Mike Tyson on Jamie Foxx playing him in his Upcoming Movie


um it's entertaining the technology of

entertainment also changed now so

jamie foxx can play me in the movie

right he could play me now as

20 14 or 12 now because they have this


animation this gadget the remember

benjamin button

didn't make him look younger yeah he's

crazy make him look like me so

we could do this because he said i

wanted to do this movie before i'm 60.

he said but he could do me at 60th when

i'm 12.

yeah absolutely they don't have to give

no young actor a breakout

chance in life we'll get this old [ __ ]

we make him 12.

and we know we can act too so he didn't

we don't need no big shout out

big shout out to fox man what an amazing

day let me tell you this

people were people of course they and i

don't want to say they don't realize but

this this particular entity slash

prodigy that we call jamie foxx can do

it all

yeah like i would love to see jamie foxx

and blacktail

and ties just sitting at a piano at

carnegie hall

because he can do that and then you can

blame it on the alcohol he can do that

yeah he can do he can do it all but but

this this man is so blessed in terms of

his voicings and

and his ability to you know his timing

and his comedic timing

yeah his embodiment he's a beautiful

human being

and yeah yeah as well absolutely i mean

i had an opportunity to work with him uh

on the

the first hbo special i'm one of the

executive producers of amazing

he's brilliant yeah he's brilliant he's

absolutely brilliant the guys could have

all this beautiful talent

yeah but working with him could be like

one nightmare no he's not just

a nightmare absolutely just absolutely

brilliant and brilliant

talent and and yeah you know he's still

here for a reason

um but but that was one of my first

experiences to be you know involved with

tv production and so on and so forth and

i did more kind of the watching and just

kind of you know learning

and that's why so let me tell you a

story about jamie let's talk about it we

got to get him on the pot

he'll definitely do it but listen right

daddy jamie's awesome so one day my


my friend needs some money for me this

isn't the agent for the asking for some


he needs his money no he wants to open

up this business like giving them money

and stuff

so this is my business too i hope you

know but i can't never do i'm

fighting i can't take care of no

business in los angeles it was nothing

200 000 there was no money there was

nobody back then

so um they thought i could often hang

out so i

i i'm not gonna use to be in the office

i'm a street kid you know i'm champ


i start playing dice games in my office

you know since i paid the money

we just started dicing so all the blood

everybody's after we're shooting dice

and this and then my friend hey mike

this is the new

um employee and it's jamie foxx

and he's selling um pages and phones for


wow yeah but i didn't know he was a

comedian because our friend also um

what was it he hustled his ass off he

did a hell of a job oh stephanie

yeah i am so proud of this man he was

waiting was he working with prince i

told joel remember prince edward joey

you know he passed away god rest his

soul met because he had the beeper shop


on kawanga right next to the no moves on

leftiana lasagna okay yeah

wow wow you know that's crazy and it's


it's it's great to see the evolution of

yeah artists and

and hear the stories