5 Affordable Places to Live in California: You Will Love These

five affordable places to live in

California you will love these


traditionally California has been one of

the most expensive places in the United

States with the decline in the economy

and a rising cost of living finding a

good affordable place to live in

California is hard California also

happens to be one of the states with a

high percentage of unemployment

hence getting by in this state is not an

easy task several factors come into play

while picking a place to live family

size number of children climate

recreation medical and educational

facilities tax rates prices of homes

crime rate and more if you are keen on

living in California

here are some affordable options for you

that fulfill most of these conditions

this is among the fastest growing city

in California located around 100 miles

to the north of Los Angeles the city's

population relies mainly on agriculture

manufacturing petroleum extraction and

refining industries the scenic beauty is

one of its major advantages but the

downsides are the rising pollution

levels and scorching temperatures in

summer Eureka


located in the Humboldt County Eureka is

a great small town for someone looking

for affordable homes Eureka is your

typical port city and this makes it a

hub for trading government services and

other docking facilities

hence finding a good job in the area is

not a problem you will find a lot of old

Victorian style homes here it serves as

an escape from the blindingly hot

climate of other Californian cities

Imperial Beach located in the San Diego

County Imperial Beach is a beach city

bordered by San Diego Bay to the north

and Mexico to the south it's cool

climate makes it an ideal location for

someone who does not want to live too

far away from a big city the

exceptionally low crime rate also makes

it very safe for families to live in and

a regular influx of surfers and tourists

makes it thrive in the hospitality

sector jobs are in high supply here but

one should be prepared to live in the

midst of many mixed races Lancaster

Lancaster is a large city in the Los

Angeles County around two hours drive

from La population is high and the crime

rate has risen but the development of

the city has been rapid and impressive


the view of the impressive mountain

ranges around the city simply add to its

charm many businesses have flourished in

this city as a result of less red tape

and encouragement from the local

government more than 70% of the people

from this city owned homes hence this is

a city that is doing well and is quite

affordable when you compare it with much

bigger cities urban another affordable

and comfortable little city to live in

urban has a decent population it is

located in the placer county and has the

honor of being named the endurance

capital of the world

since the Orban State Recreation Area is

a state park where the best endurance

events are held

infrastructure and social structure in

this city are well managed and Auburn is

also connected with the California Gold

Rush history reading Hesperia and

California City or some other affordable

places in California finding affordable

places in a state like California

usually means that you have to

compromise on certain issues smaller

towns fewer people fewer recreational

facilities tie a crime and unemployment

rate or lower quality of infrastructure

are not everyone's cup of tea most of

the smaller cities are located around

the bigger one and hence development

rates are going to be high at the end of

the day you want your home and your

family to be comfortable so you must

weigh in the pros and cons very

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