2020 Midseason MLB All-Stars (Fernando Tatis Jr., Mike Trout, Mookie Betts and more!)


in the air that will do it pedro

severito a walk-off winner on a saturday


it's a severino mob at first base

and he pits the no-hitter

point with a high fly ball of right

going back marquez on the track at the


see ya shut out over obviously the no

hitter is over

and the yankees are on the board it's


look at you doing your homework early in

the morning huh

fly ball deep center or go back still

back on the track at the wall

see ya into monument park another home

run for voight

four straight games and the yankees lead

one nothing

lots of opportunities to use it long one

deep into right center that baby

is gone home run for brandon

and just like that the rays are out in


you want to let brandon lau swing the


and there's a drive high and deep to

ride and that baby

is out of here

what a shot off the bat of brandon lau

tim hits a dart deep left field he

watches it fly

this is good the tigers have felt this

wrath before and

cook up the pasta it's five nothing

up the middle tough play tim unloads

and got here oh boy

if this night goes the way you want that

one's going to be replayed

hundreds of times

3-2 slow breaking ball hammered out to

left field

toward the corner this one is gone big

fly for anthony rendon gets the angels

on the board

riddell launches one out towards center

field bellinger moving back that one is

gone big fly for anthony rendon solo


his sixth of the season and you gotta

start chipping away

at some point at seven or two dodgers

lewis stings this rides it deep out to

center field and gone

home run kyle lewis


another one to dead center it's number

six on the season

out to left this is drifting back and


is gone it's another home run

the seventh for kyle lewis

you cannot stop number one

he'll drive this one out to right center

field this one

is long gone big fly for mike trout and

we are tied at two

dad power continues right center second

so far of the season he's hit to that

part of the field

10. the track on 404 feet

also shoots it on towards center field

job coming on and goes into the dive

makes the catch

what a play by trout jose mota was

talking about how well

he's been hitting the ball and driving

in runs in oakland here in this series

without a

great defensive play by trout as well


2-0 to judges hit a bunch to left he did

it again


that one is drilled drilled to right


no chance see ya up against a toyota


a bullet home run the other way judge


ninth of the year a solo shot and the

yankees lead

seven nothing

high fly right center field back

and i think that's gone

a home run for nelson cruz just over the

tall wall

in right center field a two run home run

and the twins lead four to one

up the ladder he goes with a fastball

and perez couldn't help himself

a dirty dozen 13 strikeouts now

for shane bieber man now the leader the

all-time leader in

an opening day 13 punch-outs and that

was a high-breaking ball or a slider

2-2 swing and a miss he struck him out

what a night for shane bieber

14 opening day strikeouts for beaver

stick around it's the sugardale hot dog


and the chased the pitch way out of the

strike zone and that's the ball game can

you believe it

can you believe it he can't believe it

but liam hendricks with the runner

second base strikes out


in the air to left field dominic smith's

going back and get it

off the shoulder of that little guy in

the cutout

it's a three-run home run and jt has

just given the fills

a 5-4 lead goes down as a wild pitch

fly ball right field eaton venturing


to the track to the wall and he can't

get it it's off the top of the wall

and it's gone a home run for jt

a three-run shot with a little help from

the bounce off the top of the fence

fly ball wallop deep right field freddie

freeman has hit it to the chop house

he missed his pitch once but didn't miss

the second one in the braves now lead it

five to two on freddie freeman's fourth

home run

high fly ball hit well toward left

gardner on the run still going at the

wall it's gone

freddie freeman with an opposite field

home run

and atlanta has taken the lead

high drive left field it

we is going home

donovan solano sends everybody home

and he will get the heroes welcome

and the giants have won their seventh



how about that and none bigger than


this is in the air to right field back

it goes

nando has done it again fernando tati's

junior a grand

slam and the padres go on top 14-3

two home runs seven rbis for fernando

tatis junior


bloop to short left and out goes tatis

to make the catch

up into the air like superman it's

fernando tati's junior

how about going and getting it in short

left field

for tatis i thought he had no

chance at this come on nobody does that

machado at a deep left field it is high

deep and it is a grand slam to walk it


manny machado is tonight's padres hero

how about three grand slams in three

games against the texas rangers for the

san diego



this one goes the other way yustrinski

on the move ball's starting to carry

and you stretch and he makes the

up against the wall to take extra bases

and a run

away from the d-backs 3-2 pitch to


get into center field and hit well on

the move is martay

still on the move at the wall out of


and on his birthday yaski gives the

giants the lead

but from that point forward he was

really good that's a broken bad flare

down the line to right and

sinks in there for marta bets over to

dig it out marte headed to second

he's gonna try for three mookie's throw

right on the money mookie

on the fly to justin turner who drops

the tag down for the first down

and a thrilling one at that

driven to left field mookie betts adds


seven home runs for the dodgers

two for bets


that one's the opposite way toward the


and it is gone a home run for bryce


i don't know if bryce thought that was

gonna slice foul or not

he had pretty good numbers against them

that one has hit well deep to right

center field

it is gone more than halfway up the

seats in right center field bryce harper

with a seventh home run of the year

and again the phillies jump out to the

early lead

it is two nothing here in the top of the


winker hits this one high and deep to

right field and it is

gone into the spoils bullpen

and the reds are on the board here in

kansas city a

two nothing lead

10 home runs in 29 this season

winker going the other way opposite

field power

how about back to back jacks


and bernie goes after a high fast ball

and strikes out for the third time

that's ten strikeouts for degrom

where you cannot see that red dot that

hitters talk about all the time as he

strikes out

joyce on the changeup right there have a

little better career

and he gets aguilar on strikes and for

the second time tonight jacob degram has

struck out the side he's got an even


one two and he strikes that dickerson

with high heat that's a baker's dozen

for degrom

13 strikeouts one shy of his career high

and make it 14 as he gets anderson


jacob degrom ties his career high with


strikeouts couple of all-stars matching

up 3-2

and it's in there a cold strike three

josh hader closes the door and the


win tonight at wrigley field


bouncing ball arcia uria's game over

as the brewers take the opener of this

four game series with