but two laps down here

comes most everyone to pit road Jamie

little the number nine in chase Elliott

moved up six positions already said cars

pretty good not as stable in the wake of

other cars they're just gonna make an

air pressure adjustment and four tires

the 22 is Joey Logano a little bit loose

especially in three and four overall

pretty good a four-tire stop Regan

Harvick spent out front the majority of

this race but he is not happy with that

race car right now it is way too loose

for him the back swings out is what that

means it's sure ex jr. pitted from

second really like the car but said it

got a little bit too loose toward the

end of the run especially up top just

four tires and an air pressure

adjustment a little slow on the tire

exchange insurer X is down

here's the RAM race off pit road Harvick

Truex hold station chase Elliott gains a

spot so do Boyer Almirola and Dillon the

only cars that stayed on track for those

one lap down they'll be in the pits next

time around

Kevin Harvick your leader in Las Vegas


NASCAR Cup Series racing on Fox is

sponsored by coca-cola a premier partner

of the NASCAR Cup Series competition

caution complete ready to go green every

team has nine sets of tires

including the set they started on and

they've all got new ones here's Kevin

Harvick's crew chief Rodney Childers

talking to his driver about those tires

I would say I believe that's Joey Logano

is left front tire you saw just a little

bit of grainy maybe a slight hint of

some chords there but I think it's only

going to improve from here so nothing

really to worry about but that was only

25 laps Mike now we're gonna go 50 laps

to be able to get to the end of this

first stage if it goes green the whole

way lights out on the safety car Harvick

and Truex will lead them back to green

and Kevin has chosen the inside lane for

the restart

well he's he lined up at the start of

this race on the inside of Martin Truex

Jr worked really well for him to wrap

the bottom and get the lead let's see if

that works out for him again this time

for Toyota up front Chevy of Elliott

Ford of Logano here we go

Blainey almost put chase Elliott down in

the grass that's all I'm saying Mike

they're gonna use every bit of real

estate they can if you've got to run and

you've got to draft you can pop out and

try to make that he's going to do it

again down the back straightaway three

wide with chase Elliott in the middle

bringing a long cut boy you're with them

how about Ross Chastain filling in for

Ryan Newman this week three wide in the

middle off of turn four in the six car

saw three wide in four different places

and four wide as they came across now

remember here this is not Daytona

there's no double yellow line that you

have to abide by you can use every bit

of real estate here well chase le didn't

take off but now he's given a big shove

to the 22 of Logano that may help Martin

Truex through three and four he's on the

outside hunting the lead from Kevin

Harvick Harvick right back after him

this is what I expected to see on lap

one of this race but Kevin Harvick was

able to get ahead of Church not so fast

this time here comes trucks to the


Durex with a runoff turn to stays close

to Harvick now moves away and he's a

half a car lengths ahead entering the

corner no more he's able to clear tricks

that bottom seems to be a little bit

better down in 3 & 4 the top maybe a

little bit better down and 1 & 2 Michael

McDowell is coasted into the garage as

we've got a side-by-side battle for 3rd

Logano on the outside of chase Elliott

you have battling on that outside trying

to steal some of that air off the right

side of the 9 of chase Elliott makes it

really hard for him to unwind the steer

wheel coming off the corner but then the

advantage seems to go back the other way

down here in three fours

oh good up there was Larson and he slid

up right into the back bumper of Blaney

yeah to the rear bumper of Blaney now

here comes Keselowski to the outside the

42 we knew these restarts are going to

be wild Mike

it looks to me like Larson's car took

off much better this run but it's still

trending to go to loose this battle

still going on here

third place now Blaney getting the

advantage on the outside for fourth

Penske cars looking pretty good here

right now third with Joey Logano fourth

with Ryan Blaney least as they crossed a

line Keselowski back there in fifth

Ryan Blaney in fifth just up ahead there

here's Regan well Mike you saw some very

aggressive moves from Ryan Blaney on

that restart that was by design

before coming here this weekend him and

spotter Josh Williams they studied the

restarts in particular to make sure they

could get every spot possible on those

restarts you saw right there the 12 of

Ryan Blaney moved down in the middle of

the corner to get you don't really call

it a side draft in the corner but it

definitely changes how the air flows

around that inside car makes it very

difficult for them to carry the momentum

and complete the pass right behind that

pair looking on is Brad Keselowski Matt

Mike a host of adjustments on that stop

they shoveled the air pressures on the

right side and two other adjustments the

car three but his was more in the center

of the corner

he feels like they have made some good

headway and he's moving up venturing out

see if there's more grip up top the

Penske is one half of the last eight

races here Michael McDowell is problem a

stuck throttle not sure if they'll get

him back on track or not that is never a

good thing they don't lift the throttle

much here Mike but you still have to be

able to slow that car down when you need


we haven't talked a whole lot about

seven-time Jimmy Johnson making a pass

on ty Dillon he was really fast

in our practice session one practice -

felt like he had a very fast race car

this weekend Johnson at 16

Kevin Harvick leading from Martin Truex

Joey Logano and chase Elliott




Kevin Harvick crosses the stripe

completing lap 44 of 267 he has a half

second lead on Martin Truex one and a

half on chase Elliott and two seconds on

the team penske intramural battle

between Logano Keselowski and Blaney

what if it has been we saw Ryan Blaney

trying to navigate through those bumps

in the bottom lane and one and two the

car started bouncing around he had to

check up it was corrected to the right

and then the two of Keselowski went to

the outside of him here we are onboard

with Brad Keselowski starting to see a

couple different grooves form you saw it

right there the two of Keselowski just

peek into the maybe a half a car with

wider than his teammate Joey Logano but

then that opens up the door to the 12 of

Ryan Blaney these guys are just

searching for clean air look at

Keselowski almost all the way up on the

fence down here at three and four all

right come on these guys are teammates

why can't they get with it and run on

the same plan right here well I think

they'd like to be but Keselowski was

behind the 12 of Ryan Blaney a couple

laps ago and Blaney had a moment and

lost his momentum and so you cannot slow

your momentum down even for your


pretty heads-up driving right there for

Ryan Blaney he saw what the two

Keselowski was doing the top went to the

top one and two goes to the top again

down in three and four

behind them Kyle Larson gaining no

ground he was really quick on the

restart for three or four laps

but then fell back there in seventh

place ahead of Alex London and Almirola

when the toughest situations I think for

a driver is having a loose car and clean

air and a tight car in traffic now Denny

Hamlin of the cars that were under

penalty has advanced the least he's up

to 24th Christopher Bella's 21st Kyle

Busch is 18th right now this is pretty

shocking to me I thought these guys

would just work their way up through

there with no problems because Truex

looks like he's got plenty of speed up

there in second their teammate and he

skies these Penske guys can't decide who

wants to be out front they swap a few

times now Ryan Blaney seems to have

maybe a slightly better call in the long

runs here using that outside lane all

the Penske cars showing speed

none of the Penske crew chiefs working

with the same driver that they had last

season yeah the crew chiefs talked about

there was plenty of chemistry before

just working together in meetings but

now they've got to learn how one another

works through the details of

communication riding on board here roof

camera Jimmie Johnson and just ahead is

Austin Dillon Richard Childress two cars

are 13th and 25th after 50 laps here's

Michael Waltrip atop the media center

yeah I'm here at the neon garage beside

legendary NASCAR

our owner Richard Childress you got two

cars in the race Austin Dillon and Tyler

etic what's the report on the new Chevy

how do they light things so far Richard

we like it so far we're just a little

bit loose right now we've got to tighten

the booth up next stop you find a unique

place to watch the race you always go

somewhere or there isn't a lot of people

around huh that's what I've tried to do

get up here I can see as much as I can

and Here I am bugging you sorry


way to go Michael absolutely Michael

McDowell is back on track after fixing

that throttle problem as Kevin Harvick

continues to lead Martin Truex by half a

second the same margin as after things

settle down from the restart so jerks

kind of holding station here as we work

our way toward the end of stage one at

80 laps ninth place aric almirola

another car that in practice showed a

lot of speed staying in the top 10 right

now but doesn't seem to be moving

forward well like we expected it to

Jamie how about our tenth place car well

William Byron you see him up high there

a little bit tied into three but he just

told his team he has a slight vibration

crew chief on the box told the team to

get ready they put their helmets on

they're keeping an eye on that vibration

if it gets any worse they'll bring him

in like you know when you've got a

vibration you might have an issue what

do you want to do get as close to that

outside wall as you possibly can a lot

further to go if you're gonna hit it but

a vibration sometimes it just happens

with a new set of tires they've got to

monitor whether it continues to get


are you recounting my drive in that

gremlin last week yeah I got you

Mike you inspire me all the time what's

fun though all right back to the Penske

group now you see McDowell back in the

race amongst them Ryan Blaney Joey

Logano Brad Keselowski let's listen in

on the man in the middle Logano

yes and what they're talking about the

reason why there's some speed right now

in that top groove is because the

rubbers started laying down the inside

lane now as you move up it's a cleaner

racetrack a little more grip on a

cleaner racetrack so you can find some

speed but it will wear those tires more

for Toyota Chevy in the first three


Harvick Truex Elliott after 54 laps









NASCAR Cup Series racing on Fox is

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official credit card of NASCAR perfect

for race fans and by Geico official

partner of NASCAR

60 laps complete this time Kevin Harvick

still leading but chase Elliott has

forged into the second-place passing

Martin Truex yeah the last 15 laps

were the best averages of anybody in the

field last five laps he's been faster

than our leader Kevin Harvick here he

goes to the outside of Martin Truex Jr

really just not a whole lot Martin can

do right now I think he knows the 9 of

chase Elliott's a little bit better more

adjustments probably coming to the 19

car Jamie I talked to his crew chief

Alan Gustafson this morning and he told

me with this new tire combination the

car is naturally a little bit freer and

in final practice on this morning and it

is paying dividends here he's definitely

not as loose as the cars around a member

a little bit better than they expected

yeah they fell in at second and closing

he was three tenths of a second faster

than Harvick that lap yeah his car just

seems to get better and better on these

longer runs as the tires start to fall

off that's where he really shines shine

in practice I'm pretty surprised because

I heard chase Elliott talking about his

car and wasn't real happy with it seemed

to be pretty loose yeah guys the thing

that's impressive to me about chase

Elliott right now and Jeff you hit on it

earlier he's not haven't used the top

where the tracks green he's able to do

this ride on the bottom get that left

front on the white line lots of grip if

you can get to that his car is just good

and and he's able to do it to run the

bottom which I think is gonna be really

important later on yeah Jamie here's a

panel right here between teammates Alex

Bowman and William Byron these guys have

been going back and forth back and forth

for this eight position the last five

six laps but I was gonna say Truex when

he was so good here last fall he wrapped

a bottom and couldn't just go right

around that white line around the bottom

of turns one to two and that's exactly

what Jamie was saying about chase

Elliott right now well we heard Joey

Logano being told we don't want to be

the first to run up there in rubber in

the top groove I wonder how many other

drivers were told that by their spotters

and crew chiefs well I think if your

tires look good after that first 25 left


we feel pretty safe about it but as we

saw the corner edge of that 22 cars left

front tire did have some extra wear on

it so I would think that they're going

to be a little bit extra careful right

now these two Chevy's have caught Brad

Keselowski at seventh place you're

looking back from our Ford performance

cam I've been watching these two guys

these teammates a lot one of them is

really good at one end of the racetrack

you see Bowman go to the inside because

of a lap car slowing down Brad

Keselowski it just seems like one of

their cars Alex Bowman is better at one

end of the racetrack

William Byron's a lot better at the

other end of the racetrack that's why

they can't really decide on who's going

to get out front and drive away Bowman

has the best average finish of all

drivers over the last eight races on

mile and a half speed waves 15 to go to

the end of stage one Kevin Harvick chase

Elliott two tenths of a second the

difference yeah looks to me like Kevin

Harvick very similar to the last time

we're here in Las Vegas his car falls

off a little bit more than his

competitors on these longer runs big run

coming from the 9 of chase Elliott

Jamie McMurry talked about how good his

cars around the bottom it's free to do

that you can see the back moving around

that means the front tires are gripping

better than the rear but doesn't slow

him down he's able to complete that pass


chase Elliott becomes just the third

leader of today's race we're going to

take you Fox side-by-side










70 laps complete aerial coverage

provided by Goodyear discover what's

possible keep moving

Goodyear more driven


chase Elliott your leader Martin Truex

Kevin Harvick Ryan Blaney Joey Logano

your top 5 Jimmie Johnson just had a big

run down the back straightaway to pass

aric almirola for ninth place Matt the

part of the racetrack Mike he's in right

now turns three and four that's where

Jimmie has felt the car much looser but

what a comeback for Johnson now he lost

eight spots on that last pit stop his

changer in the back Alvin Teague one of

the best on pit road had a Love hung on

the left rear cost him time regrouping

and on their way to the front Jimmy up

to ninth now we've seen Brad Keselowski

dropping back he has fallen from six on

the restart to 12 so when you overdrive

the car like that you heat up one tire

maybe that sounds like the right rear

that tire will then wear more to build

more air pressure and just makes the

loose condition even worse

how about Rojas Chastain that is an

amazing run that he has going on right

now top ten pence but he's been pretty

happy with the car they've been fighting

a little bit of tight Ross just radioed

in and said he feels like the right

front is doing all the work

he doesn't want to give up the rear grip

to correct the front so keep an eye on

that when they come to pit road at the

stage brake to make a change look for

them to make a small adjustment there

and to get Ross Chastain in the car in

place of Ryan Newman very different size

of drivers about a hundred pound

difference they had to really lighten up

that brake spring the hip rust has

stayed in that seat biz week so Chastain

in tenth he will run the Xfinity race

later today that was rained out after

one stage complete yesterday and the

Xfinity race will start about an hour

after this race ends it'll be on Fox

Sports 2 and if you don't have Fox

Sports 2 you can sign in under your Fox

Sports one subscription to the Fox

Sports app and watch the race there Brad

Keselowski just holding on tight waiting

for this stage to get over as Kurt Busch

goes to the outside he wants to make

some big adjustments to try to and maybe

an air pressure adjustment something

that's gonna make those tires hold on

longer at the end of this stage right

now five Chevy's in the top ten for

Fords and the only Toyota is Martin

Truex in second place Kyle Busch has

fought his way up to 16th but since the

restart bell and Hamlin have not




Denny Hamlin our Toyota cam sounded like

a long time out of the throttle there

yeah that's not a happy driver right

there I mean when he's happened to get

out of the throttle that much and never

really even make him the gain on the 95

there Christopher bell using every bit

of the racetrack - Matt you have

something on the 11 before that

competition caution Jeff Denny said the

car felt like he was on ice after that

stop his biggest issue is corner entry

he doesn't like a loose race car on

entry that's exactly what he's dealing

with now - loose in the turn one and

turn three I don't think we can

accentuate it enough how much different

your car will be on the longer run when

you take off in traffic versus being up

front like their teammate mark tricks

junior Kyle Busch up to 15th restarted

restarted 19th after the competition

yellow lap 25 chase Elliott has flown

through this field restarted fourth and

for quite a while fastest car on the

racetrack 3040 for his fastest lap and

that is the fastest lap of the race

I think tricks just continues to lurk as

these runs go on he gets better and

better but this is gonna be a great

opening to the season for chase Elliott

I know he didn't have a great result

last week but he did win a stage and

last week's Daytona 500 so it was chase

Elliott who crashed and turned 2 of the

final lap no caution at Daytona chase

Elliott is going to get the stage win

second Truex Harvick and Blaney fighting

it out for a third Logano rounds out the

top five well

Ross Chastain picks up the tenth and

final stage point in stage one





welcome back to Las Vegas where pit road

will be open this time around for stage

ending pit stops caution free so far but

for the competition caution and the lap

one yellow for Daniel Suarez who

continues three laps down chase Elliott

leads them on to pit road Jamie and

chase Elliott said in that run he got a

little bit loose and then he ended a

little tight but he did notice that the

track has not changed much you'll see a

tear off right there for a clear view a

four-tire stop air pressure adjustment

for the nine Regan the four car Kevin

Harvick we saw him get passed by chase

ayat if that exact home and he said my

racecars gone too tight the front tires

are sliding on the left ear screen

Brian played that race car is on the

splitter firing off it means it's

bouncing too hard through the corners

this it's going to be a chassis

adjustment for the 19 of Martin Truex

they just took the wrench out of the

window it's going to be a four-tire

change just a little bit loose for qu X

but the car gets better they also put a

little bit of tape on the front mark

gets better deeper in the run as you see

chase Elliott first one on pit road

Eliott Truex Harvick Joey Logano picks

up a spot from his teammate Blaney you

say we dial up our stage won't win or

chase le hey chase this is Jeff and Mike

up the Fox Sports booth you got me yeah

hey buddy

Congrats man that thing look really

really strong there you look strong on

pit road off to a great start here today

yeah what's the obviously really really

early Pauli's go got to keep up with it

do happen all right well thanks for

talking to us look like cars strong in

the long runs but looks like your exes

too should be a great battle thank you

yeah bad thing stage one complete chase

Elliott our stage winner



NASCAR Cup Series racing on Fox is

sponsored by Ford Bill Ford proud and by

Ally proud partner of jimmie johnson and

team 48 this Friday John Cena joins the

superstars of SmackDown as he returns

home to Boston don't miss a special

Friday Night Smackdown this week at 8:00

7:00 central on Fox Michael Waltrip who

you got a couple guys that were part of

that beautiful miracle on ice hockey

team 1980 and Dave Christian you've got

quite the Olympic history your father

and uncle won gold in sixty you won it

in 1980 what do you think about NASCAR

here today this is craziness yeah how

about those pit stop that makes like a

line chain engine hockey looked like

walking apart that's fun right it's a

lot better changing and we do it hockey

I got to tell you something guys it took

me 462 tries to finally win a race how

long did it take you to score your first

goal in the NHL BB seven seconds

take your notes Mikey Wow

that's a bunch of Boston boys hey I know

we're in that I know we're in the desert

but you know they do some ice skating

out here too you know out here

absolutely Mike Joey Logano

whose sister was a skater so the parents

build an ice rink and of course Joey was

on ice early same time his racing career


and the Logano zone an ice rink in

Charlotte North Carolina now I mean look

at the joy Logano he could have been a

hockey player not a race car driver he's

got some skills there for young Joey

Logano think about the comparisons and

what happened in hockey versus what

we're seeing on these restarts three and

four wide yeah but in hockey you can

pile into the boards and skate away here

not so much

all right stage two here we go with

chase Elliott and Martin Truex Chevy and

Toyota on the front row as they approach

the Geico restart zone Harvick and

Logano Bowman and Blaney Johnson and

Byron Chastain and Larson the top ten

and we're back under green see how a CLE

doesn't get inside lane every time it's

prevailed but look at Kevin Harvick

making a bold move to the inside making

it three wide not where chase Elliott

wants to be right in the middle Ryan

Blaney in these restarts are crazy still

three wide all the way back through four

wide for a moment there with Chastain

and further back yeah that Stenhouse to

the outside three wide with the six car

he drove for Roush Fenway he drove for

last year well Jeff a lot easier to pass

them coming up to speed then once

everybody's at full speed right well and

that's why they're trying to take

advantage of this this is why they're so

aggressive you see right there there's

Stenhouse going to the inside the 47 car

and we've seen and talked about how

aggressive he is but yeah Mike you got

to keep the momentum up every chance you

get to make a position that's a position

gain that might stay there later in this


see one of our rookies Christopher Bell

stuck in the middle


luckily an opening in that outside lane

well Logano and Blaney right back after

it and now they've got Jimmie Johnson to

contend with hey watch out seven-time

Jimmie Johnson is now in but sixth

position seventh position

how about fifth


there's this dilemma tiser cam yeah look

at the telemetry see the mile per hour

rpm most importantly look at the green

that means 100% on throttle right now

comes out to about forty forty five


first half dozen single-file then it's

Byron versus Larsen and Bowman

Matt DiBenedetto for the Wood Brothers

battling there Christopher Bell in the

95 John Hunter Nemechek the rookie in

the 38 and don't be surprised if Matt

DiBenedetto gets into the top 10 at 21

carved here by Paul Menard last year top

10 in both of these races last year


tell you what gas business is picking up

they're definitely making these cars

better with adjustments on pit road I'm

looking at our top five just ran the

fastest lap that they had running this

race including Kevin Harvick in that

four car your leader

joey logano fastest lap of the race

coming right after the restart

he's currently slotted fourth behind

Harvick Elliott and Truex how about

Logano Jamie Mike remember Joey Logano

in the 22 basically he has practice off

you can tie your team that he's had for

many years pit crew and crew chief

included and on that last pit stop these

boys went to town and showed how good

they are they had a tape on the grill

wedge air pressure for tires and they

did it in 12 point six seconds that's

right each driver kept his car number

his uniforms and his spotter and

basically the three drivers all swapped

swapped teams at Team Penske Denny

Hamlin this is probably the biggest

surprise of this race so far he is at

27th racing ty Dillon for the spot here

I'm absolutely shocked by this right now

I expected them to roll out that Daytona

500 victory and keep the momentum going

here here's a battle for sixth place

Ryan Blaney in the 12 William buyer and

these guys have been battling quite a

bit today having a lot of fun out there


and back here at 20th place

rookies Bell and Redick with Boyer and

Keselowski there's a nice mixture that

I'm seeing Mike with veteran drivers

like the 2 of Keselowski 14a Boyer mixed

in with some rookies there with Tyler

read it Keselowski up top now

Matt Mike you came back the last fall

Boyer was on the pole they had those

cars trimmed out the speed came back

with an entirely different approach

looking for balance and handling he was

good in the first practice but then he

was really lack of confidence after the

second Tillie saw the dad and said all

right you know what we're gonna be good

on Sunday but it has not been the case

Boyer has been chasing the racecar not

free like everybody else she's been

pushing horrible speaking of free Ryan

Blaney really loose off the corner there

big moment for Jimmie Johnson I think

that was Ryan Blaney getting to the

outside of him loosening him up and then

teammate William Byron also went by

Laini holds on to fifth

see this again so maybe the air is

disturbing Jimmie Johnson from the 22

here comes the 12 a Blaney to the

outside yeah didn't really loosen up

Jimmie Johnson just slowed down his

momentum you but you could tell the 12

of Blaney was on the gas not wanting to

lift had a little bit of a moment as he

got out to the wall and then was able to

actually go up there and get to the

outside of the 24 William Byron now

there's three of the four Hendrick cars

all four are in the top eight with chase

Elliott's second and we're all 11th or

better here last September

kevin harvick on point after 98 laps in

Las Vegas







welcome back to the NASCAR Cup Series

from Las Vegas on Fox presented by Jiffy

Lube 104 laps complete and chase Elliott

out front now from Kevin Martin Truex

and Kevin Harvick yeah you saw again the

nine cars the run goes on he can wrap

that white line better than anybody gets

me the inside of Kevin Harvick down here

and three and four to make the pass here

Kevin Harvick talking about being too

loose this car takes off great it just

seems like as the run goes on it builds

looser and looser you heard them already

lap eight the car getting loose that's

gonna make for a long run here Joey

Logano closing in let's have a look at

how the coca-cola family of drivers are

faring after 105 laps Logano for

thoughts to Dillon in the top 20 then

Bubba Wallace Denny Hamlin having an

off-day loose everywhere and Daniel

Suarez had problems on lap one yields to

rebound from

we've been seeing a lot of teammates

battling Logano and Blaney at Team

Penske we've seen Alex Bowman William

Byron and Jimmie Johnson all battling a

team Hendrick now the only thing we're

not seeing Mike is the tricks in his

teammates and Kevin Harvick and his

teammates where are those guys at

because you would expect as good as the

floor and the 19 of n that those

teammates would be up there battling

with them

good point there are the manufacturers

as they run what's in Jamie McMurray

Jamie McMurray in on this yeah guys I'm

just so impressed with the with the

Chevy's new Camaro we talked about that

last week you know biggest race of the

year but really when these manufacturers

build the cars it sits around a track

like this and Larry and I have been

sitting here talking that if this is

essentially the debut Larry what's the

potential for this new Chevy Camaro for

these guys in the year as they get to

work on it well Jamie you can spend

countless hours in the wind tunnel you

can do all the simulation you want to do

but this is the test and this is their

first test and sitting here as we're

closing in on you know the middle of

Stage two to have five Chevrolet drivers

in the top 10 I think this is a great

beginning it will only get better for

them it's like Kurt Busch said our cars

have always drove good by themselves

where we had to get better is in traffic

and I'm seeing an improvement

now Larry I'm gonna be really anxious to

see after we come out of the West Coast

Swing because these Chevrolet's

especially the Hendrick Chevrolet is

read pretty good here last fall but when

they went to Fontana when they went to

Phoenix they really struggled so the

next two weeks I think are going to be

the even truer test but I definitely

agree they're off to a good start here

this weekend

William Byron and Jimmie Johnson just

lapping equal to our race leader chase

Elliott and here's mr. high saw Kyle

Larson he's found the cushion Mike it's

up on the wall I know what this car was

extremely loose and clean air looks like

they've tighten that carp a bit and he's

coming to the front and these two

continue to battle as well as the two

Hendrick cars behind him but Penske and

Hendrick having some great battles with

one another in the beginning of this


Christopher Bell back at 27th place now

in the 95 when we talk about the talent

of the rookies this year all bubble that

I mean you know the air definitely for

Bubba Wallace his front bumper forced

him to get sideways but what an

incredible job by that young rookie that

dirt-track experience for Christopher

Bell definitely paid off right there you

only lost two positions that's hard to

believe it believe that 111 laps

complete chase Elliott your leader










NASCAR Cup Series racing on Fox is

sponsored by Ram trucks motor trends

back to back truck of the year and by

credit one bank the official credit card

of desk are perfect for race fans

43 laps to go in stage 2 chase Elliott's

our leader by almost a full second and

coming to pit road was Christopher Bell

and now Ross Chastain Larry are you

looking at fuel mileage or tire wear to

plan this green flag stop well I think

you're looking at tire wear and you're

looking at just overall grip and and

time on the stopwatch basically the

window has opened that splitting this

stage in half right here yeah you could

run the lap 140 which would be 20 to go

in this stage but I think this is gonna

start an epidemic of people starting to

make their trip to pit road under green

I think we know why Christopher Bell

came to pit road because he smoked the

right rear tire off of that car


yeah you guys talking about the six of

Ross Chastain when he came in he's has

been battling loose the first stage and

then was too tight he just kind of need

a general overall grip during that

second run they brought him in made a

chassis adjustment a lot of chassis

adjustment a lot of wrenches in windows

during these stops here the last couple

of laps through and you will probably

see more here from the 10 of Almirola

Almirola is in Bubba Wallace is in one

lap from now we'll be halfway in stage



looks like four tires for Elmo rola

little adjustment the right side window

Kurt Busch headed for pit road one of

the toughest pit roads to get on to

coming off of turn four it's very abrupt

and the change in banking from the track

onto pit roads we see Kurt Busch rolling

down pit road leaders stay out this time

going to run a few more before they come

to pit road but Alex Bowman peels off

and comes to the pit lane also very

slick pit stall assist there concrete

but this concrete here seems to be a

little smoother than some of the other

tracks we go to Larson behind Bowman on

pit road along with Kyle Busch and Reed

Sorenson man very consistent day for

Alex Bowman in the 88 car now by himself

he was on the free side but especially

over the bumps the bumps would upset the

race car and push him to the tight side

Vince on the Toyota the 18 of Busch well

in Kyle Busch had to start at the back

of the pack and he has really been

dealing with that dirty air as he's come

up through traffic through much of the

afternoon they made major adjustments on

the last stop with air pressure wedge

and tape not as significant of changes

this time for the 18 Jamie William Byron

doing a great job in that 24 they just

made that chassis adjustment there a

four-tire stop

Kevin Harvick in the 4 car they've been

bouncing back and forth between loose

too tight they're trying to find that

happy medium with the race car he's had

speed but it hasn't been perfect yet

Denny Hamlin gets blocked getting into

his pit as Jimmie Johnson was exiting

Boyer is in Keselowski is done

DiBenedetto leaves as Fellaini comes in

he stays going from bad to worse Ryan

Blaney scar fires off on the splitter

too hard after 15 laps so he is very

happy with that race car leader chase

Elliott comes to exits the pits Ricky

Stenhouse has taken over the lead from

Austin Dillon Tyler Reddick John Hunter

Nemechek and Ryan Preece ty Dillon and

Corey Lajoie who got the free pass at

the last stage break they have yet to

pit there are race leaders Martin Truex

back in eighth as the first of the cars

that have pitted no signs of Stenhouse

jr. coming to pit road this time still

right in that high lane Ryan Preece

getting serviced while his teammate

Ricky Stenhouse tries to stretch the

mileage out this was a pretty familiar

sight last week at Daytona for the

Daytona 500 with Ricky Stenhouse jr.

started from the pole led a lot of laps

let's look at this close call between

Hamlin and Johnson they're pitted two

pits apart Denny peels off and he Steve

he sees Jimmie Johnson starting to pull

out of his pit stall pretty heads-up

driving by the 11 of Denny Hamlin Wow

you can hear him lock up the brakes

luckily just keep it in gear and keep

the engine running well he hit the

brakes about the same time Jimmy did and

it's like you go no you go no you go now

we're both messed up and they call that

on pit road usually the crew chief calls

him out and I thought that was a very

close call but still you know the 48 was

ahead of him I think that that was the

right call by the 48 to send him out

for for the lead Austin Dillon Ricky

Stenhouse no one wants to lead a couple

of laps here before his pit stop

there are now six cars on track that

have not pitted including both of the

Richard Childress cars all right one of

two tyler etiquettes pit road and here

comes Austin Joey si hand out the window

signaling to any cars that may be behind

him that he's coming to pit road this

time by stand how still out on track


Ricky Stenhouse leads another lap it's

been a rough day for Denny Hamlin both

on track and on pit road






133 laps complete ricky stenhouse stays

on track and out front chase Elliott was

the leader when pit stops began when we

cycled through Martin Truex Junior will

pick up the lead there's the difference

on their pit stops but not only did

marcher exchanger come in one lap

earlier so he's been on fresher tires a

little bit longer but also they executed

flawlessly on pit road all day long

chase Elliott and his pit crew have been

doing a great job but that time just a

little bit better by the 19 of Mark

jerks junior and Joe Gibbs Racing


Ricky Stenhouse out in front of John

Hunter Nemechek by six about catching

the eye of Jimmie Johnson when this

happened and yeah you've done this in

your strengths all right water what were

you thinking yeah and right now

Stenhouse jr. as long as he's been out

there he's just holding on tight with

this call in these old tires so

frustrated Jimmie Johnson and he kept

that hand out there awhile he wanted to

make sure sent outside Vince I'm not

surprised they're on a different

strategy crew chief Bryan patty told me

before the race they didn't have a car

they felt like could win maybe maybe a

top-ten car they were so disappointed

after all the speed they had last week

at Daytona and ended up 20th they just

told Ricky he could be out there for

another 20 plus laughs Matt it was sort

of like I heard it here but then you

guys set it up there it's exactly what

Jimmie Johnson said what was he thinking

he's not even the leader they said

actually he was a little bit different

strategy than we are good ty Dillon is

in so that will leave just Stenhouse

Nemechek and Lajoie on the racetrack of

the drivers who have not pitted John

Hunter second-generation driver is in

second place

seven seconds back while Corey Lajoie is

24 seconds back right now

in seventh place well the thing that

these guys that haven't pitted yet have

to worry about is if this thing stays

green they're losing about a second a

lap right now to mark Church juniors the

first car with fresh tires you want to

go all in Ryan Patti's gone all in his

one shot is to leave his driver out

there and catch a caution you got to

catch that last card Jeff that's

definitely going all-in yep

and you know it's worked in the past

it's been it's been a viable strategy

remember that you left out one minor

detail what was that all stack of chips

for million dollars and chips oh my gosh

so here's the difference between ricky


on worn tires and Martin Truex Jr yeah

there's just nothing that can beat the

grip of new tires lower air pressures

versus those old hot tires on the 47 of

Ricky Stenhouse jr. in five miles per

hour difference on the straightaway

alone that's how much more speed mark

tricks Jr's carrying off the corners at

some point though you just have to

figure this isn't going to work

well not and it will work if they get

lucky and that caution comes out hey

it's Vegas

you got a gamble

of course you know how game --lens been

working out for me lately Mike not so I

hate yeah to give all those to my bat

fight last night their fury fight was

entertaining but didn't go so well for



lower right are the pit stop lap numbers

when the last five cars pitted so Truex

still has about 12 seconds to make up to

catch John Hunter Nemechek but of course

when those stupid all that will change

in trucks will be the leader over chase

Elliott unless we get a caution when

here's the big battle look at Chase le

huge run off the top gonna get a run on

mark Church jr. go to the inside this

could be the pass for the lead if the

caution doesn't come out and Stenhouse

jr. comes to pit road and Nemechek boy

chase Elliott has had a great long run

car today

Corin Lajoie is on pit road so just

Stenhouse and Nemechek are out there

still 18 laps to go in stage two now if

you are the stage 2 winner the last five

races we've had here at Las Vegas you

were also the race winner

that means these next 18 laps for guys

like Trix and chase Elliott they're

gonna battle for because they they know

how important it is not just to get

those stage points as some see pouring

the joy on pit road but also you know

sending a message to your competitors by

winning this stage would be big also

there's Nemechek John Hunter Nemechek on

pit road he comes into his spot giving

up second place in the process he almost

slid through that yeah

and that will leave Ricky Stenhouse as

the last man standing I think he's gonna

run that thing out of fuel before he

comes to pit road

he's been there at lap 83 at the end of

stage one there's Brian Pattie he's a

real contrary what everybody else

everybody does he's headed in another

direction here we go

and you won't miss it because we're

going to take you nascar on foxh










chase Elliott Martin Truex just a couple

car lengths apart for the lead with 13

to go in stage two and unbelievable but

they're coming up to Denny Hamlin to lap

him been a horrible day for Hamlin Carr

has been super loose the back end wants

to turn around and pass the front going

into the corner coming off the corner

and then they had the trouble on pit

road as Hamlin tried to get in his pit

while Jimmie Johnson was leading now

Ricky Stenhouse has made his pit stop

but Brian patty put only right-side

tires on the car with just 13 laps then

to go in stage two he was trying to keep

Stenhouse on the lead lap and he's done

it he has so far still got 12 laps to go

or 10 laps to go in this stage and he's

definitely not liking the grip with

those two tires on the right side but he

might just make it over this let next 10

here's a battle for fifth between the 22

Joey Logano the four on the inside of

Kevin Harvick

Navigon owes teammate Blaney is up ahead

of them in third

so that little intramural Penske battle

is kind of separated for a while now


this will update on the 22 today but

definitely going in the right direction

crew chief Paul wolf told me this

morning this is going to be a great test

of their communication how well the

offseason is God's if they've gotten to

know each other what Joey needs and what

kind of adjustments really give him what

he needs and they have adjusted the heck

out of this 22 and Joey said we're going

in the right direction the car is good

alright he is in fifth meanwhile his

teammate Brad Keselowski is back in 14th

place now that's four spots higher than

he was at the last restart

earlier one

yeah once you get that further that far

back in trapping you got to figure out

where you can make your moves that's

great information here we go back up

front the top four positions is William

fired in the twenty four run in a really

solid fourth place today and Denny

Hamlin up there is doing a nice job I

think they've made some improvements to

that 11 car because he's been able to

fight off these leaders he'd stay on the

lead lap and Hamlin needs to do that for

seven more laps to get to the end of

stage 203 wide as they go around a lap


that was Quinn house hey remember we've

shown where the 9 of chase Elliott

really likes the inside line and that's

what Denny Hamlin's doing taking that

line away from him making it really

challenging for chase Elliott to make

this pass Oh at Rick's gets right to the

bumper of the number nine as he goes

back to the bottom of the racetrack

Hamlin trying to stay on the lead line

that time Denny Hamlin went to the top

side he knows that chase Elliott runs

that top side down in 3 & 4 the bottom

and wanted to I mean he's just trying to

block every move he can to try to stay

in the lead lap so they can make more

adjustments that's allowed Ryan Blaney

to close up on these two getting to the

rear bumper of Mark Church jr. ask

anybody out there who's the hardest

driver to pass most everybody will say

Ryan Newman we know he's watching he's

recuperating we're so glad that he is

out of the hospital and on the mend no

timetable for his return but he wears

that as a badge of pride he's gonna race

you hard we can't wait to see him back

at the racetrack Ross Chastain doing a

great job filling in currently in 14th

place they're definitely thinking about

you Ryan sending our best hope you're

watching there's chase Elliott finally

getting that run to the inside of the 11

Denny Hamlin now Denny Hamlin just a few

laps to go in this stage is hoping he

can be that first car one lap down

or for tehina not done yet

now chase Elliott has that preferred

inside lane and oh he bobbled a little

bit through the bumps right there had to

check out that's going to allow the 11

and maybe even trucks to get a run Jeff

let him go because right now with two to

go in this stage he's either going to be

the last car on the lead lap or the

first car one lap down get the free pass

I don't see anything to be gained by

pinning Hamlin a lap down right now well

the only thing you can gain is just

trying to win this stage and I think you

feel like you have to pass the 11 of

Denny Hamlin in order to win this stage

we'll find out in two laps

Truex Blaney Byron all closing in Blaney

hang in the backend out loose off at

turn two on the inside of our trucks

junior only the stage winner gets a

playoff point ask for the 12 oh we got

an incident Christopher Bell in the back

straightaway and caution is out so this

will take us to the stage break if this

caution is out for Christopher Bell

Christopher Bell is a twenty fifth

position before that incident

look who's rolled up into the top ten

don't count this guy never count out

Kyle Busch

so here's Christopher Bell yeah just on

the inside their ugly vest Jimmy Johnson

on his outside we talked about getting

loose through those bumps around that

bottom lane he does a heck of a job of

keeping it from going around but then it

catches he locks down the brakes it

makes pretty head oh wow you heard him

say I think I killed it well that was a

hard hit doesn't look like the damages

as bad as it really is

so the stage ends with chase Elliott

Ryan Blaney Martin Truex Byron and

Logano the first five stage racing in

Las Vegas as they close to the end of

stage two and yes Denny Hamlin get back

on the lead lap in Las Vegas

coke energy the energy you want the

taste you love you're watching NASCAR on


thanks baba thursday on fs1 buckle up

for one of the most intense rivalries in

college hoops as indiana take on the

Boilermakers at 7:00 Eastern his classic

Big Ten matchup is also available on the

Fox sports app stage two in the books

here in Las Vegas chase Elliott has won

them both the first for Martin Truex and

this one from Ryan Blaney with Truex a

second and a third in the two stages so

far Ricky Stenhouse is strategy paid off

he is still on the lead lap and Denny

Hamlin will get the free pass and get

back on the lead lap

yeah Mike you just you know no matter

how your day's going good or bad you

have to battle you have to fight you

can't give up and that's why the 11 team

at Denny Hamlin's is so strong and don't

count them out of this yet just like

we're talking about their teammate Kyle

Busch these guys on pit road getting

ready to go after it

pit roads been kind of a decider on who

comes off pit road this so far today

here they come Jamie 24 year old chase

le and having a heck of a day a heck of

a race car is good said it's okay he's

running the right front off of it so

four tires will be helpful fuel no

adjustments this time meanwhile the 22

of Joey Logano said he really likes the

direction they've gone with the changes

cars getting better in the 24s and is

well Regan well the normally very fired

up Ryan Blaney has been calm cool and

collected on the radio all day long

needs a little bit more help firing off

still with that race car good otherwise

Vince 19 of Martin Truex the winner here

last fall he just can't get off the

bottom if he gets off the bottom the car

just gets too loose they don't want to

make big changes but they know if he's

gonna win he's gonna have to be able to

get off the bottom

here's the race off pit road sponsored

by ram martin truex up to chase Elliott

loses two spots Joey Logano and Kyle

Busch gain positions on pit road that

puts Bush the series champion as high up

as he's been all day first time he's

been up into the top ten at Sun Dial

that mark Church jr. won the last race

here in September finished third that

stays but he's leading off pit road hey

Martin this is Jeff and Mike up in the

boot to get us yeah I got ya well man

what about you guys are putting on out

there it's been fun to watch your car

looks really strong on the long runs you

guys have been really strong on pit road

tell us about how your day is going so

we'll let him go that voice sure hurt

was James smalls his new crew chief this

year we'll update the direct story when

we come back here is your stage two





welcome back to Las Vegas Martin Truex

had to come back to tighten left-side

lug nuts they weren't sure they were all

tightened and the crew work fast because

on their stop they were really busy look

at the front of the car where it says

Las Vegas and a crewman has to touch a


he can't go over that Waller and it'd be

a penalty and they save him yeah that's

why you were a belt absolutely but

obviously that pit stop a little too

fast for mark Church jr. because they

had to come back down and tighten those

left-side lug nuts and lose some

valuable track position here they come

to the Geico restart zone to begin stage

number three back under green on a

Penske car cerca hood

oh they're gone but now they're racing

one another and I thought that was going

to turn around the 12 AB lanius Logano

went to the inside here comes chase Le

to the rear bumper you're gonna go maybe

three wide

Wow what a pounding he gave lookout oh

they're firing up the outside five wide

whoa they think that caught Blaney

off-guard his teammate pushing him to

the lead and then taken taken to the

inside as they went into wanted to to

get the lead and here comes Harvick that

is a wad of cars and the Hendrick

teammates three wide with Jimmie in the

middle Oh trouble turn to John Hunter

Nemechek sliding down to the apron but

and cautions out catch your breath just

for a second here you're talking to me

right yes I am now he had just taken the

wave around to get back on the lead lap

which means he did not pit during the

stage break now he'll be in the middle

of your picture

Arius right here in the middle you can

see there's just tremendous amount of

dirty air those cars are stacked on

either side of him as Carla gets very

loose long slide stays in the throttle

keeps it out of the wall maybe a little

damage to that splitter in those tires

boy these restarts are equal or more

thrilling than last week at Daytona



under caution here in Las Vegas Monday

night in Daytona Ryan Newman trying to

get pushed to a Daytona 500 win by Ryan

Blaney goes up in the air and then hit

by Corey Lajoie thanks to NASCAR's

ongoing safety improvements in these

cars Newman is out of the hospital and

recovery here's Larry Mackay

you know Mike one of the integral parts

of these cars as far as safety is the

roll cage and the basic structure has

been about the same for a number of

years but a couple of changes been made

over time is the halo bar the pop bar at

the top of the car it has been actually

widened out especially on the left side

did he get away from the drivers head

but back in 2009

Ryan Newman had Carl Edwards come down

on the top of his car at the finish of

the Talladega race and they added this

part and guess what they named it the

Newman bar certainly that was a

contributing factor Newman is the only

College engineering graduate went to

Purdue in the driver core of this Cup

Series and so when it comes to vehicle

dynamics well that was his major he

knows what he's talking about Ross

Chastain in that car in 20th place and I

love that the team kept try Newman's

name on the door and on that back window

Logano Blaney up front take the green

flag and Elliott pokes out right away

that didn't work so well that's Trey

saying that didn't work out well at all

Larsen got a pretty nice run here we go

again now is the true Excel right up

there but they're five wide a little bit

further back target's been really strong

on these short runs curious if he could

get to the right rear quarter-panel the

Logano and he does see Jimmie Johnson

side drafted with Ryan Blaney

these restarts they're just getting more

and more intense on every one of them

still a lot of three-wide mid-pack

Jimmie Johnson up for third

Jamie Mac what are you seeing in these

restarts guys it's the craziest thing

it's the guy at third place has actually

been the leader when we got back to the

start/finish line on the last two

restarts I'm keeping track of that

because we've talked about how wild

these restarts are and if you want the

inside lane or the outside lane I got to

be honest I don't think anybody before

the race started what have said I want

to line up in third Jimmie Johnson

outside chase Elliott teammates fighting

for fourth

you know Mike we talked about the

implications when you have an incident

on pit road like the 19 of Truex and you

get further back in traffic and it's

things like this that happened you see

he gets wide off I believe best turn

four and a we've seen when you touched

the wall like that does it take much and

boy he got it pretty good that's gonna

be a tire rub he's gonna have to get to

pit road before that tire goes down

second place Harvick and Blaney


and all because one maybe two lug nuts

were not tightened on the pit stop

that's all you know it's so orchestrated

what these teams have to do ZZZ - oh we

got a little bit of contact between

Harvick and Blaney no Blaney was just

not in control right there he tried to

slide in right to the rear bumper the

for Kevin Harvick not to lose any spots

there but boy that was almost big now

you're the expert but I don't know if

Harvick would have called that a little

bit right at the end right there


I can tell you one thing about racing

with Kevin Harvick he'll race you the

way you race him and when something like

that happens he's not going to forget it

easily car in the wall turned four and

it is Truex caution that's what I've

seen Mike he's just all it takes is one

tiny little mistake like that puts you

further back get you back on your heels

I learned that by the way at the fight

last night and and then you know you get

in traffic dirtier air and you get into

the wall Truex was 14th with Denny

Hamlin with these flared fenders on the

body styles these days when you make

contact either with another car the wall

like that you have no choice you can't

ride it out you have to get to pit road

right away and get those tires change

and get those fenders pulled out

Cole Custer will get the free pass

and that will give us 27 well 28 cars on

the lead lap provided Truex is able to

continue right he's really coming down

yeah so that right front tire doesn't do

any more damage if it were to flail

apart he's still on the lead lap he left

to restart at the back for pitting

before pit road was open and that right

front really caused a lot of damage to

the top of that fender hard to get the

car on that jack oh look at them

struggling just to get the car to get it

on the jack right now so guys we've got

26 27 drivers on the lead lap we've only

run about five or six laps I would say

if you're at the back come on and get

four more tires adjustments if you up


stay out well a few of them fainted at

pit road but only William Byron came

among those frontrunners and he was


jamee 24 was far enough back they

decided well let's roll the dice and pit

here while the leaders ahead of him all

decided to save a set of tires for later

on Matt wreck his Lasky in the two-car

already over to the left side the past

two runs the car has been on the free

side and air pressure adjustment on that

deuce Vince

well the 10 of aric amirola getting a

chassis adjustment as well they just

haven't been able to find the sweet spot

in that balance today remember new crew

chief Mike Berger Ravich working with

Almirola bugger Ravich the former crew

chief for Clint Boyer a little tight in

the box there but amirola is able to get

it out liam byron leads that group off

pit road however 12 of the first 14 cars

did not stop safety interline ER does

its job for Truex


88 laps to go under caution for Martin

Truex who banged the wall in turn number


time for today's credit one bank ones to

watch Jeff well Mike I've got my eyes on

Kevin Harvick in that four car really

strong on the short runs we've seen how

important it is to be fast on these

restarts and maneuver through traffic

he's got two wins here at Las Vegas

already and I think number three is

coming Jeff foe seven-time Jimmie

Johnson four wins here at Las Vegas

Motor Speedway but the last one 2010 but

you know what that old forty eight he's

look Tracy every since he unloaded it on

Friday Larry I got my eyes on the 12 car

of Ryan Blaney crew chief Todd Gordon

won this race one year ago Ryan has been

so calm cool collected on radio it's

been smooth sailing for these guys guys

Mike I had my nuts start in the back he

it's been a slow climb to the front but

he's in the top ten now it's Kyle Busch

and clearly he's always one to watch

boys you don't have to win every hand

just the last one who's had the best

long run speed all day chase Elliott and

those are your credit one bank ones to

watch and Jamie next week you have a

15-minute hold for practice for failing

to take account


here's William Byron's radio again I'll

put you there sorry about bud copy her a

couple are out there that I didn't say

sorry I think that's just checked and I

was thinking he wasn't going to lose

that much track position that more would

come with them on to pit road well if

you're starting twenty-fourth you don't

want to just be smart you need to be

lucky there we go and again the Penske

teammates out front Logano and Blaney

Austin Dillon in the outside I believe

that's Kyle Busch there's a little bit

of contact there Jimmie Johnson pushing

the rear bumper of Ryan Blaney down the

back straightaway here comes the poor

Kevin Harvick to the inside

bold move by Harvick his cars just shown

great short run speed all day long and I

like what I'm seeing with him on these

restarts and I like what I'm seeing

further back three four even five wide

at times Kurt Busch in 19th Hamlin just

ahead of him what I'm just look so good

at practice yesterday expecting a little

bit more out of that team today


Ford Ford Chevy Chevy she Joey Logano

was able to get to the outside of Jimmie

Johnson going into turn three here comes

Kyle Busch do not count this guy out

Vince the issue with Kyle the car hasn't

been horrible but he's been back in the

traffic in the dirty air and he said I

think if we could get the clean air we

might find out exactly what we've got

well he's getting closer to clean air

and it's getting better the further up

he goes we've got a new leader Kevin

Harvick can see how good his car works

around the bottom it turns three and


Jeff the question is going to be not how

good does his car work but how good for

how long exactly Mike it just seems like

especially as we get to this stage this

final stage you're going to have some

long green flag runs here's a battle for

second play or third place with Joey

Logano and chase Elliott going to the

outside but we've taught you mentioned

it the night of chase Elliott's been so

good on the long runs yeah for carpet

don't count out Rodney Childers and

Kevin Harvick making that car better for

the longer runs Hendrick Chevy's third

fifth and sixth

and we documented here last fall at Las

Vegas Motor Speedway Pacific Chevrolet's

all the top eleven so they like this



never heard the throttle cracked one

time on board with Jimmy Johnson oh whoa

contact between Logano and the 9 of

chase Elliott there has been a lot of

incidental contact today where you just

thread the needle because if you could

side draft off of another car that's

what helped you clear the pass over

right here that Joey Logano is coming up

we saw this similar thing happened with

the four car on the rear bumper the 22

of Logano at the beginning of this race

I don't know if he was trying to touch

it but he definitely was trying to pull

him back like dumping that air on the

rear spoiler

Timmy Hill has gone to the garage and be

the first car out of the race 80 laps to


Kevin Harvick 30 50 last time by and

that was class of the field so Harvick

has shown short run speed all day but

this from what we've seen could be a

long green flag run here see firing with

those fresh four tires trying to catch

his teammates that are further up front

William Byron is in the best position of

those that came to pit road under the

caution for Truex if this goes long

green flag but a you at this stage of

the race this is going to pay off big

for that 2014 of those others that came

in and got tires they have 15 lap

fresher tires than the drivers who are

in the top mostly top 14 and I got to

say this about Goodyear I like the tire

they brought here we saw some wear on

those left fronts earlier in this race

but now the rubbers laid down not seen

that as much but it has fall-off making

it a fun race and fun for strategy of

whether you come and get tires or stay


Denny Hamlin now sixteenth behind Chris


so certainly that car is better than

it's been most of the day


legacy right I mean this is something we

didn't see out of Denny Hamlin earlier

in this race he wasn't able to run up

top and carry the momentum as you saw

and be right there on outside of the 17

of Chris Buescher this has been a good

race for the Richard Childress cars

rookie tyler Redick is 13 and Austin

Dillon is up into the top ten Regan all

day long Austin Dillon's been pleased

with that race car his biggest Achilles

was turns three and four

that cars coming to him in three or four

and they felt like they had top-ten lap

times all day now we see him up front in

the top 10 everything is good down here

with the three and we heard when Michael

talked to Richard Childress earlier he

just said he's been really loose so I

guess the tracks come to him a little

bit and that adjustments tighten that

car up Tyler Redick the rookie lead lap

12th place having a good run

last time by let's take a look at the

Xfinity fastest laps

Kevin Harvick remains quickest chase

Elliott Ryan Blaney Brad K and Jimmy J

almost almost throw a blanket over those

guys I mean other than Kevin Harvick

being out there in clean air putting

together a really strong lap now that

we're just gonna keep watching this four


he's stretching his lead right now but

earlier in this race he talked about lap

eight ten maybe twelve where that car

started to get loose and start to fall


emmalin's on the movies 14th he is

running 31 17 that's only about three

tenths off of kevin harvick space at the

moment and he's still back in traffic

too Mike III really think that battle he

had with our leaders when he tried to

stay on the lead lap I think they made

some adjustments car was better but I

think that gave him some confidence that

we're seeing show offensive speed right

now so Kyle Busch has become our Toyota

top performer after starting this race

on the last row unapproved body

modifications for Hamlin Bush and

Christopher Bell

there's where they run right now with

those four cars all on the lead lap


now it looks like Kyle Busch losing pace

just a bit Vince they just don't have

any grip that's been the issue for a

Kyle during this stretch of the racing

they just don't have the grip that he

needs to be able to lean on to make the

passes as you see him work up on the

three and look to the outside of Austin

Dillon but just don't have the car that

he needs to be able to take to the front

yeah finn's talks about losing grip what

does that mean those tires and that body

create all that force into the racetrack

the banking and it gives you a sensation

in the wheel and in the seat of the car

planted and stuck to the racetrack but

as you start to lose grip the right

front or the right rear starts to slide

and you just can't maintain the same

amount of corner speed as you could when

the grip is better Matt DiBenedetto Jeff

is trying to shed the underdog role now

that he's with the Wood Brothers he's

never had a top ten on a mile and a half

Speedway but he could get one today in

his first mile and a half Speedway drive

for the Wood Brothers


71 laps to go in Las Vegas you'll see it

all as we go Fox side-by-side












from our aerial coverage provided by

Goodyear chase the possibilities unlock

discovery at every turn Goodyear more


you saw the pass for the lead and all

day Kevin Harvick has had the best

short-run car in the field that as the

laps run along under the green flag

other cars have more pace just like that

nine have chase Elliot Ryan Blaney up

front goes by camera it's like they just

hit a cliff like and and fall off of it

I mean he just that 4 car of Kevin

Harvick is so good for about 10 12 maybe

15 laps so Larry could that be part of

Rodney Childers strategy hoping for a

caution in the last 20 laps well it

could be Mike and I just was actually

looking at strategy and all the teams

and drivers that pitted back at lap 163

we weren't racing with a hundred and one

laps to go so I think what they'll do

Mike they'll split this stage in half

which means somewhere around lap 215

that opens that window now those that

just pit it a few laps ago they may go

10 15 laps further but definitely I

think they're gonna split the stage in

half if you did not pit that last time

thanks Larry so the first five cars

pitted on lap 163 Keselowski and Byron

at lap 178 among the top 10 and for the

lead here comes man that was so close

see Ryan Blaney trying to close the door

on chase Elliott chase Elliott not

lifting one bit every member guys off

the racetrack these guys are buddies I

mean on the track they're fierce


boy they'll have something to talk about

tonight as long as it doesn't get any

worse than what we almost saw there yes

they will but boy that nine car is just

so good on the long runs from the

Goodyear blimp see the big run momentum

off of turn four chase Elliott turns

down to the bottom just look like Ryan

Blaney at the last second was gonna try

to get down to the bottom also but chase

Elliott already there

well that that could have been maybe

they didn't even touch that's just

pretty wild that was just the bumps the

air coming off the nose of the nine

pretty impressed with that that the 12

of Blaney was able to hold on to it

right there meanwhile Kevin Harvick has

slipped to 1.3 seconds off the lead

Regan will Mike much like earlier in the

race as soon as he got passed from Ryan

Blaney came on the radio the front tires

of that race car are absolutely gone he

said it's plowing again right now Ryan

Blaney up front he actually got held up

by the lap car there that's what allowed

chase Elliott to get the run on him very

very frustrated with the lap cars right

now and that's why he was probably

fighting as hard as he was he knew that

he could maybe maintain that lead on

chase Elliott but that lap car cost him

some time cost him some momentum and

allowed the nine to close up on him of

chase Elliott


and I misspoke earlier like talking

about the for car getting loose sounds

like they're really struggled with that

front grip after they get about 15 or 20

laps on their tires all three of the

Penske Ford's in the top six Brad

Keselowski up eleven spots since the

restart into the top half dozen here's

aric almirola to pit road well with 59

laps to go they could make it from here

but hmm


fit windows open he's the only taker so


well and we've seen where if it's going

to go green for a long ways

hitting early can definitely help you

out Vince well it is a poor tire change

four tires and enough gas to get them to

the end as you said Mike they can make

it from here but it's a little bit

earlier than what you might have thought

we would have seen amirola come to pit

road but that's the gamble they're going

to take and see if it pays off having

some trouble of the left front seventh

place now William Byron remember has 15

lapped newer tires than his teammate

Alex Bowman in the 88 and it shows right

there you see Brad Keselowski one of

those others that also pitted at the

same lap as William Byron both of them

coming forward his Kyle Larson on pit

road and he's in that same boat of

having older tires I guess this is the

reverse of the Ricky Stenhouse strategy

in stage two where he stayed out as long

as he possibly could and again it goes

back to like Larry Mack's trends and

they see long green flag runs typically

happen in this final stage in the

closing laps of this race so I think

short pitting is going to benefit you

see the 22 of Logano going to the

outside of Harvick for third place yeah

third position

Kurt Busch is in same strategy as his

teammate Kyle Larson as we continue

under green with 56 to go top Harvick

was going to be able to get back by


and here's the older of the Bush

brothers in for his stop

Kurt Busch Kyle Busch and Riley Hertz

the Xfinity series driver who is also

from Las Vegas each donated a hundred

two coats for a military and veterans

for this race great gesture absolutely

there William Baier now close it now

that he's gotten in some clean air those

older tires starting to really become a

factor and slow these guys down and

those newer fresher tires on the 24

fireman he's making up some good time as

well as Brad Keselowski right ahead of

him as he goes by Kevin Harvick


Keselowski and Byron are the two cars in

the top ten with the fresher tires yeah

there are some guys as you point out

there Mike that did come in and take

fresher tires but have not really been

able to make much out of his we see

Chris Buescher on pit road in his pit


setting up for four tires for buscher so

let's review with our top ten and show

you when they were last on pit road only

Keselowski and Byron came in when Martin

Truex brought out the caution at lap 177

now the one thing I'm seeing that's a

little bit different than some of these

other guys on older tires chase Elliott

and maybe even rhyme blaze in this

category they're able to maintain some

really good lap times right now close to

what those guys have further back on

fresh tires

here's Byron and Keselowski even on

tires 4th and 5th


you know no driver has ever scored his

first Cup win at this racetrack this is

a tough track Mike I mean we've seen

where and here comes Kevin Harvick to

pit road this track really seems to lend

itself to the highest quality drivers

have won championships those teams I

think it's a team effort in a pit road

effort a driver effort it's just the

combination of those championship

caliber teams and drivers seem to be the

ones that win here let's just not tell

that to William Byron just yet friggin

for Carl Kevin Harvick has been back and

forth on adjustments all day long still

not able to find what they need to make

this car have long run speed obviously

short pitting right here with the hopes

that maybe they can make up a little

ground here Jamie 22 Joey Logano

youngest driver to hit 400 Cup starts

last week impressive run for him a

four-tire stop

he's just been one and a half loose all

race long they've made a little headway

but just not where they need to be to

compete with the nine who is your leader

a lot of activity on pit road and the 24


Byron wanted to go ahead and come in

also get those fresh tires back and

Jimmie Johnson's in those guys who's

finishing up service on that 48

depending on whether he had a car in

front or clean air he was most of

talking about being tight Jamie chase

Elliott led 16

laughs today an impressive run better

than they even anticipated the car would

be a four-tire stop for hammock

touch-free Regan

Ryan Blaney has been happy with this car

this run other than when he got behind

chase Elliott all of a sudden he lost

the nose of the race car that meant it

stopped turning for him as good as he



guys I like what Chad canals did with

William Byron right there even though he

had an advantage with fresher tires he

made sure he didn't let the rest of the

field get the jump on him with fresher

tires so he bought a lot but hitting

while ago after everyone stayed out but

I think he kept tempo by pitting with

them right there I think that's a great

move right there yeah well you're gonna

lose so much time if you let those other

guys come out on fresh tires I agree

Larry Bryan Patti's gonna make a

believer out of us he's got Ricky

Stenhouse out there and his teammate

Ryan Preece is in second Truex

Nemechek Dylan and Lajoie who come to

pit road now to join Dylan do so there's

four cars out there in front on old

tires there's Ryan Preece


and we're under cushion chase Elliott

has a flat left rear

let's watch is the Goodyear blimp think

about how the cars that have been the

strongest in this race have had trouble

here's chase le knows he has an issue

trying to hold on to it a little bit of

damage to that right rear goes around

don't know if it's a left rear right

rear tire the left rear ended up flat

not sure if it was the cause boy

just been so tough for these guys that

have been so strong today Jamie

they were so strong all day long Alan

Gustafson and crew chief said man I saw

it flat on the left rear did you hear me

say it and then he felt it and you saw

what happened he tried to save it but

that pit crew was pumped up right before

the last stop they all fist pumped

around like this is it guys this is our

win today and unfortunately he's back in

the pit

it was Jamie he was on the way to a win


and there's the tire

a little damage from the wall on the

right rear corner


and with pit road closed we remind you

another huge weekend of XFL football get

started Saturday to Seattle dragons face

off with the st. Louis battle Hawks

Saturday at 5:00 Eastern on Fox and on

the fox sports app 46 laps to go here in

Las Vegas and then about an hour after

our race ends

yesterday's rained out Xfinity Series

race will resume with the start of stage

two and you can watch that on FS 2 if

you don't have FS 2 you can use your FS

1 sign in to watch on the Fox Sports app

let's have a look at the progressive

race summary with 45 laps to go in the

400 mile today Ricky Stenhouse jr. is

your leader 21 lead changes among six

drivers 7 caution flags for 30 laps

and we listened in on Kevin Harvick

every time at a cost when I pick up the

rubber up and then when I picked the

rubber up it where's our left front tire

two pots I'll take her over like you did

last time we're here as well but little

Rover gets put down it takes it right

back up now the pits are open but there

may be few takers because the timing of

the caution just as Brian Patty and

Ricky Stenhouse hope for leaves only

three cars on the lead lap if you pit

here you cannot take the wave-around

Ryan Blaney will get the free pass but

if you want to get back on the lead lap

you've got to stay out here I mean I'm

just you know just this fell right into

behind Paddy's hopeful strategy he knew

something we didn't know gonna lock down

these cars they're gonna have to take

this wave around so JTG Doherty racing

is on pit road left of your screen Ricky

Stenhouse on the right in that very

brightly colored car is Ryan Preece and

John Hunter Nemechek is on pit road as

well chase Elliott returns to pit road

for damage repair


so that means only three lead lap cars

are going to have new tires for what's

bound to be a wild restart they've been

so wild all day long how about a little

restart 101 with Jamie McMurray from the

Charlotte studio


when leading on a restart it is crucial

to put yourself in the best position to

protect your spot but how do you know

which lane to choose well much like real

estate it's all about location are you

on a short track or a road course it's

pretty easy take whichever line is

preferred and turns one and two if you

want to be low take the inside if you

want to be high take the outside simple

as that

on super speedways you need to keep an

eye on your neighbors which drivers will

be lining up behind you a driver that's

willing to work with you or one that can

push you will help determine this choice

having a teammate your rearview mirror

makes this decision very easy tracks

between 1.5 and two miles present a

whole new set of problems the rules

changes last season then it became a

combination of both the preferred line

and the cars in the second road these

variables could change from week to week

or even restart to restart meaning it's

harder than ever to find the correct

answer so you have your line what's next

on super speedways and some of the

intermediates you give the driver behind

you a little wave out the window they

lock onto your bumper and you both take

off together everywhere else it becomes

a strategic mind game as the leader you

can take off at any point in the restart

zone early late that's up to you

you're just trying to catch everyone

else napping but if they figure out your

strategy they could beat you at your own


I just don't know how he colors that

past it stays inside the line great job

Jamie McMurry that was awesome it and I

mean that Illustrated and really

explained it perfectly the only factor I

would say that we've seen today as we've

seen where your teammate is your friend

and then they're your foe as they get to

turn one Oh Ryan Preece something

happened on that pit stop and the

second-place car is headed for the

garage Regan

we saw Ryan Blaney coming off pit road

right there nothing to lose for these

guys they got the wave-around that's

gonna allow him to start back up with

the leaders after he took these tires

they used that opportunity to put a

little tape on the nose of that race car

should give them some downforce maybe a

little more speed Jamie well we found

the culprit for chase Elliott's cut left

rear or a flat tire this is what a valve

stem is supposed to look like this is

the one that just came off of his car

many factors can lead to this being

knocked in this one was actually knocked

off the pit crew found it it snapped in


with the difference between a lot of

times what happens is you're changing

those tires if that car takes off or the

gun hits that valve stem it can break it

in half and then all the air is gonna

leak out of it I'm not I'm gonna I'm not

even gonna count I'm just gonna tell you

25 cars took the wave-around

because that's how many are left that

are not on the lead lap nope more in 25

we have Stenhouse John Hunter Nemechek

and Ryan Blaney was the free pass car

and sadly Ryan presa was in second place

is now in the garage and out with 42

laps to go everybody else will come

around and line up on the tail end of

the lead lap behind those three or four

cars but without the advantage of fresh

tires that they have well and give some

credit you know Ricky Stenhouse jr.

and Brian Pattie as well as John Hunter


Nemechek and his crew chief Seth barber

they've been playing the strategy all

day long hoping it would pay off and get

some track position it finally just did

now let's see what they could do with it

so we will restart with 25 lead lap cars

and about five of them at the back and

three of them at the front three of them

at the front have fresh tires now Mike

I'm just wondering you got a bunch of

veterans right behind these guys they're

looking at that yellow stripe on that

rear bumper John Hunter Nemechek he has

his work cut out for him to keep those

guys behind him especially Joey Logano

who's on his rear bumper we've seen how

aggressive he could be and has been

already today on restarts but John

Hunter has fresh tires Joey does not

will that make a difference well I mean

I think it's a good I don't know if

there's a big enough discrepancy in

those fresh tires for these other guys

we're about to find out

Stenhouse Nemechek here we go green flag

Oh Ryan Blaney getting to the outside

the 47 is Stenhouse jr. is there enough

room for Ryan Blaney to thread the

needle a Stenhouse goes for wide

and Blaney has to breathe it there just

wasn't enough room for everybody right

there took Stenhouse a little while to

get up to speed down the back

straightaway but boy once he got the bat

shovin that hole opened up he's shot out

there Logano and Harvick at the front

Stenhouse and Nemechek holding even with

the rest of this group

Byron with a run on the bottom and

Keselowski going to the top or trying to

find clean air any which way you can

we've seen how out-of-control these cars

can be when you're tucked in right

behind somebody in that spoilers

punching a huge hole in the air Kurt

Busch has pitted and so is Ross Chastain

at the tail end of the lead lap

somebody pokes out to make it three wide

down the back straightaway

biron still charging on the outside

Keselowski and Byron



justno give on these restarts Mike


now the third place car is Ryan Blaney

is there an issue there Regan

well he thinks he's got a tire up on

that racecar right now Mike they looked

at it the tire that the Goodyear's

rubbed off of the tire and there is a

little bit of left rear fender damage on

that racecar from the restart yeah

that's one of the big fears and all

these drivers have on these restarts is

they're three and four wide and it's

getting so intense that all it takes is

a slightest bit of movement in a three

or four wide battle to cut down one of

these tires crossover moved on his

teammate Denny Hamlin by Kyle Busch


fighting for 13th and up front Harvick

with a run

you can see the damage right behind the

left rear that's gonna affect that that

aerodynamics but did they make contact

with somebody else and cut that left

rear tire down so far so good

sixth place

Byron and Nemechek


really nice job John Hunter Nemechek

just you learning so much right here

meat start up front with all those guys

barreling down behind you that's a tough

thing for a rookie to deal with second

race of the year depended eddo having a

really solid race today

so Nemechek and Stenhouse started

upfront Nemechek has settled here in 7th

behind DiBenedetto Stenhouse has settled

in 4th place yeah he's doing an

excellent job Ricky Stenhouse jr.

maintaining in that fourth position

taking advantage of that strategy in

that caution that paid off that worked

out for him for the oppress also at Brad

Keselowski that he's been able to

improve his race car throughout this day

because he was not a top 5 car earlier

watch for Jimmie Johnson on this replay

as he gets up and into the yellow paint

and we saw similar thing happened to the

19 of March uruk's jr. earlier is this

something that could cause too much

damage and cut that right side down on

Jimmie Johnson's boy that looks very

similar to what we saw earlier with Mark

Eric's junior map and Jeff as soon as

that half of his pit crew put fresh

tires up on the wall

just in case he had to dive down pit

road so they wouldn't cut a tire down

and have a day like Truex had Jimmie

racing Kyle Busch here for eleventh

place going back to Kurt Busch and Ross

Chastain the reason they both pitted was

they bounced off each other on the

restart a lot of contact they each felt

it out for a lap neither car working

well that came to pit road they're both

one lap down and that's a smart call you

hate to do that but that would end your

race in a hurry well I just wonder

what's going to happen here with Jimmie

Johnson it doesn't always take smoke

inside the car for you to think that

that tires cutting down I mean we saw

how quickly it happened the 19 of mark

tricks jr. earlier


remember how tight things got on the

back straightaway on that restart here's

the 47 maybe made a little bit of

contact there with the 12 of Ryan Blaney

yeah you could see that fenders folded

in boy it didn't take much Mike over

that right front fender to just do a

little bit of that damage but I don't

think that's enough to cut the left rear


you had Truex there 15th and Tyler

Reddick 16 Blaney third we're gonna take

you Fox side-by-side








welcome back to the NASCAR Cup Series

from Las Vegas on Fox presented by Jiffy

Lube Mike joy with Jeff Gordon watching

Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick reports

actually out front counting Ryan Blaney

with 26 laps to go

and the question will be for Kevin

Harvick does he have enough speed to

make it to the distance let's first hear

about the race leader Joey Logano Jamie

and I talked to his new crew chief Paul

wolf about Joey this morning and Paul

just smiles ear to ear and says having

Joey as my driver is so refreshing he's

so great with all of our team with the

guys he's around all the time and when

it came to setups for this track he said

Joey said do whatever works for you Paul

wolf on the right and won this race with

Brad Keselowski three times in the past

if Joey was open to trying something new

so together their four wins but today

they're trying to win their first race

together and Jamie I got to think that

right now the guy who's smiling the

biggest is Roger Penske because he's

looking like a genius if you look at

work first and third with Blaney his

other teammate and Keselowski and six

with all those crew chief of team

changes the captain turned 83 Thursday

Brad Keselowski in 6th chasing William

Byron he's about half a second ahead of

Alex Bowman who just had a pretty fierce

battle with Matt DiBenedetto to take

seventh place behind Brad K

Jimmie Johnson still going strong even

though he made contact with the outside

wall so far so good on no tire rubs or

issues with those right-side tires okay

I got it kind of laughs oh here's a

great battle between Keselowski Bowman

Bowman trying to get to that left rear

quarter panel try to side draft

Keselowski to get positioned into turns

one and two

Bowman was the fastest car on the

racetrack last lap

I was gonna go back to Jimmie Johnson

and laughing a little bit because after

he hit the wall there brushed the wall a

veteran driver knows what that may lead

to and he started running right up

against the wall who a little contact

here with a 38 of John Hunter Nemechek I

don't know if he wants to do any more

damage to that right side there but as a

venture driver he's running right up

next to the wall he knows if those right

sides go down he's gonna be as close to

that wall as possible but now everything

seems to be good he's going back down to

the bottom of the racetrack

this race is flown by VIN has won even

coming to twenty laps to go rookie title

retic we saw there and here is Stenhouse

trying to get JTG Daugherty's first ever

top five at Las Vegas they have one

top-ten finish here to do it he's going

to have to hold off Alex Bowman and his

fast closing teammate William Byron

Vince such a big year for this team they

brought over Ricky Stenhouse as their

driver Brian Pattie as the engineer Mike

Kelly came over from Roush as well they

believe they have all the pieces in

place to be competitive even though they

have less than a hundred employees a

third or a fourth of some of the big

teams like kids and Penske stewart-haas

but they still believe they can be


and they're showing it again here today

thanks Vince

battle for second Harvick trying to hold

on to second and Blaney knowing what we

know that Harvick fires off quickly at

the start of a run but has not yet shown

the speed at the end of a run that he's

had at the beginning well and I was just

getting ready saying I thought Harvick

was holding on a little bit better and

then all of a sudden and that's all it

seems like it takes this one lap and the

next thing you know Harvick's car just

starts to fall off so obviously Blaney

trying to take advantage of that right

now is going to go by and take over

second place Team Penske Sports one two

now and Alex Bowman working on Ricky

Stenhouse for fourth thought Bowman

looked like one of the best cars you

looked at average lap times in practice

on Friday doing a great job hanging in

there and making it all work making some

adjustments to get back up there

possibly into that top five before this

thing's all over or is in the top five

sorry so Ford's one two three Chevy's

four five six

the first Toyota would be Kyle Busch

back in 11th place eight and a half

seconds off the lead

and Denny Hamlin back at 14 Truex has

rebounded to 15 after bringing out the

caution at lap 170 7-iron getting to the

outside of Ricky Stenhouse jr. for fifth

place hello Ricky Stenhouse jr. just

never goes down without a fight

still maintaining as he stays to the

left rear quarter panel William Byron


remember these two got together in the

early laps of the Daytona 500


that's right Stenhouse got into the back

of Byron's sent him into the infield

wall in the back straightaway and first

car out of the race was Byron look at

this battle up truck to the lead I think

Ryan Blaney is the guy to beat here as

we come to 15 to go his car looks a

little bit better than Joey Logano he's

been able to watch Joey Logano see where

he's strong see where he's weak see if

he could take advantage of it Team

Penske finished 1-2 in two of the last

six races here and the driver who had

the best long run speed chase Elliott he

had a problem ended up in the pits and

one lap down after a flat tire


I love how Blaney's using that hi Lane

you've got Joey Logano working the low

line guys that we've been watching the

SMT data on the 12 of the 22 and because

Ryan Blaney is running up high like you

see right there his mouse per hour is so

much greater at the end of ever every

straightaway look how much he runs down

the 22 down that back straightaway yeah

but is Joey Logano gonna move to the top

and block it as he does you know Joey so

good at watching his mirrored and Blaney

this is his shot and he makes it happen

slides up in front of him great job to

take the lead Blaney to hold him off at

least for the moment that's close

what a great tonic this is for Ryan

Blaney remember it was his push to try

to help Ryan Newman win the 500 in the

last 500 feet that sent Newman airborne

and to the hospital it's been an

extremely tough week for Blaney of all

the drivers here glad that Ryan is on

the mend but winning can be the best

medicine fastest car on the racetrack is

Alex Bowman and he has taken third from


only 11 laps to go but he is less than a

second behind the leaders

here's his pass of Kevin Harvick for

third whenever one sorry Alex Bowman has

found he is like a rocket ship already

caught the 22 of Joey Logano Ryan Blaney

is hoping these guys run side by side

for a while so he could get away tend to



let's see Logano goes to the bottom

tries to disturb the air behind him to

slow down the momentum of the 88 of

Bowman and Joey's got to be on defense

now tend to go to Penske Ford's up front

and a Chevy Camaro filling his mirror

well and he ran the high line got past

for the lead now he's got Alex Bowman

he's tried to figure out what can he do

to keep Alex Bowman behind him and even

in this situation he feels like maybe I

don't have a shot at winning

now his role work goes to a different

mindset how can I make sure my teammate

at Team Penske wins this race seventh

place right of your screen Matt

DiBenedetto getting past Ricky Stenhouse

after they ran side-by-side for a lap or

two here we go for a second

stop Holman got a great blow off the top

goes to the bottom clears Joey Logano

easily he's going to slide up in front

of them now what can he do nine laps to

go eight laps to go put a big block on

Joey Logano Bowman is eight tenths back

with eight to go and that gap is staying

pretty constant fourth place William

Byron passing Kevin Harvick in

Chevrolet's looking really strong here

at the end of this race we saw how

strong chase Elliott was earlier in this

race on those long runs now his

teammates Alex Bowman William Byard

coming on strong what every lap car

every decision you make low high middle

getting the car over the bumps it could

come down to that absolute final lap or

final corner of this race


Boman 6/10 behind Jeff dad it's got to

be agonizingly close to look at that car

out in front so close and yet so far I

don't know what's more agonizing being

in second looking at closer to car

around back straightaway big slide

cautious jesting oh he was having such a

great day now he's got to try to stay on

the lead lap with those flat tires not

Terrapin defenders boy now things get

interesting Mike haha well you talk

about a race playing into somebody's

hands has this race just fallen right

into the four cars lap you mean the guy

that I picked yeah because of the short

run here's where I want to go to our

chief Larry McReynolds because five to

go yes these tires are older I would

imagine these guys are going to come

down pit road but just somebody risk it

well Jeff we've got 23 drivers on the

lead lap and there's 35 laps on those

these tires I think you're gonna see

some stay out here you cuz you're only

gonna go back racing with three or four

laps to go I agree it's what do you call

it Larry a mixed bag we're gonna see but

boy saw Ross Chastain just car gets

loose right in the middle turns one and

two and goes for a big slide remember

what I said when to hold him when to

fold them Ryan Newman's name on that

number six

Steve knew mark said earlier today no

timetable for Ryan Newman's return we

know he's watching and glad that he is

out of the hospital and on the mend

it's Ross Chastain filling in thanks to

a Chip Ganassi Racing and Chevrolet the


for Chasteen to drive that Ford came

very quickly

everybody in this sport helps out

everybody else isn't I'm Mike oh don't

oh boy

Logano stays out Biron stays out here's

math and hearing the conversation back

and forth between Bowman and Ives there

was never really much debate about

whether to stay out or pit the car it

gotten tighter but it was not tight

enough he didn't have enough stability

to run the high side Regan no debate on

the 12 car Ryan Blaney crew chief Todd

Gordon said come on get up pit road it's

gonna be four tires for him for the end

of the race okay I have six lead lap

cars staying on track including Logano

and Byron Jamie Mike Paul Wolfe clearly

told Joey Logano Pitt if everyone else

pits and Joey said what was that do I

pit or not and then he stayed out and he

said I don't know what you were trying

to tell me there and they said you have

35 lapped tires under you right now all

right well let me update seven drivers

did not pit you see the first seven on

your screen down to Bubba Wallace did

not stop Brad Keselowski and Jimmie

Johnson will be the first drivers with

fresh tires for this restart let's hear

from Chad canal so William Byron's crew

chief done all I can for you

it's in your hands now we've seen some

wild restarts today Mike oh we're

getting ready to see it go to a whole

nother stratosphere what's the Larry Mac

says my work here is done that's all the

drivers hands now well I just think of

these tires

we heard Rodney Childers talk earlier

about how they pick up rubber these hot

old tires under caution there's going to

be a lot of debris and rubber on these

tires got to get them cleaned up and

then can you get up through the gears

not spin the tires and get up and get

going and keep those cars behind you not

to mention those with fresh tires wow

this is gonna be wild

was there ever a down Prime paddy was

believe Regan well you could hear

the disappointment in Todd Gordon's

voice when he came on the radio told his

driver Ryan Blaney I thought more cars

we're gonna come it's so hard as you

know Larry when you're the leader you

know everybody's gonna do the exact

opposite of what you do if he stayed out

they come in if he comes in they're

staying out there's only seven drivers

who did not come in lower right you're

going to see the last pit stop by the

top ten drivers and you see Stenhouse

had a little fresher tires than those

others back to Austin Dillon and Bubba


to me one of the toughest places to be

on this mic is that those first two cars

lined up without new tires because

you're just a sitting duck

watch Keselowski Johnson and Truex fire

out from the middle of the pack because

they are the first cars on brand new

tires yeah they just got to get past

that start/finish line then you're gonna

see them fan out four or five wide for

sure now we are not in overtime even

though they will restart with two laps

to go we are still within the scheduled

distance how about that big stack of

chips you got where you want to put them

now oh my goodness but the fans are

standing up they know this is about to

be one heck of a show two laps to go is

this the final restart of the day green

flag Logano big push from Stenhouse

Byron a little bit of help from

DiBenedetto three wide dependent dental

goes the inside of William Byron Oh tire

rub they made contact


Oh Jimmy Johnson all the way down the

apron underneath Tyler Radek wow what a

moving dream

Austin Dillon dives it into turn three

he is four Stenhouse third Stenhouse

DiBenedetto battling behind Logano here

they come for the white flag from credit

one bank tons of contact treble william

byron backing up through the field there

was contact among several drivers and we

are under caution the race is not over I

think that tire blew on contact and

damage I think maybe the leader had seen

the white flag and Race Control has

confirmed that since the leader saw the

white flag under green the next flag

ends the race that caution flag will do

just that and repeats what he did a year

ago here Joey Logano but with that new

crew chief Paul Wolfe and what a move by

DiBenedetto and Stenhouse battling for

second behind them great finishes for

them Austin Dillon fourth Jimmie Johnson

fifth some happy Joey Logano fans in the

stands today and what a crowd we've got

here to see that awesome race


twenty-two races since his last win at

Michigan in June 24th career win for

Logano he's now won a race in every one

of the last nine seasons keeps that

trend going Mike

past champions winning here in Las Vegas

so true


and nobody doesn't burn out or donuts or

whatever you call it this like Joey



now William Byron we know had a tire rub

I'll show you where that came from they

see DiBenedetto goes to the inside of

William Byron William Byron already

committed to the inside lane they make

contact that fender rub now is cutting

the left rear tire down on William Byron

so let's pick this up coming off turn

four see Tyler etics sliding back Oh

more contact as you see Erik Jones just

you know everybody's just going for it

there well that was wild and crazy'

coming off a turn for they knew they're

coming to the white flag so plain he

gets the outside they're three four wide

here Erik Jones comes up squeezes

William Byron into the 12 of Ryan Blaney

coming to the white flag under green

yeah no doubt that was before the

caution came out so Joe and the gone are

our winner

while I count about six drivers who are

going to be happy leaving Las Vegas and

they're in positions one through six

everybody else not happy it's a lot of

drivers gonna be angry with the other

drivers and we leave Las Vegas Vince

Welch well how about a little bit of

miscommunication there I coming to that

last stop kept you out there and it paid

off what were your thoughts is that

restart was about to begin not really

sure if you're supposed to stay out or

coming I wasn't sure what I was supposed

to do but what we fought hard for this

one today you know Amanda what a battle

between Blaney and I and chase Elliott

the 19 hour in the race and then to see

this finish with Matt finished in second

it's a great day for Wood Brothers and

for Team Penske so man nothing like

winning the pens all 400 in front of

this amazing crowd with this awesome

yellow car right here in the front

oh man this is a huge win and nice to

kick off the season with the W you got a

huge push from Stenhouse on the restart

was that the difference yeah yeah it

really was you know you get you know a

good start like that and you I watched

him he pushed me and then he shoved me

ahead which was great and then the block

of the 24 that was the winning move as

they only get down in front of him and

then be able to separate myself a little

bit from the field clean air was gonna

be key with with old tires if I got too

swallowed up by a couple cars I was just

gonna fall backwards really quick so

being able to get that clean air secure

that and man this is great get back in

victory lane and your first win with

Paul Wolfe wanted to remember yeah it

really is I mean he's such a great job

and it's been fun getting to know each

other and with the whole team you know a

pizza pit crew was amazing today we I

think we came to spot it every time at

least so I'm proud of a part of the

effort that it was put in over the

offseason to come out here and the start

of the West Coast Swing it and get one

of those cool stickers right next my

name on top of this car well done thank



Joey Logano has won in Las Vegas beating

Matt DiBenedetto and Ricky Stenhouse to

the finish line


welcome back to Las Vegas Joey Logano is

your race winner aerial coverage

provided by Goodyear for those that push

the limits of possibilities Goodyear

more driven


well let's hear from the runner-up

here's Matt Yocum one spot away from

that magical 100th Wood Brothers win but

this is the type of day that you dreamed

of when you took over the iconic 21 it

was man this was all just too surreal

it's tough to be that close by this is

only a second race of the season so the

strength of this team it's so cool to

have the backing of all the people that

allowed me to drive this thing it took

so many people I mean motor craft quick

lane to be driving this iconic car it's

so cool and Menards you know and Paul I

know you're watching a home and proud I

can't thank him enough and that whole

family for this opportunity for power

under the hood is always good have got

to be having that Roush AIDS power under

the hood but man this whole team Greg

Irwin all when we we recovered it wasn't

pretty at the start of a man they did an

excellent job so happy to be working

with his team the fans thank you all so

much the journeys been pretty cool

Ricky Stenhouse jr. with a brand new

team this year last week at Daytona it's

the pole this week you lead 31 laps mix

it up you finished third but tell me

about when you guys stayed out that

option to stay there what were you

thinking you know Brian's just really

good at calling races and he apologized

for that when that one backfired on us

in that second run we got good track

position and then we stayed out a little

too long and gave up that track position

so then we were fighting kind of all

race to get it back up and he went long

again and it paid off with the caution

and our Kroger Camaro was was good it

wasn't perfect by any means but we know

what we need to work on now and it was

cool to get a good solid run in this

Camaro for everybody at JTG Dougherty

racing I got a thing hungry Jack and all

energy drink and everybody that works

hard on this car so far so good two

weeks we've we've been fast last week we

weren't bad this week and we know what

we need to work on and I know Brian and

the boys will tune it up came in with

the strategy worked out it brought it on

third did best Las Vegas finished there

for Ricky Stenhouse Matt D matches his

best cup finish and Joey Logano

celebrates in victory lane with the

headset on

Joey they say in Las Vegas you'd rather

be lucky than good I'd say today you

were both maybe a little bit that

cautious at the end was something we

needed to have and being able to you

know eventually you'll stay out there

get the clean air take that clean air it

was a huge deal for this whole team and

being able to win the race that your

sponsor is sponsoring is such a big deal

you know and obviously with Pennzoil

and Autotrader and you know Ford arouse

eight centers that built this thing

unbelievable car I want to say hey to my

wife and son at home they are not able

to come all the way out here to the west

coast when it's a little long flight for

him but man I wish you guys were here

and in celebrating with us but we're

still gonna have some fun drinking some

coca-cola and having a good time here

hey Joey we saw an incredible race today

where there were long run speed for some

cars short runs from others and then

these wild restarts three or four wide

how concerned were you on that final

restart not only from getting a push

from Stenhouse but these guys that took

fresher tires or what all chaos was

gonna break out yeah like I said I'm the

start/finish line I needed clean air ID

to get to the front if you have clean

air that that's enough to overcome the

tires and you know that's what we're

able to do get a good push from Ricky

and it kind of pushed me out a little

bit and then I saw well I didn't see TJ

told me in the booth or in the spotter

stand to you know protect the bottom

twenty-fourths come and made that block

that was key and then Matt made a move

on him to get to second so once they did

that I was able to separate myself from

the pack to where they couldn't draft me

as much time to straightaway and then be

able to run a couple smooth laps until

you get the checkered flag

all right go celebrate congratulate our

Logano probably raced his teammate Ryan

Blaney hardest of anybody he battled all

day more to come from Las Vegas