Bass Pro Shops Night Race from Bristol Motor Speedway | NASCAR Cup Series Full Race Replay

let's take a look at tonight's starting

grid brought to you by wendy's up front

it's an old penske

first row brad keselowski who won here

in may also

won last week one of the hottest drivers

right now in the cup series

yeah martin trex jr kevin harvick in row

two down there in row four though denny

hamlin he'll be going to the back with

his teammate of kyle busch and eric

jones you see

down there in row 10. also took him a

few trips to inspection

william byron finally got that win in

daytona he'll roll off in row eight

back a little further you see jtg

doherty racing drivers stenhouse and

greece making up row 11. he's gonna be

crowded at the back bubba wallace jj


we've seen this before though no

practice no qualifying

between inspection and some unapproved

adjustments this is kind of normal four

or five cars going in the back

cars starting to roll off of pit road a

unique pit road here where there's both

pit road or pitch stalls on the front

and back stretch as the cars are rolling

we're gonna ride along with a few of


yeah we got bakersfield california's

kevin harvick with the busch light


there's kevin also high point north


ryan blaney with the advanced auto parts


kyle busch the toyota cam looks great

right now but in just a little bit

he's going to go to the back everything

will look as good

the connecticut driver on the front row

joey logano

the verizon cam

all right so that's going to be a great

view to be able to enjoy

riding along with a few of these drivers

tonight another great view will be

with rutledge wood but i believe you

found the fan zone and

i'm not sure you're probably gonna move

from there are you

ah the bush beers are flowing up here

not for me of course rick but

so amazing to be back here with the fans

and we saw 30 000 fans almost come in

tonight but all week long they've been

getting ready

they've been hitting the tailgates we've

seen the fans come in in big numbers

and they've been really smart really

safe knowing that we need to do the

stuff that we need to do so we can get

back to normal but i'll be honest

the corn was on the grill stuff looked

tasty out there in the campgrounds

but we got to give a big hat tip to smi

marcus smith brute smith

jerry caldwell all the teams that worked

so hard to get these fans back

in here safely grouped together spread

out guys

it feels different it feels like what

bristol is supposed to feel like

i know the fans at home are going to

feel that hopefully the drivers can feel

that sense of the car tonight too rick

thanks rutt and steve i t it up a little


the cars now are on pit road getting pit

road speed but a difficult pit road here

a difficult and a very unique pit road a

place where we have two separate pit

roads a front stretch and a back stretch

and under green flag conditions you only


the straight away in which you pit on so

if you're on the back stretch you just

enter off turn two

exit off turn three so you only run one

straight away

that's important because that final

stage could have green flag pit stops

now under yellow

you enter off turn two you go all the

way basically around the track

regardless of where you're hitting you

have to run all

of pit road and i'm gonna tell you rick

when we say enter off turn two

ah you don't think that makes a big deal

it it just jumps on you if you get

caught on the radio

chit-chatting with your spotter you can

forget to communicate to your driver the


and turn two comes up quick and nascar

warns the drivers in the driver's

meeting that you can't cut

turns three and four under yellow

because you could get caught

for speeding in that area let's go back

to pit road

and dylan well rick alex bowman is

rolling off from the eighth spot tonight

eighth in points coming in 27 above the

cut line spoke to him just before he

jumped in the car said

i'm more nervous playing defense on this

race normally coming into these cutoff


i'm having to make something happen so a

little bit of an interesting perspective

he doesn't like having to worry about

what everybody else is doing

just wants to focus on his race he'll do

that tonight feel like they've got some

speed in the race car

and again he'll roll off eighth tonight

dave dylan the pleasant surprise of the

playoffs so far austin dillon now why

he's been here before three other times

but he's never looked this strong

finishing second at darlington and

fourth at richmond

he's plus 36 at the cut line and

eyeballing the next round of the

playoffs marty

eric almarola is plus seven dave coming

into the cutoff race here in the round

of 16.

he said earlier this week bristol for us

has been feast or famine tonight

i know we'll have the performance in our

car i felt like we had one of the best

cars here in may what we cannot have

lack of execution they had two mistakes

on pit road here in the spring

that cost them they got into a wreck he

said we cannot have mistakes tonight if

we want to advance to the round to 12.


yeah party great point as we were just

watching the 11 get out of line and

start going to the back the 18

doing the same thing as well as the 20

those three joe gibbs racing

cars it took them two times to get

through inspection steve

yeah and i think they're going to be

okay speed wise the big problem is we

talk about the chaos

you know will they be able to work

through the chaos will they be able to

miss other people's mistakes and for

kyle bush

and only plus 18 down there in the ninth

position can he get to that

all-important top ten before the end of

stage one

is going to be interesting now to his

benefit there'll be a competition yellow

around lap 30. so that's going to save


the risk of going a lap down because the

leaders no matter how fast you are

they're coming while you're stuck in


all right let's listen in on the one

radio of curt bush scheduled to start

ninth tonight

appreciate all the hard work guys that's

what it's all about

nice good smooth efforts all the way

through let's give ourselves a chance to

win and we'll try to win it appreciate

it guys

he's the same guy who said he would

wreck his brother if he could have got

to his bumper here at bristol


and drivers have said they'll be

aggressive kyle petty said the recipe

for success

aggression and intellect who will

get the recipe right tonight

the cut off race underway under the

lights at bristol

chase elliott already jumping up on the

outside of martin truax jr

he's gonna make that work

yesterday before the xfinity series race

they put traction compound down

pj one on the track nascar decided they

were not going to reapply that before

tonight's race and so what is down there

was not reapplied it is what was at the

end of the xfinity series race is what

they're experiencing on the track now

three teammates right there the 14 the

10 the 41 all racing for a playoff spot

clip warrior told me earlier today the

pathway to the next round

is beating his teammates if he can do

that he's in great shape

points on the left side of the screen

and you see right now the 18

is one point out of making it into the

round of 12. that's because he had to

start at the back

that many positions lost just because of

failing free race inspection yeah but

he's gonna have to take a deep breath

five laps in at least they kind of got

through the start we've seen early

accidents just

two or three laps into the race we're at

least five in it's mostly single file

now the 18 can kind of take his time

although at this point you see no real

pressure on the cars ahead i mean this

is his view where's he gonna go

teammate side by side


dave all close between danny hamlin the

77 dave

and steve what lane are they running

they're running that high lane that's

not being used by the slower cars adam

stevens the crew chief on the 18 told me

we hope that line comes in early so we

can use it as a passing lane

now get tougher as they move forward but

maybe they're working enough rubber in

right now marty

dave i asked amy hamlin about starting

in the back he said the one advantage we


we've already advanced we don't need

stage points tonight so we can do

opposite of what everybody else does in

terms of hit strategy

and work our way to the front he said i

care about one lap tonight

lap 500 i want to be there and be able

to win hamlin's so

excellent at this racetrack still feels

like he has a shot to win

even from the back tonight


there you hear the end car camera

telling his

team that he's got in the fence a little

bit doesn't look like it's hurting the

car anything

i've got to be a little concerned junior

there was no yellow lettering on that

right front tire i wasn't sure where

that came from

yeah i think he's gonna be okay

maybe on the left front too he's two for

two on the front tires he got squeezed

in the wall there

he'd be fine look up there a lot of

contact between bubba wallace

bubba also went to the back the 32 43

and 15 all went to the back

at the start of the race as well

we'll see this all night long guys lat

traffic will play a factor in this race

leaders are so much faster than these

guys and how they catch them

the timing of when they catch them and

how they manipulate them

and determine who's going to win this

race yeah 12 laps into the race and

starting to lap cars

no practice these guys some of these

cars just not going to be comfortable

not going to be fast

kyle bush right now is nine

seconds behind the race leader brad


but again mired in traffic so a little

bit more difficult for him to get

through well he has committed to the top

of the racetrack

one thing that concerns me about that is

that in the

prior races to this no one's run up

there so that's going to be really hard

on your tires there's no rubber in the

racetrack so

will he damage these tires by running

that top lane this early

his commitment to the top tells him or

tells me that adam stevens and kyle bush

perhaps already discussed what their

plans are for that competition yellow

which they do

that was close to the leaders took my

breath away right there rick a little

pressure being added by harvick now on

keselowski early in this run

you know cars up there getting into each

other in front of leader


so now keselowski will have to wait on

that lap traffic that allows harvick to

close back in on the bumper brandt's

gonna go to the high side here to try to

get on the outside

saw kevin hartley stay on the bottom he

did that because there's no sense in

jumping oh brad's loose

wow loose he was a little sideways here

comes harvick for the lead

and kevin harvick will take it away from

brad keselowski

as they complete lap 18.

kevin harvick leading

it's the last race of the round of 16.











an 11th boyer the farmer out of kansas

trying to keep his playoff hopes alive

well you have kurt bush

the next car currently in only one point

above but you couldn't ask for a better

racetrack a six-time bristol winner jeff

i think he's just biden his time being

patient with what looks like a little

bit of an ill-handling race car oh

stenhouse junior heavy contact on the

front of the 47. and the caution has

come out there was going to be

a competition caution at lap 30.

stenhouse jr was running 16th but didn't

make it to the competition caution and

look at this one

terminal for the 47.

well that's going to be disappointing

for jtg in the 47.

bristol one of those tracks we all you

know stenhouse his name just comes up

you expect him to run

well somewhere inside the top 10 or 15 i

know they had a lot of hopes and

obviously some heavy contact

jimmy johnson

oh jimmy tries to get the inside of the

lap car

he comes down the racetrack and i don't

think that

ricky was ready for that it turned ricky

an inside wall

you see right there ricky thought that

jimmy was going to go up against the

outside wall behind that lap car

wasn't expecting him to be that low on

the racetrack they made contact

i would love to hear that from the spot

or the 48 because

it would appear that the 47 was inside

him but jimmy changed lanes

yeah the um you know ricky ricky does

run really good here

he had a very fast car last week at


had a few mistakes he feels like cost

him a great run i think they were

expecting to have another quick race

race car tonight

this will be the comp yellow guys there

you go rick there's bristol that's how

fast it can happen right there

the amr safety team on the track helping


ricky stenhouse jr there and

we mentioned earlier how fast things

happened it happened just that quick for

ricky stenhouse jr

he looks like he's not ready to end this

race tonight i was gonna say it's like a

there's a debate going on in that helmet

do i go

say something to mr johnson it's been a

frustrating year too

right i mean it's it just adds to what's

going on with this year so frustrating

let's listen to that radio communication

from jimmy johnson's car

inside 47. still there yeah

outside crash behind you

jesus really a huge

so does he think that it was ricky's

fault i it

sounds like it from from that that he

feels like ricky was

not supposed to be there but i don't i

i'm with you

with with you steve i think it's a great

view right here

so you see right here jimmy's trying to

get underneath that lap car

yeah and ricky just wasn't expecting him

to do that was expecting him to go up

and be against the wall that's racing

man that's racing at bristol you know

it's a narrow race track

two guys kind of going for the same spot

navigating their way around lap traffic

we said it earlier that traffic would

play a factor in this race and

already even before the competition

cautioned it played a factor

it looked to me that jimmy johnson

thought it was clear they were going to

go three wide around that lap car

ricky stanhouse jr it was clear to him

they were not and

and the disagreement happened with his

left rear quarter panel and ricky

stenhouse junior's

right front fender so 10 sets of tires

for the cup series these guys uh pretty

much can change

every stop if they want to steve yeah


and i was actually surprised as i

mentioned i was up there last night and

want to

you know wander around pit road i was um

surprised that the heavy wear on the

left side goodyear tires not not

a bad amount i actually think it's good

it makes the driver take care of his


setup will take care of the left side

tires better the reason i bring that up


100 laps that's probably all i'm going

to want to try to run on a set of tires


with 93 laps to go in this stage i think

right here everybody's thinking about

coming to pit road

for at least left sides as crazy as it

sounds perhaps even four tires

all right as we are under a short break

here let's check in with rut

rick it's crazy when you see fans react

to these cars running 15 second

laps and a caution that quick we always

talk about how bristol is a bucket list

for so many people i think all these

fans that made those sacrifices to get

back out here tonight

the graduated entry all those processes

they are loving it it's so loud you feel

every single lap

guys i wish y'all could be down here

with me it is amazing here at bush banks

and beers

yeah i think he was eating something he

had something stuck between his teeth

but a lot of fun and great sight there

to see the fans

you know smattering all the way around

bristol motor speedway

so the official app of nascar it

delivers an

all-new racing experience for the

playoffs you can customize your car and

compete head-to-head against cup series

playoff drivers earn points so

search nascar in your app store and

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playing today

and as soon as pit road is open

we will see teams dive in and as we

mentioned before you all

everyone has to come in under caution at

the same point

dylan kevin harvick is in very first pit

stall off the exit of turn and number


saying that he just needs a little bit

more grip on late exit in the rear of

the race car

for tires and fuel for kevin harvick a

little bit further up pit road his

teammate cole custer

is reporting as well that he is just a

little bit tight from the center of the

corner off wrench in the right rear

chassis adjusted four tires in fuel dave

bottom of the screen you see kyle push

up from the back of the field to 19th

position utilizing that high groove

the car was a little bit free but he

said i like it leave it four goodyear

tires and sunoco fuel he's gonna get

stuck behind daniel suarez and that'll

cost him time marty hey dave kind of the

same story for william byron he said my

car is a little bit too free he's on the

top of your screen

but i like it as the run goes on i think

we're going to be pretty good meanwhile

ryan blaney said the car

started loose i need help in the middle

of the corner with a little bit of turn

he said the first 15 laps were

okay not great matt de benedetto said he

was too

tight but look at that the two tire

stops as steve mentioned

maddie d picks up 11 spots here on pit

road rick

saw that race off pit road brought to

you by pnc bank

couple hit strategies coming into play





getting ready for the restart nascar cup

series playoffs from bristol

telecast presented by wendy's

and now the

choice rule comes into play once again

so de benedetto and tyler reddick

they make the decision to do just two

left side tires

and we'll see how they do

choose rule here never seeing a few more

guys going out high lane now

yeah that hat line is usually where the

control car

goes a lot of potential to spin the


for the inside line so we'll see how

tyler reddick does with

one new tire one used tire on the left


now he can launch that inside line


so we saw the troubles that kyle busch

had on pit road let's listen into the


how they discussed it anybody want to

tell me they couldn't get that worked


sounds like that engine deal paying off

yeah no kids we tried i'll definitely

remind them though

there you go

48 right he gets long in his box jeff i

think he's really talking about the 96 i

was thinking he hoped the 96 would

be a little deeper in his box yeah

closer yeah closer to the wall would

have been better

for the 96 to just get turned and be

closer to the wall that would have

helped kyle bush he was running 19. he

followed up from the back to 19th and

lost six spots through that exchange

yeah he couldn't get much deeper in the

box as far suarez goes

yeah but you could get a little closer

to the left but

you know we got the guys on the right

front changing tires on that 18 you

don't want to run over those guys they

got their ankles and feet and sticking

out there

it's hard getting into it's really

difficult getting in the pit boxes

trying to give the room to the guy

behind you giving yourself room so you

can get out

very difficult to do you know you pick

that box thinking well we're going to

outrun the 96

because before the penalty the 18 was

gonna start well up inside the top ten

he would have just driven into his box

through the 48s box

probably had a nice clean exit even if

the 96 drove in but because of that


they kind of get them behind already all

right the field approaching the geico


zone de benedetto and reddick making up

row one

matt de benedetto coming into this race

feeling like he didn't need a win but he

had to have a stellar race

and right now a little strategy has put

him up front

and just so hard for that inside line to

get going sometimes been a few times

we've seen him match the

match to launch and do a good job

because alaska to the outside the 21

here trying to get on the outside

quarter panels can't quite get there

steve what's a win for this strategy the

two left side tires if they stay within

the top 15 they're still good

well i think he thinks that he'll hold

on better than that uh you know i'm

thinking they're going to want to be in

the top five top seven

uh the real win for this call would be

if you go 30 or 40 more laps and get

another yellow if it goes all 83 to the

end of this stage

it's gonna be a long go on those right

side tires yeah the more

positions he loses i think the more

difficult it gets for him

gets in more and more dirty air even on

this short track

he was running 12th when he hit it so

let's see how this nets him out

where he ends up when they come back

down pit road the next time

he's running 12. so i guess a win is if

he's still better than 12.

see right here kevin harvick he was out

front they pitted

lost a couple spots he lined up behind

the eight car the end car did not get

going on the restart now look how far

back he is

that little bit of an exchange just not

everything going right

he's already back in tenth place and

look what's in front of him this is

what's so difficult about bristol

now you gotta fight your way through all


i will say though jeff this is why i'm a

fan of the choose rule because before i

would say that was bad luck

for harp to start on the inside and now

this was the decision i mean i know it

didn't work for him here i'm not blaming

him but it just wasn't bad luck he

decided to start there on the inside

dylan and steve keep in mind even though

these guys have a win

already in this round advancing them to

round number two they still want to run

well today

just to hit all the lineup metrics and

everything that goes into setting

the lineup for next week in las vegas

also want to build a bit of a build of a

bit of a points buffer with saladaga and

the road course the robo

in the next round don't feel like they

run very well in the road courses so

kevin's going to be aggressive here


even though he's got a win even though

he's locked into the next round they

still want to go out to this win tonight

yeah that's the great thing about

bristol is even the guys are locked in

want to win this race

such a special race with an amazing

trophy great

distinct trophy to give away here they

don't give it away

you have to earn it junior

you guys have done that i grew up in a

house it seemed like they were giving

them away

that's pretty funny right there the

other thing about kevin harvick

he wants to make sure if there's playoff

points out there

he wants to grab him himself he doesn't

want anybody else to get those so i love

this shot right here guys it really

shows you

bristol and how hard it is and what you

have to be good at in order to make

passes this is one of the most difficult

race tracks to pass on

so you what kevin harvick is trying to

do it's kind of break even with him

getting in the corner but from

this point to the exit of the corner

right there

that's where he needs to be faster but

as long as tyler reddick keeps his car

on the bottom of the racetrack

how do you pass and that's why the bump

and run is so popular here because it's

just so

difficult if that guy in front of you is

disciplined so right there he lost the

bottom of the racetrack a little bit

now from harvard that's what he's

looking for do that again and i'm gonna

be there to take advantage of it yeah i

think the other thing that's interesting

is he's

harvick is patient and not trying the

top not trying to build a racetrack i

feel pretty confident that he might be

able to jump to the middle or top of the

racetrack and get on the outside of that

car but

being very patient to do that

he's got no pressure behind him so if he

go up there and it doesn't work he's not

going to lose these

spots steve is it harder on the left

side tires down low here when he's

running right along the line i do think

it's hard on the left side tires between

that and that sticky stuff

i think gains grip on those tires and i

think that's one reason they're wearing


i say that because that's what i saw

last night we'll see if the groove does

move up if the wear gets better that'll

prove the point but

i do believe the bottom is going to be a

little tougher

this is also a good sign guys that put

no left there goes harvick there he goes

trying to top

yeah i figured that was coming sooner


he'll give it a couple corners

figure out whether he can find his feet

up there he's looking for he's got about

10 car lengths behind him to the next


so that really helps him cole custer 10

10 car lengths back so

you know he can breathe a little bit try

to go for his mother didn't know if i

knew where that seven was going

another car that took two tires danny

hanna on the 11 currently 16th marty

and that caution came at a very good

time for denny hamilton and chris


they were absolutely stuck in 31st


couldn't go anywhere and to his word

denny hamlin promised before the race

we're going to do

the opposite of what most all the

leaders do they did that they took on

left side tires on that stop

jumped all the way up to 16th we'll see

where hamlin

can go from here and steve i did check

in with gabe hart about those fenders he


they were fine they didn't have to pull

him away although he did make contact

with the right rear early in the race

well those won't be the only dents i

mean even as fast as this place is these

cars will look like martinsville at the

end it's just

there's no room and you can't lift you

got to push like right there off the


just so close to the 14 very easy to

have contact

right now the 12 o'brien blaney is

running in

the top five but he's had to be

aggressive to get into that top five

take a look at how he made a pass


time to go see right there to ten cars a

little bit slow in the middle and

ryan just a little bit of love back


get him up the racetrack drive under him

but i really know and love

yeah ryan actually called that shot

earlier in the week he told his


what he was going to do this is what he

said i caution those in front of me

i'm not going to be behind very long if

or faster than them so that's uh

i feel like that's what everyone has to

realize and that's just the position

and everyone knows what position the 12

and the 21 are in

yeah i i do think it's important to you

know want to

go back to watch ryan blaney and kyle

petty talked about this and dale jarrett

you'll go back and watch ron blaney how

fast he's been at these this racetrack

in particular but a lot of the finishes

have been rex

have been incidences that may not have

been his fault but it's bristol right so

ryan lady tonight it doesn't matter

about sage points only that matters is

getting a win so you've got to be there

on that 500 you don't want to be too

aggressive too early you don't want to

make too many enemies tonight

at the right time you need to pull that

trigger but when is that right time

don't do it too early get yourself in

trouble and jeff i asked ryan about that

earlier today and he said what i need to

be better at at bristol yes

we've had speed over the years i need to

be better in the last third of the race

i need to tell todd gordon

where the car needs to go i need to do a

better job of telling my crew chief

what we need to do so we can be a

contender in those final 100 laps

that's the key mark for him how good are

we from lap 400

to lap 500 that's the key for ryan

blaney this evening

and quite a bit of traffic here as

everyone fighting to get through

at bristol and it is the last great



tonight's aerial coverage brought to you

by geico

we look down on the world's fastest half

mile you're watching the bass pro shops

night race from bristol motor speedway

and still out front brad keselowski who

was able to get by

matt demendetto in that 21. he hasn't

put a lot of distance between himself

and that number 21 car so matt

debenedetto and

this call a pretty good call so you

would have to say greg irwin did the

right thing here with a two tire stop to

get him up front he's holding on to


it was a great call it was an aggressive


i love the aggression we've talked about

hey you got to win so you got to call

the race like you got to win you can't

just hope it's going to fall in your lap

even if it's wrong all right you reload

try it again

and matty d great restart got in line

and kind of what i call jeff you know

kind of like stop the bleeding right


he knew he wasn't gonna get the lead or

keep the lead but once he got past

he's just driving within the speed of

his race car a couple guys need to stop

the bleep

flynn slid all the way back to 19. cole

custer 23rd

marty hey junior you got to give a call

as we mentioned a moment ago to greg

irwin for making that call

for matt de benedetto and jun you know

steve's made those calls before

they were running 14th when that caution

came out it bolted him to the lead now

he's held on the second so

if they wind up here in the top five

that's a terrific move as chase elliott

gets around

joey logano for the third position for

them to be able to hang in the top five

for matt d

that's nice dave so marty in the spring

race here paul wolf he

didn't have a good finish based on the

late wreck with chase elliott

joey legato speed was quite good he said

the one thing that we didn't like so


about it was our long run speed and we

talked about it this may be

a long run to the end of the stage this

would be a good chance for paul wolf and

joy logano

to evaluate what's going on with their

situation he just lost third

to chase elliot but hanging in there

pretty tough right now

talk about the guys at the front hanging

in there tough one guy that's not

hanging in there at all he's on

full-blown offense and that's the 18 of

kyle busch

he has gained 16 positions since the

restart we showed him get blocked in on

pit road

and i'm going to tell you we didn't know

if the stage was set we didn't know

if the long winless season was going to

get under the skin of kyle busch we

didn't know what was going to happen


but if the other 415 laps or anything

like the first

you know 85 of this race these

competitors are going to have to deal

with kyle busch this car

looks like kyle bishop bristol a place

that he's had so much success

i got kyle winning this race but he is

running that high line and i think

more cars will find that speed up there

and be able to kind of close that gap

in speed once they understand what he's

doing i'm sure the spotters are all

communicating hey the 18 car

fastest car on the track where is he

running uh and they're they're all going

to go up there and find that speed as


and that line that he's running getting

a little darker you can see the rubber

being put down on the racetrack up

where he's running i want to see who is

on the move brought to you by

credit one and of course the biggest



kyle busch currently running in the

ninth spot so he's already up into the


ten started 37th

after their issues with inspection


when you look at teammate denny hamlin

who also had to go to the back he's only


so kyle busch definitely the fastest car

on the track right now dave

and rick this race run is now 49 laps


the beginning wasn't so good for kyle

busch he kind of got boxed in

to the cars around him but boy once he

got going he passed like six or seven

cars in six or seven laps

and has been on a tear all the way up to

ninth position now

keeping an eye on him and that battle

for second on the left

yeah the night car moving up the track

to try to get some momentum off the high


21 is not going to come up the bottom so

that might be

chase his only option to go to the top

here he goes again to the high side

flap traffic could be a problem up there

he's got him on the outside now he's on

the outside quarter panel

great move by chase matt being very

patient there

allowing the pass to happen

and matt has to think big picture

obviously they're

gonna get some points potentially at the

end of this stage which would help him

but in the end he's got to put himself

in position to where he could win this

race yeah but

i think points are going to be enough

guys i mean look at him at minus one i

know we talk about a must win dale jr

but if he goes up here runs top four or

five in this stage

cole custer at minus 21 is back in the

24th position

i think he can do enough work in the

stages to take him out of that must win

position i agree i would just like to

see him be a little more

aggressive you know even in this first

round is the whole body work

to me he's been a little bit too


and the fat that i know from last year

was driving for a job

given everything he had trying to prove

himself and i want to see that guy come

out because i think that

sort of style will get him further

through these rounds

is it fair to say that that he can't you

know you talk about mistakes i think he

has to take some risks and if you make a

steak that's fine sure or you want to

see aggressive

here it is right here kyle bush he is

just mowing through the field

in that top lane just making it happen

and this car right here this four car we

should we were on board earlier

as he was trying to make a pass and just

couldn't make it happen he jumped to the


got by some guys now he's run these

these guys in front of him he's running


he's a lot faster than they are

but now maddie d goes to the top sees

all this coming from behind and sees a

lot of them running that top so now he's

changed his line

yeah considering the tires on that car

on the left side i think that's a good



car working at bottom 18 car is going to

win the stage

kyle able to get up to fourth now

working for third

kozlowski's up front he has something to


as who's going to win this stage should

we go nonstop

new leader at bristol the nine of chase

elliott now

out front was able to get by the two of

brad keselowski so kozlowski drops back

to second

here brancas kuzlaske was laughing ryan


brian newman drives back around the two


kenzalowski struggling here on the long

run yeah it's almost like he's worn out

his left side tires or something the

last couple laps he is just completely

off the pace the penske cars have such

great short run speed especially the

short tracks

like richmond last week and again


even in the xfinity series last night

it's gonna be a hard pass

and you know right now you see kyle

busch flying up here trying to win this

stage well it's in second now

chase elliott he has to clear ryan

newman if not

this 18 car is going to come right up on

him chase has cleared ryan newman now

13 to go before the end of this stage

remember he swept

those stages in the spring here

talking about kyle busch no

because he's about ready to win this

stage starting at the back

that's how impressive this run is well

we all were wondering

when's the defending champ gonna show up

and be himself again he's won one out of

50 races

and now he only won one stage so far

this year

only one stage the entire year he

doesn't even sound like himself does he

jeff like you talk to him he just sounds

i don't want to say defeated

but he sounds confused he sounds just a

little short on the confidence

that made kyle kyle i think that was the

word to confuse even after the xfinity

race in richmond where he didn't you


didn't run horrible but didn't run great

he was like i just can't figure this out

like it talked a lot about the fire

you're just not understanding how it's

supposed to feel dave

but how do you make this guy great the

reigning champion of the series

you give him a challenge he may get mad

and kyle starting at the back

is the way to do that talk to adam

stevens as crew chief after they failed

inspection for the second time he said


he said we'll probably have to give up

one stage one points all together stage


but he said it's not impossible when

you're talking about kyle busch

at bristol it certainly isn't he's good

for nine right now

marty going for a 10. they've rapidly

closing in on the end of stage one

seven to go brad kozlowski led 82 laps

here in the state so the front tires

are absolutely gone on that race car

they also said hey round two

terrifies us the most important race in

the playoffs according to jeremy bollins

next week in las vegas he said i want to

win there and avoid all the chaos at


and the robo dylan marty you see kevin

harvick in the four car just working the

high side

around brad keselowski that'll make his

crew chief rodney childers happy set

feels like we've had silly things that

have relegated us out of the top ten the

last three races here

but every time the racetrack moves to

the top that's where we

shine they gain two tenths of lap in the

spring when they moved up

it's moved up already here comes the

four car

under five to go now and chase elliott

is starting to see that 18 in his mirror

is it enough time can kyle bush get up

there or will it be a win for him to be

in the top two

at the end of stage one after where he


chase caught the lap traffic in a really

good situation right there in turn

three that really helped him create a

little get

under three to go


chase elliott stays down low kyle bush

mired behind the lap traffic

can't get by two to go

what a run it's been though for the 18


here he has a shot trying to get below

the left traffic can't do it maybe a

little contact up there with the race


looked like chase elliott may have had

some contact on this final lap looking

for his

third straight stage win at bristol

jeff you mentioned it he's three in a

row now

unfortunately for maddie d in that 21

car i think those right side tires just

finally slowed down too much he ended up

12th rick outside the points

got somebody also didn't see ryan blaney

he ran as high as fifth in that stage

he fell all the way back to 23rd

to benedetto twelfth and a little bit

further back but it's

chase elliott the winner of stage

oh one really got the best of me





wendy's is adding even more of the spicy

chicken you crave to the

four for four dollar squad with the

addition of our new spicy crispy chicken

sandwich grab it with spicy nugs fries

and a drink

not in here or is it just this deal

wendy's got you

pit crews getting ready and chase

elliott kyle bush

kevin harvick alex bowman and

christopher bell all in the top five

they are making their way onto pit road


dylan and a little further back

couple of our playoff drivers battling

some issues clint boyer

one of those drivers said he feels like

the car is just disconnected it is quite

a handful

for tires fuel air pressure adjustment

planting a left rear chassis adjustment

as well to try and get this car dialed

in and move him up

from inside the top 20. full customer

there the top right of your screen

said that he felt like he was still

tight they've been battling that since

the start of the race dave

saw chase elliot gets more tires they

didn't feel like they wanted to change

much on the nine car

uh at this point so they left it pretty

much the way it was stage one winner

came into the race

28 points for the good those ten points

will help marty william meyer on top of

your screens a little tighter this run

the bottom but absolutely away just

could not get

it to turn down there ryan blaney middle

of your screen man he was four cars away

from going down a lap in 23rd so the car

got extremely tight

from the center of the corner off and

also matt de benedetto said his tires

absolutely shot at the end

they needed a big step according to

matadi two rounds up on the track bar

congratulations to the 18 pit crew they

got kyle busch

off of pit road first ahead of chase






tomorrow sunday night football on nbc

cam newton and the patriots are going to

visit russell wilson and the seahawks

coverage beginning at 7 p.m

eastern with football night in america

sounds so good

and rudlage where have you found yours

wait a minute are you still

in the fan zone oh rick i can't get

enough bush banks and beers you know

what i told you earlier almost 30

000 fans here tonight and there are so

many special fans

one of those i want to mention is

michael palmer you a lot of you'll


seeing him on lunchtime live with

michael tarico and of course

uh jimmy johnson he's a big jimmy

johnson fan well he wanted to bring his

son to the michigan race they weren't

able to have fans there

he is an er nurse in michigan frontline

work well guess what he brought his son

here tonight jimmy johnson helped get

them tickets

he's saying what an incredible time

they've had especially that first run

the excitement we saw there with ricky

stenhouse jr but really special night

for them

big shout out to all those front line

workers keeping us safe out here rick

appreciate that rut and again it was

race off pit road putting kyle busch up

front party

hey rick real quick we saw brad

kozlowski go from the lead back to six

check out the left front tire

off of kazowski's car there is cords

kind of goes all the way around the left

front tire there's more cords

as you spin it around so brad kazowski's

left front tire clearly

very worn out during that run and steve

that's not good it's a try when you pull

that off as a crew chief is it

no not good but uh you know you guys

mentioned it the penske cars

are known for their short run speed

so i'm not surprised that the penske

cars are the hardest on the front tires

we'll see if it gets better it's the

real question you know this type this


normally the wear gets better on the

tires but it didn't seem to last nine

minutes finished series race

so important at the end of stage one top


receiving stage points two non-playoff

drivers a part of the top ten with

christopher bell and bubba wallace

finishing up in the top ten but all the

rest of them

getting stage points and joey logano has

clinched a spot into the round of 12

because of his finish

in stage one and the amount of points

that he has now guaranteed

yeah alex bowman we didn't talk about

him a lot in that stage but

he's got some good speed in that car

christopher bell driving up there like

you said

bubba wallace finch 10th is the top 10

here at bristol

another fast car here tonight see the

field approaching the geico restart zone

the top two off of pit road decided to

take the top lane

good launch for the 18 not so great for

the nine

yeah that's gonna be that's gonna save

the 88

denying got such a poor launch allow him

to get into second place there


interesting kyle bush didn't even think

about running the bottom

everybody else right on the bottom of

the racetrack he'll accomplish lead the

race going where he wants he's in the

middle lane

on that outside chasing after curt bush

in the one

you see the points as they run

and right now clint boyer just outside

of the playoff picture for the round of


nicole custer 21 and 12.

those two struggling didn't get playoff


now in more of a must-win situation than

they were to start the race

chris ravel in that 95 car

ran really well early got stage points

had a bad pit stop lost some of those

spots now

back to work got to get those spots back

trying to go to work on a future

teammate he'll be back with joe gibbs


next year i mentioned earlier when the

11 car brushed the fence that

didn't hurt the body of the car too bad


he hasn't had the speed or been able to

kind of match the speed of the 18 as

they drove through the field

kind of struggling right there to make

time on the guy in front of him

here's brian blaney trying to work his

way back through the pack

now i got some new fresh rubber on the

front of that car so it's going to work

a lot better for him

he's back at 26.

remember he was running as high as fifth

in stage one

moving forward yeah now he's kind of

mired back here

trying to work his way around these guys

one thing junior also is that

you know he we just saw penske car with

damage on a left front tire

you know do you have enough confidence

that you can go run hard early in these

runs and not hurt the tires

yeah i think the i think the bottom

groove is the groove

that does the most damage on that left

front because the transitions here are

kind of funky

you come off the corner and the track

flattens out before the turns

over so you don't the banking isn't

there right watch the banking go away

they're still turned right

so as you're losing the banking it

starts to pick the left front tire and

drag it across the racetrack and grain

that tire off


marty hey junior you guys were

mentioning ryan blaney a moment ago

right on board with them the car way too

tight at the end of that run they fell

all the way back

to 27th now they're up in 25th todd

gordon freaks to ryan blaney

from immediately after the richmond race

was over there's a points pass for us

through to the next round but in order

to do that they needed 15 stage points

tonight so getting none

in stage one that means there is now one

path for ryan blaney they know it now

they must win tonight and the aggression

will pick up for blaney

if he wants to make it to the next round

dylan hey marty we talked at the start

of the broadcast about alex bowman and


he didn't like to play defense the best

way to play off this is just drive up

there and

charge through the field and run up

front that's exactly what they've done

here chief ray guys told me earlier

today that they want to build on the

momentum of the last four weeks they've

had top tens in every single race

this track isn't a great track for them

but it's all about base hits today just

running solid

not doing anything flashy they're doing

that right now as alex runs inside the

top five

steve early on in this stage 26 laps

into it

of 125 lap stage we really haven't

talked about fuel

we talked mostly about tires fuel

shouldn't be an issue

but these guys are probably going to be

a little worried about 125 laps on one

set of tires

yeah you could go about 150 laps on fuel

so as you pointed out fuel's not an


tires though we saw the chords in the

left front of brad keselowski but that

was about a 90 lap run

this as you pointed out would be 125

laps unfortunately

drivers i'm not sure you could take care

of tires here dale jr

i won't deny you were making me cringe

as you were talking about the left front

drag up out of the corner

i felt like i was that left front tire

you gave me a great picture of the

rubber just

coming off that tire under these

conditions well i think if you are

having tire issues

you know you would try to convince

yourself or your driver to run the top

he can make time up there run up there

because that might improve

the transition that's where that

transition is bad the top roof

has a much more general natural

transition into the corner

where the banking stays with you further

around the track

so i would tell you know my drivers can

make time on the high side early in the

run do it

only use that bottom when you really

really had to

dylan we see kurt bush up to the fifth

spot now is he happy with his car

in the performance he is now he wasn't

at the start they were super super free

but they came down that last stop at the

end of stage one made an air pressure


car has come to life bert said he's

really good on the top was tight on the

bottom but that air pressure adjustment

has brought the car to life on the

bottom as well matt mccall talked about

how much of an opportunity race this was

for them

well they didn't need it necessarily to

advance to the next round of the


the optimism was very high kurt

obviously loves this racetrack

that's infectious amongst the team they

were all really excited to get here

and see what kurt can do they're having

a really really strong run so far he

fell back and he is carving his way

through his field now

as he's up to bed running in the top

five chasing after

his brother kyle busch who is up front

has about a six tech six tenth of a

second lead

over the field his telecast presented by



nascar drive that's your live race day

companion you can follow your favorite

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in-car cameras just visit

driver you can download the mobile app


let's ride along and see what joey

logano had to look at there

here's blaney with the advanced auto

parts on board

and we're seeing a lot of cars would it

be diamonding this track running up high

and then having that straight run off or

just running the high line

yeah right now oh lady really loose on

the exit of the corner right there

now back to the bottom of the racetrack

as this track starts to

change and the top starts to get really

good many times

you can run in the corner like this and

then turn and leave

really low corner exit then that kind of

goes away and you have to exit

on the top right now the track's just

going through a big transition and


is trying to figure out where to put

their cars and it's going to change all


yeah some guys their cars will will feel

very good in that

dark area where the rubber has been laid

out on the track and some guys

cars will be tight or loose on top of

that rubber so you have to kind of

cross it straddle it run under it

and as it goes on you'll see cars even

higher on corner exit and you'll try to

get as close as you can to the wall

on corner exit and then if you know

there's a little bitty groove there

where all that debris and tire rubber


built up you get into that you get that

on your tires you hit the wall so

that'll continue to move up the

racetrack i'm sure

yeah there's a it's a it's a funny funny

thing that the higher you go there's

there's a little more speed but there is


there is a point where you can get into

those marbles and get in the fence but


right next to those marbles is the

fastest way around the track

so it's so such a tease to try to get to

that point

and uh all these guys at one point or

another are going to

try to get the marbles on those right

side tires and fences it's almost like

there's a little

hole in the wall if that makes any sense

so right on the exit of the corners

the wall almost goes to the right a

little bit and intends you to go up

there but that's where all that debris

gets built up

hadn't quite got there yet but it's

heading there laney running in the 21st


right now he's got austin dillon right

in front of him

they are a long ways away from kyle

busch dave


leading the race rick that guy that

started at the back yes that guy that's

trying to keep a 15-year

win streak alive and he's doing it with

adam stevens his crew chief recently

kyle talked about

the notebook that they have together i

imagine it's a laptop these days

but just the experience that they have

together when they face at first


like they did today failing inspections

starting at the back but knowing each

other and knowing this racetrack

and knowing what the other needs on the

night adams needs lots of information

kyle gives it

kyle needs adam to make sure that

information is well utilized

and so far they have good adjustments on

the 18 marty hey dave brad kazowski led

the first 82 laps of the race tonight

steve you were here at bristol last

night what did you talk about with the


and how hard it is to communicate well

on the pit stop for jeremy bullins and

brad katowski

they went the wrong way on the track bar

last time so brad

has not been relayed that information

yet but has his hands full inside the


that's what happened communications so

difficult at a loud race track like


and sometimes mistakes on pit road can

be made

we talk about execution i think this is

the hardest track to execute pit stops


spotter adjustments communication

everything gets tested

everything happens in a louder

environment with more pace

and you just can't take anything for

granted this is the one track where we

actually got the whiteboard back out

forget intercoms and radios burton

we would write it on a sticky note or a

whiteboard make sure

that you actually read it seen it nod

make sure you know that you and i are on

the same page when i talk to my picker

i'm glad i didn't have to do all that

when i was driving i wouldn't want to

have known that

i thought y'all had a great means of

communication down there

it's hard to beat a sticky note kevin

harvick running in the third

spot right now and you could score the

ultimate prize built for the ultimate


in and out for a chance to win a

customized ford mustang

gt plus you can get five bonus entries


use the code bump and run which will be

used tonight a few times

get started at ford playoffs


we talked about the different lines the

guys can run

one the unique line that i've always

noticed about kevin harvick when he runs

the top

on the bottom right here but when he

runs the top you mentioned

jeff how you you know most drivers like

to open up or get wider on entry get

closer to the wall

when harvard runs the top he kind of

chops that entry

like almost a car length and goes in way


than everybody else and up to the top of

the track in the center

right there and then turns i do not know

how he drives that line and gets the car

to rotate

typically when you drive in lower deeper

and straighter

he said i might have a tire coming apart

then one lap later that the

vibration is getting very bad and then

the next lap he said

i cannot do it anymore coming to pit

road for maddie d

who came in below the cut line knowing

they needed to win

they are going to lose a ton of time

here now you can recover from the stakes

at bristol

with hitting under green like this

they're going to lose a ton of lap speed

had to come down pit road said he felt

like he had a tire coming apart from

that divinity

now the big concern for the 21 first of

all is how far behind they're going to


let's take a look we're here with some

contact with his teammate well

kind of teammate in the 12 of blaney

pretty light contact i don't think that

would be any damn the exhaust pipe right

there though got into maybe the left


maybe i don't know uh we'll have to see

if the tires come off if he really has a

flat tire that's your biggest concern

this place is tough on equipment we

talked about the speeds the loads the


all of that gets transferred through the

car so we'll see if it really was a flat


or if there's other issues with the 21

we're gonna have to wait and see when

the tires come off the car and the

crew get his chance to look at him

there you go so where that has him right


is the problem when you have a problem

in bristol

it is it takes you forever to go down

pit road while everybody's just flying

around you

they're going around there at 16 second

laps and you come down pit road

and you lose three laps that's where


is right now three laps five pit road

speed is 30 miles per hour

so you mentioned a 16 second lap and you

have to go 30

on pit road marty

it was indeed the right rear that was

loose for matt to benedetto craig irwin

told me this morning

we've had three mistakes on pit road the

last three weeks

we cannot afford that tonight and here

it is in stage two matty d

having a mistake on pit road right rear

loose for that 21.

can't make mistakes and a loose wheel

for the 21 of matt devendetto might keep

him out of the round

of 12. the last time that kyle bush

won a race was when he won the


at miami it's been that long could the


in tonight at bristol








tomorrow it's the final round of the

120th u.s open coverage

on nbc begins at noon eastern morning

action will be available on peacock at 8


and golf channel has it at 10 a.m

big round today for matthew wolf five

under par

he is the leader bryson de chambeau at

three under

don't take it personal rick noon on do

not disturb

don't call don't text don't email well

something wolf making just his second

major start and right now he's leading

the u.s open

i want you to see if the pressure built

the no fans i think is affecting some of

those players but

the final round of the open the

pressure's going to have to be got an

interesting situation right here where

matt definitely is

now only two laps down i think three

down your

your your night's over but with it with

two down i think he can get

get those back the 41 here is fighting

to stay on the lead lap

after a pretty much a disastrous

race up to this point colt custer

fighting for his playoff

future here oh a little bump there as

kyle busch said it's time for me to get

by because the nine of

chase elliott was getting very big in

his mirror yeah the nine to four

get chase thread the needle through

there yep here comes harvick as well

nicole custer giving everything he can

does not want to go that down

obviously lap down hoping now the

caution will come out before kyle busch

gets another guy a lap down

that high line is the line of choice

tonight as we see kyle busch running


elliot runs there harvick runs there

and again cole custer has fallen back


to the 24th position dylan

they've just been battling a super super

tight condition all evening long and

mike shipley talked about the importance

of the early part of this race and

not getting behind so they didn't have

to go into desperation mode

that's part of what you saw there i

think was him not wanting to go another

lap down

trying to put the block on the race

leader and it almost ended in

an even worse outcome than what it could

have been so

desperation starting to set in for these

guys they know they've got to do

something miraculous

if they want to advance to the round of

12. and ryan priest

got by cole custer that puts ryan priest

the first car lap down now

it's a bad situation for a rookie driver

cole custer rookie

being put in that desperation situation


normally not a good recipe interesting

to see the 18 car made all this time

got to the front of this field running

the high side now working the bottom of

this racetrack here

in this stage and that truex is right in

front of the 18 and 2x is

in danger going to lap down right here

yeah i'm hearing the 19 as a vibration

they're not sure if it's a

tire or a wheel but definitely an issue

on the 19 let's listen in


there you go the 19 peels off the bank

he comes to pit road he'll only have to

run one straight away but as you pointed

out jeff

two probably three laps will be lost by

martin 2x junior a car that came in

feeling okay about the points dave this

is going to be nerve-wracking

no wins in 19 tries for mark turek jr at

this track

something always seems to go wrong even

though his star track program

has picked up so much in recent times

doesn't look like it's going to happen

here again tonight but we'll see

four fresh goodyear tires they'll send

him on his way

talk about the banking of bristol rick

you know when you

you could tighten four lug nuts even

five luggage if you try to tighten all

five one sometimes doesn't get all the

way pulled up as we have a good battle

here for a second

some tracks not a lot of load a flat

track like martinsville they can survive

but here on the banking

those wheels will come loose we've seen

it before we've seen it before tonight

and potentially seeing it right there

with the 19

and the four using that bottom line gets

to the inside fighting for that second

spot yeah that was so smart

saw the lap car head of the 66 lap car

hit oh big

damage on the 11 car here a lot of

damage for denny hamlin

wow he has run into something seriously

denny hamlin maybe didn't know that mark

tricks junior was coming to pit road

and may have gotten into the back of the


i'm impressed you can see over that hood

that's a great point steve

it's definitely in his vision a little

bit she wondered

obviously when we think about a short

track we don't we think aerodynamics

don't matter but they do matter

that is gonna hurt that race car in the

way it drives

he had enough points he's advancing to

the round of 12.

no matter the outcome of tonight's race

i'm in a precarious position because i

got the 19 and the 11 in my fantasy


i don't know what to do at this point

perhaps if they fight

do i get extra points well looking at

the rear bumper the 19

i think we know where the front bumper

of the 11 made contact

and so jgr cars getting together and


some damage for the 11 of denny hamlin

let's listen in to

mark trex junior's radio 19's got a

little damage on the right side as well

and right there oh yeah i think you were

mentioning like it was coming to pit

road i think it was after they had

pitted rick because the right side tires

on the 19 have the goodyear missing

so i think he came to pit road got four

tires because of his issue

got back on the racetrack looking at

that replay van dale jr

he goes up makes contact with the wall

must jump out of the gas i assume

because he hits the wall the left runs

into it

nowhere to go for denny hamlin

you heard him you heard himself has no

idea what happened it just wouldn't turn

it's like he's on the splitter with

those new tires low air pressure

take another look here sorry is coming

out of the corner and he's expecting

that car to turn and just got really


like you said junior maybe just low air

pressure and

on the splitter it wouldn't turn

seems to really hurt to speed on that 11

car all right you talk about the

splitter look really close to the left


splitter sparks once sparks twice and

then right here

the right front's off the ground but the

left front looks like it was dragging

the ground

you see right there i think way back


all the way into the corner i saw two or

three sparks dale i think you were

dead on right it seems like it hit the

racetrack probably not a lot of room on


dave and just eyeballing the wheels that

came off of the 19. the right rear

did have those oblong holes that are

noticeable once it gets to shaking and


oh rick these are the days i'm so

thankful that we're in the tv booth and

not on a pit box

pull my hair out oh that's it right

there you see the holes that used to be

round this one right here is the worst

that's probably the easiest one to check

used to be a nice clean circle

now it has a lot it's an oval yeah

not good all the racetracks good all the

wheels bad

kyle busch still up front only 22 to go

at stage two


coming into tonight's race william byron

was three points below the cut line

and now involved in an accident he was

running 10th

this could be it for william byron look

at this the steam rolling out from

underneath the hood

a lot of damage to the front martin rick

they're done

they're done for the night it got the

radiator william byron also said i have

no oil pressure

so william byron came in hoping to be

able to advance

and did everything he needed to do in

this race he was the only bubble guy

who earned stage points in stage one was

running temp

and he said someone in the middle of the

track just stopped

and that's when william byron made

contact and going by me well you can

smell the oil

pouring from that 24 car listening to

the 24 radio

i don't know why just stopped in the

middle of the street

will come off of the pit box

it was a big season for william byron

got his first career win

in the cup series made his way into the


but this isn't the way they envisioned

the 2020 season as far as the playoffs

go ending


racing for your your life advance to the

playoffs and

have a chance to win the championship


now it's over yeah looks like there's

some heavy damage to the back of the 95


it might have been the car he ran into

a lot of damage stacked back there

christopher bell

you guys said it earlier though these

cars are going to end up looking like


it's short track racing

we've seen the 11 get into the back of

the 19 now the 24 potentially got into

the back of the 95

loose wheels

see a lot of hustle around this car we

have to ask nascar but in my mind he was

the cause of the yellow

he's on the dvp he's going to the garage

so in my mind his

his night should be over we'll confirm

that with nascar

yeah if you're the cause of the caution

you're immediately on the clock but then

if you go to the garage to work on it

that means you're done


and pit stops taking place here with

just 14

to go in the stage

dylan clint boyer still struggling with

the balance of that race car

said it started off tight early then

just built loose as the run went on

four tires in fuel for clint boyer dave

leader kyle busch comes in he said it

was a good on the fire off

but then it got a little bit on top of

the track needs more grip they made an

adjustment for that bottom of your


chase elliot wanted a track bar

adjustment couldn't quite

roll strongly enough into the center and

make the car turn so

into the turn security is what he's

really looking for marty ryan blaney top

of your screen

still fighting tight and this time just

three cars from going

down a lap for ryan blaney they've been

still struggling with that race car

eric almorollo emilio screen said i need

help everywhere

too light too loose and i needed to turn

meanwhile the 11 car didn't say really

much about the damage and you don't see

much damage repair

going on for getting your tires to niddy

hamlin who stays in assault now they're

going to do the damage repair

on the 11 rick holding position kyle


kevin harvick let you know how they'll

line up when we come back





back in bristol motor speedway nice

telecast presented by

wendy's marty you've got a guy with you

that did not want to be out of the car

this early

absolute heartbreak for william byron

who will not advance to the round of 12.

he's out of the car

they're trying to uh assess exactly all

the damage on the 24 car but it is

going to end his evening what happened

william on the track everything was


fine and then what happened yeah i don't

the i think the 51 car was like a black

and and green car

checked up in the middle of the

straightaway and we were as fast as we

were running the top i was right

um behind the 95 and i had no literally

nowhere to go you can't stop in the

middle of the straightaway

when everybody's so committed to the top

like that so just

just ridiculous that that's what takes

us out but

i mean i thought honestly we had a shot

to run top

five or seven carver's really really

good we just needed a couple good pit

stops and

we're running probably ninth or tenth

there and just super disappointing i


i don't really i gotta go back and watch

that because that was kind of ridiculous

such a heartbreaking way to end the

season for william byron are in the

playoff run for william byron who will

be out here early at bristol

yeah unfortunate uh the driver of the 51

that's joey gaines behind the wheel the

27 year old from cedar rapids iowa

he mentioned he was behind the 95. we

saw the damage on the back of the 95.

and it doesn't look like a lot of damage

on the back of the 51 so i think with

the 51

checking up maybe he did get into the

back of the 95 because the 95 had to

check up

as well because there's most of the

damage you see there but

you know a lot of work has already been

done to that the two of brad keselowski

got the free pass so he got back

on to the lead lap and getting ready for

the restart

the 18 and four once again chosen that

high line

another great launch for kyle busch

kevin harvick a better restart there

al is just unbelievable on those


look at the click the cappy aria's


harvick able to clear legato and now

chase elliot working on legano for that

third spot

did not hit that time so he stayed out

which actually got him one of those laps


just keep an eye on him this night's not

over fight continues

jeff the fight continues for the 21 and

that issue for byron is

a little bit of life for everyone else

because with him out of the race now you

kind of know the bogey of where he's

going to end up in points

we get just seven to go in stage two

i'll add to that issue with fire and you

know we don't have that many cars out of

the race so

even you look at the points right you

take someone like the 10 or the 14 to 41

you know if anybody has an issue they're

going to lose a ton of points because

there's so many cars still on the track

let's look at the tent eric almarola

alvarola currently 11th in the point

standings plus 29

over the cut line

behind him is boyer running seventh and


trying to get some stage points right

here boyer said he has to beat his

teammate so there's one up right in

front of you

he's got a good eye on

there's one and two they've separated


coming up on two to go

kyle busch finished second in stage one


chase elliot and now with two to go he's

trying to hold off kevin harvick he's

got about three car links on him

steve so many tires in the pitch

even though this is only about a ten lap

run are we going to see him come back

onto pit road at the end we see a

caution coming out though

the six has an issue

so the caution comes out this will

probably end stage

two i think at this point rick you asked

about the tires before the yellow came


with that few elapsed i think people are

gonna stay out to keep their track

position i mean they were up to 24 cars

in the lead lap

jeff we're gonna have to get the word

from nascar maddie d stayed out and he

might have worked himself into the free

pass position

we'll wait to see where that's awarded

rick but if that's the case huge

couldn't be a better turn of events for

the 21 car

yeah huge for the 21 car mp is in which

right now according to our scoring

monitor he's in the position for the

free pass

take a look at what happened with the

six of ryan newman

sideways through the turn

doesn't look like he makes any contact

on the outside and sure enough

the free pass does go to matt de

benedetto he'll be back on the lead lap



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and by toyota

want to take a look at the toyota driver

updates and what a night it has already

been for kyle busch

after they failed

pre-race inspection twice that means he

went to the back of the field for his

starting position

was able to race up to second at the end

of stage one and

now has won stage two

start of the night 18 points above the

cut-off line

but i don't think it was so much

advancing into the round of 12

but maybe finding that momentum that

they had lost

well he told us rick we asked him on the

zoom talk about playoffs he almost

interrupted us and said

i just want to win it doesn't matter

yeah just want to win a race which was

so surprising

and he made the comment he said and we

heard it earlier from dave

he's invested 15 years into this streak

he's won a race

for 15 straight years he said hey you're

16. i don't want that to end

dylan back half of the lead lap cars

coming in here is cole custer still

battling that tight condition looks like

a little hiccup on the right front

they're going to try to make a chassis

adjustment as well to free him up before

tires and fuel the struggles continues


brad keselowski and his his team they're

going to make their way to their front

stretch pistol

very first one here on the front side

and they finally got the track bar

in the right position for keslowski who

was much better obviously

that run with the car fixed the way it

should be for goodyear tires here

they're going to continue with a chassis


he said i have to start so loose but i

have to do that because of

how tight it gets at the end of the run

meanwhile denny hamlin also came down

pit road

they made some damage repairs on the 11

car they came down early

i think they're going to come down one

more time and trying to fix all that


on the hood of the 11.

kyle busch out front at bristol

telecast presented by wendy's



join us after the race for the nascar

america post race show the question is

who will we be talking about

because so far we've seen a little bit

of everything you see denny halen's crew


on that damage on the number 11. stage

points we talked about it dale kyle the

start of our pre-race show

here is who has earned them tonight kyle

the other kyle kyle busch has been on a

mission but

what are you looking for in stage three

yeah i have no idea uh i i look at this

and and i looked at the stage points

they're gone the guys

that needed them most didn't really get

them uh but we really

are treated to a double header tonight

there's a kyle busch race and there's

everybody else racing will that continue


in stage three that's going to be the

interesting thing for me to see if kyle

can keep up this pace

yeah i think the other thing is to look

at is can these guys make some

adjustments on these race cars to get


in a position to take advantage of an


a late race opportunity that might take

a chance of staying out or just getting

two tires or something like that to give

them an opportunity to win

and move on into the round of 12. so a

lot to be determined here yet but kyle

busch is definitely the man to beat

well we know joey logano chase elliott

they have locked in on points tonight

someone's going to have a moment that's

what sports is all about it's just


it'll be kyle busch possibly ryan blaney

matt de benedetto he is still

in the mix the fans are loving it right

rut what's going on where you are

they sure are crystal we're seeing some

cool pictures of fans in a tweet like

emmitt spicer he and his buddy

are way up top here they're watching

tonight but steve latar you notice how

many people are bundled up in hoodies

and stuff around them

from a crew chief side is this something

where you reach for the spring notes

because it's usually a little colder


or does temperature not affect as much

what you got to do tonight

you know that's something i've been

asking myself with the cooler


is that why the bottom has lasted longer

than it has

i think you have a good point maybe

these guys are going back to the spring

when it's a little bit

cooler this night race normally run in

the middle of the summer

well we mentioned the 21 of de benedetto

getting his lap back

uh being the free pass but he's sped on

pit road so now he's going to start at

the back of the field

david martin truax was told the

situation which wouldn't be as dire if

he wasn't running

28th right now listen if somebody


from the bottom

let's do the best go forward from where

you are that's a long ways back there


that's some great information though you

know a lot of creatures don't give that

much detail

to help the driver understand the job

i'm not gonna let that hurt my feelings

i i think he was actually looking at you

when he said it that's why i'm looking

at you i was looking for you to agree

with me it's funny the more

you are right you looked at steve the

further steve looked away yeah like he


talking about that right you're talking

about it what me

legato will be on the inside the 22.

kyle bush on the outside of the 18. and

the final stage is underway

harvey got a much better launch that


now with drivers locking themselves in

clint boyer 24 points 26 points above

the cut line

cole custer we know william byron's out

the 12 and the 21.

they are in must-win situations they've

got to get up front

if they want to advance into the round

of 12.

one car we just haven't talked about

much tonight but heck of a heck of a

round is that three carve off some dylan

a couple cars behind him right you know

the first two races were good enough

actually more than good enough they were

really really good for the three cars

where he's plus 53 riding around here

thinking oh i feel that i'm out of all

the drama i just want to get out of


good for the three justin alexander

austin dillon just a great

great first round through the rcr car

yeah i think coming into this race

people were wondering whether they were

for real uh

you know was the last two races i know

they were great races but

man can they keep it up it looks like

they got the pace tonight again

but it was really quiet for a while

there he's back up in the top 10 now

and he said the car just gets tight over

the lawn or doesn't three up until the


long run so they wanted to free up a

little bit more at the start of the run

justin alexander the crew chief made

adjustment last time they were down pit

road for that

what's interesting about that team is

they're up in buckle north carolina kind

of a satellite team in terms of

most of the other teams centered around

mooresville north carolina charlotte

area concord here harrisburg

see ryan blaney getting by the 14 and

clint warrior look

over there on the points so the 10 of

admiral is 11.

boyer's 14. 26 points they're good no

problem right

well that car that just passed him ryan

blaney if he goes up there and was

able to win this race that would bump

one of those two guys out so they have

been around each other

all night long and it looks like they're

safe right now but they have to assume

that ryan blaney or matt benedetto is

going to win this race and it could be a


between one point between those two cars


and jeff look who has come to life ryan


who has struggled with a tight race car

all evening long finally in a position

where the car is much

better running in seventh and for the

last five laps or so is he right on

board with laney

he's been one of the five fastest cars

on the racetrack so blaney

knows his only path into the round of

12. he's got to figure out a way up to

the front

and figure out a way to beat kyle busch

tonight which no one's been able to

figure that out dylan

and marty talking about clint boyer he's

on the bubble

tied right now with his teammate cole

custer boyer sits 12th in points

listen to what he and the team we're

discussing on the radio just a few laps

ago about their point situation

21 or 40 or the 12 with a win obviously

the biggest thing they wanted to do

tonight as this 14 team was just having

no drama night

needed some stage points as well they

got some at the end of stage two

running as high as they've been all

night they cannot afford to lose

any positions on the racetrack because

they are again tied

with their teammate to make it to the

round of 12. i spoke to clint boyer

earlier today and i asked him you know

how do you feel going into this race

and he said man i feel great he said

here's the deal it's a short track

you have to attack every corner anyway

you have to go and be aggressive you're

going to be successful so that's what i

that's what i'm going to do i'm going to

race like that

and i thought that was an interesting

point like you just go and race this

race and don't worry about the boys and

treat it like a short track

here comes chase elliott once again in

the nine

as he's running the tire tracks of joey


chase to the top of the racetrack


gonna get a run here flat car on the


he's got momentum down to get the inside

of this 22 here and one and two

i think that bottom groove is really

nice in one and two better than in three

and four

down here would be tough to make this

pass on the bottom of 22

he's gonna stay out there

in the fight for the third spot here

you wouldn't think about looking at the

racetrack but the corners are different

i've always felt like that jeff that

turn one and two is a little bit more of

a tighter radius

yeah no question i think one or two is a

much tighter radius he see

elliot making that pass

it doesn't look like it when you look at

it from the sky but it's just

they feel completely different it's

always looser getting into turn three

than it was into turn one

look at how chase elliott now checks out

on legano

yeah chase got good speed here

marty what's happening with the 21. well

rick i think it bears repeating what a

20 lap swing as we watch kevin harvick

go for the lead

against kyle busch rick running that

high line harvick with momentum

he'll take the lead away from the 18.

interesting kyle busch had been running

that high line that's how he got up


and now he goes to the bottom and he

gets passed by the four

using the high line early in the race


we were talking about the four of kevin

harvick how he didn't want to run the

top he was running the bottom being very

patient but now

goes right up there takes the lead away

let's get back to you marty

hey guys as we were saying about matt de

benedetta what a 20-lap

swing greg owen makes a call we're gonna

take the wave around

and then 20 laps later they catch the

caution and they happen to get the free


and here was the conversation after all

that went down

we got uh that was a good situation

there man we're in this together man

you gonna stand with me yeah it's


now maddie d back in 24th they had the

speeding penalty so he had to start tail

into the field

and he's moving his way back up so the

night not over steve if you're the crew

chief you're greg irwin

you're preaching that all night long hey

we're still in the game let's go get


yeah you you got to keep the momentum

you got to keep spirits up the concern

for the 21 is

you know even though they have got back

in the lead lab as we see a little stack

up here

three wide it's become clear with their

lack of stage points rick that it's

gonna need to be victory lane for the 21

to move on in the playoffs

marty mentioned earlier how ryan blaney

was talking about they need to get to


and then that aggression starts they've

got to work to the front to see if they

can win

matt de benedetto he's a deeper hole

as he's running 24th right now blaney's

running in the sixth position both of


in a must-win situation another guy

that's basically in a must-win situation

at this point cole custer's got big


to the front of that car huge hole in

the front end that's definitely not

helping the turn on that car taking a

lot of front grip away

he'd like to forget so far it's been a

tough night for quite a few

kevin harvick though is out front

25 laps led and continuing to add to

that number as he's just in front of

kyle busch






chevrolet wants to thank jimmy johnson

for driving chevy's throughout his

unforgettable career

tweet a tribute to one of the greatest

of all time by using

jimmy tribute and you could play a

special part in sending the 48 off

in style marty what's going on with the

two of brad

fallon back to the field said he's lost

power steering you do not want to have

that here in bristol

boy he can barely keep it on the

racetrack jeff i don't know how much

longer he can go

but i know it's not long here bristol no

power steering

that's not an easy game marty last night

opinski car yeah austin cedric who's

leading the race and he lost power steer

and he hung in there way longer

than i thought he could but another

power steering issue for pennsy car


and look at this for the lead the 18

made a run on the high side

now the four boxed in behind the slower



you see who's that four car kevin

harvick's trying to put a lap down to

it's not going to be easy to laugh kev

denny hamlin

18 following down to the bottom of the

track again

another playoff car we're hearing a

little bit of trouble out of the 88 alex

bowman's but talking about a vibration

sounds like they may be coming to pit


yeah they're here guys the the reports

the last couple after this

that vibration was getting worse and

worse so not sure if it was a loose

wheel or what the problem was but

they couldn't hang on to it any longer

so alex brought it down pit road they're

going to change four tires to be safe

and send him back


another loose wheel steve it's the third

one we've seen tonight have to pit on

the green

so harvick has put hamlin down a lap now

the 18

trying to stay in pace with the four

jeff we talk a lot about the cut races

because they're kind of the crescendo of

the round right that's where everything


but your performance in the first two

races can dictate the pressure in that

third race

i say that because the 88 off alex

bowman loose wheel that would have been

a pressure spot currently though still

40 points above feeling good about it

next week the next round starts at las

vegas and if you think this is a crazy


how about the rovel and talladega to

finish out a round i think

las vegas other than phoenix the

championship race las vegas next week

could be the most pressure-packed

race we see in the playoffs


see kevin harvick well he's coming up on

all this lap cars

we talked about it when this race

started how lap cars would impact the

evening we've seen it already

a couple incidents is on track the

timing when you catch these guys how you

get around them how quickly you get

around them

so important there's that 21 car guys

they've done a nice job getting

themselves back on the lead lap but

it might not be long-lived right now


the last car on the lead lap and here

comes harvick

as we take a look at the xfinity's

fastest lap

kyle bush has turned the fastest but

take a look at when

these fast laps have been turned about

262 left 265 and left 267 getting cooler


in bristol nascar is going to post

the two car for not meeting minimum

speed so brad's gonna have to come down

pit road

what can they do i mean i wonder if

there's a way for him to fix the power

steering issues

allow him to get back out there and

compete i think it all depends on what

it is you know we hadn't seen any fluids

so i don't think it's a leak or

or a hose loose maybe the through yeah

maybe the belt did come off

here comes the 18. look at the inside of

the four

the fight is on and right now matt

demenedeto in the 21 fighting to stay on

the lead lap

you see that right there kevin harvick

got into the corner really easy

made sure he didn't miss the bottom kyle

bush drove it in deep almost got to the

back of him you see the

two car trying to figure out what's

going on


guys the team obviously knew that this

was going to happen so for the last five

minutes or so since brad said that

they've been preparing as if they could

fix it so

they brought a belt over pit road and

they're kind of trying to figure out

exactly right now

you guys are over talking and they're

telling them take it to the truck


they've already advanced for the round

of twelve so brad karkoski

with the win last week attention boy

that loons pretty big right now doesn't

it guys

at the locked in spot in the round of


and again to benedetto fighting for his

playoff life

but the laps continue to wind down

and in a position where he's got a win

and the guys who are leading the race

right now are about to put him a lot


guys used to race years ago

without power steer the power stand

would go out they could finish the races

back in you know the 80s well those cars

had different geometry different

specifically more specifically more


caster settings because they set those

cars up to run without power steering

power steering came into the late

cave into the sport in the early 80s and

the geo settings in the cars were

pretty much the same for many years so

if the power steering

did go out you could continue but today

with these cars

they do not turn at all without power

steering you physically cannot turn the

steer wheel


you will not be able to go out there and

compete at a reasonable pace

specifically at this race track it's

probably the worst one to lose the power


one of the hardest hits i ever took i

was making a mock qualifying run at

texas and i lost power steering off a

turn two

wide open and i just couldn't turn the

car and i hit the wall

and i'm telling you i still don't

remember part of that but

it it just you could not turn the car

dylan what do you have on the 88 car

yeah jeff we saw him obviously come down

pit road unscheduled for what he thought

was a vibration

for a loose wheel the crew checked all

of the wheels and said that they were

all tight they didn't have

the uh the holes widened like we saw


with one of the reports here so they

said all the wheels were tight

but it may be something else so we'll

just keep an eye on bowman and see if

there's any sort of vibration that


but it was not a loose wheel so maybe

something else but better to be safe

than sorry for sure and come down and


make sure they're all snug if you watch

these cars go through tech a lot of

these teams will run these big giant

metal wheels uh as they push cars

through tech and that's why because

the car is so hard to steer without the

engine running in the power steering


hate that as a crew chief when your

driver comes down because of vibration

and you can't confirm

with damage on a wheel we'll have to

check on that's a good report from dylan

another car reporting a vibration the

one of kurt bush

they're even having a chat about perhaps


the vibration getting so bad for kurt

bush he's running 11th right now steve


difficult obviously to come to pit road

in that situation but

you don't want to have bigger issues

later on in this race

kevin harvick out front of kyle bush as

we go nascar nonstop


tonight's aerial coverage brought to you

by geico

we look down on the one who came to pitt


watching the bass pro shops night race


last great coliseum bristol motor


and guys right now fighting to stay in

the playoffs

like eric alvarola who currently is 11th

28 point cushion

over the cut line and he's really done


almost silently he's stayed up here he's

been running

in the top 15 and currently eric


holding on to a tent position and he's

trying to do what he has to do to

advance to that round of 12.

you know kurt bush we just saw him pit

the right front wheel was loose on the

one of kurt bush

currently 19 points still above and as

long as the 41

doesn't find some speed or a way to

repair the damage kurt is still looking

pretty good at the moment

well cole custer that's that's the deal

you just had an opportunity

opened up for you have to find a way to

take advantage of was kurt's problem

now you're only 19 points back where do

you go find those 19 points how do you

make something happen

in a rookie season for cole custer i

know he's disappointed right now but

he's done a nice job

in the most difficult year to be a

rookie with no practice no

opportunity to get better except for

during race day a good solid year for it

for cole even if he doesn't advance in

the next round of the playoffs ryan

blaney in the 12 in a must win situation

has rebounded in this race started up in

the top ten

worked really well early in the race

what fell out for that top 10 with big

time tire wear issues on the left front

fell all the way to 26 and he's working

his way back into the top 10 but now

struggling again on this long run

losing the handle on the front of his

car look at left right tire got a lot of


in it pushing again and hoping for a

caution to be able to come over here and

get some new rubber

yeah junior for a while it looked like

ryan blaney was in a terrific spot up in

the sixth position

but again they're struggling with the

car getting too tight at the end of

these runs blaney came on the radio a

moment ago

so guys we're getting better we're in

the game but we've got to fix this


with the car tightening up at the end of

the run and that's what todd gordon

challenged ryan blamey with this week

you got to help me in those last hundred

laps to know what to do the car blaney

terrific with his feedback tonight we'll

see if it'll be enough

he was sixth a few laps ago's falling

back tonight some of the guys

that came down and got new tires and

last caution had

gotten around blaine but he's struggling

right here with tim carr

very camarolo trying to get around him

and look at

i noticed when he was showing laney's

car from outside those brake loaders

were glowing

really really brightly it's not unusual

for brake rotors to glow on short tracks

but normally not a place like bristol

look at that look how hot those front

brakes are and

you're not on the brakes if you're loose

yeah so

and that and all that heat is being

transferred into those front tires which

is that car

ambarola his rotors are glowing as well

it could just be a wear issue

we the early run that you mentioned

junior was 97 laps or currently 84 on

this green flag run

he has 95 laps on his tires so it's the

same issue perhaps from earlier

that the 12 is figuring out dylan well

steve had you reported for the one of

kurt bush he was the right front that

was loose

on that race car so kurt didn't make the

right choice coming down there and

changing that

obviously frustrated the team is but i

think more frustrated that

it felt like it took them out of

contention because they

felt like they had a really really

strong race-winning car

tonight so they're still okay so to

speak on the playoff level 19 points

ahead of cool customer but i think the

bigger disappointment is they felt like

they could win tonight and now

they sit three laps down hey dylan catch

your breath because we want to go

through the field brought to you by

credit one and

we're going to start with your driver

who's running up front

kevin harvick and like we talked about

earlier rick even though these guys are

locked into the next round

they still want to bank some playoff

points because of the unpredictability

of what round two brings so they're

doing that right now

they've gotten to the race lead if they

can hold on and win that's seven more

playoff points

that'll just add that much more of a

buffer to their points position

in round two dave kyle busch's 18 car

right now needs a little bit of an

adjustment it was a little bit tight

there to start the run

you saw kevin harvick get by for the

lead now he's broken the corner down

at the 50 mark plus 1 8

for adam stevens if you can get me

better there i can

rip the bottom like i was earlier third

place goes to chase elliott right now

came into the night not having earned

any playoff points

since he started the round of 16 but he

earned one tonight with a stage win

and the points he has accumulated have

locked him into the round of 12.

chase can breathe easy if that's ever

possible at bristol dylan

dave one of the beneficiaries of kurt

bush's bad luck is quinn foyer he's

moved up to the 10th spot

in points right now runs fourth on the

racetrack they've battled the handling

of this race car but

felt like throughout the course of this

year the two races we've run here

they've really hit on something with the

balance and proved that overall

that's showing right now clint's been

chomping away at it and runs strongly in

the fourth spot marty

hey dylan all the playoff attention for

rcr has been on austin dillon but now up

tyler reddick right now

running in the fifth position very

strong he told me before the race even

though i won here

in xfinity this is one racetrack where i

just never feel like i got the handle on


we'll see what happens tonight well

we're seeing what's happening tyler


a terrific run up in fifth day joey

lagano good speed here in may

good speed here tonight but it may not

be the winning hand

harvey's had a pair of threes to start

the round of 16

and those finishes have been good enough

to give them a nice points cushion

throughout the night here he said being

on the cut line at bristol is stressful

and i'm glad i'm not there jimmy johnson

not in the playoffs but having a decent


after recovering from early contact with

ricky stenhouse jr

also the car falling off of the jack and

a bit of an adventure tonight but jimmy

hanging strong in the top ten dylan eric

jones having a nice quiet run inside the

top fantasy runs in the eighth spot you

see him there

chris scale as crew chief talked about

how much of a struggle these 750

horsepower low downforce tracks have


this is not one of those they've had

this racetrack circled as an opportunity

all season long really want to try to

capitalize on that marty

144 to go and here's the first pitter in

stage three ryan delaney

coming to pit road obviously knowing

they're in this must win scenario

car extremely tight for laney we had

just talked a moment ago

about how they were losing all of these

spots they made a big swing at it todd


gordon going with two rounds of wedge

trying to free up that 12th car

we'll see how all this cycles out steve

when do you think the rest of the

leaders would be coming to pit road here

oh i wouldn't come for at least another

20 laps or so i think the 12 is forced

to come

dale jr you called it just like it

happened in the first stage

the left front tire is gone on that 12th

car jeff you talked about the brakes

apparently our turns fine on new tires

as he about spins out off the corner but

you talked about the brakes glowing

trying to get that car to turn

and i think that's put him in a

predicament where they just have to come


the 22 of joe logano his teammate also

has lost some pace you have to wonder if

another penske car will be coming to

pitt road soon

great job on through the field guys 11

cars on the lead lap chris for bell the

last car

on that lead lap kevin harvick

blistering pace here to go nascar



go inside the headset with access to

nascar scanner

only 499 during the playoffs you can

listen in on pit strategy spotter


log into the app to use on mobile

devices visit

scanner as we see the pit stop taking

place here

crystal this telecast presented by

wendy's dave

rick joey logano couldn't take it any

longer remember that earlier run

of 97 laps the tires that came off the


the fronts were according to the driver

shot and when uh viewed visually yes

all the wear marks on the tread were

gone you couldn't see him anymore

so i assume that's what it is this time

for joey just had enough

of those front tires marty and dave you

have to credit his teammate ryan blaney

for knowing his situation

they came down under green a moment ago

they certainly hope it stays straight


but the left front that came off of

laney's car was down to the fabric you

can see

right there that fabric you can see

where it is

playing with it there and uh that that's

not good steve when the tire gets

that bad isn't it no they got all the

use out of that one and this is

something we saw earlier in the day it's

a setup issue

and i've said it i don't blame goodyear

for this we we want tires that you have

to manage

that can wear out everyone isn't having

this issue i think everyone has high


but obviously is where is the worst

something that they're going to have to

try to

keep in mind with 125 laps to go we've

either got aggressive

left front static static camber or a lot

of camber gain in that tire

with green flag pit stops happening

steve let's remind everyone

under green they can come on their side

of the pit road

only half of pit road if you're on the

front stretch just put on the front

stretch back stretch just on the back

search i say that

because it's important for these

spotters and crew chiefs to remind their

drivers multiple times they have been

under green

for 116 laps at 16 second laps

just that's unnatural make sure you know

my old buddy jeff gordon i've seen him

do it one of the best ever to run at

bristol it's an easy mistake to make

you don't go to bristol with a mindset

of hitting on the green

you know so you don't even it doesn't

even get into your prep mode where you

start thinking about that this is where

the spotter the crew chief they have to

help the driver here they have to remind

him the rules

the only place that we do this so you

have to have some help as a driver

and at the bigger tracks rick like las

vegas perhaps when you see one car pit

everybody picks

darlington richmond one car pits

everybody pits well here the cars that

have pitted are

three and two laps down you lose so much

time the risk of pitting

is higher than the reward of new tires

let's listen into the 18 he's running in

the second position

so remember if we do need to do a green

flag pit stop we're just coming down our

pit lane only

off with two there you go

so steve not only is it where you pit is

where is the end of pit road speed

right i've seen drivers go all the way

around the apron

right rather than getting to the end of

europe look at the damage right there

well yeah newman got a little bit closer

and just pulled some of the sheet metal


so when you get to the end of your side

of the pit road at the end of that

there's a line that's where your pit

road speed stops you don't have to go

all the way around on the apron slow

drivers forget that as well

nine cars on the lead lap austin dillon

the last car

on the lead lap he's 16 seconds behind

and right now

laps being run at 16.4 seconds

only a matter of time before kevin

harvick catches up with austin dillon to

put him a lap down as we see clint boyer

trying to work around

the 43 of the wallace that boyer having

a solid night

exactly the kind of night he needed

there you they

really improved the handling car

remember we were talking about how

he was unhappy with the car how was


and usually that that's pretty much the

end of the night for clint boyer usually

that doesn't get better

for this team but they've improved

and he's he's got a great top five run

going run 14th

his future uncertain at stuart haas


so clint boyer as we heard with chase


yesterday in the xfinity series race he

said every race is an audition for him

this is clint boyer's line right here


every time we go to bristol when we see

clint running well

cars up by the wall scraping the wall

clipboard or left sides

on the bottom that's where he wants to

be dylan

that is exactly right jeff that's what

they've been trying to get him all night

is comfortable down there on the bottom

they seem like they've finally gotten

there just a little bit tight

is the latest report before he comes in

to make his pit stop

keep in mind too though this has been a

good couple weeks with these guys

although 10th was not satisfactory for

them last week

remember they didn't have their crew

chief johnny klosmeier because of a lug

nut violation at darlington so they were

just happy to get out of there

with a tent but felt like coming here

they were going to be much better

and they have been this is up to where

they expected to be running

inside the top five and they're

delivering so far

coming up on now 100 laps 111

laps to go rutledge i'm guessing the

fans are up on their feet

watching this as it's getting pretty hot

up front

we sure are rick and it's easy to see

lots of little mini battles that keep

sort of breaking out through the field


the question i'm wondering is the

recruits even the driver how many more

cautions are you thinking might come

with people's

anger getting higher and higher on the

track well i think if you look at the


a lot of cautions early a lot of green

flag running and a lot of cautions at

the end it just takes one caution

drivers to bunch up the field get them

close to one another in the restarts and

that seems to breed more yellows with

109 to go i expect to see some yellows

before the end of this race

yeah with so much on the line everybody

having to push push the button trying to

make something happen if we do get that

one caution

watch out you know you've got a couple

guys in the top ten that

aren't playoff contenders you know tyler

reddick jimmy johnson eric jones that

would love to win tonight

jimmy on his way out retiring at the end

of the season

eric jones looking for work

a young guy just trying to

make some things happen

a couple wins in the xfinity series for

tyler reddick couple championships

running with rcr now

harvick kyle busch chase elliott one two

three in bristol as we go nascar





the tracker 800 sx does it all with an

impressive towing

and payload capacity it makes the hard

jobs look easy

plus an engine that's quietest in its

class available now at bass pro shops

and cabela's

kevin harvick trying to put eric jones a

lap down eric won't be driving for joe

gibbs racing

in 2021 so looking for a ride

and marty looks like denny hamlin's on

pit road

97 to go this is the first of the rest

of the leaders coming down pit road

hamlin running in 14th but down the lap

they did fix all of that damage fitted

three times under

the last caution you get that damage fit

but they have lost a ton of downforce

from that 11-car game

jimmy johnson on putting out now the 48

will go to work there getting his four

fresh tires and fuel gave up a top 10

position there

see if he can rotate back toward that by

the end of the night

chase elliot coming to pit road as well

chase was running up front i believe in

the third position there he is now

getting to his pits pretty well uh

pretty good handling balance wise

tonight for chase he'll just get his

four fresh tires

and fuel here and hope he doesn't catch

a caution at the wrong time dylan

right there the 53 into the wall

kevin hartwick the leader was right

there in that vicinity i don't know if

he got

any damage or not yeah he was headed to

pit road three car

just wrecked us he was hitting the three

cars tried to shove it in

when the four was pitted and wrecked you

53 driven by james davison the 34 year

old out of australia

oh rick get your notepad out his first


at bristol and you see the damage to the

back of the car

and obviously they thought

they had a little help he's underneath

the car here

yeah you see austin the looks like the

smoke comes

as he was hitting the brakes hard the

four was coming to pit road it looks

like so

this is gonna be a good break for the

four yeah that's what happened so austin

was trying to slow down big time to keep

from getting into the back of the four


lost control and got up in the side of

james davidson

there's a lot happening right there i

can't really put the blame on anybody

austin's lucky though to come out of

there with less damage

our scoring monitor shows six cars on

the lead lap

harvick kyle busch clint boyer tyler


eric almarola and eric jones were shown

on the lead lap listen into the four

radio here

all right here stay low stay low stay


reckon reckon stay out stay out down

down job timmy

tim feeble his spotter yeah that that

that good job timmy was from kevin

harvick him saying stay out stay out

stay out

kevin was right at that point in the

racetrack where you have to commit

and his spotter saying

stay out stay out stay out that let

kevin know that it was going on behind

him stay on the racetrack

there's an orange box here as well when

you enter pit road you had to have all

four tires

inside of that orange box to be

committed to pit road and

when you hear your spotter say stay out

stay out stay out

he obviously didn't commit to pit road

and was able to stay out on the

racetrack there's that orange box

now like we see it at short tracks

before a caution

in the middle of a pit cycle is

definitely going to jumble up the

running order let's take a look at kevin

harvey you mentioned that orange box if

he turns left he's onto the apron you

see the brake rotors glowing trying to

get slowed down the wreck happens to his


and kevin harvick wisely oh he misses it

by a long way

just turns back to the right nelson


as long as nascar doesn't consider him

involved in the accident shouldn't

get the free pass

i think he's in the accident well we'll

see what nascar has to say

yeah if you pick out that you're part of

bringing out the caution you're not

eligible for the free pass so

hypothetically rick if you're racing to

make the playoffs back in about the 2011

range and you spin somebody out at


in the free pass position you are not

going to get your lap back is that fair

dale junior

they just took it away from us there was

a silence

at the other cars just told nascar's

just let the three car know that they

are now

not the free pass nascar has changed

their mind they were involved so there

should be no free pass

they don't go to the next car which is

unfortunate because the next car is

maddie d

in eighth and he would love to get the

free pass no give it to me get me back

because rick there are seven cars in the

lead lap actually six cars

and normally we talk about oh wave

around this that none of that applies

everybody's gonna have to pit to get

fuel so there are literally going to be

unless someone gambles i shouldn't say

it can't apply i don't know how you

could stay out with 150 laps of fuel

being burned

there's only going to be six cars on the

lead lap of this race when it resumes

going to work on the 41 of cole custer

chase elliot was on pit road at lap 405.

just the fifth caution of the day from

bristol so

quite a few less than what we had seen

here earlier this year

dylan guys could you see cole custer

coming down just a couple laps down

already so they wanted to get a head


on fixing that damage race leaders

coming in as well

kevin harvick is in his pit box has been

very quiet

about the balance of the race car all

night long just four goodyear tires

sunoco fuel for him a little further up

pit road clint boyer will be in his


as well he's got the 98 explodes his

guys but they fitted the 98 xfinity

series car last night

to a race win just a little bit tight at

the balance of the 14. dave

kyle bush gets up second place he told

his crew chief adam stevens whatever you

did air pressure wise to tighten up the


please take it back out they'll make

that adjustment and send him on his way

party hey i know you'll be shocked by

this but tyler reddick wants to run the

top of the racetrack he said i'm too

tight to run the top two loose on the


we need to be on the top of the track so

they're going to try and free up that

eight car for tyler reddick who's having

an outstanding evening

in the fourth position meanwhile eric

almarola doing everything he needs to do

right now

should dance easily to the round of 12.

he's at the back end just dancing a

little bit but the front end

is pushing as well so i'm not sure what

to tell you they come in

running fifth almarola looks like he's

going to move on to the next round

if he holds where he is guys

coming off the pit road and almarola

looking to advance

harvick trying to hold on to the lead

here at bristol



make sure to tune in to sirius xm it's

nbc sports on series 6-m that's nascar


channel 90. wednesday morning at 9 a.m

eastern kelly stavis is going to join

the morning drive

lots to talk about from here at bristol

taking a look at tonight's ram trucks

built to serve

all right guys know your situation avoid

problems and can

kyle snap his streak

break it down for us guys well i'm gonna

go and know your situation because it's

so important

with these playoffs on the line to

understand exactly what you need to


in these last 80 some laps do not try

harder than you need to

but there's some guys gonna have to go

make something happen yeah just don't

have any problems i mean that's easy to

say but

a lot of guys have created some issues

for themselves loose wheels on pit road

uh you know this track has a lot of load

in the corner and it's shaking these

wheels loose these guys got to take a

little more time

with those pick guns making sure they

got those lugs secure but a lot of

things happen as well speed penalties

running in the back of other cars on the


you just can't take yourself out of this

well kyle busch currently running second

told us

that a win would be more important than

the playoffs he wants to continue that

winning streak into its 16th season

he's currently second in rick with only

six cars on the lead lap i think that

frees kyle buschoff

to not worry so much about points i

think he can be aggressive

to go after and chase that win but

behind him boy or reddick almarola jones

man that's five or four other drivers

that also would love to get a win

very hungry maybe none more hungry than

kyle busch

although eight wins already at this

racetrack he knows how to

get up front run rick i got a great

picture from albert john i think he

might be from memphis take a look at


but he said heart pounding when he feels

those cars grow across the start finish

line chest is pounding we are about to

see that in such a big way here at

bristol rick

just pounding a real american hero there

behind him

here man


and lining up it's going to be harvick

and the 18 will also be on that outside

line again let's listen into harvick's


that was 156 laps man we ain't done that

in a while here

tires look good no cords anywhere used

up pretty good but no cords

so we're here in rodney childers there

and rodney childers we talked to him a

couple weeks ago

and it was surprising he mentioned they

have to prove themselves

and here's a team that has eight wins

already and they have had incredible


but ronnie childers still thinks every

race they've got to go out and prove


it's the right attitude because i can

promise you everybody on that racetrack

is trying to take it

away from you you have to bring it every

week every day

you have to keep the intensity

exceptionally high

lights are out on the truck he'll pull

off onto pit road

field in the hands of harvick once again

82 laps to go from bristol

and the jumps the leaders get

just incredible tonight i recall them

being that big but pretty much every

restart the leader has been comfortably

in the lead by term one

two guys behind me with nothing to lose

they're not in the playoffs

only here for one thing one thing only

that's the win to race

clint needs to understand their

situation not just his own

they're willing to take gambles and they

don't really care about you

they're here to serve themselves as we

see eric jones get by

jones to third boyer to fourth reddick

running top five

jones was just about to go lap down when

that caution came out he bounced the car

off the ball

twice out front leader trying to stay on

the left here he is

listening straight away behind him in

third place it's just interesting right

we talked so much about the playoffs but

in nascar the other guys continue

to get to race rick eric jones has got

to feel just a little

you know a little torn he's not going to

be back at joker's racing

don't know what he's going to be doing

next year well the best audition in the

world would be going to victory lane

we don't know if he already has a deal

signed but winning fixes a lot of things

dylan well i think all you guys know

this and understand

what a moral dilemma it is or what a

battle it is internally

when you're in the situation he's in

because as much as you try to block it

from your mind it's always going to be


and it's been really difficult for both

eric and chris gale because they both

don't really know what the future holds

for them so

they try really really hard to separate

it and keep their team together but

said the best medicine for that is just

to have a good run and like we said they

felt like this was going to be a place

where they could do that they're very

focused on getting a win before the

season's out

and in a great position to do that right

now as they run third

eric jones running third and we've

mentioned that

his career is in jeopardy they don't

know what they're going to be doing

well kyle busch talked about drivers

just like eric jones and what they might


here at this race track maybe desperate


in these positions you know it is a

playoff race it's it's going to come

down to crunch time it is a

you know an elimination race as you put

it so there's going to be

guys doing some desperate things making

some desperate moves uh if they're on

the outside looking in if they don't

have a good darlington

or a good richmond um you know they


winning you're in that's always the

sediments so uh you gotta be careful of

everybody's agendas when you get down

towards the end of these races

he's well aware of what people are

willing to do

and right now a little bit looser of


can he get by him for the lead 18 super

quick right now

has a lot of speed we just don't know

how hard harvick is pushing he may be


trying to save those tires for this long

run to be finished

and kevin's still right there on the

bottom of the racetrack kyle busch

trying to make the top work i think if

kevin kevin knows he has a little bit

more in the pocket

i'm moving up the racetrack i think he's

actually just kind of rolling that

bottom very

quiet very easily see what happened

right there when kyle went to the bottom

kevin was able to gain a little bit of

ground on him and one and two

interesting kyle can drive in the corner

a little bit deeper than kevin can and

still run the bottom but then kevin


the corner leaves the exits a little

better than kyle's able to




18 had just a moment ago now seems to be

going away

he's searching up and down the racetrack

trying to find that advantage back

trying to get that speed back in his car

bottom top looking around finding grip

kevin harvick out there just committed

to that bottom

taking it easy coming up on this lap

traffic so that changes their line as


we all know how bad kyle busch wants to


steve you talked about early in the race


winning is as important to him

as advancing through these playoffs but

even if he doesn't win this race a huge

night for those guys to lead as many

laps running the front

we've not seen that from kyle bush this

year that often

so can this give them some momentum

moving further into the playoffs

can they use that to get a little better

and then find themselves to phoenix

never count this team out

never count this driver out but they won

the championship last year a lot of us

didn't think there's any way

they could do it man that 18. i'm gonna

do the top

more on the bottom only the top this

time on the bottom i mean he is

frantically like trying to find that


will not let this four car drive away i

think he knows if he can just keep him

this close when you get into traffic

anything can happen

with 63 laps to go they will reach


and heavy traffic if he continues on the

green i think something else guys you


think about this i mean this run has

been 20 laps these two cars have put

over two seconds to third place

that's how fast they are now the 18

right on the back bumper

oh harvey to the top barbie goes up kyle

tries to cut down

so this let's see if that four car had

anything in his pocket he moves to the

top of the racetrack


he knows that's going to make it hard

for that 18 to get him on the bottom

harley has his hands full yes it is not

easy for him right now

but that's protection when you go to the

top you're like i

i got a car putting the pressure on me

i'll go to the top and and the hardest

place for him to get around me is going

to be on the bottom

maybe i can find more speed my car

look at him sliding around up there and

the fourth bar on the on the exit of

both corners

you really see the back of the car

sliding around a lot

and now a pretty good gap between the

four and the 18 as harvick

has put about two car lengths between

the two

he ran that top a little bit took the

line away from 18 now back to the bottom

and he ran that bottom he gained some


on kyle bush that makes you want to keep

trying to do it

so that's what you're seeing is like

the bottom kind of being the preferred

line at one and two it's a little

tighter radius a little more grip

a little quicker turn down there and

then running the top down here

rick another thing that this caution has

done we keep continuing to follow

harvick and kyle bush

jones in third tyler radek and fourth

having a great run but

even cards one lap down inside the top

ten chris busher and ryan priest and the

thing about the year that they've had

this would be a nice run if ryan priest

could get it to the finish inside the

top ten

i say that because the action up front

is gonna stay pretty heated

we'll see how it goes with 56 to go

pusher moving back over to rausch fenway


increased with jpg dougherty

as we're watching kevin harvick i love

this shot where we can see

him working as hard as he's working and

we can see the glare is not on the

helmet you can see his eyes how

every time as soon as he gets on the

straight he looks up he's where the 18

is and

that's engaged did i have a good corner

does that work

am i gaining ground on him but that you

always learn it as a driver

every single corner you may do something

a little different in an effort to get

it a little bit better

and you're gauging that off of the

ground that you've made or lost on the

car behind you

watching the hands too not a lot of

movement back to the right

entering the corner of the car is it too

loose isn't it very

uncomfortable and coming off the corner

he moves hands a little bit but he's

got a pretty comfortable race car

obviously leading this race he's got a

fast car but

down the bottom just being more patient

on that throttle looking up checking the

mirror to clear that

lap car get back to the top where he

wants to be look at all those lap cars

in front of him

he sees that knowing that he's got

accomplished behind him

he's gotta be able to pick his way

through these guys as quickly as

possible as efficiently as possible

without letting heart with that left

kyle get

an opportunity to to get around this is

kyle's chance

you talked about it steve kyle waiting

on this lap traffic this is his chance

he sees it

just need to be close enough right you

mentioned harvick's gonna have the

pressure as the leader to make the right


but if he does make the wrong choice

it's not going to be a huge window right

kevin harvick's a pro at this

kyle has to be within touch you know has

to be a couple car lengths back

up the racetrack harvick goes kyle busch

stays down to the bottom

a lot of traffic in front of them some

of kyle busch running the bottom right


is learning what he needs to do on the

bottom meaning if

the four car gets blocked on that top

what what does the bottom do how does it

feel how do i drive my car

some of that's just learning and

preparation when he does catch these


you see a couple of those guys up there

ryan blaney

austin dillon older tires trying to stay

just one lap down trying to go by bubba


on the high line he does it one and two

staying about the same distance apart as

we go nascar nonstop

38 laps left nascar cup series playoffs

from bristol to telecast presented by


new leader in the 18 of kyle busch

it was lap traffic you guys called it

bush was able to get by the four of

kevin harvick when harvey got caught

behind reid sorensen in the 77.


now can kyle bush pick his way through


and keep kevin harvick off of him

here's how the change for the lead


both guys on the top of the racetrack

behind this 42 car 12

88 or 18 goes to the bottom look at that

77 resourcing up there on the outside

18 is going to kind of box him in

reed lifts pretty hard for the turn one

park has no choice he's gonna win three

bottoms that's

three two with the four just two down


harvey still there though the lap

traffic not gonna get easier for the 18.

and now side by side for the lead

legano slowing down the 18.

again can kevin harvey clear the 22

right here that's the whole battle

can you get by the 22 he wasn't able to

do it

and again the 22 slows the 18 down

kevin harwick's hoping legato slips just

a little bit right there so close

man legato is nervous too he's got the

you've got the 18 behind him right on

his bumper sees nothing but windshield

when he looks in the mirror

it's like i don't want to be here yo go

around me

marvik back to the lead

that's incredible how that traffic wow

look at joey

surprise 18 didn't give it to him there

back in the lead for harvard man that's

got to be frustrating for kyle bush

pulling away as well now

does kyle bush have anything left 30

laps to go at bristol

harvick looking for his ninth win of


kyle busch looking for his first win of


there'll be more lap traffic up here for

the four car to contend with

and they both know that's the game right

now bro they both

lost the lead in lap traffic so now they

have to

understand that that's where the

opportunity is

what do you do differently so denny

hamlin's the next car

that'll be a challenge for the leader

they've had a lot of

they've had a lot of good chemistry and

camaraderie between the four and 11

between their two amazing seasons but

all that's out the window now

dylan jr one of the things that kevin

harvick and rodney schilders both have

tried to

balance today is that mixture of being

too aggressive and too cautious even


they're in a fine position from playoff

standings they do obviously still want

this win but don't want to put


in a bad spot to tear up a car or

jeopardize anything so

it's been interesting and it will be

interesting to watch harvard continue to

try and go through this lap traffic

how hard will he push because dave we

know the guy behind him is going to push

awfully awfully hard dylan he's had to

be aggressive all night long starting at

the back has kyle busch trying to

stay in a 15-year added to 16 winning


in his life it's been a surprise this

year that he hasn't won all season long

and adam stephens told me in may

they were just a little bit off trying

to make it a little bit better he'll see

if he has enough for harvick here

the car just pulls right over yeah is

that a classy move by denny hamlin

knowing that the race is

if you're uh kevin harvick you love it

oh car on the fence up here

in front of the leaders the 95 down at

the bottom crystal rail hard on the wall

he's got a flat tire

no caution yet as he's slow trying to

get off of the race

track they stay green

23 to go he's going to make it to pit


is killed guys be ready and these two

continue to battle

harvard maintains the lead laughing

daniel suarez

kyle bush not giving him a chance to

breathe that's what kyle's got to do

he's got to keep that pressure on

knowing all this loud traffic's coming

there is lap traffic but not a lot

21 laps to go here it comes


i think these guys might

give a lot of weight to the leaders john

hunter nemechek

going low allowing harvard to have his

preferred line

harvick's probably on the radio or his

spotter tim feeder was on the roof whoa

sideways was the board of harvard wow

that shows you how hard harvick's having

to push

to stay in front of kyle bush spotters

are trying to direct these black guys

out of their preferred line they badly

want to keep that top

harvard's hoping that mcdowell is going

to move low

and allow him to stay up here under 20

laps to go

four more drivers have locked themselves

in the 18-3 the 88 and the 19

all will advance to the round of 12 only

three spots still up for grabs and

harvick is pushing that car to the limit

right up against the marbles this entire

run that four

car has been a handful on corner exit

gal closed again off of two

there's nothing left he's getting

everything he can get

little hole in your nose that's what

probably makes you tight

i don't want to hear that right yeah

don't tell me that oh

don't how are you doing yeah don't give

me any excuse don't give me anything

all right it's perfect 16 to go kyle

busch he's got close enough we could

continue to talk about what would blaney

do what would matty d

do what will kyle bush do i know he's

the defending champ i know he's won a

lot of races

but he has been vocal that a win is what

he is looking for

more than points more than the playoffs

dale jr would you move him

well how many times have we seen the

four card use that same

bump and run on this 18. you know i mean

last couple of years they've been in a

few good battles

coming down the wind and it seems like

harvest the one you know moving kyle up

out of the way so

i think kyle owes him one new answer

yeah comes

i think there's a lot of respect between

these two drivers but

you know carter's having to run that


kyle bush has never gone this far into a

season without getting the win

so he's hungry so that's it the 34 is he

going to give the buck

the top almost wasn't sure about that

he does but a good run by the 18 again

eric jones only 1.2 seconds back i think

that's a little out of touch to run him


but we saw it at darlington a couple

weeks ago rick if they get together eric

jones will be there

yes if these guys get even racing a

little bit

eric jones will be there understanding

the tenths of a second separating the

top two

you can see eric back there in the back

of the screen so

you're eric you got to stay on that

radio if you're a screw chief

18 to the bottom here i was a little

faster than kevin right now

does can he find a way around the bottom

can he find

an opportunity for kevin to get blocked

behind a slower car kevin's gonna have

to go to the bottom of the racetrack

right here

he's gonna clear this car no gonna have

to stay on the bottom that's an

advantage to kyle kyle

trying to jump on the outside couldn't

get back into the gas quick enough

that's what kyle's wanting he's just won

that opportunity to get on the outside

of kevin if he ever can get there

or get to his bumper there's that too

gray golden up here

on the outside line will he have oh he

gets out of the way

smart move for great he did get out of

the way but that was a really good run

off the bottom for

kyle busch coming up with seven laps to


kyle almost to the fence right there


see right here is where i think kyle

bush is better than harvick

they get into pretty close to the same

they rotate the middle but right here

and on the corner exit

that's where kyle's car is better guys a

lot of traffic in front of kevin and

kyle here

got to his door wasn't able to pin him


watch the run 18 gets right here on this


wasn't able to gain as much ground as i

thought he could

harvick back to the bottom

coming up on four laps to go four more

times around

can he get to the bumper

13 car todd dillon's gonna stay low off

of four

harvick loves to see it

under three to go clear sailing now in

front of harvick

can kyle get there though will harvest



two to go


kevin harvick kyle's closing in trying

to be perfect

great exit for carving one more here one

final lap

oh this lap car gonna slow harvick up a

little bit

final time coming through three and four

harvick's gonna hold him off harvick

wins again

wow what a race kevin harvick just ran

yeah yeah

great job what a car sorry i knocked

that hole in it though man what a race


nine wins in 2020 for kevin harvick

ain't nothing like winning at this place

especially with all those fans in the


and this place


a second place finish for kyle bush

doesn't accomplish what he wants to

he needs a win to keep that streak alive

i said a second place finish would lead

to a bunch of laps and contending for

the win would be good for this team i

don't think kyle sees it that way

yeah i don't know if he had a chance to

to get aggressive or physical with the

four car getting into three that lap

guard slowed harvard up quite a bit


interesting to hear what he has to say

but you can tell how special

bristol motor speedway is this guy's won


this guy's had an amazing career look

how important this win is to him

not only that but

you see this back and forth between he

and denny hamlin with denny hamlin

the last three races has slid backwards

and kevin harvick is going forwards

as he gained the momentum and now has he

become the clearest

favorite to win the championship

i think he just pointed at kyle busch

when he went by

saw kyle on pit road i you know i love

watching him and kyle go at it it's like

watching petty and pearson

battle it out in the 70s so many one-two

finishes between those two legends

look how excited harvard is you see the


it's really cool guys i you know our

fans are what make this sport

and hearing them feeling them tonight

it's just awesome i mean just they have

an energy about them you can't

you just can't replace them you gotta

have fans their fans are awesome kevin

army knows that

he's taking it in

on the final restart harvick jumped out

to the lead

but it was lap traffic that allowed

kyle busch to take the lead away and

then the two continue to battle

to the point where another lap car

slowed down the 18 the four was able to

get by

and he never made a mistake after that

he pulls it to the start finish line

for the ninth time this season

and he can hear the roar

rick what incredible fight kevin harvick

and this team have shown here in the

round of 16

winning the southern 500 and now the

night race at bristol in front of

30 000 fans by the way

all the fans here cheering on kevin


i think that's the noise he loves to

hear the most


kevin what an incredible round yeah

bristol baby

i know this place means a lot to you but

to beat kyle one of the best here

in an incredible scrap for over 50 laps

how did you get it done kevin man i just

want to say thank you to all the fans

thank you guys

i was so jacked up when we started this


because of you guys in bristol motor


uh just really really proud of everybody

on our busch light forward

mobile one hunt brothers pizza everybody

from jimmy john's

fields uh just um we'll bring the sword

to the go-kart tent tomorrow so you boys

better be ready to take a picture

how about the battle with kyle though it

was tit for tat and there was not an

inch of room for error kevin

yeah it was uh you know to beat kyle

busch at bristol i kind of got

myself in a little bit of a ring there i

hit a lap car and got a hole in the

right front nose but

just kept fighting we don't have

anything else to lose you know we were

here to try to win a race i know how

much rodney really enjoys coming here


hell how could you not have come in here

with all this enthusiasm everybody's

tired of being at home

i think kevin speaks for everybody but

to win in front of the fans that makes

it more special doesn't it

i know you guys are tired of being at

home like me so i'm glad we're all here

having a hell of a time thank you

kevin harvick incredible round of 16

on the round of 12 in the championship


that's a great point marty 12 drivers

advance that means that four

definitely will not advance and their

playoff hopes

are now done let's go to dave

and of course rick kyle busch will be

one of those drivers who advances

an epic battle here tonight you came out

on the short end kyle why

was the 18 just not able to get around

that four

just uh just didn't have enough there in

the end you know the

guys did a great job and gave me a

really good piece tonight to contend and

at least be up there and be close but um

unfortunately just just didn't have


you know lap cars were definitely a

problem but it's part of racing

you got to try to get around them where

you can and there's just no room for me


uh to do what i needed to do on a couple

of those opportunities to get past them

we thought we heard you say on the radio

boy that four car is really good

did that mean you thought and i'm better

i'm gonna get around him or

man i'm not sure if i can get around him

uh no that was earlier in the race when

uh he drove away by like six seconds

so he obviously had the better car the

faster car than us tonight but

adam made some good adjustments on that

last run in order to keep us in the ball

game and keep us close

but i think the 20 you know kind of

stayed pretty consistent with us too gap

wise so

um i don't know just um

come up short what do you say all right

kyle is third of the round of 12. he

goes home next week to las vegas to try

to lock in at the first race of that



and still searching for his first win

kevin harvick celebrating win number

nine on the season

it was just that close and what an epic

battle between

two of the greats future hall of famers

for nascar and you see just how excited

kevin harvick can be

plenty more from bristol when we return

after this