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MLB all-star game snubs yesterday the

rosters for both the national again

American League were released for the

all-star game

and there were a few players that feel

like they were left off so that's what

we're gonna go over in today's video who

those players are why they deserve to be

on the team and who they should be on

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description so like I said there were a

few players that in my opinion I felt

were snubbed from the MLB all-star game

so let's start off by addressing the

players that were snubbed from the

American League side so at the catcher

position nobody I think they did a good

job there and then we moved to first

base where there was definitely a player

that was snubbed and that's gonna be

Luke void of the New York Yankees

Luke void definitely deserves to be on

the all-star team I mean it was even a

conversation that he should be a starter

it was pretty much between him and

Carlos Santana and I'm shocked that he

didn't make the team and that Jose Abreu

was picked over him because when you

compare the numbers yes Jose Abreu might

have more RBIs but Luke voids numbers

are just better so for comparison's sake

here's Jose Abreu is 20 19 numbers the

Braves got 19 homers 20 doubles 60 RBIs

he's hitting 268 with a 309 on-base 5:08

slugging to give Monteux PS is 817 so

it's not a bad year at all but when you

compared to Luke Voight's luke Voight is

having a better season as we know since

coming to the Yankees Luke Floyd's been

on absolute tear and 2019 he's continued

on that Luke Ford is hitting 280 20

points higher than Abreu he has a 393

on-base percentage of a lot higher than

Abreu a 509 slugging very comparable and

a 901 o-p-s again better he has 17

homers 14 doubles and 1 triple to give

him 50 RBIs on the year so while those

numbers are a little bit lower his slash

line is significantly better than Hosea

Braves 20 points in the average Dept

almost 90 points in the on-base and

similar in the slugging I just don't

understand how you pick Jose Abreu over

Luke Voigt now if it was a scenario

where you needed the white sox to have a

representative i get it that would be

fine Jose Abreu is the best player on

that team

that was the case sure he's the right

choice but who's a Abreu isn't even one

of the better players on the White Sox

you had James McCann who made it you had

Lucas gia leo make it so I just don't

understand the reason to have Jose Abreu

in the all-star lineup I think he's a

good player don't get me wrong but I

think Luke Voight's having a better

season and honestly deserves it I don't

understand why he was left off the

roster moving on to second base I didn't

feel like anybody else was snubbed there

and now we move on to shortstop where

there's two guys that got snubbed

because let's be honest Francisco Lindor

how does he make the roster this year

he's having a nice season but he's not

an all-star I get the games in Cleveland

but that's not the right way to get him

on the team they had a representative in

Carlos Santana and Brad Han I don't

understand why Lindor was forced on to

here but the two guys that were snubbed

at shortstop in the American League both

in the AL East we've got another Yankee

and labor Torres which honestly I don't

know how he doesn't make it and then

we've also got Xander Bogaerts

how do these guys get left off when you

look at their numbers for comparison's

sake again here's Francisco Lindor

numbers 12 homers 16 doubles one triple

to give him 27 RBIs he's hitting 291

with the 349 on-base 498 slugging to

even o-p-s at 848 and he missed the

first month of the season so again not a

bad year he's definitely off to a very

nice start but it's not all-star caliber

let's start off with one of the most

underrated players in league Xander

Bogaerts Bogaerts has 16 homers a league

best 27 doubles in 57 RBIs he's hitting

299 392 on base 540 slugging to give an

Opie S and 932 I mean those numbers you

just look at him and you go out those

are better you don't even have to look

at the slash lines you don't have to

have any sabermetrics you just look at

playing traditional stats and you go oh

Bogaerts is having a much better year

than Francisco Lindor in almost every

single category in fact I think it is

every category maybe not stolen bases so

I just don't understand how you pick

Lindor over Bogaerts if it's because

it's in Cleveland that's a bad job by

Major League Baseball players should be

on the all-star team because they

deserve it and then we move on to Glaber

Torres who again got snubbed glaber

Torres has 19 homers on the year with 14

doubles driving in 47 runs he's hitting

295 with the 365 on-base 548 slugging to

have a no PS at 913 similar to Bogaerts

again every single statistic is better

than Francisco Lindor

and I don't even care that he plays in

Yankee Stadium I don't even care that

most of those numbers came against the

Orioles glaber Torres is having a better

season he's having an all-star caliber

year and I just don't think you can

ignore these players these are

you need to be in the game as good as

the player is Francisco Lindor is he's

not in all-star this year he needs to be

left off and these two guys deserve to

be on there these might be the two

biggest snubs in my opinion we move on

to third base and while I don't think

anyone's undeserving of making the team

in the AL at third base there is a

player that's left off that needs to be

on there which speaks to another problem

with all-star game rosters which is

they're way too limited but the guy that

I'm talking about that was left off is

Rafael Devers of the Boston Red Sox

Devers is quietly having a fantastic

season and should be rewarded for it

he's a much improved player over the

last two seasons Denver's has 12 homers

25 doubles and 2 triples to drive in 50

runs he's also stole 8 bases this year

which is a career-high he's striking out

less he's walking more he's hitting 322

at the 372 on base 525 slugging to give

an Opie s at 897 Chapman and Bregman

both deserve to be on there but Rafael

Devers does as well I understand he's

young I understand he didn't have a lot

of home runs to start the year but you

can't ignore his numbers they're very

good they deserve to be on the all-star

team we continue on here and move to the

outfield now there's a lot of choices

here but I picked the two most egregious

ones because let's be honest mookie

betts you shouldn't be on the all-star

team you're the wrong red sock who made

it two of your teammates should have

been they didn't and somehow mookie

betts did but the two outfielders that I

feel like we're snub the most are gonna

come from the Minnesota Twins max Kepler

and Eddie Rosario

I just find it crazy that the twins are

one of the best teams in the American

League and they don't have a lot of

representation in the all-star game it

doesn't make sense so again for context

here's Mookie Betts his numbers not a

bad year by any means but not all star

level 13 homers 17 doubles three triples

in 37 RBIs he's saying 261 with a 381

on-base 453 slugging 835 o-p-s now let's

start off with the biggest snub of the

outfielders max Kepler Kepler has 21

homers 19 doubles on the year to give

him 53 RBIs he sang to 69 with a 344

on-base 5:48 slugging to him and Oh PS

at 892 Kepler sitting for power

he's hitting doubles he's getting on

base and when he does hit the ball he

hits it pretty hard high slugging

percentage so yes Mookie Betts is the

better player we understand that but

this year right now when you look at the

stats it's gotta be max Kepler and

please don't give me the war

conversation here Mookie Betts is gonna

have a higher war because of defense but

that's gonna be every year when I look

at all-star game picks I go off

offensive numbers and Max Kepler just

has better offensive numbers it's plain

and simple and then I also have a big

gripe with Eddie Rosario not making it

Rosario's 20 homers 14 doubles and one

triple to give him 60 RBIs on the year

he's hitting 282 is the 312 on-base 529

slugging to him Oh PS

8:41 so even with a significantly lower

on-base percentage

Eddie Rosario still has better numbers

than mookie betts and the twins are one

of the top teams in the American League

are you gonna give them only two

all-stars in Jorge Polanco and Jake odor

Izzy they deserve way more they're

playing great this year reward them

those guys were snuff and then for the

pitcher spots we have two more guys here

because this seems to be the place where

a lot of teams get there one

representative you've got the Tigers

you've got the Blue Jays you've got the

Orioles but in terms of the Blue Jays

actually I'd have better pick two Marcus

Stroman that's gonna be Ken Giles ken

Giles is quietly having the best year of

his career thus far in 2019 after being

just shipped away by the Astros and he's

gonna be some serious trade made at the

deadline I think the Blue Jays got to

move this guy in 28 appearances this for

Ken Giles has a 1.29 er a 12 saves on

the year but the Blue Jays a win many

games so you strike out 49 batters in 28


here's a whip at 1.03 six a caper nine

at 15.8 career high 10 Giles is having a

really good season and he should be the

Blue Jays representative over Stroman

and then the other pitcher is again part

of the Minnesota Twins again snub Jose

Barrios how does Jose be Rios not make

the team I understand odor is he's on

there for the twins he's been great but

Barrios has been fantastic as well in 17

starts brios is eight and fourth a two

point eight nine year RA and a whip at

1.08 you significantly cut down the

walks this year and he made the ulcer

team last year with worse numbers and

the guys in the RA below three if your

starting pitcher with an ER a below

three you should hypothetically be on

the all-star team and he was left off

again on a team that's in first place in

the central now on to the nationally

nationally doesn't have as many snugs

the first one I'm gonna bring up here is

max Muncie I don't really know what

position to put him in cuz the Dodgers

don't really know a position to put him

in first base second base he plays

almost everywhere but he's having a

fantastic season Muncie has 20 home runs

13 doubles one triple to give him 58

RBIs he's hitting 279 of the 380 on base

544 slugging in the 924 o-p-s those are

numbers that deserve to be on the

all-star team I don't necessarily know

who you kick off here because the

National League roster is pretty much

right I don't have a lot of problems

with it but I do feel like that Muncie

should be on it somehow again MLB needs

to expand the all-star game rosters

what's wrong with having more players

his numbers just are too good to be left

off I think Muncie deserves to be on

there again Dodgers first-place team

then we move on to shortstop where

there's a snub that some people might

not agree with but I personally think

for him Topsy's jr. was snubbed one of

the young stars in the game definitely

needs to be on the national stage more

often people need to watch this guy play

he's something

special his numbers have been great now

you can make the argument that he

deserves to be on the roster over Paul

too young but the young was the only

person on the Cardinals represented in

the all-star game again they need to fix

that rule because saw theses numbers are

just better and I'm a big Paul too young

fit but Tottie's is just having a better

year now the reason Tottie's isn't on is

because he's only played in 48 games but

listen to these numbers through 48 games

tatis has 11 homers nine doubles four

triples to drive in 28 runs as well as

stealing 12 bases he's hitting 337 with

a 405 on-base 613 slugging to have a no

PS at 10:18 I don't care if he's only

play 48 games those are all-star caliber

numbers right there for a shortstop at

third base I could have gone with Manny

Machado but I felt like Eduardo Escobar

was snubbed more he's having a really

good season has been doing it for the

entire year pretty much Escobar's saying

292 with a 351 on-base 541 slugging

means giving o-p-s 893 he's hit 18 home

runs 18 doubles and five triples driving

in 64 runs there's not really room for

Escobar on this roster but I think again

the roster should be bigger and he

should be on it he's having a great year

you have to reward the players who

deserve it now you could make an

argument for Manny Machado as well but I

think Escobar is just a little bit

better at this point right now and I

think deserves it over many more we move

to the outfield and there's one player

in particular that I think I've snubbed

and that's one sewed up again not sure

who you take out from the outfield maybe

David Dahl but he's having a great year

too and should be on it but I think Juan

Soto deserves to be on the roster as

well Soto is hitting 297 on the year

with a 402 on-base 534 slugging to give

a no PS at 9:36

14 homers 15 doubles three triples 52

RBIs and five stolen bases he started

off the year a little bit slow the first

month but ever since then he's been on

fire showing again why he's one of the

top young players in the league Soto was

really good I think he deserves to be on

the all-star team you can't penalize him

for that slow start because the two

months after that he's been ridiculously

good and then we move on to pitchers and

there's one player I got here it's a

little bit of a weird scenario because

he's actually on the IL as of yesterday

but that's Cole Hamels

now Hamels was placed on the I L so

maybe that's why he was left off but

honestly that shouldn't matter because

he's played up until pretty much the

all-star break and has been pitching at

an all-star caliber level he's the only

starting pitcher in the National League

who was left off the all-star roster who

has an ER a below three so far through

17 starts Hamels is 6 and 3 with a 2.9

atra and a 1.2 wettable doesn't strike

out a ton of batters but again his

numbers don't lie a lo er a a low whip

should deserve to be on the all-star

team he's

the best pitcher for the Cubs this year

so I understand why he's left off the IL

thing probably had something to do with

it but he should have been named and

then you give his spot to someone else

so those are my snubs for the 2019

all-star game I'd love to know what you

guys think about it down the comment

section below did I stop someone from my

snub list I'd love to know who you think

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