Iphone 7 / Iphone 7 Plus Microphone Not Working Fix -

what's up you guys Didier flipped Ronix

I'm gonna be me has some tips if you're

having some issues with your iPhone 7

iPhone 7 plus microphone not working so

this will work on other iPhones as well

you guys before we get into this I'd

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I would appreciate that as well so

anyways you guys anytime you're having a

microphone issue you definitely want to

test the microphone to see if it's

working so what you want to do is go

into extras first type on voice memos

alright from in here you guys can you

know record something with your voice to

see if it's working so that's what I'm

gonna do what's up what's up what's up

alright so you guys can see that the

microphone is working obviously but if

you're having an issue you're not sure

that's one way to test it another way is

to open Siri what time is it okay so you

guys get the idea test your microphone

out first to see if it's working those

are the two ways you can do it if you

guys are using an iPhone case it could

be blocking you know the microphone so

try taking an iPhone case off of it if

you have one on there another thing you

guys can do is go into your settings and

turn off noise cancellation so to do

this go into general and then click on

accessibility and then scroll down to

phone noise cancellation to turn this

off and then you know I would recommend

restarting your iPhone after that to

just see if that fixes the issue and

then obviously another thing you guys

can do if you had your iPhone on for too

long anywhere from like 150 to 200 hours

straight it could be overheating so that

could be causing some glitches with your

iPhone so just try restarting your

iPhone or turning it off like I said for

a good 5 to 10 minutes just to see if

that you know does anything you could

also try cleaning the microphone a

little bit you know if you had a case on

it there might be some dust and stuff in

there so just try you know blowing some

of that out of there which could work as

well you could also check the microphone

settings so if you guys have any

third-party apps that are using the

microphone that could be messing with it

so to do this click on settings and then

go into privacy and then click on the

microphone option which will be in the

middle so I don't have anything in here

but if you guys have any app

that are using the microphone that could

be you know messing with it so just you

know clear those out or even delete

those apps obviously another thing you

guys could do is update to the latest

iOS that always fix any bugs or glitches

that your iphones having and then you

know the last thing i might try to do is

just reset the iphone to you know

factory settings so just make sure to

back everything up on a PC iCloud

you know our Mac so anyways you guys

those are my tips for you know if your

iPhone microphone is not working like I

said I'd appreciate a like and a share

I'll leave the steps for how to fix this

in the description box you should be

able to get it working again feel free

to message me and we will see you guys