Real Mona Lisa Discovered?

we're gonna turn now to exciting news

surrounding the centuries-old Mona Lisa

mystery just who is the face on one of

the most famous paintings in the world

the model for Leonardo da Vinci's

masterpiece well scientists now think

her identity could be revealed through

DNA testing

here's ABC's carrot radhiya she appears

larger from the last night

the clue to unlocking one of Hart's

biggest secrets is so groundbreaking you

might expect to find Tom Hanks from The

Da Vinci Code on the scene luckily

instead it's a real-life team of

researchers on the edge of finally

answering just who is that woman with

the cryptic smile in Leonardo da Vinci's

masterpiece the Mona Lisa for centuries

historians and art lovers have pondered

the possibilities one of da Vinci's

lovers amuse perhaps or maybe even da

Vinci himself dressed as a woman

Italians have long speculated that the

Lisa in Mona Lisa was Lisa Gherardini

she's believed to have posed for da

Vinci but nobody's ever been able to

prove she's the one in the painting the

answer may lie in this ancient

underground crypt in Florence Alabama we

have historical certainty that in that

tomb there are Lisa Garrard demons

descendants this week they opened up

that crypt for the first time in over

300 years and climbed inside the dank

tomb where they'll take DNA samples from

the remains of gara Dinis relatives we

were very lucky I'd say because there

was a good amount of bone remains if the

DNA here is related to another set of

bones believed to be Gera dd herself

then her remains are finally confirmed

and they could use x-rays and digital

facial reconstruction technology similar

to what's used in a crime scene to

figure out what she looked like if

everything goes as it should we will

reconstruct least a guarantee in space

from her skull and then the real test to

see if that face is anything like the

Mona Lisa we all know these researchers

and that technology have their critics

but all this testing will take some time

so for now that age-old mystery remains

a mystery Dan and beyond a new mystery

this morning is who is that interpreter

right I'm gonna have that voice follow