2021 NASCAR Schedule Breakdown

it's about damn time we finally got the

2021 nascar schedule

so today i'm not even gonna have some

giant thing to lead into it we're just

gonna go

right in we're gonna start off with

speed weeks

now speed weeks this year is gonna be


tuesday is a clash and it's going to be

run at night

on the daytona road course honestly i

don't know how this is going to go

the daytona road course in my opinion is

a little too big

and too fast for the cup series for the

most part to run well

and they really didn't have much close

racing with 40 cars out there

i really don't think they're gonna have

much close racing with like 20 cars out


uh but i could be proven wrong i hope i

am i hope it's a good show but i doubt i

will be

now wednesday is daytona 500 qualifying

i don't know if it's day or night

again i'm recording this based off of

the schedule that was leaked

last night so if i don't know a few

little discrepancies

sorry if it's some major screw-ups i

wouldn't be putting this out

thursday will again be the duals on

friday will be truck series so those

stay the same as usual

which i don't think there's really

anything to add on to it you know what

you're going to get

saturday is going to be a double header

between arca and the xfinity series

that can be fun but i kind of like to

have an arca night in america have its

own night you know but

it's not big enough in my opinion to be

a big grading straw so maybe this will

help at least with attendance

if kovid and everything is all right at

that point we can revisit this in

february and see

and then sunday of course the daytona

500 hopefully

it can be moved to like noon i'm hoping

having been there i really wish it was

because i would have been able to see

the damn race

but i doubt that it probably will be but

the daytona 500 is a daytona 500 it's

gonna be awesome no matter

when it's at so it's gonna be great i

mean the package i have right now

i think they've hit it perfect and this

being the last year the gen

6 car i think it'll be a great way to

start off the year now

next up is the homestead miami speedway

now i think this one

is moved to the date it's at because of

the covet restrictions

florida is wide open at the point of

recording this it could change by then

i'm thinking that it's going to be open


nascar starts off next year and it's a

lot easier for nascar to feel confident

knowing they'll be in the same state two

weeks in a row

so i can get off to a little bit of a

start with momentum next up is the final

running at auto club speedway

of the race surface and configuration

that we have now the two mile

d-shaped oval this is gonna be the last

time we get it

and i'm really hoping it doesn't go out

with a big dud i'm really excited for

the short track overall in 2022 but i

understand a lot of people not liking it


right now but i think it needs to be

done right now the current package isn't

that great so i wouldn't expect a great

race here

but if we get one i will be pleasantly

surprised and then i will also be

pleasantly going on twitter afterwards

to see the absolute [ __ ] show that will

occur of everyone debating whether or

not it should be changed or not

all right next we go into the first race

at las vegas motor speedway

now i think that this is going to be a

relatively good race with all things


las vegas has been one of if not the

best mile and a half

track on the schedule that's left we'll

get a little bit more of that later

but i think that this will be a

relatively good race

when you look at how it's done with the

750 horsepower package

i'd say that maybe the now basically


chicagoland speedway and the kansas

speedway might be the two mile and a

halfs have done better

but i think this one ranks right up

there with them i don't think it's gonna

be this giant banger of a race i don't

think we're gonna see an all-time great


but i think we'll see something that's

passable serviceable

maybe even good all right next is the


race at phoenix now this is going to be

run more than likely with the 750

horsepower package again if something

else is announced after i record this

i'm sorry

but i'm just going off of what more than

likely have happened

i think this would be a good race it

showed to be a really good race

in 2020 with the 750 horsepower package

and i see no other reason as to why it

might not be now

again we might have a horrible finale

and then everyone will be like

it's terrible it's going to be a

horrible race but going off of what we

know right now

it's going to be a pretty good race for

the most part it's a mile long track

it's going to be pretty good for the

most part kind of warm slick track

with more horsepower i think that that's

gonna lead into some good racing

so it's an a plus for me all right next

up is atlanta

now i'm gonna have some people getting

my ass about this one but i'm just gonna

say how i see it

atlanta has not had some good races

since in my opinion

2016. it's had some good moments but i

don't think it's really had some good


especially with this new horsepower

package just lower horsepower package in

my opinion

has kind of ruined atlanta the worn out

surface just

doesn't mesh with it that well and i

think that the surface is overly worn


so i don't think this is going to be a

great race to be honest with you i think

it might be one of the lower races of

the year i mean

so far in 2020 this race could be voted

the worst race of the year

granted it was running a different time

of year so maybe it'll be a little bit


but i don't expect anything that good

from atlanta this year

all right now we got bristol and

bristol's pretty awesome

but this year's first bristol race is

going to be a complete unknown

why because it's going to be running

freaking dirt

all right i don't think anybody expected

this including me

i did not expect this to happen but

bristol's first race has been sagging in


for a long ass time and it's not really

going to improve

everyone knows what you're getting with

bristol even with the great

show nobody's coming so what do you have

to do you got to change it up

now is changing it up with dirt a good


i don't know i don't think it's going to

do any difference it might be a good

short-term gain

it's going to be pretty awesome seeing

the cup cars on dirt for the first time


god has to be the 1970s or 1960s

so it's going to be historic day to be

at i'm going to be there

like i want to be there they're going to

have to like lock me

out of that place for me not to show up

and be there i

i have no idea who wouldn't want to be

at something this big

because it is it's a big day but the

racing overall

i'm not going to go in expecting to have

some great racing like you see at a

normal dirt track racing series or on a

saturday night at a local short track

but i do think it's going to be

something wild i think it's going to be


wreck fest and if kyle larson is back by


i think he's going to dominate and win

next we have a weekend up for easter

sunday this has been a tradition forever

it's not changing this year now next up

is martinsville

and it looks like from the dates given

that this is again

going to be a saturday night race but

it's gonna be in april now

and i'm gonna be honest i don't like

that i think it's gonna be too cold

they'll probably have to move to sunday

in my opinion

but if they don't so be it it's

martinsville even the

bad races like people have considered

the last couple years

are still awesome races in my opinion

martinsville best track on the schedule

but that's just me

now then you have richmond which it

looks like based on the dates given


it's going to be on a sunday so probably

a sunday afternoon race

uh but it could be moved to a saturday

night race richmond in my opinion

is a very over hated trek it's had some

good races the past couple and it's also

had some

pretty bad ones uh bad ones you can

think of in the gen six era would have

to be definitely like 2019

and 2014's fall race but the 2014 spring


and the 2016 spring race are amazing

classics so

you never know what you're gonna get

with this track and you got talladega

and listen i'm not gonna go and rip on

talladega because it's awesome

so there's my analysis talladega is

awesome something you probably already


then you got the kansas night race this

one's been pretty good for a while i

mean it wasn't as great as it was in

2019 in 2020

but i still think that kansas is one of

the better mile and a half's and

one of the better tracks i'd even say in

the cup series so

you got that one to look forward to the

first time i heard about this one

it absolutely shocked me i saw it on

reddit that dale jr had said something

about the spring darlington race and

that immediately like perked up my ears

i'm like huh

spring darlington race uh yeah so

darlington now has another date again

i don't know if this is gonna be a 400

mile or like before or if it's gonna be

like a 500 kilometer race

like in the last year i don't know

either way darlington in my opinion is a

very very

under the radar track for a lot of

people i know people love it for the

southern 500 and throwback week

but it's racing on its own right in my


makes it that it deserves to be in the

spots that just please nascar

use the 750 horsepower package for this

track it would do

wonders in my opinion and i think it

would make the racing overall better not


good on the restart next you have the

lone dover race

and i think this track can put on good

racing but with the gen 6 car

it's just not that good at it i don't

see this being really a great race

there was flashes in 2020 in the


but i don't think it's going to be that

good and i think it's good that we're

going to this track only once

this year i know it's a track that

people that are fans going there

and drivers say are a lot better in

person but

for me watching usually at home because

i live so far away

it's just not enjoyable so going there

once in my opinion is a net gain

all right i'm really freaking excited

about this one man

i've been on the coda terrain since 2018

and i'm finally getting what i want

so please please coda do not let me down

i gotta say overall coda in my opinion

is a track that should have been on the

cup schedule probably sooner

just with how much of a new facility it

is and how

up to date it is i think that nascar

should have been going there from the


uh you can see the f1s went there

indycars went there

i think it's just fitting as the leading

american motorsport

to be there and i think that it's just


probably be a pretty good road course

race i don't know which layout they're

gonna use it all depends i hope they

test this stuff out don't find out

like day one at the track especially if

it's like a one day show

uh but i i like it now you got the coke


now this race is more than likely going

to be a boring race

but for tradition's sake please keep it

this way don't don't make it a

600 kilometer race but it's the coke 600

so it's going to be at a traditional

memorial day spot

probably going to be later in the night

it'll definitely be after the indy 500

um it's it's just a race that has to be


i i like the strategy and i hope that

there's a lot of strategy in this race

now in 2021 we're finally getting sonoma

back on the track as long as politicians

don't overreach their boundaries

which in california is probably not very

likely that that's going to happen but


sonoma should be back next year and i'm

really excited i hope they go back to

the layout they used like in the

early to mid to late 2000s and the 2010s


i think the current one with the

carousel just isn't that good if they

use the one with carousel i think it'll

be one of the most boring races of the

year if they go back to the layout they

had before

i think it'll be pretty good another big

change the texas all-star race

i'm gonna be real if this is on the mile

and a half format

don't like it but it looks like based on

at this moment of recording

that it could be on the uh road course

layout so

if so maybe there's hope i don't know


just with how texas every change they've

made has been going down

i'm not looking forward to this one this

is one that we just got to sort of get


until we get on to the next week all

right we got another new track here we

talked about this before in the podcast

and i think i might have talked about it

in a video or two but this is the

nashville super speedway

the one and one third mile concrete

tri-oval i believe it is

so this race i don't think it's gonna be

all that good it wasn't really good for

the bush series

of nationwide xfinity series races that

they had there

but i think it'll be serviceable

hopefully it gets enough support behind

it this year and the coming years

that there can be a real push to bring

the nashville fairgrounds onto the cup

series because i think that should be

the main goal right now and the pocono

double header is back now this one had

some really

really really good ticket sales before

the cove apocalypse hit

so hopefully it can repeat that this

year if fans are allowed there

as for pocono overall it's pocono it's

probably not gonna be all that great but

at least we're getting both the races

out of the way in two days instead of


you know two weeks apart like they have

been before

so it is what it is and another new


road america this one is pretty close to

me personally so i'm gonna be going


but it comes at the price of my beloved

chicagoland speedway

so it's kind of bittersweet but a new

road course has put on some really good

races in the past

with the lower series so i have faith in

this one and

it looks like it's going to be on the

4th of july so i might be able to go to

a race

then come home and see fireworks with my

family all in the same day so

pretty awesome go america now for the

first time in over a decade

we have a second atlanta race i think

this is really being done

to push for that new renovations around

the track that they're having

they're basically building another town

around it so i think that this is a real

big push

and i think that this is gonna lead to

atlanta one day getting the finale back

you can see what i said earlier in the

video about atlanta but you know what if

it means that

one day when the track is improved it

gets the finale i'll take it

and now we get our lone new hampshire

race of the year

and this one i actually kind of expect

to be pretty good the last couple races

have been good and had some pretty good

finishes or racing

during the race so hopefully this one

keeps up the trend

all right so we get two off weekends in

a row for the olympics just like what

we've planned for 2020.

i know a lot of fans aren't gonna like

this but i think this is the right move


let's be real the last time that nascar

had to go up against the olympics in an

olympic year

we were put on like a fourth tier

channel and that's just not what nascar

deserves in my opinion

nbc is the one who has the coverage of

the olympics in america so

i really don't think that they're gonna

be like oh yeah we're just gonna like

take this

really really big ratings grab move it

out so nascar can be put in

now i think this is the better play and

i hope that this is the play they go for

now on

now we go back to watkins glen or at

least i hope we do

i am really looking forward to going

back to the glenn again and i'm pretty

sure that most nascar fans are too

seeing how chase elliott is a god there

it seems like the past couple years

though martin shereck's junior fans may

have something to say about that

anyway i'm really hoping that we get to

go back here

keep the same layout i know people have

been talking about run the boot i want

them to run the same layout it's worked

keep up but all in all i just want to go

back to the glen now mark this one down

as moves that i did not think would

happen with the schedule

indianapolis is losing the brickyard 400

and it's gonna become a road course

that one i'm gonna be real didn't see

that happening especially

the fact that they're moving the date to


august that's just weird to me i

i would think they would at least try

and keep the traditional date that they

were trying to make a tradition

but you know it happens now i have heard

that this

might be a double header with indycar so

if that happens

pretty cool but i'm kind of looking

forward to this one kind of not the

finish of the xfinity race was amazing

just flat out

awesome but the racing itself was very

hit or miss i did actually fall asleep

in the early parts of that race i'm not

gonna lie so

fingers crossed that's a good race now

we have our lone michigan race

which i'm going to be honest with

somebody who's went to michigan on and

off since 2006 it's kind of lost a lot

of its magic

since the repave even if i did love the

first race

with the repave and i understand why it

went down to one race and i understand

why that race is later in the year

michigan has been very very strict on

covet laws

and i don't think nascar really wanted

to take a chance and wanted to see if

they could

get more fans into the place later in

the year

so late august it is nobody saw this one

coming as the regular season finale


will get its date back on the regular

season finale again this year

and as somebody was there i completely


it was awesome again just like talladega

that's all i got

now the playoffs stay mostly the same

because in my opinion in 2020 the

playoffs were very well set up

darlington is going to open up again

then richmond and then the bristol

knight race closes out the first round

i'm going to be real though having gone

to the bristol knight race in 2019 and


in 2020 i really wish that nascar would

condense the schedule

and shorten it up in some way so that

this could be put in the playoffs but

back in the summer again

because it got really really cold by the

end of it

and i really didn't enjoy that

especially with all the wind that was

picked up and made through the event so

i'm really hoping that this isn't

something that lasts a long time in

late to mid-september i really hope they

can move it back to the start of

september or

please god move back to august where it


uh but overall it's bristol can't

complain too much

then second round remains the same las


talladega rovel no need to change what

isn't broken

now the round of eight a little bit of a


texas will be the first race of it which

i guess that's pretty good

texas would be put more than likely on


so i don't see a problem there and then

the last three races the year probably

will be put on nbc

because kansas will then be put as the

third to last race of the year

which doesn't surprise me kansas usually

is on nbc

you might as well build up a lot of that


going into the end of the year then you

got martinsville to

end out the round of eight be sort of

the uh the

it will be the cut off to the round of

four the championship round and it'll be

on halloween

then once again as announced before

november 7th

phoenix will be the finale now there are

a few tracks

and races that are off the schedule one

of dover races was announced to be taken


for nashville then you got the first

michigan race

again it sucks as somebody who has went

to michigan

but i get it it's always going to be a

michigan race it's the motor city you

gotta have it

but i understand the move and then you

got kentucky

um maybe it'll be put back on and i'll

have to regret these words but

i am not a fan of kentucky and then he

got chicagoland now i have went to

chicagoland every year in the infield

from 2007 to 2019 this one hurts

the drag strip across the street from it

more than likely they're saying it's

going to be

having no racing either not a very good

thing to see

city of joliet doesn't really support

the track it doesn't seem like too much


so it might be that

alex bowman's win thrilling win at that

is the final moments in nascar that we

see at chicagoland

uh that kind of sucks and then you got

the indianapolis move that that that one

really shocked me i'll be real

i thought they were going to try and

make everything possible to make the

oval work still but if they're going to

move into the road course and the road

course works

good go for it but overall i am actually

really pleased with this schedule

chicago and being off is the only thing

that i really don't like

maybe maybe having texas is the all-star

race no matter the layout

that might not be the greatest thing but


it's actually a pretty good schedule

they revamped a lot

added new tracks added a lot of variety

stuff that we've been asking for for

years so

i can't really ask for much better

especially under the current contracts

we have

i think the next schedule shake up will

probably be around 2025 when we have a


tv rights deal or maybe it's an online

rights deal who knows

but that's all i really got to say on it

guys so now i want to hear what you have

to say let me know in the comments below

what do you think of the schedule

and what changes in the future would you

like to be made

after you do that hit that like button

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and until next time have a good one