Did You Notice Something Wrong With the Moon Tonight??? August 23rd 2020 9:09 pm

good evening to those who listen it's

august 23rd 2020 909 pm

and everybody as soon as you possibly


look at the moon okay i didn't think it

would show up on this

i'm gonna explain what is going on

the curved part of the moon

towards the bottom left side there's a


that's sticking out of it

and at first when i thought i was like

my glass is dirty and it's making a

weird double lunge kind of

because it's right at the bottom there's

like a

a point that comes out of it

and then there's like a space in the

like in there at the normal part of the


i didn't think it would show up on here

but it was worth trying but if anything

i could explain to you

what i was seeing i don't think


or at least some of the people would be

seeing this so i'm gonna wait and see if

anybody else sees this this is

really strange but when i first saw i

watched my glasses came back out i saw

it again so then

i had my mom go out and check and she

saw it too so it's not just me

but there's something there

let me know if you guys see it or did

see it

i don't know check it out

check out the moon now before it's too


thanks for watching god bless full armor

of god

and cut and now it won't turn off