Animation for insertion of Mirena IUD

Maryna insertion and removal replacement

preparation for insertion examine the

patient to establish the size and

position of the uterus and in order to

detect any signs of acute genital

infections or other contraindications

for the insertion of Mirena and to

exclude pregnancy insert a speculum

visualize the cervix and then cleanse

the cervix and vagina with a suitable

antiseptic solution grasp the anterior

lip of the cervix with the tenaculum to

stabilize a uterus

if the uterus is ret reverted it may be

more appropriate to grasp the posterior

lip of the cervix gentle traction on the

forceps can be applied to straighten the

cervical canal the forceps should remain

in position and gentle counter traction

on the cervix should be maintained

throughout the insertion procedure

advance uterine sound through the

cervical canal to the fundus to measure

the depth and confirm the direction of

the uterine cavity if difficulties

encountered consider dilatation of the

canal insertion first open sterile

package completely then use sterile

technique and sterile gloves

Mirena is provided within an inserter

consisting of the Mirena itself already

in the correct horizontal position an

anatomically curved insertion tube with

a double-sided centimeter scale and a

plunger inside the flange and the handle

containing the mark the slider and the

threads inside

push the slider forward in the direction

of the arrow to the furthest position to

load Mirena into the insertion tube do

not pull the slider downwards as this

may prematurely release Mirena once

release Mirena cannot be reloaded

holding the slide in the furthest

position set the upper edge of the

flange to correspond to the sound

measurement of the uterine depth while

holding the slide in the furthest

position advance insert earth through

the cervix until the flange is

approximately 1.5 to 2 centimeters from

the uterine cervix do not force the

inserter dilate the cervical canal if

necessary while holding the insert a

steady pull the slider to the mark to

open the horizontal arms of Mirena wait

5 to 10 seconds for the horizontal arms

to open completely advance inserted

gently towards the fundus of the uterus

until the flange touches the cervix

Mirena is now in the fundal position

holding the inserter in place release

Mirena by pulling the slider all the way

down while holding the slider all the

way down gently removed the inserter by

pulling it out

cut the threads to leave about 2 to 3

centimeters visible outside of the

cervix Mirena insertion is now completed

removal replacement Mirena is removed by

pulling on the threads with the forceps

you may insert a new Mirena immediately

following removal for full information

consult the insertion instructions in

the Mirena package