FIX MIC ON Asus Laptop Windows 10

is how to get your mic working on

Windows 10 arm basically the first thing

you want to do is check your device

device manager but then if that's not

going to work it's something totally

different you've already been through

right-click sounds and gone here and

gone to recording and you can't hear

yourself here then you want to go to

just go here right-click on the Start

menu go to settings then look for

privacy then once you find privacy then

here's privacy right here it'll go there

settings privacy and then find

microphone over here on the right on the

left it'll be here microphone somewhere

I'm not sure where I'm at now but let's

go back privacy

speech microphone right here under

camera and then you go change um this

should be just

first I turn these on I turn this on but

then I came up here and hit change and

that was already on so

so now allow apps to access your

microphone mine looks like this

and it's working it took me like two

hours trying to mess with this thing

yesterday it's not your headset it's

your freaking it's your Windows 10 and

it's always worked before that's what's

strange about it so yeah this is the fix

so if this helps give me a like I

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