Comparing Mint State Morgan Silver Dollar Grades?

so today I think it's time to ask some

real questions and and one of the

questions we're going to ask today is

can you really tell the difference

between an MS 61 and say an MS 62 morgen

or between an MS 62 and then ms 63 or

even at that point in ms 63 and an MS 64

those are the real questions that we

have today and we're gonna go over that

and we're gonna look at all four of

these now these are all from the same

exact meant in the same exact year these

are all 1884 carson cities these are

PCGS certified so all certified by the

same certification company as well and

what we're going to do is take some very

up-close images of these we're gonna put

them up on the screen so you can see

them as closely as I can see them

and we're gonna talk about what the

difference is between each one of these

grades and can you tell the difference

between each one of these grades up

close without knowing which is which now

I do realize that if you study these

coins before we show them under the

camera you can probably recognize some

of the scratches that you're going to

see on the images but don't do that

let's go ahead and have some fun and see

if you can tell the difference let's

take a look at each one of these coins

really quickly up close and personal and

see if you can tell which one is which

and if we can figure out why for example

this one was a 61 and this one was a 62

so let's go let's get into that okay so

up first is this one here now you decide

yourself I'm not going to quiz you but

decide yourself which one you think this

is let's take a look at the features you

can see there are some pretty

significant scratches right behind the

hairline at the bottom of the cap on the

reverse you can also see that we have a

really cool die crack going on right

there there's this huge like circular

scrape going on on that side of the

obverse of the coin as well and if you

look right here you can actually see

where the coin was hit with another coin

there's a significant amount of scraping

on the face as well as above the eye and

then if we take a look at the reverse

which we can now see over here in full


you can see that there is a die clash

right there that's a die clash mark you

can see a little bit of scraping there's

a major hit right here a little bit of

scratching down here and they hit at the

tip at the back of this arrow as well as

a hit right there so that is our first

one let's take a look at the next one

though okay looking at our second

you can see behind the cap there's a

pretty significant gouge you can see a

lot of scraping on the face you can see

a lot of damage on the neck here as well

you can also see that scraping in the

field also although notably if you look

at the field it's actually a very

beautiful field on this beautiful coin

there's a little bit of a die crack here

but not near as bad is on the one we

just looked at however if you look down

here there's a major die crack going on

down there around the Stars and around

1884 let's take a look at the reverse of

this one really quick you can see that

the reverse is a nice looking coin

there's not near as many hits as the

previous one that we looked at but you

can see some significant scraping and if

you look right here you see these three

marks that does look like a coin

actually hit the center of the breast so

that looks like possibly another Morgan

hit the center of that breast right

there as it was being thrown into the

bag there's a little bit of scraping

outside of that but kind of like the

Opera this is a coin of this coin it has

a very beautiful field so which one do

you think this is okay next up this one

right here you can see a lot of chatter

and scratching going on behind the head

behind the cap you can see a little bit

of scraping right here now I can't

confirm that that scraping is on the

coin it's not on the holder you also

have a bit of scraping up here we have a

pretty major die crack going on between

E and P of e pluribus and then around

the top of you Polaris as well you can't

see a lot of chatter on the face on this

one as well

if we take a look at the reverse of this

coin right here you can see the reverse

actually has really nice-looking fields

which I am quite impressed about it also

has that same die clash that we saw

earlier but outside of that it's

actually a really nice reverse nothing

really major to look at a couple hits

here a couple scrapes here nothing major

though very nice reverse on this one

which one do you think it is okay and

final one we're gonna look at today guys

you can see there's a little bit going

on here as far as what looks like a

possible die crack not much behind the

head there is this significant scraping

right here it looks like the edge of a

coin that kind of gouged into her chin

however in the field there's not a whole

lot of scraping on the outside you do

see a little bit of Darkness around the

8 and a 4 right there but other than

that it's a pretty decent looking coin

it doesn't it doesn't have the field

quite as nice as another one we saw

however if you look the scrapes aren't

near as bad the scratching is not near

as bad

however the field is not as good as one

that we saw previously now if we look at

the reverse however of this one the

field on the reverse of this coin is

absolutely gorgeous I have a little bit

of you know a little bit of gouging or

scraping going on up here and then

there's one scrape right here across the

center of the breast outside of that you

don't really see much I mean maybe a

little bit of circular scraping right

here and oh this guy's right here I did

miss that so pay attention to that as

well so which one do you think this is

and guys if you want go ahead and put

them in order in the comment let me know

what your thought was now obviously I'm

not gonna quiz you and of course you can

delete your comment and change it to

make you look more right that's not what

this is about just let me know what you

thought if you can tell the difference

between the 61 the 2 the 3 and the 4 ok

so let's get started guys we're gonna

start off with the MS 61 again this is

the one that had the major chatter

behind the head piece right there you

can see a little bit of the scraping

there the field on this one is not

really nice which is probably why it's

an MS 61 it does have a really cool die

crack though and then of course as is

actually pretty common with this die

there's the die clash right there but

you know this one right here is our MS

61 is that what you thought it is again

you know and your comment let me know

let's compare that to the MS 62 so here

is our MS 62 and we want to take a look

at this in fact why don't we go ahead

and turn off the reverses and we'll just

do the side by side of the too obvious

okay so here they are side by side the

MS 62 on the left the MS 61 on the right

so if you look at the MS 61 it does have

quite a bit of chatter going on behind

the head in fact let's put that above

this one just so we can see the whole

coin however not so much chatter in the

front of the field and the face doesn't

look as bad outside of the scraping

right here it's really not too horrible

now if we look at our MS 62 on the other

hand this one right here of course you

can see there's major scraping on the

face but this right here this circular

scratch right here does make me question

why this one didn't get also get a 61

because if you look at our MS 61 it

doesn't have that at all I mean there's

a little bit of scraping but nothing

near as bad as what's on that one so I

do kind of question why one's a 61 and

one's a 62 now to me it's clear as day

why neither of these made 63 but I do

question why one's a 61 and ones

sixty-two in this case and looking at

the reverses of these we could show you

the reverses in fact we can turn them on

but is as typical with Morgan Silver

Dollars the reverse is always nicer I

mean I can't say always always but the

reverse is generally nicer I don't know

why that is but the reverse is generally

a nicer coin so as you can see they both

look really nice now let's take a look

at RMS 63 okay guys so here's the MS 63

did you guess it correctly

let's take a look at why so this M s 63

doesn't really have a whole lot as far

as you know scratching behind the head

or chatter in front of the face or even

on the cheek it looks significantly

better than the scratching that we saw

on the MS 62 and the Emma 61 the only

thing this really has negative going for

it and actually in my opinion the only

reason that this one did not make an MS

64 is because of this hit right here

this does look like the reeded edge or

maybe the dentals like these here of

another coin scraping or gouging into

her cheek but other than that it doesn't

look bad at all now you may have known

that this one was the MS 63 when we were

looking at them because if you look at

the 84 it does look like something

stained those dates I don't know why

that is this isn't a PCGS holder I don't

know if something just got on them or

what that is but that was a pretty dead

giveaway if you were paying attention to

the coins early taking a look at the

reverse the coin is absolutely gorgeous

on the reverse there's really nothing

that can really be said about it I mean

maybe that that the hit right here and

hit right there and that's about it it's

overall it's a pretty gorgeous coin as

like I said is the norm the reverse is

almost always better than the uppers

okay guys here is our ms-64 did you

catch it I don't know let's take a look

so looking at the ms-64 you can see

pretty significant scraping behind the

head pretty significant scraping on the

cap going along the hairline above the

ear and onto the ear as well as down the

face none of this is on the holder this

is all on the coin there's a significant

amount of chatter on the cheek and a

significant amount of chatter in front

of the head as well as on top of the

stars and on top of e and pluribus

taking a look at the reverse you can

also see it has that same scraping now

these were taken under the st. with the

same camera under the same lighting


it's just that these scrapes come out

more on camera because they are much

more reflective

so there's actually luster showing where

these scrapes are and so they're coming

out as a darker color but they're very

noticeable and it is very clear that

there's more scraping on the ms-64 than

there is on the MS 63 so why is this

anima 64 and why is the MS 63 is 63 well

obviously I didn't grade these coins so

I can't tell you for sure but what I

will note is that although the MS 64

does appear to have a lot more scraping

the field and the luster of the MS 64 is

just much more vibrant if you look at

the background of the 64 and even on the

foreground so much it has that very

beautiful lustrous sheen to it that even

on the 63 just can't see mirrors clearly

so I do believe that with the MS 64 the

obverse that lustrous sheen that you're

seeing really does kind of bring out the

scrapes a little more it makes them

appear a little bit more apparent under

a camera however I can see at least in

my opinion why the MS 64 got a 64 it is

a very very beautiful luster and

although again the scraping is there and

you can see it if you tilt this coin in

the light holding it in your hand it

looks just like this I think just

because of the field and the luster I

think this is just a nicer coin overall

than the 63 but that's again my opinion

any day and I do mean this any day this

could have been swapped and I think a

greater you know depending on how they

were looking at the coin may have called

this one a 64 and the one on the left is

63 and I think sometimes that's really

the apparent problem with grading is

it's all opinion and it's all it's

educated opinion but it's opinion

nonetheless so let's take a look at our

61 verse our sixty-four though these are

the two most stark grade differences

that we have and we'll go ahead and move

these so you can kind of see both of

them if you look at the sixty

forcefields it has a very again

beautiful lustrous field whereas if you

look at the 84 the MS 61 I should say it

doesn't look like it's been cleaned but

it almost looks like it may have been

clean compared to the

sixty-four that's not actually the case

of course but I just I think again the

luster and the background of the ms-64

is what gives it that grade and then of

course on the 61 there's just a lot more

going on here you know there's a lot

going on with that coin so anyway there

are the differences between those now

let's go ahead and compare the 64 verse

one more thing okay now what we're

looking at is an MS 64 on the Left verse

in 1883 Carson City MS 66 on your right

now I do want to point out that on the

66 these little scratches right here you

would think that they're probably on the

holder I can assure you they are not I

looked at it myself under a loop I

tilted it you could see that those

scrapes are actually on the face of the

coin I don't know where they came from

it doesn't even look like another coin

hit it it almost looks like something

abrasive hit it however outside of that

this is a very very beautiful coin and

you can tell why this is a 66 verse this

being a 64 at least I can so what do you

think let me know down in the

description of the video what do you

think about these different grades which

ones do you think are under graded or

over graded which order do you think

they should be and should the MS 61 be a

62 should the 63 be a 64 should the 64

be a 63 do you think the MS 66 should be

a 66 with these face scrapes I don't

know that's what I'm asking you so let

me know in the comments below guys I'll

look forward to seeing them and we will

see you in the very next video

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