The 10 BEST PLACES to Live in CALIFORNIA for 2020

California now I know I give this state

a hard time but there's actually some

great places to live in this state you

just have to know where to look of

course Los Angeles and San Francisco

aren't very desirable for many people

they're crowded and expensive and

dangerous and dirty in California like

in other states it's the smallish towns

that are actually pretty great being

such a large state there's a big

discrepancy in quality between the best

and the worst places to live today we're

going to talk about what makes the

better places great to do so we measured

quite a few metrics as it turns out the

places which ranked the highest all

share the same sort of general measuring

sticks they're safe they have great

schools and folks who live there have

great jobs so break out your avocado

toast and wax your surfboard as we talk

about California's best cities



we begin in Danville a cute little town

of about 40,000 people located only

about 20 minutes east of Oakland

Danville makes a cut because it's one of

the safest places on this list with the

5th lowest rate of violent crime and 8

lowest rate of total crime in California

the cost of living in Danville is pretty

reasonable with folks spending far less

of their incomes on housing than in

other towns in the greater Bay Area it's

also pretty easy to get yourself set up

in Danville because both the

unemployment and poverty rates are

really low households here make about

150 K a year here which is quite a chunk

of change for fun you can visit

Blackhawk Plaza a cool combination of a

shopping center and a city park nice

Danville really nice



moving Southwest dish

our next stop brings us to Cupertino a

town just east of San Jose ever wonder

why Cupertino is the default option for

weather on your iPhone that's because in

addition to being the ninth best place

to live in California

Cupertino is also home to apples

headquarters being the hub of a tech

behemoth like Apple it's no surprise

that Cupertino is population of 60,000

is hyper educated with more than 40

percent of residents having a masters

PhD or professional degree all that

extra time in school really pays off too

because folks in Cupertino earn a median

household income of a hundred and

sixty-three thousand a year which are

gonna need to pay off the one point five

million dollar home prices oh my

goodness less than 1% of the population

gets social assistance and only 2

percent of people don't have health

insurance so you know the residents of

Cupertino aren't struggling to get by

I'm here at Paul Masson Chateau in

California almost every night here

there's a wine-tasting party one of the

favorites is for my son Chablis it's

light and crisp it's delicious the wine

you drink the most should be the best

now we all know you really can't

consider yourself a part of the elite

unless you're a wine snob and Cupertino

folks have several vineyards in the area

at which they can indulge in their

tendencies good for you Cupertino good

for you

belmonts a little place south of San

Francisco which has strong numbers

across the board in education amenities

safety and solid markets for both jobs

and housing the median age of belmonts

below 40 highlighting the youthfulness

that makes California such an exciting

place to live kinda sorta it should come

as no surprise that the largest

employers for a city in this region are

big-name tech companies like Oracle if

working with computers is your dream

belmont should have more than enough

opportunities to keep you satisfied and

if you're a health snob Belmonts a dream

it has some of the strictest smoking

laws in the country so all the city's

residents were able to breathe a little

more freely it's also the closest we're

gonna get

San Francisco on this list so if you

have to have the experience of the Bay

Area big-city life then this is a good

starting point

California's so big and cool there's a

lot of beaches where you can cool off

the water's so cold here people want to

move here cuz they think that it's so

great here but it's crowded here

yes it's crowded here here here here

we're gonna remain in the Bay Area as we

come to the town of Saratoga population

31,000 which is located on the western

side of the Santa Clara Valley

now of all of these San Jose suburbs

Saratoga is closest to the Big Basin

redwood State Park California's oldest

state park and it's home to the largest

stand of redwoods south of San Francisco

that ought to satisfy even the most

voracious nature lover public schools in

Saratoga are ranked just about as high

as you can get so you know the kids are

gonna get off to a good start here which

obviously translates into greater

success later in life seeing as how over

40 percent of residents here I'm a

master's degree or higher and one good

thing leads to another because residents

of Saratoga earn a median income of a

hundred and seventy six thousand dollars

the eighth highest in the entire state

add to that the twelfth lowest data

crime statewide and the ninth largest

percentage of insured residents and

you've got one heck of a place to call


good for you Saratoga we're finally

leaving the Bay Area for a bit as we

head down to Orange County

this is Aliso Viejo the sixth best place

to live in California Aliso Viejo is a

vibrant youthful city where the median

age is about 36 it's also the most

densely populated city you'll see on

this list so if you crave constant

activity Aliso Viejo is probably your

jam Aliso Viejo is actually somewhat

affordable at least for smallish

enclaves in the state that lowish cost

of living means you won't have to break

the bank to enjoy yourself here and

that's a bonus you won't have any

trouble getting friends and family to

come visit you because Disneyland is


hop skip and jump away or you can just

drop him off and let him have their own

fun cuz Disneyland is a lot of money and

a lot of standing in lines as you know

if you've ever been there if you wanna

live the California Dream then they need

more nice yes they need more nice back

to the Bay Area we go to the cute little

town of Tiburon located on the tip of

the Tiburon Peninsula reaching into the

San Francisco Bay there's quite a few

reasons why Tiburon ranks as the fifth

best place to live in California the

poverty level here is less than 3% which

is the third lowest in the state and the

2.8 percent unemployment rate is the

11th lowest which helps explain why

99.4% of Tiburon residents have health

insurance the highest rate of coverage

in California Tiburon has the 15th

lowest rate of crime in California - so

you probably won't even need that health

insurance very often it's also a great

jumping-off point for getting to Angel

Island which has an amazing view of San

Francisco or the imposing Alcatraz

Island for a history lesson

and by the way Alcatraz is no longer

used for locking up dangerous members of

our society in case you're wondering



now no disrespect to the folks in

Southern California but a nother

Northern California city is on the

horizon Atherton is right outside of

Palo Alto so if you've ever dreamed of

taking classes at Stanford you're right

next door

Atherton enjoys the shortest commute

time on this list with residents having

to spend 22 minutes to get to and from

work each day which is crazy for a city

in the Bay Area

Atherton also has the lowest rate of

food stamp recipients on this list so

the people here are doing just fine

without government assistance that

probably has something to do with

Atherton's ridiculously high median

income of two hundred and fifty thousand

a year which is just about at the top

for California wino experience the best

parts of Oakland without having to deal

with all the high rates of crime and

drama Piedmont's a place for you with

below 3% levels of unemployment and

poverty Piedmont makes sure that its

residents get a piece of the pie that

also may have something to do with the

fact that Piemonte has the lowest rate

of high school dropouts in California

peanuts fortunate to get some of the

warmer weather that the East Bay gets

without the hot dry climate of the

Sacramento Valley and if after this

season you're a Golden State Warriors

fan you don't have to go far to watch

the game homes in Piedmont are also a

little bit cheaper than pretty much

every other city on this list so it

might be somewhat easier to get yourself

established here especially on your

salary of two hundred and ten thousand

dollars of course keep in mind that

these huge income levels all need to be

put into perspective the high salaries

are in part due to the high cost of

living in this part of the state there's

no way people can afford to live here

unless they're earning way above average

salaries we don't have to drive too far

to arrive at California's second best

city to call home low Sal toes Hills the

unemployment rate in Los Altos Hills is

a mere 2.8 percent the tenth lowest of

anywhere else on this list which makes

sense when you consider that a

staggering 50% of Los Altos Hills

population has received at least a

master's degree it also explains why

folks in Los Altos Hills earn absolutely

massive salaries two hundred and fifty

five thousand he

are you kidding me and you can take full

advantage of the 24 miles of trails

available at Rancho San Antonio without

fearing for your safety where's our best

town to live in California in 2020 Los

Altos is if you can afford it right in

the heart of the Silicon Valley this is

a dream for anybody who wants to live

out of touch with not only the rest of

the state but the rest of the nation too

unsurprisingly residents of Los Altos

are highly educated with over half of

folks having a master's degree or higher

bigger degrees lead a bigger paychecks

which leaves the residents of Los Altos

in the comfortable position of earning

only two hundred and fifteen thousand a

year per household so while the two

million dollar price tag on homes here

is quite expensive the overall cost of

living is actually quite reasonable

I guess sorta kinda and if you want to

settle down in Los Altos for good you're

in luck because the schools are pretty

much the best in the state and on top of

that los altos has the seventh lowest

rate of violent crime in California and

with all these awesome features it's

unsurprising that the Los Altos farmers

market is one of the city's top

attractions and if your shopping needs

fall outside the purview of a farmers

market Santana row in San Jose is just a

15 minute drive away everyone okay so

that's it the best places you can live

in the state of California for 2020 if

you're planning to move here and have a

lot of money and a lot of work

experience these are the places you

should look into and if you're not rich

but still want to enjoy the even smaller

town life in California here's a list of

the best teeny small towns in California

if you already live in California and

you want to change and don't want the

hustle and bustle that comes with living

in the always expensive and somewhat

overwhelming Bay Area life then well do

like everybody else and move out of the

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