Stardew Valley Tutorial - Museum and Community Center

hey everyone and welcome to another

stardew valley tutorial today where I'm

gonna be talking about the museum and

the community center so these are two of

the things that I really enjoy about the

game and add some value to just farming

and mining and things and both of them

are kind of types of collections I think

of them similar to the Museum in Animal

Crossing where you're asked to collect

certain things but the nice thing about

the community centers especially is it

has all aspects of the game included

whereas the museum is a little bit more

focused on mining so the museum which

we'll do first is located down here in

the southeast corner of the map and it's

open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. so a little

bit earlier and a little bit later than

some of the other buildings and using a

little video editing magic we will go

there now the museum is this green

building here with the magnifying glass

and the book and we can go ahead and go

in there and it's run here by Gunther

and when you pick up items in the mind

like this scroll here or I'm looking at

the diamond especially it'll tell you

Gunther can tell you more about this if

you donate it to the museum so usually

the first time I see something like that

even if I think it's going to be a

valuable item to sell I comment donate

it to the museum by right-clicking on

Gunther and it brings up a room that

looks like this now everything starts

off empty and you'll see these little

squares when you click on when you click

on an item I have one of these Scrolls

here and I keep finding the same scroll

so it doesn't let me donate anything

more than once but you just select the

item and then place it right there and

you're good to go now

one of the incentives to do that is the

rewards that you get I didn't get any

rewards for doing any at this time but

you can actually get rewards you get

rewards based on the number of items

that you have donated and not suggest

you go to the wiki to check that out but

it's five ten thirteen fifteen and some

of them are different Ward's like you

get a rare you can get a rare crow or a

painting or seeds different things like

that and obviously the more items that

you donate the better the rewards get so

now we're going to go to the community

center and again with a little video

editing magic we will go there now

alright the community center is located

in the center of the map here just north

of Pierce general store and it's open

24/7 it's open all the time but it's not

available until the first two weeks of

spring and you'll get a cutscene with

Mayor Lewis where he takes you into the

community center and when you're in

there you see these little ghost monster

type alien things and there will be a

note that's left on the ground which you

cannot translate you'll have to take

that to the wizard over here the Wizards

Tower and he will translate that for you

which opens up the community center and

if we go in here you start out with a

little notification here in this room

and at in the different rooms you'll

have these different little plaques

which you need to write correct click

and it'll bring up these bundles and

each room has a different kind of focus

this room is a foraging room and it has

the four seasons on fall this one it

also has exotic which includes some of

the harder to find or unique items

and kind of a tip for this is if you

open your inventory and use this

community center plaque here you can

actually scroll through all of the

different rooms this one's the pantry

which is focus on crops again it has

fall summer spring

it also has quality crops where you have

to donate gold crops it has an artisan

bundle which is some of the fruits here

you see honey and jelly cheese um there

is the fish tank which is these are all

geographically based for River there is

a specialty fish like the ghost fish you

have to catch in the caves ocean fish

and then this one that's completed here

is the crab pot the boiler room is all

is all minerals and things like that

this geologists bundle here you can see

it has the different kind of gems or


there's also the vault which is based on

gold so you have to donate this ones to

two thousand five hundred five thousand

ten thousand twenty five thousand

there's the bulletin board and these are

all kind of different things you can see

here the field research one different

things you might find in the mine

the dye bundle the chef's bundle so on

and so forth now I wanted to complete

one of these bundles here for you to

show you what happened so this is the

fall foraging bundle and this one I've

already collected three of these and I

just found some hazelnuts yesterday in

game so I'm going to go ahead and uh

left click to donate there it's going to

tell me bundle complete and I can see a

nice hot air balloon it'll turn this

turn this into a flower and I'll get a

little reward

and so this reward our fall seeds which

are a bunch of different seeds fall I

also have one more thing that I can

show you every time at least for some of

these when you unlock them that's what

unlocks the other rooms so that one

isn't unlocked but this room here you

actually have to go into the room into

the pantry to donate things for the

pantry bundle you have to go to the

vault to actually donate things into the

vault so that's just something to know

I'll probably update a I'll probably

make an advanced bundle or an advanced

video here once I end up unlocking all

of these things but if you have any

questions feel free to leave them in the

comments again I really appreciate all

the views subscribes and likes on my

videos it definitely makes me feel like

I'm being helpful here to the hopefully

to the community and again if you have

any questions comments or concerns feel

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so feel free to also check out some of

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tutorial some pretty basic ones so far

and I'll be updating those with the

advanced ones later so again I

appreciate you watching this video good

luck out there and I hope you have an

awesome day